Sherlock Holmes is a popular name and it doesn’t matter if you’ve read a book, seen a movie or a series you’ve probably heard of. Sherlock Holmes’ journey began a century ago, in 1887, when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle presented us with the first book of the Scarlet Cabinet. You will agree that Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular fictional characters today, and almost everyone knows his name.

The author has written four novels and numerous stories about Sherlock Holmes. The stories are told by Dr. John H. Watson, a friend of Sherlock’s (who also lives with him). Sherlock, who lives at 221B Baker Street in London, is a private investigator and often asks the local police or private matters for help in unusual cases. He is known for his art of observation, deduction, logical thinking and forensic investigation.

Although he is not the first detective to appear in the world of fiction, he is certainly famous. And Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has undoubtedly raised the bar for the detective stories in his series. You can get an idea of the popularity of the series, because it has been adapted several times as a film, TV series, video games, etc..

In this article novels and some collections of short stories from the Sherlock Holmes series are presented. So you know where to start and what to read. Read the article to learn more about the novels.

Books by Sherlock Holmes

Books by Sherlock Holmes

1. A Scarlet study

Sherlock Holmes' best book

As mentioned earlier, this is the first complete novel in which Sherlock Holmes was born. It was published in 1887. The story and the main characters caught people’s attention. And it is also the first novel in which the magnifying glass is used as a research tool.

The plot uses characters of Watson, who has just returned to London after the war and cannot rent an apartment, but who has met Sherlock and somehow changed his life. The story is told as usual by Watson and his interpretation of Sherlock. It may not be the best novel in the series, but it certainly worked well for the first book. You’ll want to read it to get into the characters and see what kind of detective story you can expect from the author.

2. characters Four

Sherlock Holmes' books are very good.

This is the second novel in the Sherlock Holmes series that appeared in 1990. It’s much better than the first one, because it starts in a difficult area. Everyone loved this book because of the interesting plot and the humanization of the main character, which was not done in the first book.

The story begins with Sherlock, who is under the influence of drugs and shows that he is indeed a drug addict. This story tells the story of the Indian uprising of 1857, which tells the story of the stolen treasure and the secret pact between four convicts. In the meantime, there is also the character of Mary, who will be one of the protagonists of the series.

Mary asks Sherlock and Watson to help her find her father, who disappeared without a trace immediately after his return from India. Often we get completely lost in the stories and wonder how and maybe why it happened. It’s a book every detective fan should read.

3. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Reading books by Sherlock Holmes

The novel is a collection of twelve short stories and was published in the monthly magazine Strand from 1891 to 1892. This will be a blessing for Sherlock Holmes fans who have just seen the series or films, or who have just started with books, because these stories have not been treated in a fictional adaptation of the series.

The stories tell of the popularity of Holmes and Watson as a duo of famous detectives.

The plot of these stories is slightly different from the traditional stories such as Sherlock and Holmes are presented as a new, more just sense of justice. The first novel Scandal in Bohemia is about the character Irene Adler, who in her adaptation in the TV series is portrayed as the love of Holmes.

The news includes

  • The scandal in Bohemia…
  • Red-eyed league
  • Case of identity
  • The mystery of the Boscombe Valley
  • Five orange seeds
  • The man with the crooked lip
  • The adventure of the blue carbuncle.
  • Spotted ribbon
  • The adventure of the engineer’s thumb.
  • The Nobel Prize adventure…
  • The Beryl Corona Adventure
  • The adventure of the copper beech

This story will really amuse you and your internal detective. The regular characters in these stories are Holmes and Watson. And you talk to the first person from Watson’s point of view.

4. Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes' best books

This is another book in the Sherlock Holmes series, a collection of short stories. These stories are published in the monthly issues of Strand magazine and are a continuation of the last stories of his predecessor, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

The book contains a total of twelve short stories. The author wanted to make these stories the last part of the Sherlock Holmes series, because he wanted to kill the character of the last problem, the book’s last novel. But at the request of the public he published the next book with Sherlock Holmes’ photo.

The news includes:-

  • The adventure of the Silver Flame…
  • The adventure is in a cardboard box.
  • The Yellow Face Adventure
  • The adventure of a Warehouse Manager
  • The Gloria Scott adventure.
  • The adventure of the Musgrave Ritual.
  • The adventure of the squire of Reagate
  • The adventure of the man with the pronounced curves
  • The adventure of a hospitalized patient
  • The adventure of the Greek translator
  • Agreement on Naval Adventures
  • Last Edition

5. Baskerville Dog

List of books by Sherlock Holmes

This is the third novel by Sherlock Holmes in four episodes, which was eventually put into production for publication in Stand Magazine. The story is mainly set in the west and revolves around the death of Sir Charles Baskerville, who was found dead in the park around his property in the Devonian swamps. In a way, the story contains a huge dog, because the tracks are found near a corpse. The appearance of supernatural beings even makes Holmes doubt his own mental health. And he and Watson are trying to figure out what’s going on in this strange place.

6. Return of Sherlock Holmes

List of books by Sherlock Holmes

The book was published in 1905 and actually tells the story of the rebirth of Sherlock Holmes. While the fans herald the end of the final problem, they wait impatiently for the book. This book also contains a collection of thirteen stories by Sherlock Holmes. The book tells about the many amazing adventures that took place in Sherlock Holmes’ life and what he did all the time.

When he returns to his companion Watson and his native London, he understands that London has never been so dangerous, that there is a series of crimes in the city and that he is desperate to take care of business, with Watson of course!

Stories include:-

  • The adventure of the empty house
  • The adventure of the builder Norwood.
  • The adventure of the men who dance
  • The adventure of a lonely cyclist
  • The adventure of the monastery schools
  • The adventure of the Black Stone
  • The adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton.
  • The adventure of six Napoleons.
  • The adventures of three students
  • The Golden Award Adventure – Nose.
  • The adventure of the missing three-quarters.
  • The adventure of Grange Abbey.
  • The adventure of second place

7. Valley of Fear

Sherlock Holmes book

This is the fourth and final novel in the Sherlock Holmes series. The story begins with a message Sherlock received from Fred Porlock, an agent of Professor Moriarty. He’s sending her a code to jerk off. In the meantime, a murder has been reported and everyone is trying to find the connection between the two events. Will he be able to solve the case and learn the truth about the secret organization of the sect? It would be interesting to see how Sherlock is taking more and more steps to solve the case.

8. His last bow

Books by Sherlock Holmes

His last bow is another collection of stories for Sherlock Holmes, told by Watson. In the book Watson talks about the adventures that bring Sherlock Holmes to his knees, and how he treats them. Among the eight Sherlock Holmes stories are: –

  • The Wisteria Lodge adventure.
  • The adventure of the box
  • The adventure of the red circle
  • An adventure planned by Bruce Partington.
  • The adventure of a dying detective.
  • The disappearance of Lady Francis Carfax.
  • The Devil’s Foot Adventure.
  • His final greeting: Sherlock Holmes Military Service

9. Sherlock Holmes Case law

The Book of Affairs of Sherlock Holmes is Sir Arthur’s latest collection of stories about the many adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It was published in 1921 in the magazine Strand and remained online until 1927.

The news has headlines:

  • The adventure of an illustrated customer
  • The adventure of the milled soldier.
  • The adventure of the Mazarin stone.
  • The adventure of the three facades
  • The adventure of a Sussex vampire…
  • The adventure of the three Harrides…
  • The problem of the Thora Bridge
  • The liana adventure
  • The adventure of the lion mane.
  • The adventure of a fridge in disguise.
  • An adventure on the old site of Shoscombe.
  • The adventure of a retired Colorman

So here are the latest Sherlock Holmes stories you might want to read.


So this is the popular collection of Sherlock Holmes books and stories you are looking for. We hope you found the article useful. We thank you for your visit and come back regularly for such articles for various authors and book series.

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