If you want to locate your car, valuables or pets and children, a small GPS can easily track and display your position in real time.

But not all mini-GPS are the same. That’s why I’m here with a complete list of the smallest GPS tracking devices, after having tried and tested more than 50 of them.

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.

What you need to know before you buy a Mini-GPS Tracker

Before I list my best products, there are a few critical points to understand GPS trackers.

How the GPS Plotter works

The Mini GPS Tracker records the location of a person or object using a combination of technologies – WiFi, satellite and LBS.

In order to track the satellites, the tracker must be aimed at at least three different satellites in order to calculate the position on the basis of triangulation.

WiFi tracking uses the MAC address of the router to locate the device.

The LBS is the third way to locate. It calculates the distance from the device to the nearest radio tower.

GPS Plotter Target

One of the best things about a small GPS tracker is that it can be attached to any piece of jewelry. Whether you want to track items such as jewelry, wallet or luggage, or want to know where your children, seniors or dogs are, a small, lightweight GPS tracking device is for you.

And, of course, the most popular miniature GPS trackers are ideal for tracking vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

Tracking functions and Tracker specifications

I think you need to understand the functions you need in your Mini GPS Tracker. For example, when I was looking for it, I was looking for things like geo-refuge, real-time location report / traceability, SOS button, mobile application and long battery life.

However, if you have advanced requirements, you can also search for additional features such as remote camera, countries covered, load, size, etc.

GPS Plotter Costs

Price is an important factor to take into account when purchasing a small GPS locator. If you don’t have any special requirements, I recommend using a tracker for an average price, because you’re sure to lose a lot, and all thanks to its compact size. Don’t forget that many GPS trackers come with a monthly subscription in addition to the original purchase price. This is the use of their cloud platform or application. Below you can see the costs of the GPS Tracker subscriptions.

The 10 smallest GPS trackers considered to be

This is my favorite part where I list my favorite little GPS devices. Don’t forget that I’m tired of talking about professionals, but I can be very critical about shortcomings. Don’t worry, I’ll help you make the right choice.

LandAirSea 54 GPS plotter

LandAirSea 54 GPS plotter


Here is another small GPS tracker you should consider The tracker fits perfectly in the most coquettish places. So put it in your child’s pocket and enjoy your peace of mind. You can also securely attach it to your luggage or hide it so that it is not visible.

The LandAirSea GPS Tracker provides real-time updates. Take a look at the Silver Cloud application or get live updates from the web applications.

Although I won’t call this tracker the smallest of all, because it measures 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.80 inches and we already have a few smaller ones on this list, it is waterproof with a built-in magnet. This means that, according to the law, it can serve any purpose.

You can install it in your car or attach it to your pet without worrying about the weather or anything else.

What do I like about this little GPS tracker?

  • Made in the United States
  • Follow the movements in real time
  • Supplied with a SIM card
  • The SilverCloud application is easily accessible and ensures that
  • Waterproof with integrated magnet

The console of this GPS tracker

  • Operates only in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia.
  • Subscription required.

Bouncie Mini GPS Tracker for car

Bounce GPS tracker for cars


If you don’t know if your child is driving properly, or if you just want your spouse to be safe while you’re driving, this little GPS tracker from Bouncie is the tool you need to sit back and relax.

The advantage of this application is that it gives you a location that is updated every 15 seconds and allows you to deeply understand the details of the route, the history of the trip and the geofuges. It monitors the speed of the target vehicle, records driving events and provides tailored warnings. This Autotracker gives you the most complete information about driving in real time!

You may not have noticed, but the GPS bounce tracker can also give warnings in case of an accident. If that is not all, the condition of your car is also checked and if the battery is empty or the engine light is lit.

Awesome? I know it’s true.

As a warning, I would like to mention that this device does not work in secret. You must connect it to your vehicle’s OBD port and wait for the magic to begin.

What do I like about this little GPS tracker?

  • The best mini-voltage car
  • Easy access to Bouncie on your smartphone or computer
  • Provides complete and accurate travel data
  • Low monthly subscription fee
  • Problems related to reporting the condition of your car
  • Ideal for accompanying children, spouses and seniors or full-time employees while driving.

The console of this GPS tracker

  • Only works when the ignition is turned on.

Jiobit: the smallest real-time location transmitter for children

Jiobit - The smallest real-time site goalie for kids


This is one of my favorite options. I’ve been using it personally for a few months and I haven’t had any problems with it so far.

This device offers unparalleled security and encryption. It is not wrong to say that the security used by the jiobit GPS tracker is comparable to the standards set by the U.S. government. So you can be sure that this mini GPS tracker cannot be hijacked by hackers. All I do is protect my information! You too?

I also vote for a small, light and strong tracker construction. You can put this mini GPS tracker on your clothes, shoes or objects and everything is ready to go.

The device follows at any distance, even indoors. So if you lose a lot of stuff in the house, this tracker is just what you need.

To make our lives even easier, the device also provides timely notification when the location changes.

Rest assured, the quality of this work is guaranteed. Jiobit is a famous American company based in Chicago.

What do I like about this little GPS tracker?

  • Easy-to-use mobile application for location tracking
  • Safe and reliable tracker, ideal for tracing children
  • Provides accurate and precise real-time location updates
  • Made in the United States
  • Miniature and cute, so it doesn’t look like a tracker at all.

Disadvantages of the GPS tracker

Tile Pro Bluetooth Tiny GPS Tracker

Tile Pro


The Tile Pro tracker probably needs no introduction; after all, it is one of the most popular trackers we have ever had. For the non-submersible, Tile is a powerful Bluetooth tracker known for its high performance and robust construction.

The device can find missing objects within 400 feet of the Bluetooth range. Just call Tile with your smartphone and that’s it.

Also, if you accidentally lose your phone, simply press the tile button on the device twice. It makes your phone ring, even when it’s in silent mode. This device is no less good for me, I really lose track of my phone several times a day, and the worst part is that in most cases it works silently. The tile was my main savior.

Another amazing feature of this application is that it remembers when and where you left something, so you can track and take its location with you. Perfect for keeping your wallet close to you.

So the next time you go camping or hiking and lead an active life, you know what to do first: put the tiles in place and you’re ready to go.

What do I like about this little GPS tracker?

  • Replacement battery
  • Find your phone, even if it is in silent mode.
  • Attach the tiles to any valuable items and find them on the map.
  • Use the community search to locate a lost item
  • It integrates well with Alexa and Google.

Disadvantages of the GPS tracker

  • Can only communicate via Bluetooth

Spytec GL300Mini hidden tracking device

Spytec GL300 GPS tracker


The Spytec mini-GPS tracker based on 4G satellite technology is another valuable addition to this list.

When in doubt, you can rely on the capabilities of this GPS tracking device. One of the best things you would least expect from a GPS plotter is the ability to provide highly accurate locations.

Whether you’re looking for someone in a dense urban area or on a remote country road, this little spy tracker won’t let you down. You can also choose to receive the spy tracker’s location data directly to your phone, computer or tablet via the Android and iOS applications.

This is a small localization device only a centimeter thick, one of the smallest on the list. This also makes them invisible and versatile. It is also supported by a long-life battery that should last two and a half weeks.

Moreover, the Spytec device does not store your confidential information and is extremely safe to use.

What do I like about this little GPS tracker?

  • Only one inch thick and one of the smallest GPS trackers on the market.
  • Provides accurate real-time location updates
  • Including geosurveillance
  • Battery life is 2.5 weeks.
  • Comes with an SOS button if used for the safety of your elderly and children.

Disadvantages of the GPS tracker

Americaloc GL300W Mini Real Time Handheld GPS Tracker

AMERICALOC GL300W Real time portable GPS mini tracker XW series


If you are already using the GL300 from Americaloc, then the GL300W is here with the best features. Small and compact in size and powerful in performance, you can get location updates for any destination on the go.

Don’t want to receive updates too often or stay informed every 10 seconds? Whatever you need, the Americaloc locator can be configured at no extra cost.

The Americaloc GL300W also offers a one-year tracking history, so you will always know your destination.

The device beeps when you move, park, exceed the speed limit, the battery is low, enter or leave marked areas and press the SOS button. It also comes with a durable battery that fills your device within a few weeks.

What do I like about this little GPS tracker?

  • Works in most countries of the world.
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Provides real-time location updates and one year tracking history.
  • You can monitor from your computer and smartphone.
  • View a range of notifications for you
  • Allows you to specify the duration of the location update at no extra cost.

Disadvantages of the GPS tracker

  • Customer service needs to be improved
  • Subscription required.

AmcrestPortable GPS locator

Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker


Here’s a little GPS tracker. I couldn’t help putting it on this list. This compact and small 4G GPS tracker from Amcrest is ideal for locating vehicles, goods, objects and loved ones.

Its elegant and compact design makes it easy to use. Put it in backpacks, luggage, strollers and cars. Completely hidden, this real time tracker keeps you informed of the last positions of the target object/person.

Amcrest comes with an intuitive application for iOS and Android smartphones. You can also get real-time updates every 5 seconds via web access to Windows and Mac desktops.

The GPS tracker allows you to set up geo-fence alerts so that it notifies you with push notifications, email or text messages every time it enters or leaves the area.

The device is powered by a powerful rechargeable battery that can operate for up to 10-14 days if updates are received every 60 seconds. However, if you want to receive updates every 5 seconds, it takes 2 to 3 days, which is understandable.

So far, one of the best GPS trackers I’ve ever met is true!

What do I like about this little GPS tracker?

  • Small, compact and imaginable.
  • Long battery life
  • Lifetime warranty and support
  • Indicates the exact locations
  • Easy installation

Disadvantages of the GPS tracker

  • Only works in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

PetFon Mini-GPS-Tracker with audio for dogs

GPS tracker for PetFon pets


I’ve mentioned a lot of mini-multifunctional GPS systems, but if you have a dog or cat, this tracking device is definitely for you.

This small GPS tracker from PetFon is specially designed for dogs, cats and other pets. It uses a variety of technologies, including WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and wireless technology, to ensure the most accurate real-time location of your pet.

The tracker is rainproof, durable and extremely compact. There are also no associated monthly or service fees.

The device is easy to use. Just install the PetFon application and follow the instructions. The device updates your pet’s location in real time in the application and helps you keep track of your pet’s position. The tracker is so accurate that it can track distances of up to 0.65 miles, even in dense space and 3.5 miles in open terrain.

And yes, here’s my favorite feature: activating the tracker’s colored lights. In the unlikely event that you accidentally lose sight of your pet, these lights will attract your attention. It is a wonderful function for night walks and evening walks with dogs. What’s more, the tracker’s audio functions also allow you to communicate with your dog remotely. He’s following your vocal commands!

As I said, this is one of the smallest GPS trackers on this list – only 42 mm x 42 mm x 18 mm. It provides a durable battery that can last up to 8 to 16 hours.

What do I like about this little GPS tracker?

  • Mini GPS especially for dogs.
  • Easy to attach to your dog or pet
  • Does not require a monthly subscription, free for life.
  • Enables the installation of geofences
  • Excellent audio function that allows you to communicate with your pet while protecting your voice.
  • Robust and waterproof
  • Powered by a powerful battery

Disadvantages of the GPS tracker

  • Cannot be used to control pets indoors.

Mini-GPS real-time trackingTraffic 2020

Model Tracker 2020 Mini Real Time GPS


Track your assets in real time with Tracki. Whether you want to track your vehicle, an object, children or animals, this small GPS tracker gives you an accurate position with real-time updates.

The device allows you to follow the most important elements. It sends alerts and informs you about requests, via SMS and e-mail. Someone hacked into your car? Don’t worry, Tracki notifies you as soon as your location changes and keeps you informed in real time.

The tracker offers you a data-rich dashboard, accessible from any computer. You can also follow Tracki with its mobile application and find everything within a radius of 10 to 60 feet.

It also comes with SOS. So your loved ones can click on it at any time while an alert is displayed.

What do I like about this GPS tracker?

  • Allows you to set speed alerts and move around.
  • The miniature GPS weighs only 1.4 ounces and is less than 1.8 inches in size.
  • Provides history reports by comparing all previous locations with timestamps.
  • Can be attached to anything – a bumblebee, a wallet, a car, a wallet, an iron surface, a dog, etc.
  • Track up to 50 devices per account
  • Very good price.

The console of this GPS tracker

  • Additional subscription required.
  • The battery will only last a few days.

Bluetooth Cube activated small GPS tracker

Bluetooth smart cube for tracking keys


The Cube is another little Bluetooth tracker I wanted on this list. I know this device looks a lot like the Tile, but because it is a multifunctional tracker, it needs to be activated. Especially if you often lose a wallet or purse.

You can attach this tracker to almost anything and even keep it in your wallet. But in addition to keeping track of your belongings, pets and children, this fantastic camera serves another important purpose: It allows you to take family photos. And that’s why I was thinking of adding this tracker to that list.

If you are already curious about clicking on photos, use the cube as a trigger for your phone’s camera. So you don’t have to make those strange self-adjustments anymore. Place the camera comfortably and press the cube, and you’re ready to go.

Like Tile, it locates your phone and comes with a replaceable battery.

What do I like about this little GPS tracker?

  • Also works as a selfish remote control
  • Gives you the exact locations on the map
  • Helps you find most of your valuables.
  • Certified watertight
  • Survives even in extreme weather conditions.

Disadvantages of the GPS tracker

  • The scope of traceability could be better

Frequently asked questions about small GPS trackers

How does a Mini GPS Tracker work?

The small GPS tracker secretly tracks the movements of a vehicle or person and uses WiFi, Bluetooth and satellite data to calculate your exact location.

How much does a small GPS tracker cost?

Depending on the equipment, a small, reliable GPS tracker can cost between $25 and $250.

How large can GPS tracking devices be?

A GPS tracking device can be small, like a coin, about an inch in diameter. These devices are ideal if you don’t want their presence to be obvious.

What is the world’s smallest GPS tracker?

The technology is constantly being improved, with the result that the size and characteristics of the smallest GPS plotter are constantly changing. Currently some of the smaller GPS trackers are TrackerPad and Ping.

One of the smallest GPS tracking chips is the Micro Hornet GPS chip. Dimensions only 8 mm.

What is the smallest GPS tracking chip available?

Small GPS indicator for buyers

If you are on the market and looking for the best little GPS tracker, here are a few things to consider:

Applications and use of GPS plotters

Small GPS tracker for cars:
If you are worried about your elderly or children and often worry while driving, a GPS for small cars is the best solution. Install the device (bounce check) in a safe place in your car and it will inform you in real time about speed limits, location and other important details.

Small GPS tracker for children:
It makes sense to feel like a landlord to your children. They are also most likely to have problems. To avoid the unexpected, put a small child’s GPS tracker in your pocket or bag or tie it to your shoes and keep them updated in real time.

Small GPS tracker for pets :
If you have a dog or cat, you already know how hard it can be to find them. While cats tend to hide in the most comfortable places, dogs often run away. A small GPS tracker for pets like PetFon is very useful.

Small personal GPS tracker:
Do you like adventure? Do you often go camping and hiking? The best way to protect your gear is to attach a GPS tracker that looks like a tile and a cube.

GPS tracker for tools and equipment :
Running a small business is difficult, especially if you have a lot of tools and equipment. Not anymore. Install a small GPS tracker in your most useful and expensive items and never let them out of your sight.


There are a number of GPS trackers on the market. Most are based on one or more of these technologies – WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.


Most GPS trackers can give you the exact location of the target person/body. It is the most fundamental function they all have. Other important functions are the SOS button, the Android and iOS application, geo-fencing, speed alerts, accidents, and so on.


You will find GPS trackers in all shapes and sizes. Some are cute (think of jiobit), others are portable and imaginable depending on the intended use.

Do you need a micro-GPS tracking chip?

GPS microchips work in the same way as GPS trackers. However, these are miniature tracking devices. You can attach the chip to any object and it will never attract attention. Moreover, these chips are easy to carry thanks to their compact size. That doesn’t mean they give inaccurate readings.

In fact, the GPS tracking chip is just as capable of providing an accurate location as the GPS tracking device. Most chips use signals from satellites and transmit the data wirelessly to the control unit.


There you go. I hope this article gives you all the information you need about the smallest GPS trackers. I understand that there are many on the market and that it is very difficult to choose just one. I hope this guide to buying GPS trackers will solve this problem.

Rest assured, keep following my advice and I hope you won’t be disappointed.

So, what’s your opinion? Have you ever used the trackers mentioned in this list? What was your experience? Please share the following comments with me.

SAY IT SHIT! My name is Mike and I love technology, software and cryptography. I grew up close to my parents, who were in botanical engineering and worked for high-tech start-ups and aerospace companies. They taught me everything I know, from destroying the last phones to playing with drones, writing lines of code and investing in crypto money. I take things apart, put them back together and add them (code). I breathe, I live with the technique, and I can’t wait to teach you more!

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