Are you interested in the best Photoshop tablet? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we’re going to introduce you to some of the best Photoshop tablets in this analytics guide. Photoshop tablets are mostly needed by content creators and photographers.

To edit photos on the go, you need a special device that allows Photoshop to work easily and smoothly. Therefore, tablets are becoming very important for all upcoming content creators who want to use Photoshop, Illustrator and other relevant software.

We’ve talked about a number of boards in our previous guides, but they were all for specific purposes. In this article, we will only talk about tablets that are adapted to Photoshop and on which these applications and programs can be easily run.

In addition to this guide, many devices can be found on various other platforms. However, all the tablets listed below are from reputable companies and you are unlikely to find any technical flaws in these products.

Best tablets for Photoshop

XP-PEN Artist 15.6

One of the newest XP-Pen tablets is the incredible 15.6-inch XP-Pen Artist, which boasts many commendable features. This guarantees impressive picture quality with extremely sharp colour details. The Artist 15.6 tablet is definitely one of the best Photoshop tablets on the market.

Full HD resolution:

In addition to the sleek, beautiful design, the XP-Pen Artist has a 15.6-inch Full HD display with a native resolution of 1920×1080. It has a pressure sensitivity of 8192, and its wide Adobe RGB color gamut of 75% is another luxury.
Accurate and portable:

This better Photoshop tablet offers more accuracy than the previous versions, and the new pen also gives you 2x more accuracy. So you can draw and design anything you can think of.

Final considerations

You can also optimize your workflow with multi-touch gestures and pinch, drag and navigate with your fingers. It also has six hot keys that you can assign to your favorite tools for easy access.

Overall, the 15.6-inch XP-Pen Artist tablet is one of the best on the market when it comes to using Photoshop, Illustrator and a number of other software programs.


– Portable
– Slim
– Photoshop compatible
– Full HD 1080 IPS display


– Customer service is not good.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Price: 1,187 USD

Looking for a versatile Photoshop tablet? The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is an excellent choice because of its 12.3-inch screen and multitouch capabilities. Microsoft has made many great devices, and the Surface Pro 7 is one of the company’s best products.

Quad-core processor

Besides the powerful features, it offers you almost all the functionality you would get in a high-end tablet. This is a powerful option for editing raw photos in Photoshop and other editing programs.

Plus, the powerful 10th generation Intel i7 quad-core core keeps you on the edge of your seat. Generation, 16GB LPPDR4 RAM and 1TB SSD inspire by their performance.

Intel UHD Graphics:

You also get an Intel UHD Graphics card with a screen resolution of 2736×1824 pixels. The pixel density is 267 pixels per inch and the processor runs at just under 2.4 GHz. With this tablet, you won’t lose pixels from high-resolution images when you zoom in during editing.

Final considerations

While the device has extremely powerful features, it also offers the handy Surface Pen, which is not included in the package. The handle has to be bought separately, but it certainly offers value for money. This is just one of the best tablets for Photoshop, and you should consider this particular model from Microsoft.


– Intel UHD Graphics
– 2.4 GHz quad-core processor
– 267 ppi pixel density
– 16 GB RAM


– Battery life is not the best

Wacom CTL4100

Price: 79,95 USD

Regular users of Photoshop and Illustrator will really benefit from this extremely affordable, battery-free tablet called Wacom Intuos Draw.

The display area becomes 6.0 inches x 3.7 inches / 8.5 inches x 5.3 inches and the pressure sensitivity becomes 4.096 inches. This better tablet for Photoshop can replace your keyboard and mouse and offers much more precision when editing photos.

2540 LPI:

With a native resolution of 2540 LPI and four customizable shortcut keys, the Wacom Intuos CTL4100 is an extremely affordable choice and a must for all young artists.

Wacom is a company that has gained popularity in recent years, and there is no better choice than the Wacom CTL4100 for Photoshop and publishing.


The Wacom Intuos CTL4100 is a reasonably compatible device and you don’t have to worry about connectivity. It supports both Windows and Mac operating systems and is one of the most affordable Photoshop tablets you can buy starting at $100.

Final considerations

The Intuos CTL4100 by Wacom is an excellent choice for all artists and photo editors who want to save their hard-earned money. You won’t find a better budget option if you want to buy a classic Photoshop tablet.

All in all, we can highly recommend this device to all customers who want to upgrade their tablet for photo editing and especially for working in Photoshop. It also provides wireless support on Bluetooth models.


– Affordable
– Compact
– Easy to use
– Photoshop compatible
– Amazon Choice Award


– It is not a plug-and-play system.

Apple iPad Pro


In this list of the best tablets for Photoshop, we did not review 2-in-1 devices. Therefore, we decided to add the 10.1 ASUS mini transformer to this list. It’s a great 2-in-1 convertible device that works with the home version of Windows 10.

You can just install the desktop version of Photoshop on this machine and use its excellent services. Let’s look at some of the complex features of the ASUS 10.1 mini transformer that play an important role in making it a very valuable piece of equipment.

Quad-core processor

The Transformer Mini features a quad-core Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor running at 1.44 GHz. The device runs at around 1.92 GHz and has 4 GB of LPDDR3 memory to balance just about everything on the back end.

Built-in memory:

The total installed memory of this device is 128GB, and the 10.1-inch screen offers a decent resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and excellent performance. ASUS products are always very stylish, and it shows in the appearance of this beautiful ASUS Transformer Mini.

You also get a luminance level of 400 CD/m². It works with a full version of Windows 10 and allows you to install almost all the components, applications and software you need to edit photos.

Final considerations

You have to use the touch screen to edit photos, as there is no stylus included. It also supports multi-touch operation, and you can edit your photos in a fun way.

All in all, the features of this device are very practical and will satisfy your hunger for installation with ease and comfort. The Transformer Mini is also one of the best 2-in-1 tablets on the market and one of the highest rated devices on Amazon.


– Quad-core processor
– 128 GB memory
– Photoshop ready
– Full version of Windows 10
– Simple yet elegant design


– The power button is a little wobbly….

Our top three choices:

We have made a list of the five best tablets for Photoshop for you. All these devices are powerful enough and offer you enough features and specifications to edit your photos. We also know that it can be difficult for many people to choose just one of these five options.

That’s why we decided to pick the first three tablets out of these five to make it even easier for you to choose your next tablet. The Apple iPad Pro is our first choice in this list because of its productivity and powerful features.

Apple devices are known to last for years, and we can assure you that the Apple iPad Pro will be with you for as long as you need it. The second best choice on this list is the XP-PEN Artist 15.6 because of its slim design, wide color gamut and Full HD IPS display.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is our third choice at the top of the list because it comes equipped with Intel UHD graphics processors, 16GB of RAM, and other useful features that come in handy when it comes to the best tablets for Photoshop.

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So here’s the list of guys, post them below in the comments if you have any questions about this article. We have done our best to offer you the 5 best Photoshop tablets on the market.

You may or may not agree with this list, but we can say with certainty that all of these products do much more than you would expect when it comes to photo retouching and other design tasks.

If you have a limited budget, we recommend purchasing an Apple iPad Pro. However, there are devices like the Wacom Intuos CTL4100 that are offered at more than affordable prices to many customers around the world.

There are many tablets in the market that can be considered the best for photo editing and Photoshop. However, we have tried to provide you with devices that are not only suitable for Photoshop, but also for other related programs such as Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc.

We’ve also listed the top three devices our team has selected to help our readers choose the next best Photoshop tablet. You can always suggest new topics and we will try to cover them as best we can.

We sincerely hope that this article has been helpful for you and you can always visit our platform to get more in-depth feedback on different products around the world. See you in the next review article. Until then, good luck and success with whatever you choose.

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