Voltron is an American science fiction animated television series created by Joaquim Dos Santos. The series centers on the adventures of five young pilots who are transported to the distant future to pilot giant robotic lions to fight an evil empire, but must first overcome their different personalities, conflicts, and fears.

Voltron Commander is a collectible card game where players pilot a robot known as a “Voltron” who team up with other robots to take down their opponent’s Voltron. The game is a combination of the card game Magic: The Gathering and the anime series Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

I started playing Magic: The Gathering back in 1998, when I was ten years old. For the next ten years, I continued playing with my friends, trying to make the best decks possible. We tried out all of the top cards, and eventually I started to make my own custom decks.

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Voltron MTG is a game type that necessitates the use of a fantastic Commander card. Check out our top choices for the greatest Voltron Commanders in MTG below!

MTG’s Top 10 Voltron Commanders

1. Enlightened Master Narset

Magic The Gathering - Narset, Enlightened Master (190/269) - Khans of Tarkir

Narset, Enlightened Master is without a doubt one of the best Voltron Commanders to have in a Voltron deck. This 3/2 mythic rare legendary creature human monk card requires 3 colorless mana, 1 island land, 1 mountain land, and 1 plains land to play.

Narset enables you to exile the top four cards of your deck and then play any non-creature card for free at the start of each of your upkeep rounds. Narset is hexproof and has the ability to attack first.

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2. Galea, Hope’s Kindler

Galea, Kindler of Hope

Galea, Kindler of Hope, a legendary creature elf knight, is another mythic rare Voltron card that may be used as Commander. Bringing this 4/4 legendary elf knight onto the battlefield costs 1 colorless mana, 1 forest land, 1 plains land, and 1 island land.

This Voltron-friendly card has Vigilance and gives you the option of looking at the top card in your library at any time. Even better, if you spy equipment or aura cards while looking at the top card in your deck, you may play it AND attach it to a creature you control for free.

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Uril, the Miststalker is number three.

Magic: the Gathering - Uril, The Miststalker - Alara Reborn

Uril, the Mistalker, a legendary Beast card, is another popular monster to employ as a Commander in Voltron decks. This huge guy is a 5/5 stock creature that can’t be targeted by other players’ abilities or spells.

Uril may cast for two colorless mana, one mountain, one forest, and one plains land. Add a +2/+2 booster to this bad boy for each aura connected to him to build him up.

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Lord Windgrace is number four.

Magic: The Gathering - Lord Windgrace - Foil - Commander 2018

The cost of casting this lethal cat is two colorless mana, one swamp, one mountain, and one forest. From the 2018 Commander Series, Lord Windgrace is a mythic rare legendary Planeswalker (with 5 power). This is a cunning cat that is more than capable of serving as your main Voltron monster or Commander.

Lord Windgrace’s abilities include paying +2 to discard a card and draw a card (if it’s a land card, you draw another), paying -3 to return one or two land cards from your graveyard to the battlefield, and paying -11 to destroy as many as six non-land permanents (including your own), as well as creating six 2/2 cat warriors with the forestwalk ability (green tokens).

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5. Harvest’s Hand, Sythis

Magic: the Gathering - Sythis, Harvest's Hand (214) - Modern Horizons 2

When you play an enchantment, Sythis, Harvest Hand gives you 1 life and lets you to draw 1 card. Although this legendary enchantment creature nymph is just a 1/2, it only requires 1 forest and 1 plains land to play. The powers of Sythis, as well as the cheap cost of casting them, are significant advantages.

Don’t be fooled by the 1/2 power and defense. With enough enchantments in your Voltron deck, this “small” nymph can grow to be bigger and stronger than everything else on the battlefield.

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6. Rograkh, Rohgahh’s Son

Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh

Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh is one of the greatest Voltron Commanders you could possibly select if you like Godzilla-style scorch and burn strategies on the MTG battlefield. Sure, he has no power and just one defense when he first enters the game, but his skills and perks make him very flexible.

Rograkh has the partner ability, which implies that if you have another Commander with the partnership ability, you may have two primary Commanders. Trample, menace, and first strike are among his other abilities. This legendary Kobold Warrior is a ferocious Commander with a few well-placed enchantments, artifacts, or pieces of equipment.

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7. Senior Edificer Sram

Magic The Gathering - Sram, Senior Edificer (023/184) - Aether Revolt

There are perhaps no Commanders as cheap as this rare legendary creature Dwarf Advisor, with a low mana casting cost of 1 colorless and 1 plains land. Sram, Senior Edificer isn’t the most powerful monster, with just 2 power and 2 defense out of the box. 

Sram’s main advantage is that it lets you to draw one extra card when you use equipment, auras, or vehicle spells. This Commander card is from the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander expansion and is frequently ignored.

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Zurgo Helmsmasher is number eight on the list.

Magic The Gathering - Zurgo Helmsmasher - Khans of Tarkir

This legendary monster Orc Warrior, Zurgo Helmsmasher, should be in any heavy-hitting Voltron deck. If possible, this orc enters play with haste and strikes every time it’s your turn. 

Zurgo is a monstrous monster with a 7/2 power and defense rating. Furthermore, this tough man is unstoppable as long as it’s your turn. PLUS, whenever a creature dies as a result of Zurgo’s damage, you may give Zurgo a +1/+1 power and defense counter.

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The Tidemaker, Lorthos

Magic The Gathering - Lorthos, The Tidemaker - Commander 2014

Lorthos, The Tidemaker is one of those MTG cards that just has the right name. Octopus, a mythic rare legendary monster, is a real colossus of a creature to include in your Voltron deck, attacking as an 8/8 straight away. 

You have the option of spending “8” whenever you attack with The Tidemaker, and if you do, you may tap up to eight permanents of your choosing. Permanents don’t untap until the controller’s following turn, during their untap steps, thus this is a very valuable ability. To get this monster on the board, you’ll need to draw 5 colorless mana and 3 islands.

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10. Syr Gwyn, Ashvale’s Hero

Magic: The Gathering - Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale - Foil - Brawl Deck Exclusive - Throne of Eldraine

Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale is a legendary Human Knight with a power of 5 and a defense of 5 that you may summon straight from your hand. To cast her, you’ll need 3 colorless mana, 1 mountain, 1 plains land, and 1 swamp. 

 With vigilance and menace abilities in addition to the usual Voltron boosts, this female Knight is an excellent Voltron monster. The best feature of this card is that it allows you to draw a card (and lose one life) whenever you attack with an equipped creature.

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Voltron Commander MTG Frequently Asked Questions

Are Commanders beneficial to Voltron?

Due to their strengths and abilities, commander cards are ideal for Voltron decks in MTG. Most legendary creatures with great strength, defense, or diverse skills are, to be fair. Commanders, on the other hand, are especially useful owing to their unique ability to affect other creatures and cards on the battlefield.

What’s the Difference Between Voltron Commanders and Creatures?

In Voltron decks, there isn’t much of a distinction between Commanders and Creatures. Voltron decks may contain one or two Commanders (or Legendary Creatures) as their “primary” monster, as well as a dozen or more sacrifice creatures, depending on your style (for a meat wall defense or abilities activated by sacrificing creatures).

Which of the Voltron Commanders is the most powerful?

Which Voltron Commander card is the best? There is no definitive answer. The reality is, depending on your preferred tactics and how you construct your deck, there are a few cards that stack up as the “best.” All of the 10 Commanders and Legendary Creatures mentioned in this article are great Commanders and Legendary Creatures to include in your Voltron Decks.

Voltron decks are some of the most popular Magic: the Gathering (MTG) decks, and they’re also some of the most fun to play. With the release of the new Commander 2018 set, there are even more Voltron Commander decks on the way, meaning there’s always something new for everyone to try. Want to make your own Voltron Commander? Want to play some of the best decks on the planet, all at the same time? Here are the Top 10 Voltron Commander Decks for the 2019 Commander set.. Read more about best equipment deck mtg and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Commander deck is best?

I am not able to answer this question.

Are Voltron decks good?

Yes, they are good.

What is Voltron in Commander?

Voltron is a fictional robot that can combine into one giant robot.

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