Nowadays, everyone uses electronic products, so it is very important to have the right headphones. Good headphones don’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. There are many cheap, high quality headphones on the market. This way, you can choose the helmet that best suits your needs, depending on your budget. Here’s our list of the best wireless headphones under $50.

I like listening to music. I have bought many helmets over the last few years and have done a lot of research to choose one.

I have selected six of the best wireless headphones from a wide range of products to meet everyone’s needs.

Let’s get started.

Our best wireless headphones

  1. Sony WH-CH510 Headphones
  2. JLab Audio JBuds Air
  3. Mpow X3 ANC
  4. Anker Soundcore Life Q20
  5. Cowin E7 Headphones

1. Sony WH-CH510 Headphones

The Sony WH-CH510 headphones are excellent value for less than $50. They are cordless, lightweight and have a long battery life. Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology eliminates the need for headphone cables. Feel free to enjoy some nice music.

The Sony WH-CH510 headphones have a long battery life of up to 35 hours. You can listen to music all day long without interruption. If your headset runs out of power, a 10-minute charge will provide about 90 minutes of playback time when charged via USB-C. Plus, the built-in microphone is also a highlight of this headset. Sony’s microphone performance isn’t bad for a budget headset in this price range. Thanks to the built-in high-quality microphone, you can call your smartphone without touching the phone.

The sound quality of these headphones does not disappoint either. The Sony WH-CH510 headphones use 30 mm drivers. Compact and lightweight, they allow for more sound detail while providing thick bass and an excellent soundstage. So that the consumer can hear the music with clear and balanced treble. It is worth noting that the swivel design is convenient for users, you can put the headphones in your pocket when you are outside.

Very small, it weighs only 132 grams. You can tell it’s made mostly of plastic. The headband is not padded, which reduces comfort when the helmet is worn for long periods of time.


  • Long battery life
  • Integrated microphone
  • Swivel design


2. JLab Audio JBuds Air

The JLab JBuds Air Audio is a true wireless headset for under $50 with long battery life. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 Class 1 connectivity, each headset has a battery life of over 6 hours, plus an additional 18 hours of charging time in the case. That’s about 24 hours of your favorite music or podcast.

The JLab JBuds Air earphones are IP55 certified. This allows the helmet to avoid moisture and dirt. So you don’t have to worry when you’re on the road, traveling or exercising. Moreover, they adapt well. Sure, the headphones are big, but they have attachment wings and it’s almost impossible to accidentally remove the earbuds. The included JBuds Air charging case fits in any bag or coat pocket you have with you. The outside light indicates how much energy remains until the next recharge.

The EQ3 Custom Sound Equalizer allows you to adjust the sound to your personal preferences in three modes without using an application. Three positions: JLab Signature, Balanced and Bass Boost. You can control all your music and volume with one or two taps on the outside of the headphones. Press the button three times to switch to the new mode. The built-in microphone lets you activate Siri, Google Assistant and other voice assistants, or answer phone calls while you drive. The microphone quality is not very good. There is no noise cancellation, so the people you are calling will not be able to hear you above the background noise.


  • Good water and dust protection IP55
  • Small size for easy transport
  • Stable fit for sport


  • Clumsy physical control
  • Poor sound quality of the microphone during calls

3. Mpow X3 ANC

Mpow X3 ANC wireless headset eliminates low frequency noise from outside. They produce excellent music quality without raising the phone volume too much. This way they can prevent damage to the ear. In addition, ANC mode can be activated when no music is playing. If you are in a situation where rest is necessary – for example, falling asleep on an airplane.

ANC Bluetooth headphones offer high-quality music playback and 7 hours of talk time. The recharge box can play for another 23 hours. Moreover, the device comes with a reversible USB-C fast charging cable. The battery level is also clearly displayed in the top right corner of the device.

These headphones have 4 microphones with ambient noise reduction. Each headset has two microphones: one reduces ambient noise and the other enhances voice quality during calls. This means you can hear loud and clear and enjoy crystal clear conversations. The 10mm driver with a lightweight diaphragm made from PET, a highly durable polymer material, is highly maneuverable for accurate vibration reproduction. Combined with professionally tuned sound, X3 Wireless Headphones deliver unmatched sound with powerful bass and subtle treble at any volume. Message: Choosing the optimal fit of soft silicone earplugs can improve the noise isolation effect and keep the low tones clearer.


  • Optimized active noise cancellation
  • 4 Microphone noise cancellation technology for clearer conversations
  • Battery level is displayed on the phone

4. Anker Soundcore Q20

The Anker Soundcore Life Q20 is a good option for wireless headphones under $50. They provide up to 40 hours of uninterrupted playback in active wireless noise cancellation mode (at 60% volume). In standard music mode, they reach an impressive 60 hours. A single charge will give you enough power to play over 600 songs or to accompany you on many long-haul flights. And if you’re in a hurry, you can charge the Life Q20 active noise cancellation headphones for 5 minutes and listen for up to 4 hours.

You can reduce ambient noise by up to 90%. More than 100,000 field tests were conducted to refine the Life Q20’s 4 built-in ANC microphones and digital active noise cancellation algorithm. As a result, the hybrid active noise cancellation technology is able to detect and eliminate a wider range of low and mid frequency sounds, such as… B. Automotive and aviation engines. Manufacture of oversized 40mm diameter speakers for the production of Hi-Res Audio, a certification granted only to audio equipment with exceptional sound reproduction. Life Q20 active noise cancellation headphones deliver music with extended highs up to 40 kHz for exceptional clarity and detail. Exclusive BassUp technology provides real-time bass analysis and enhanced bass response. Double-click the play button when listening to genres with lots of bass, such as EDM and hip-hop, to enhance the listening experience.

The Anker Soundcore Life Q20 earphones are very comfortable to wear. The memory foam ear cushions fit perfectly around the ears, while the swivel joints on the headband automatically adjust the angle of the cushions to the shape of the head. The Life Q20 active noise cancelling headphones offer maximum comfort and a perfect seal, making them ideal for working at home, surfing the web or travelling.

The Anker Soundcore Life Q20 earphones are made of plastic. So they are light, but have an unpleasant chemical smell. The smell doesn’t dissipate as quickly, and the part where the headphones go through the box was wrinkled and the finish uneven.


  • Long battery life
  • Reduce ambient noise by up to 90%.
  • Strong bass


  • chemical smell
  • Lack of design sophistication

5. COW E7

The Cowin E7 headphones have an active noise cancellation function. It can reduce noise while traveling, at work and everywhere else. Advanced active noise cancellation technology reduces noise in the cab, noise from city traffic or noise in the office. You can focus on what you want to hear and enjoy music, movies and videos. The noise cancellation works well in both wired and wireless mode. The Cowin E7 has patented 45mm drivers with large openings for a deep and accurate response. COWIN active noise cancelling earphones deliver clear, powerful sound around your ears. This will allow you to better appreciate the music.

The Cowin E7 headset has a built-in high-quality microphone for hands-free calling. They are easily cordless. NFC pairing with voice prompts promises a fast and stable connection to your Bluetooth devices. The built-in 750 mAh battery offers long life, and Bluetooth mode lets you play for 30 hours on one charge in a silent world. No need to worry about power outages during long trips. Professional-grade protein ear cushions and 90° swivel ear cups ensure durability and comfort. You can enjoy the comfort of prolonged quality listening, but they are heavier than many other headphones.


  • Long battery life
  • Good noise reduction
  • Great comfort


  • Heavier than most helmets


1. What is the IP value (protection against overheating)?

The IP protection class is also referred to as the product’s degree of protection against the ingress of solid and liquid particles. It is composed of two numbers. Often when buying wireless headphones we see on the specifications it says IPXX, the first number indicates solid protection against particles, that is the dust class, the second number indicates protection against liquids, that is the waterproof class, 4 is generally splash proof, 5 or more can be washed and cleaned, 7-8 can be used in water for some time, the more the number indicates the higher the level of protection.

2. How do I choose wireless headphones?

Item 1: Comfort and stability

In terms of comfort, in-ear monitors are more comfortable than half-ear monitors, and half-ear monitors are more comfortable than in-ear monitors, but everyone has different habits, so you can choose the type that suits you.

Item 2: Bluetooth type

Recently, the popular Bluetooth 5.0 has increased the transmission distance to 300 meters, supports left and right channel to receive audio independently, with more powerful data processing functions and lower latency; compared with Bluetooth 4.2, it can almost double the data transmission speed from 1Mbps to 2Mbps; the transmission distance has increased four times.

Item 3: Battery life

In general, wireless headphones can be charged for about 30 hours, and wireless headphones can be charged for 7 hours plus 15 hours in the box. You can also check if the headphones have a quick-charge function in case you need to use them but they have broken down.

Item 4: Quality of communication

Good communication quality is also one of the most important features that good headphones should have. The part that affects the call quality at this stage can be divided into three technologies, including the number of microphones, the position of the radio, and the noise cancellation technology.

Item 5: Noise reduction technology

Ear muffs can be divided into active and passive muffs. In general, headphones have more or less passive noise cancellation features that reduce ambient noise through physical barriers, especially in-ear headphones.

3. How do I maintain my headphones?


Water and detergents do not usually go well with electronics. A soft cloth, warm water and maybe a little soap are often the best ways to maintain your headphones. You have to be careful with the amount of water and soap you use. It’s worth checking the instructions that came with the kit if you didn’t throw them away with the packaging. Keep a small towel handy. You may also find that a dry toothbrush removes dirt and grime and gets into the mesh of the headphones or earpieces that the cloth can’t immediately reach. Similarly, cotton swabs or even toothpicks (if used carefully) can work on hard-to-remove stains. Then gently wipe the garment with a towel and let it dry naturally. If you don’t want to use wipes, you can also use restaurant wipes or baby wipes. If your headphones have silicone clips, you should remove them to clean them separately; the cables should probably be cleaned regularly too, but you should pay particular attention to the parts of the headphones that come into contact with your ears.


Store the headphones in a clean, dry place and use the original carrying case. Again, it’s best to avoid extreme temperatures, such as. B. by keeping them away from the fire. If you need to fold your headphones or earphones, follow the official instructions to reduce wear when not in use. Knots in cables are a recurring problem, and it takes a few minutes or more to untangle them. One way to avoid this, besides using a sheath to keep the cable neat, is to use a cable reel to keep the cable neat.

our opinion is

Everyone has different needs for headphones and different types of headphones. Good headphones come in different styles and sizes and in different price ranges, as you can see in this list. Cheap headphones don’t mean they’re bad. You can choose which one you like best depending on your needs.

The Sony WH-CH510 is our best wireless headphone under $50, it has a 35-hour battery life and a high-quality built-in microphone, and it’s reasonably priced.

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