Corsair’s newest design in PC cases is based on the idea of airflow and the lighting system used is named iCUE. There are two different PC case models, the 4000X RGB and 4000D Airflow. The 4000X RGB is a larger case that is capable of housing multiple GPUs while the 4000D Airflow is smaller and can only fit a single graphics card. Both cases are made from steel and incorporate a tempered glass side panel, which offers a unique view of the components inside.

Corsair has been a leader in PC cases for years, and their newest line of Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB & 4000D Airflow PC Cases display their expertise. Both cases are designed as mid-tower ATX cases that are currently available for pre-order on Amazon, the 4000X RGB available in black and white, as well as the 4000D Airflow available in black or white. The cases are very different, with the 4000X RGB case featuring a minimalistic design with a tempered glass side panel to show off your PC’s components. The 4000D Airflow’s design is more traditional, with a solid tempered glass side panel, as well as a tinted tempered glass front panel. Both cases are designed to handle high-performance

As I mentioned earlier, the Corsair 4000 series reminds me of the old Obsidian 450D. Of course, the PC 4000 enclosures are visually stunning from the start, with the 4000X taking the crown with its dual panels of tempered glass.

The look of the entire case series is beautiful and is a big step forward for Corsair, which could bring back many customers who preferred these cases. On the front panel we see the main differences between the three cases: The 4000D has a solid plastic front panel, the Airflow has a perforated panel and the 4000X has a tempered glass panel. The next difference between the models is the front fan. The 4000D and 4000D Airflow models have one 120mm fan pre-installed, while the iCUE 4000X has three 120mm RGB fans.


All three models allow you to mount a heat sink of up to 360 mm through the cutout in the front panel of the power supply. Personally I would install a cooler on top, but it’s always nice to have some options. You can install a total of two 140mm fans on the front, which would be optimal, but in that case you would detract from the aesthetics of the front panel of the Airflow and 4000X.

The front panel is the main thing that determines the choice of case, with the 4000D Airflow being the obvious choice for those who value performance. Aesthetically, the 4000X is unbeatable, but this luxury comes at the cost of a slightly higher internal temperature. Whatever your final decision, if you change your mind, you can at least just buy another front panel from Corsair and change the configuration.

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On the back end everything is standard, the only difference is the 120mm fan that comes pre-installed on the 4000D and Airflow models. Those who opt for the 4000X may consider purchasing another Corsair RGB fan to fill that space and improve airflow. In theory, you could use the lower front fan, as it is nothing more than an aesthetic addition in its pre-installed position.


We get 7+2 PCIe slots, which gives you the ability to mount your GPU vertically, and otherwise we don’t have much to say. The quality of the back is excellent, without curves or crooked lines.


The main side panel offers a clear and unobstructed view of the interior of all three models. A large tempered glass window shows everything, even the shroud, and is framed by an opaque white frame that adds to the aesthetic and unsightly edges.


The two side panels on the 4000D, Airflow and 4000X have a tool-less design from Corsairs and they work very well. Assembly and replacement of parts is extremely easy, and the additional latches on the front of the side panel prevent it from falling off. However, it is not completely fixed, so I suggest you keep your hand on it until it is completely removed.


The 4000 series back panel is solid, Corsair later redesigned it for the 5000 series, but who cares at this price?


The top of all three models is identical, with a perforated grill for airflow when installing the cooler. The mesh is covered with one of Corsair’s newly designed dust filters, which are high quality and grey in color to match the aesthetics of the case.


The top of all three models supports heatsinks up to 280mm and is the ideal place for an AIO cooler. Two 140 mm or 120 mm fans can be installed here instead. When installing the AIO cooler, I had enough room to connect the CPU power supply, but to save your fingers, you can connect the CPU cable before installing the heatsink.


On the front of the top part of the case we see the input/output, which is disabled:

  • On/Off switch
  • Reset button
  • 1 x USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A
  • 1 x USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C
  • 1 x Headphone jack

While I would have liked to see an additional USB port on the front, overall the 4000X and 4000D/Airflow are fantastic in every way. For the price, these cases are excellent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What fans are in the Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB?

If you’re in the market for a new set of fans for your PC case, you have come to the right place. Buying new fans is not quite as simple as picking out the color scheme you want, however. Fans are available in different sizes, different colors, and even with different light effects. If you want to take your gaming PC to the next level, however, you’re going to need a good set of fans to make it happen. Corsair’s iCUE RGB LED system, which allows for lighting to be customized in the more than a hundred different products that Corsair sells, has been a hit with PC builders for a couple of years now. (The last time we looked at an iCUE product was two years ago, when we reviewed the Vengeance MM200 gaming mousepad.) However, the iCUE range has always had a significant problem: it only works with Corsair’s own peripherals.  That’s not surprising, considering the system is built into the company’s products. (It’s kind of like Ikea’s light system for its furniture: you can’t expect non-Ikea products to have a lighting system built into them.) However, Corsair has

Does Corsair 4000X come with RGB controller?

Some companies have special tools that they use for building and testing their products, and Corsair is no different. The “Corsair iCue” RGB controller is one such tool, and it is included with all products in the Corsair iCue family. The iCue software works by communicating with the iCue RGB controller, which, in turn, communicates with any RGB products that are connected. This allows users to set up different lighting schemes for both their computer and their peripherals, which can be controlled using the iCue software. RGB lights are fun, but they are also complicated.  To get a great RGB build you need to find the right case, the right motherboard, the right memory, the right power supply, and the right CPU cooler.  Then you need to hook up all these devices, and make sure that the RGB lights are syncing and that they are all on the same theme color.  This is where the Corsair X series comes to save the day.

Does the Corsair 4000X have good airflow?

The Corsair 4000X is a great choice if you are looking for an air-cooled gaming computer case. It is well-designed and well-made, and it has some great features. The best thing about it is that it comes in many different colors, so it will look good in almost any room. You can even pick a color to match your gaming accessories. As a reviewer, I have to be careful about what I say. I can’t just go on my gut, since that’s going to bias the review in some way. Instead, I have to let my testing methodology speak for itself. But, in the case of this review, I’m going to go out on a limb. Don’t think that means I’m going soft on the Corsair 4000X, though. You see, I have a pretty good idea of what’s good and what’s bad about a case. And the Corsair 4000X has some things that impress me.

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