Everyone loves to read a good detective series, but finding the perfect one can be a little difficult, so we’ve bought you one of the best detective series – Donna Leon’s Guido Brunetti. If you are looking for a long series that takes some time, then you have made the right decision when choosing a series. In this article, we’re going to list all the Donna Leon books you need to know. But first we want to tell you something about the show and the author.

Donna Leon was born in New Jersey in 1942. She loved many popular countries like Italy, Iran, England, China and Saudi Arabia. She also worked in an advertising agency in New York, and from there she moved to Italy because she fell in love with that country. Her career as an author began in Italy when she joined the world of copyright. In 1992 she published her first book, Death in La Fenice, which was also the first book in Guido Brunetti’s series. This book has made Donna Leon one of the best-selling authors. And from there she wrote many novels in the series and several individual books. She has also received numerous awards for her work and has been praised by both readers and critics!

About the show…

As mentioned above, Guido Brunetti’s books began with his first book – Death in Fenice in 1992 and his last book Unto Us a Son is Given in 2019! His detective series is appreciated for its unique writing style and good secrets.

The main character in his books is Guido Brunetti, a policeman from Venice. He lives with his wife and two children. He is a modest, friendly, honest man who works with absolute determination. The series tells about the cases that stand in his way and how he solves them. This is definitely an interesting series if you like books on crime and puzzles!

So we have completed both the author’s introduction and the series. So now it’s time to introduce you to Donna Leon’s books one by one. As you know, each book focuses on a specific case, so you can take any book, but it is still advisable to read the series to fully understand the development of the characters. And of course there are separate books by Donna Leon, of which you can read the whole story without luggage. Donna Leon Books is fine…

Donna Leon books

Books by Donna Leon

1. Death at La Fenice

Donna Leon's books are in order

The story takes place in Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but no one can imagine the terrible crimes taking place in this city today. And this time the famous German conductor Maestro Helmut was poisoned with cyanide during a break in La Fenice.

The fact is that there is no clear reason to investigate and that is a challenge for Brunetti. But slowly, in the course of the investigation, it becomes a crime of revenge and hatred. It would be interesting to see Brunetti solve cases!

2. Death abroad

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The story begins with the discovery of a body in the Venice canal. Apparently, it’s like a robbery in which a man dies. But for Brunetti, it’s much more than that. His doubts become clear when they find something in the dead man’s apartment! This shows that someone somewhere has to make a big effort to offer ready-made criminal solutions!

The case quickly took a more critical turn when an investigation revealed that there was an agreement between the board of directors of US bases and international companies interested in the disposal of toxic waste. History shows the face of corruption and simply shows the importance of justice in the world.

3. Dressed for death

List of books by Donna Leon

Everyone needs a holiday, especially people like Brunetti, who work hard every day to keep the peace in the city. But as always, this festival for Brunetti is destroyed when a body is discovered. The body is beaten brutally and the face is unrecognizable. The brunette does her best to find someone who can identify the body, but it’s all for nothing.

Brunette has already focused on this case, and there are reports of another terrible death. It is no use to Brunetti, and he has proved his ignorance.

4. Death and testing

Donna Leon's best books

Once again Brunetti is confronted with two different tragedies when the truck crashes in one of the treacherous bends of the Italian Dolomites, spilling the cargo. And the death of a prominent international employee in the car of a long-distance train in St. Lucia. These two things all seem to be connected, and that is what Brunetti is most worried about at the moment.

Brunetti opened an investigation into the case and found evidence of a criminal network extending beyond the lagoon. The question now is whether there will be more deaths before Brunetti gets justice.

5. Aqua Alta

Donna Leon's best books

Aqua Alta revolves around the death of Brunetti’s friend Brett Lynch. She was brutally beaten, and now Brunetti wants to know the truth about the murder. The books show the icy crime and the other face of mankind. As soon as Brunetti starts an investigation, he finds another body, and this leads to a higher mystery, and to solve this – it takes an hour before someone else loses his life!

6. Death of faith

List of books by Donna Leon

Venice’s crime rate has dropped dramatically and the city is facing a drop in crime, which means there is less work for Brunetti. Or is it the calm before the storm? A young and beautiful woman came to Brunetti’s office and pretended to be Maria Testa. She knows Brunetti, she’s the nun who took care of her mother! But she left this place after five patients died.

Brunetti is suspected of some of the characters in the book, but there is no evidence of criminal activity. He must know whether he is creating a strange fear to justify his rejection of his vocation, or whether it is really in danger!

7. Noble lamps

Donna Leon's best books

You should already be in awe of Brunetti’s spirit, but above all, you’ll be a fan of Donna Leon because of her intelligence and perfect detective stories. And this is Donna Leon’s seventh book, which you will discover in the next book. The book tells the story of a new landowner with a passion for repairs who was called home when his worker dug up the bodywork. The corpse was very decomposed, but he still wears a ring in his body, which brings him closer to one of the most aristocratic families in Venice!

8. Lethal protective equipment

Books by Donna Leon

Brunetti’s life is turned upside down when his private and professional life are affected simultaneously. At the dawn of the Venetian twilight a sudden act of vandalism was committed, but it is amazing that the perpetrator of this act was none other than his wife Paola!

As if that’s enough, there’s now a robbery with Mafia tapes, accompanied by a suspicious death! He’s under a lot of pressure because his boss wants quick results and answers. His career is in danger and he understands what happened to Paola! He has to find the answers, but how?

9. Friends in higher functions

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What started as a relaxing day for Brunetti has now turned into a puzzle when he receives a phone call from Officio Castro, the curator of the buildings in Venice. He tells him that his apartment on the top floor of one of the oldest San Polo buildings in Venice may not have been approved by the Planning Committee and that if he does not find the documents in time, the building could be demolished.

He tried to solve the problem, but soon found out the officer was dead. It is also investigating the case of drug trafficking, money laundering and other crimes that appear to be linked to the death of a government official. It would be interesting to see how Brunetti collects evidence in different cases and what he investigates.

10. A Sea of Problems

Books by Donna Leon

This book takes you to the islands where two fishermen were found dead. The bodies of these fishermen were found burnt in a fishing boat on the remote islands of the Venice lagoon. This is all the more shocking because the fishing community has always been known for its code of loyalty, through which suspicions are passed on to the outside world. In a way, it suggests a connection between the crowd and the murders.

The book also shows a turning point in Brunetti’s relationship with his colleagues. People loved the book because of the puzzles and twists that make the book interesting right down to the last page!

11. Intentional behaviour

Donna Leon's books are in order

The plot has the character of Claudia, a pupil of Brunetti’s wife. She asks for help investigating the crime her grandfather committed years ago. She has a vague interest in the investigation. She’s a smart, intelligent girl with a moral conscience. Although Brunetti had little interest in the case at first, his suspicions grew when he learned that Claudia had been stabbed.

He revealed Claudia’s family secrets and her private life. It turns out that she lives with an older woman who has a special art collection. But soon she also found a dead man. Today, business begins to open up and reveals links with the world war and some hidden secrets from the past!

12. Uniformity of jurisprudence

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A unified legal system traces the relationship between military and civil life and their relationship to politics. The books begin with the death of a boy, who is also a young cadet, as the son of a former politician. Some points seem to relate to politics and the army, can Brunetti find out the truth?

13. Confirmed evidence

Books by Donna Leon

There is a simple case in the story in which a rich woman was found dead and the main suspect went crazy, escaped from the city with money and false papers, but soon she too was dead. The case seems to be closed until the neighbour of an elderly woman from abroad returns and Brunetti opens an informal investigation.

14. Stone blood

Books by Donna Leon

An illegal immigrant was found dead and the police are investigating the case with the help of witnesses who turned out to be tourists. But the question remains: why kill an illegal immigrant? The answer may shock you!

15. Through dark glass

Donna Leon's book

The story begins with a protest against the chemical pollution of a glass factory. With the ongoing protest, there will be many twists and turns.


So these are Donna Leon’s books in the order you were looking for them. We hope this article has given you a better idea of his writing style and the series as a whole, as well as his autonomy. So what are you waiting for, pick a book and start reading it to get the best thriller?

We have also written such articles for other famous authors and their books for you to consult. Thank you very much for your visit and continue to visit us for more content.

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