Honeygain Review, earn money from home, reege's tech reviews, earning apps

There’s a new way to earn money without doing anything. Ridiculous or for real? This is the Honeygain Review and everything you need to know to earn from this app and earn from home.


Honeygain Review

Honeygain is a crowd-sourced network company which enables other businesses to conduct intelligence, market, and business research. It is an application which, when turned on, allows you to reach your unused internet’s full potential by making your device a gateway. In layman’s term, Honeygain shares your internet to other people.

Now to some, that might sound scary and dangerous, and that’s completely understandable. However, Honeygain insists that they do not store your information and data other than your email address, IP address, and your selected payment methods.

How Does It Work?

Honeygain Review, earn money from home, reege's tech reviews, earning apps

Getting it to work is very simple. All you have to do is download the app on your phone or on your computer and register. Currently, they only have Google Playstore and Windows support. However, they say that the App store version is soon to come out.

Second, It is important that you VERIFY YOUR EMAIL before start using this app. If you do not verify, you will not get paid. The email will be your account or identity on Honeygain. If you do not verify, all your progress is lost every time you disconnect.

Also, I’ve had people tell me that sometimes, email verification doesn’t work. They tried it again after a few days and it did work for them.

After you’ve verified, there’s nothing else to do but stay online and wait.

How Much Do You Get Paid?

Here is where it gets a little bit tricky and complicated. First of all, it’s not going to be as high as advertised. That is the best case scenario for maximum income, but I personally believe you won’t achieve this rate and I will discuss this in a while.

The simplest rate of getting paid is 1 dollar per 1 gigabytes of data shared. Now, the more devices you have, the faster you can share bandwidth. Furthermore, the better the device, the faster you can upload and share bandwidth. Lastly, Internet speed also plays a major role in how fast you will be earning.

The way that this app works is it feeds through your Internet connection. Thus, having multiple IP addresses will also allows you to earn bigger. Having multiple devices on a single IP address will have an incremental multiplier on your earnings, compared to 2 devices with completely different IP address. Subsequently, it is very important to note, that you are only allowed a maximum of 6 devices on 1 IP address. Additional devices on that particular IP address will not earn anymore.

Having said all that, those are the reason why it’s hard for you to get a maximum earnings of 50 dollars a month. I also would like to warn people about using their main phones for farming. This will drastically reduce your battery life and the quality of your phone. Most phone farmers out there uses outdated and semi-broken phones so they don’t have much to lose. However, older phones have weaker signals and will slow down your earnings.


How Do You Get The Payout?


There is a minimum payout of 20 dollars. You will not be able to get your money if you haven’t reached 20 dollars. Honeygain uses PayPal for payouts which is very convenient and very easy to use.


Honeygain Referral Program?

There is a referral program that Honeygain uses. Every registered user gets a referral code which you can give a friend to register on. You will earn 10 percent of their daily earnings and it will automatically be added to your account. Sign up here.


Honeygain Review

Honeygain Review, earn money from home, reege's tech reviews, earning apps


I would definitely recommend the Honeygain app to anyone who wants to earn a little cash on the side. In my experience, I am earning between $1.00 and $1.50 a day. Currently on 6 old devices which is connected 24/7. If it stays consistent, I will earn about $30.00 – $50.00 a month doing nothing.

In my opinion, extra money for literally doing nothing is still awesome. So, if you want to earn extra money without doing anything, you can try out this awesome app click here to sign up.

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