Over the years, Falcon Northwest has created a cult thanks to its ability to provide users with unmistakable personalization. Whether you want to take things to the next level or need a high-performance workstation that can handle large system files, Falcon ensures that your needs are not only met, but surpassed. Falcon’s designs use only the best components to get the best performance for the job. To ensure quality – and to eliminate the need for silicone lottery – Falcon tests and compares each of its customized items before shipment. Falcon truly embodies the expression quality rather than quantity.

Falcon not only evaluates performance, but tests every area of the PC and leaves nothing to chance in its quest for unparalleled performance and build quality.  The design takes into account noise, cooling, building quality and know-how. Saying that the Northwest Falcon Heel is nothing but uncompromising attention to detail and quality would be a crime. This PC is truly one of the most complete custom models on the market.


Today there are many PC manufacturers on the market, but Falcon was the first to offer games. With over 25 years of experience, Falcon offers consumers the most extensive purchasing process on the market. Whatever you need, Falcon will be able to unlock and combine the components with a package that is not only amazing, but can stand the test of time.


Aesthetics can be very important to most people, and Sokol understands that. That’s why Falcon now offers a range of exterior personalization options, including custom paints and UV printing.

With eight hand brushed colours, no two Falcon hulls are identical. Falcon supplies the paint itself, with as much attention and care to detail as it does every aspect of the construction. The airbrush patterns are manufactured to the highest quality and can be custom made in colour and design. A Falcon representative will contact you by phone for custom additions.

UV printing options are also available to consumers, with the ability to apply any image to the side, front or entire exterior surface of the Talon case. All UV prints are produced in-house and require a very high resolution to get the best possible result from this aesthetic addition. In addition, you can choose between logos and customize the color to suit the look of the rest of the occasion.


As mentioned earlier, the Falcon takes the internal temperature very seriously. Although the Falcon has a good thermal design, users have the option of adding additional fans if desired. You also have the option of replacing the RGB fans with something quieter.


Aesthetics and cooling aside, let’s switch to equipment. This is the most important thing in terms of personalization. You have the ability to change the power supply, CPU, RAM, GPU and even add a sound card to customize the Talon to your individual needs and requirements. Do you need more power for overclocking or a second GPU? No problem, choose between different alternative energy sources – up to 1200 watts.

Do you need some more juice in the mainframe? You can easily trade it for something more powerful. The possibilities are not infinite, but in the most important areas. Areas that really matter when it comes to workstations or game scenarios.


Less impressive, but just as important, are the software options you get with these custom solutions. The Talon can be delivered with Windows 10 Home or Pro – depending on your preference. If you wish, you can also select a startup disk and add the entire Office software package.

Peripheral equipment

At the end of the building process you have the ability to add keyboards, mice, monitors and everything you need to run the Talon. Again, the options are not unlimited, but they cover most bases and price ranges.

Additional exemptions

Once you have chosen your hardware, software, peripherals and case, all you have to do is choose a delivery day. Falcon offers a fast service that enables customers to get their new custom model faster in the blink of an eye. Although this service has a price, it is quite unique among the many manufacturers of custom PC’s and is certainly a plus for me.

To cap it all, Falcon reports incompatible materials or delays in the construction process at the end of the tender process. As you can see here, we have left an insufficient power supply in our building and Falcon has asked us to replace it immediately with something more powerful.

That not only gives me confidence from a consumer perspective, but it also gives me confidence that the guys at Falcon really look at all the possible obstacles.

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