VIVO Transducer for table mountingVIVO Transducer for table mounting

The FITUEYES table converter is not one of the best on the market, but it can be decent, especially if you have a small budget. It’s very different from the other standalone desktop converters we’ve tried. This is a single level transducer.  A single-tier structure has its advantages, but there are of course also criticisms.

In contrast, VIVO tables on legs are more popular. It is also one of the cheapest and most decent options.  And to find out which of these two affordable models suits you best, let’s do a little comparison.

Single and double deck stand-up converters

You don’t have to make a FITUEI. It comes fully assembled and can be used immediately. We also appreciate the quality of the packaging. So it arrived in one piece, with no bumps or scratches. And since it consists of only one plane, it is very compact and light.  So you can easily take FITUEI with you wherever you go. It’s pretty portable, and you can easily slip it into your bag if you’re still planning on doing some work at the cabin.

However, there are two sides to the coin. Yes, it is light and therefore can be easily transported from one place to another. Plus, it’s easy to take it with you if you want to work in another room or at another desk.

But we think it’s too easy. In case of sudden gusts of wind we are afraid that the aircraft may tip over. But not too fragile. But it’s the line between vulnerability and decent weight. So if you lean too hard on the table, it can’t support the weight.

This single-stage, vertically mounted desktop inverter is compact. The workspace is decently wide and big enough for two monitors. And since it doesn’t have a keyboard tray, you need to put one in the workspace.

As a result, this single-level layout, where the keyboard and screens are on the same level, is more convenient for small to medium-sized users. If you are slightly heavier, you will find it too narrow, although in a larger room. And because the table cannot support too much weight, heavier users cannot rest their arms and elbows on it.

VIVO, on the other hand, has the most common two-layer layout often seen on the various stand-alone desktop converters. This style makes the table less portable and less compact than the FITUEYES. But more users will find it useful. Although the keyboard tray cannot be tilted, you can remove it.

The table itself is not too heavy, but it does have a fair amount of weight. This way, it won’t slide off the table so easily and won’t fall over if a strong wind blows over it. The surface of the table is wider than that of FITUEI. The lack of a keyboard tray on the FITUEYES desk has reduced the workspace for me.

In addition to the large work surface, VIVO has a grooved front shelf to store your phone or other accessories. This is another advantage over FITUIAMS. In addition, FITUEYES has a well-designed cable management system.

What is the height adjustment range

FITUEYES can range from 2.2 to 16.1 inches, while VIVOs can range from 4.2 to 19.7 inches. For example, VIVO users will feel more comfortable if they are taller because they can go higher. However, since FITUEYES goes up to 2.2 inches, the table is better suited for small and light users. But we have a big problem here.

Although the FITUEYES can reach a height of 2.2 inches, in some cases the table may break or lay flat when used at its lowest height. So if you’re looking at this sign, maybe you should think about it.

Mechanism and stability

Both bar tables use the same gas-filled damper system. And both devices are pretty easy to adjust up and down. And thanks to the lighter weight of FITUEYES, it is also easier to install for smaller users. But here’s the difference.

FITUEYES does not go straight, but tends to lean to the right or left depending on the direction of the front of the table. So, if you want to use the table in the highest position, you should consider a reasonable straight leg position.

VIVO 32 moves in a straight line, taking up less space vertically. However, the 36-VIVO tends to point outward and thus requires more vertical space. So if you have limited space in the height, it is better to buy a model that can go directly to the height, for example. B. The 32-inch VIVO.

In terms of stability, we have to give the 32-VIVO table the edge. This model goes straight up. So even if you have a full configuration, it remains stable even in the highest configuration.

FITUEYES tends to tilt to either side, depending on the direction in which the table top is oriented. So if you have a complete installation, it may be unstable at the highest setting. Even when used on the lowest settings, there are some problems. She tends to fall apart. Therefore, FITUEYES is best used in an average environment.

But if you ask me about VIVO 36, it’s unstable at its peak. She tends to lean outwards.



The VIVO support has more weight. This gives a feeling of greater strength and durability than FITUEYES.

Height adjustment range

VIVO has a wider range of height adjustments. Tall users will therefore find VIVO more comfortable than FITUEYES. On the other hand, FITUEYES can go deep enough for smaller users.

Area of activity

Both tables offer a large work surface, but they are completely different. VIVO is a two-level table, while FITUEYES has only one. You should therefore note that the keyboard is also placed on the first drawer. That’s how he eats the space. So if you have heavy hands, you’ll find more room in the VIVO.

fitueyes table converterfitueyes table converter


FITTINGS are more compact in size. And because it’s so light, you can easily take it anywhere. On the other hand, the same cannot be said of VIVO. It has a certain weight, so the table is not portable.


Because VIVO is heavier, smaller users may find it difficult to install the device. Although those who are medium and tall are not complaining. On the other hand, FITUEYES is light, anyone can easily and simply lift the table into place.


FITUEYES can be used immediately after unpacking. So you don’t have to pick it up. The VIVO table is delivered partly assembled. Just connect the keyboard tray and feet. Some users were able to easily assemble it in less than 15 minutes. However, some users have had difficulty implementing it. And don’t forget that smaller and smaller people are getting this challenge.


Both tables compare favorably with other stand up converters. However, the price of VIVO is slightly higher than that of FITUEYES. However, this is relative as the VIVO table has two levels and more weight.

Check the price

Vertical distance

The 32-VIVO rides in a straight line and is therefore more balanced and stable than the 36-VIVO. The 36-tilt tends to lean outward, which means the higher it climbs, the more unstable it becomes. FITUES, on the other hand, aren’t exactly increasing either. He leans to either side. Because of this, it can be a little wobbly when used at the highest level in a complete work environment.

Load capacity

The VIVO 32 and 36 desktop converters can afford a heavier installation than the FITUEYES. However, prefer VIVO 32 to 36. We do not recommend maximizing the weight of the VIVO 36 as it has a tendency to tip over.


So these two brands are quite affordable. I would choose the VIVO 32 if you have a heavier setup, and if you are taller, you will be more comfortable with this unit. On the other hand, FITUEYES can also be useful for small users who need a light desk with sufficient working space.

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