Overview of Flexispot mounting brackets

Flexispot offers affordable screen mounts that are ideal for those just starting to connect their home office. The brand is known for its stand-up desk converters and sit/stand desks, so let’s see if this affordable stand can help you.  Let’s take a look at some of the most popular brand mounting brackets.

About the brand – Flexispot

Flexispot also offers a wide range of office accessories and ergonomic office products. Flexispot tables are specially made in China. Although one of its advantages over other Chinese desks and ergonomic office products is that it is made from a more durable, high-tech Chinese engine.

3 upper Flexispot attachment arms ce 2021

Flexispot D1DP Dual Monitor Stand


This dual monitor arm is perfect if you want to install your monitor side by side. This model is equipped with a pole holder. And you don’t have to shoot everyone to do it. It is easy to set up, even if the monitors are still installed.

However, if you need to significantly increase the downward or upward tilt, you may need to remove the monitors from the stand. However, if you only need to make minor tilt adjustments, you can do so without removing the monitors from the stand.

These pole monitors are very useful when you need to compare charts or graphs. It is ideal for laboratories, dental offices, kiosks or any place where two monitors side by side are needed. You can easily compare recordings from each monitor as if you were working with one large device.

It also allows for a wide range of movement. It allows for a full 360 degree rotation. This way you can easily rearrange the monitors vertically or horizontally. In addition, the monitor can be tilted up to 85 degrees upwards and 15 degrees downwards. Although there is no downward tilt, this is a feature of mast mounted monitor arms.

One monitor can be held vertically while the other can be held horizontally and still be firmly in place. We didn’t notice any shaking or jiggling while typing.

Having a wide range of movements is one thing. But being able to move easily without stress or friction is another matter. And with this dual monitor stand, you can do both.

In terms of range, it is fully compatible with most monitors 17″36″. And each hand can hold monitors weighing up to 26.4 pounds. So he’s practically addicted to a superpowered level.

This sturdy pole support is also easy to install. With a VESA quick release plate, you can install it in less than 20 minutes. It’s kind of intuitive, almost airtight.

This monitor arm is also equipped with a cable management system. We love the way it’s organized at the bottom. But when it goes up, it’s a little sticky. Wires tend to come out at the top of the tube. It doesn’t interfere with the general work, but it seems a bit messy.

And if you need to adjust the resistance, there are two hex screws on the side. You can adjust them to get the desired voltage for each monitor.

In short, I’d say it’s very modular. This gives you more freedom to rearrange and tilt the monitors as you see fit. And it’s pretty solid too, and for the price, you can’t be sad about it. It will serve you well. And oh, if you have to return the product if you are not satisfied with it, you may have to pay the return shipping costs.

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Flexispot D5D Dual Monitor Stand

The difference between the double mast mounted monitor arm and the D5D is that it is mounted with a C-groove or C-clamp system. Can be installed on tables from 0.8 to 3.94 thickness. This allows it to be installed on most seat frames.


And installation is also child’s play. As with the dual mast monitor, this only takes 20 minutes. The product contains all the necessary materials and the instructions are very clear and simple. But it’s more of a duplication because you have to screw the monitors directly into your hands, not onto VESA plates.

You can also tighten the tension slightly while the monitors are still installed. And it’s easier to do that if you install it with a groove system.

I also like the ease with which the monitors are adjustable and easy to move around. You can put them almost anywhere. You can even place the monitors behind each other. It can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 90 degrees. And it also has a 180-degree hinge. It therefore also functions as general IT support. Very comfortable and versatile. So in terms of adjustability and flexibility, this model offers more freedom than the rod model.

Hands are also highly reactive and respond to the slightest contact. So there is no friction or resistance when moving the monitors. Moreover, it can even be lowered so low that it touches the table itself.

As for weight, the monitors can carry up to 11 pounds per arm. And here the location in relief has more advantages. The latter is more robust and designed for larger and heavier monitors.

As long as you don’t exceed the load capacity, this unit is quite stable and robust. This makes it a good choice for designers and financial analysts who need side-by-side monitors. Or if you need to compare charts and reports, this is the perfect tool to make your work easier and more efficient.

It also has an efficient cable management system. And we prefer this system to the one mounted on a pole.

In terms of adaptability, it is excellent value for money. Especially for the price it costs. It is even comparable to Ergotron’s high-quality monitor arms.

Flexispot F7 single monitor stand

This unique Flexispot monitor stand accommodates 10 27 monitors weighing up to 11 pounds. It is also available in another model, the F8L, which is suitable for monitors from 24 to 36 inches.

This unit is fully adjustable and easy to move. That’s why we like gas-filled pipes, they are very comfortable. And you don’t even need the pressure to rearrange the monitors. It can also slide forward up to 27 inches and the maximum height of the stand is 15.75 inches. Not to mention the 360 degree rotation that allows you to position it almost any way you want. It has almost the same arm extension as 24 Reach’s articulated arm.

It’s almost a full assembly, except that the crankset can’t rotate fully. It stops when it reaches 110 degrees on both sides. But always a good adjustable monitor arm. It’s built the same way as the AmazonBasics monitor arm and the Ergotron LX, except those two can support a heavier monitor.

It also carries considerable weight. This lets us know that it is robust and reliable. He’s good at holding monitors. And another thing to love is cable management. It’s simple and hides the wires high.

Final reflections

We especially like the ability to adjust the groove or C-clamp mounted on the two Flexispot monitor arms and rotate almost completely. It doesn’t look too fancy, but it works pretty well. If you like the adjustability of the Ergotorn or Ergotech, but can’t do without the expense, the two-handed Flexispot attachment is a great alternative. Don’t believe a word of it.


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