Mesh office chairs are becoming increasingly popular. The knits have a classic, more minimalist look and are also more breathable. But are they generally comfortable?

We came across HBADA, a brand that offers ergonomic mesh chairs. Let’s take a look at one of the brand’s offerings and see how it would perform.

About the brand HBADA

HBADA is a Chinese brand, but very popular in Europe. Their dimensions even meet the European standards. The brand also offers a full money-back guarantee if you decide to return the chair within a reasonable period of time. This can set them apart from other cheap office chairs and desks made in China.

A common denominator of HBADA’s office and gaming chairs is the mesh material. People either love him or hate him. Well, the net isn’t really for everyone. But what about the durability compared to other Chinese chairs? This is a common problem with chairs made in China. So let’s find out. We will focus on one of the office chairs of this brand in our review. But it will give us an idea of how the brand as a whole will be marketed.

Hbada Ergonomic high back chair overview


When it comes to comfort, we have nothing but good things to say about this office chair. Let’s start at the beginning. The backrest and headrest are made of the same mesh material. Headrests are a good addition because they allow you to tilt your neck and head when you are tired. It is fully adjustable and can be rotated. You can also change the height.

But what struck us first was the comfort of the net against our backs. It is soft but has a firm grip. And because it’s made entirely of mesh, it’s more breathable. It also has a slight S-curve that fits well with the curve of the back. We don’t mind sitting in a chair for eight hours. He’s got his back. And to relieve pressure points, it has a synchronized tilt system that allows it to tilt up to 155 degrees. The Synchro-Tilt system is a real improvement for an office chair in this price range.

This tilting system is lighter and ensures that your feet remain in contact with the ground at all times. This means that you will not feel any numbness or pain in your hips or legs. This allows you to have a relaxed posture without having to lift your feet off the ground. And it can be very convenient. This has increased the comfort level for us. And not all ergonomic chairs have this adjustment system like most high-end chairs. But this is rarely the case with mid-range and low-range office chairs.

The seat is padded and offers good cushioning. But it is flat and does not have the concave shape that most users find more comfortable. And the consistency is also on the solid side. Therefore, the combination of a flat seat and a flat cushion may not be suitable for everyone. However, if you like very firm support, you will be satisfied with this product.

The lumbar support is also adjustable. In this way, many users can find a common ground for their backs.

Heavy base

When we unpacked the chair, we discovered that most of the weight rested on the base of the chair. The rest of the rooms could easily be moved from the ground floor to our home office with its solid floor. Although we’re not complaining, it’s actually good for us. A thick, sturdy base means the chair has a good foundation. This makes you feel more secure when you tilt the seat back to 155 degrees.

We tried out a few of the available office chairs, and most have very light bases. Loosening the screws and making noises, it didn’t seem very stable.

So it is safe to say that with a stronger foundation, the HBADA office chair does not wobble or shake.

Design and aesthetics

This HBADA office chair has an elegant and minimalist style. It has a modern look and design, with no major drawbacks. But it also has no bells and whistles.

It is a simple and ergonomic chair. It may not look like a big luxury office chair, but the mesh material of the backrest and headrest gives it a bit of a classic look. We also noticed that the brand uses a different kind of mesh material. It doesn’t look cheap or feel flimsy, unlike the generic mesh chairs sold at Costco or Walmart.

In this way, it easily fits into a minimalist space. And because it’s so slim, it won’t take up much room in your home office.

Compared to other brands, it is very similar to the Smugdesk net chair.

Adjustment and installation

This office chair offers a range of adjustable features. In addition to the basic adjustments such as seat height, headrest, armrests on both sides and lumbar support, you can also use the Synchro recline function mentioned earlier.

HBADA chairs are very easy to set up. Even a beginner will need no more than 20 minutes to assemble the chair. The instructions are also accompanied by pictures, so if you don’t understand the fine print, you can always refer to the illustrations.

What we wanted was better.

  1. Sure, the armrests are adjustable and you can adjust them to your height needs, but we would have liked a little more comfort. They are soft, but we find them too thin. This is probably our least favorite feature of the chair. Over time, the elbows will sink into the thin padding. You have to put your hands flat to prevent this.
  2. The total adjustable height of 8 cm is quite narrow. We would have liked more choice.
  3. Therefore, the height of the chair is quite low. It can’t be high enough for people who are 6 feet or taller. Your knees are bent in an uncomfortable position. And they tend to increase.
  4. Therefore, people of average size and small users will find the chair most comfortable.


  1. This particular HBADA office chair is the brand’s offering for small and medium users. For small users, it can be quite low. So, if you are between 5’10 and 5’10, this model will not fit you. You can also look elsewhere, like Sadie Mash’s chair. You can also opt for the Racing Style chair with high backrest that the brand offers for taller users. It has almost the same features as the other HBADA office chairs, with a few extras.
  2. A net chair is not for everyone. So either you love this chair or you hate it. But as far as the mesh goes, this is one of the most comfortable chairs we’ve tried. From the back to the floor, it is comfortable enough to work for long hours.
  3. The comfort of the seats is solid. So you’ll like it if you need more support, and you won’t like it. You want a soft seat that wraps or cradles your buttocks. This chair is also quite shallow.
  4. Customer service is excellent. And with a full money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.
  5. The chair was carefully packaged and the installation was one of the easiest.
  6. As for longevity, we had to talk about that. As mentioned earlier in the article, the base of the chair has a lot of weight, so you know it has good support and can stand out from the sea of lightweight Chinese office chairs…. But that’s about it. The same cannot be said of the rest of the Presidency.

HBADA chairs are equipped with many smart adjustment features that make the chair more comfortable for most users. The equipment is also similar to that of high-quality ergonomic chairs. But when we talk about durability, we have to consider the durability of the whole chair, not just the base. And again, the HBADA department has been reduced in size. Even though the base is sturdy, the lifespan of the whole chair is only 1 to 2 years. While we think it’s more durable than other Chinese office chair brands in the same price range as Songmics, they’re not really that far apart.

  1. The other HABAD chairs have the same mesh material. They also have the same score for sustainability.

Where to buy

Concluding remarks

HBADA chairs are simple and minimalistic. But they do offer some useful features. Although we focused on one of the brand’s office chairs, there is definitely a strong sense of connection to the brand’s line of office chairs.

The HBADA seats are very comfortable, so we have no complaints. But like most office chairs made in China, the durability of the chair is questionable. The amazing thing is that you don’t notice it after a few months, because the chair doesn’t look cheap. And it doesn’t look fragile at all. After a year, you may notice a further deterioration in function. And it can be sudden.

frequently asked questions

Are Hbada chairs good?

Chair comfort In terms of comfort, the Hbada is certainly no Herman Miller, but it is comfortable enough, at least for short sessions. I tested it for two weeks, the seat cushion was very comfortable. The inner padding retains its resilience and is not deformed.

Are office chairs with mesh backs good?

Mesh office chairs are the best when it comes to providing adequate support. They are adjustable and the curvature of the back helps maintain good posture without hurting your neck or back. … An employee who sits on an unsupportive chair may experience back or neck pain after sitting for several days at work.

Where are Hbada chairs made?

With the best production lines in Germany and Italy, Hbada uses only the best materials to manufacture ergonomic office chairs, which have gained a good reputation in the world market since their inception.

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