How to vibrate a PS4 controller continuously

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The PS4 is without a doubt an extraordinary change in gaming. From the PS3 to the PS4, we’ve seen a lot of big changes in design, controls, aesthetics, and the controller.

The new changes we will see in the new PS4 controllers are advanced enough to make them much better than those of other gaming consoles.

I wonder what the best features of the PS4 are to make it the best for you? Well, the features are different from person to person, everyone has different options.

As you know, it’s made by Sony, and the classic controller comes with a beautiful console that fits well in your hand and is as aesthetic and rounded as it gets.

How to vibrate a PS4 controller continuously

The perfect balance of price, quality, looks and perfect compatibility with PS4 games makes it one of the best options for a winner. But we’re not saying these original controllers are the best.

There are other controllers that can give you better performance in some games.

As we said, people think differently about the best controllers, some like a fully transparent one, some like a themed controller, and some want the controller to be fully colored, and some want the controller to vibrate constantly.

But we often see people wondering how to make a PS4 controller vibrate all the time. This question asks us to write an article on how to make the PS4 controller vibrate continuously.

So here’s the complete guide on how to make your PS4 controller vibrate all the time.

To make the PS4 controller vibrate continuously

How to vibrate a PS4 controller continuously

Unfortunately, the PS4 controllers do not have the corresponding functionality to make the controller vibrate continuously. But, as always, we researched and discovered how to make your controller vibrate all the time.

Here you can set the device to continuous oscillation.

  1. iVibrate

iVibrate is a downloadable cross-platform application, easily accessible under Windows, Linux and macOS.

iVibrate is a free application that transforms the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or any other game console controller into one that constantly vibrates.

To make your PS4 controller vibrate continuously, you need to connect your PS4 device to your computer and then download the driver.

  • After downloading the iVibrate driver application to your PC.
  • You now need to install the iVibrate application on your computer.
  • Then install or move the application to your game console.
  • You can then launch the iVibrate driver application to make your controller vibrate continuously.
  • You can adjust the vibration intensity of the controller and set different vibration modes.

To allow vibration on PS4 controls

Find out how to enable vibration on your PS4 controller here.

  • On the home screen, go to Settings.
  • Then go to Device
  • Then activate the option Activate vibrations.

To disable vibration on PS4 controls

Here’s how to turn off the vibration on your PS4 controller.

  • On the home screen, go to Settings.
  • Then go to Device
  • Then clear the Enable Vibration check box.

Features of iVibrate Ultimate Edition

The ultimate edition of iVibrate is available for free on Steam. After purchase you will receive the Steam Key for the iVibrate Ultimate Edition.

Model 1 allows you to leave the vibrations on at all times, so you have no space between them when you play.

  • Full joystick support is new

You can control iVibrate with a joystick. This means you don’t even have to take your hands off the controllers. You can use the virtual cursor through the console to configure and control all the options of this application. You can also use the virtual cursor on multiple gamepads.

(Full joystick support is also included in the iVibrate demo).

  • Steering wheel assistance New function

Now feel the vibrations as you drive your car around in the middle of the race. This new steering wheel enhancement allows you to vibrate the steering wheel on command.

You can set different types of vibration and all power is controlled from your steering wheel, giving you complete control while driving.

(Driver assistance is also included in the demo edition of iVibrate).

  • More access possibilities – new function

The app has brand new visual options that give your console or gamepad new visual breaks, making it easier to work with the iVibrate app. You can now change the color of the text, background and buttons.

With this update you can make any color combination you want. This is helpful for those who have trouble reading the look of iVibrate. You can now customize the appearance of the application and make it more accessible.

If you don’t like the look of the application, you can reset the settings to their defaults.

People with dyslexia can change the font size and style in the settings.

(Other availability options are included in the iVibrate demo).

Newer vibration models are available, you can choose any vibration model.

After each new series of vibrations, the vibration patterns are randomly selected by the application, so you always have a new model.

There are no more limits to setting predefined parts. The application also gives you full control over the iVibrate vibration algorithm and allows you to create custom vibration patterns based on your mood and taste. You are free to generate creative vibrations.

With the new update, the internal workings of the iVibrate application have been updated and redesigned with a new input system that allows for a variety of new features, and the new update also brings fixed issues.

You don’t need any more ropes or tangles. USB cables that go out during gameplay are just annoying. This application allows you to support a wireless gamepad via Bluetooth.

Now you can easily control your console and gamepads from the screen. You no longer need to use a console or gamepad to change the strength, mode and vibration, everything can be done from the screen.

  • Enhanced game compatibility

The iVibrate application now includes many new gamepads. You can check gamepad compatibility here.

The display of the application is simple and easy to understand and use. You will no longer be confused about which joystick to control. You can press any button and your joystick will show you everything you need to see.

You don’t have to worry about the gamepad’s battery while playing. The application shows the battery level on the screen and also displays a flashing red light bar for the PS4 controller, indicating that the controller’s battery is low.

No need to worry or get confused if you have multiple controllers or gamepads of the same type. iVibrate lets you know which controller is being used.

  • 10 levels of vibration resistance

Wide range of vibration resistance.

The iVibrate application now supports the Linux operating system.

  • 23 General vibration characteristics

The professional version has 20 vibration patterns.

The vibration, screen and both allow you to set any type of vibration at your convenience.

The operation is easy to learn.

You can also lock the controller or gamepads by pressing the buttons or using the screen lock.

Now you don’t have to restart this application when your controller is turned off or when you need to switch between controllers.

Pay attention: The vibration strength and functions of the iVibrate application depend on the controller used.


So here is the complete guide on how to make your PS4 vibrate permanently. iVibrate is a handy driving application that offers many features and capabilities.

It has different modes to make your controller vibrate continuously. In addition, the 23 vibration patterns are unique and you can customize the creation of a custom mode.

We hope this article will help you. Our comments section is always open to you. Please let us know if you have any problems with this item, and we can help.

Thank you.


Q : Will the PS4 controllers work with the new PS5 console?

you can find comfort in that. Sony has confirmed that the PS4 controllers will work on the PS5. But they only work with PS4 games. If you want to play PlayStation 5 games, you’ll need to buy new controllers.

Q : Can you play PC games with a PS4 controller?

Yes, PS4 controllers are a good choice for PC games.

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