Working on two different screens at the same time is more and more necessary nowadays. If we take a closer look, you’ll find many ways to transfer your full-screen program to a second monitor.

However, the whole process essentially depends on three fundamental issues. The type of program, the graphical drivers installed on the monitor and the monitor settings play an important role. In this informative guide we explain how you can effectively transfer your full-screen program to a second monitor.

Instructions for setting up two screens

3 ways to move a full-screen program to a second monitor

There are several ways to speed up this process. You can use simple settings or automated software that does it automatically.

First, you need to make your second monitor the main monitor, and you can also change the game settings to match your monitor. There are other important factors associated with moving your full-screen program to a second monitor, but we believe that the three methods below are ideal for getting the process started.

1. Projector mode

Projector mode is the first way to move your full-screen program to a second monitor, and we will discuss this first. This is probably the easiest way to move your program to a second monitor, and moreover, this trick is not known to all monsters who call themselves normal computer users. It works very well and you can easily transfer your full-screen program to another monitor.

First you need to stop/enable the program currently playing on the computer and then put the computer into projection mode by pressing Windows+P only.

Second Windowsmonitor

The whole process then seems to take place as if the computer is only receiving signals from one monitor, namely the second. This is not the first monitor that displays the computer’s output data.

However, you will notice that your program runs smoothly on the second screen, and you can continue where you left off. After starting the program you can simply turn off the projector mode and your full-screen program will remain on the second monitor.

2. Setting the second monitor as the main monitor.

The next trick we’re going to talk about, how to transfer your full screen program to a second monitor, is also pretty quick and easy.

The first monitor is the default main monitor, and you must change these settings first and make the second monitor the main monitor. You can do this by following these steps in Windows 10.

  • Connecting the second monitor to the computer
  • Select your screen resolution from the pop-up menu that appears after right-clicking on an empty area of your desktop; you can also search for your screen resolution from the Control Panel.

Options window with right mouse button

  • Once you have reached your screen resolution, simply select the desired view and choose the option Make it My Primary View. This option is only displayed if you have already selected it. You must distinguish between the first monitor and the second.

This whole process could be done in new versions of Windows. If you are using earlier versions of Windows, you can try these steps to move your full-screen program to a second monitor.

Window control panel

  • Start by going to the control panel
  • Select the view, appearance, or other related options, such as. B. overview by category, etc.
  • Click on the Settings tab.
  • You can select the monitor that displays the large 2 and then simply select the Make this monitor my main monitor checkbox. You select the second monitor after clicking on the square monitor with a large 2.
  • Click the Apply button to apply your settings. Then the second monitor starts displaying everything in the first window.

Problems may occur during this process, such as B. if the box is already checked and nothing is displayed on the second monitor. So you have to choose another area with a bigger one.

Parameters set:

If you have already selected the second monitor as your preferred option, you will need to change the program settings to continue playing in full screen mode or to switch to borderless mode.

Some programs do not have these settings, but there are games and programs that allow you to choose the mode you want to record.

To change the program view and for your information you need to select your preferred main monitor; automatic switching of monitors is not possible.

3.Software use:

Finally, we will talk about a rather technical method that consists of guiding you through the process of moving your full-screen program to a second monitor using software tools.

These tools allow you to switch between HDMI audio and the main screen and run a program on the secondary screen in full screen mode.

It also allows you to adjust the display settings of your monitors. With these tools, you can enjoy smooth, static viewing without worrying about screensavers, hibernation and hibernation.

There are several software tools that can help you transfer full-screen programs to another monitor, but some are available free of charge, while others require payment.

There are several advantages to using these tools, because they do all the work and allow you to organize your life without having to worry about anything. So you can manage everything under one roof and enjoy what you do with ease.

When you’re done, you can also reset the settings you made while using this software. All these software products can be purchased via the manufacturers’ websites and can also be downloaded online.

Conclusion: Move the full screen program to the second monitor

In this tutorial, we looked at some effective ways to transfer a full-screen program to a second monitor. Many people think that the second option – making the second monitor the default main monitor and then changing the game settings – is the best of the three options above.

People are seduced by this method because it is compatible with almost all operating systems and works well for almost everyone. We have also noticed that the graphics cards are in desperate need of an update, just like your graphics drivers. Only then can you enjoy the best gaming experience.

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