If you are looking for fully hinged arms for two screens at a very affordable price, the HUANUO dual screen stand seems to be the ideal choice. Apart from its competitive price, let’s see what makes a rave.

About the brand HUANOO

HUANOO is a brand made in China. The brand also produces laptop desks, standing desks and accessories that can complement the home office.

Shipping and spare parts

Each part has its own plastic wrapping, so the metal parts don’t rub against each other. This way you can make all parts of the monitor arm scratch free. And to facilitate installation, they are also labeled accordingly. It also comes with 2 quick release VESA adapters. So you don’t have to buy it separately.

And if your monitor requires a different type of screw, you’re covered. The brand is launched in different types of screws depending on the requirements of your monitor. So it’s an addition that we really appreciate. Instead of settling for a universal screw, the brand has gone a step further by adding different types of screws. This way you are sure to find the one that fits your monitor.

Review of HUANUO dual monitor stand

Easily adjustable

This is a stable monitor arm that can support up to 2 monitors. 32. You can easily position it near you, tilt it up and down, or change the orientation of your monitors. And the great thing is that you can do all this without wasting much energy. And we felt no hesitation in any of these positions.

The package also includes three Allen wrenches. This accessory is very handy now. It has a loop that allows you to control the cables. These allen keys are also on the back and allow you to adjust everything on the monitor. This accessory makes it very easy to tilt, reorient or rearrange monitors.

It is also possible to set a different height for each arm. And if you want to tweak it, it’s pretty easy.


This HUANUO monitor arm works with almost all VESA compatible computers and monitors. It is also made of aluminum. Although this device is quite robust, it is still quite light.

And it’s designed for a 32-inch screen. We have to say it’s true. It didn’t wobble and could hold an incline. It is sturdy, but we were surprised by its lightness. Thanks to the aluminum construction, you don’t have to work by hand to reposition it every time. People who are used to small arms may find them too easy.

To configure and install

It is quite easy to adjust the arm of the HUANUO monitor. All necessary accessories are included. You do need to make sure that everything is properly dressed. If not, it will be shaking and trembling. And we’ve seen complaints about Juanono’s hand coming with noticeable hesitation. And we believe this can happen if you don’t tighten your arm joints properly. So that’s the key to making sure things are stable.

Arms can collapse if they are too weak. So this is something to consider when setting up, especially if you have a large screen that you need to mount by hand.

But we must say that since it is made in China, you should be prepared for a very difficult to understand manual, which consists of a rough English. So we didn’t find much meaning in the manual. Instead, we’re fixated on YouTube. And you will find many instructions on how to set a table.

What about track?

It is recommended to jump back at least 10 cm. It is not compact and can take up a lot of space. Therefore, make sure that you have enough room at the back to adjust the monitors freely.

The HUANUO has a wide range of adjustment options and many planes of motion, allowing it to take up a considerable amount of space in the rear. If you have a screen larger than 27 inches, you will also need much more space than 10 inches from the walls. Otherwise you cannot place the two tables side by side.

Adequate cable routing

We mentioned earlier that the allen wrench has several slots through which cables can be routed. In addition, it has an extra compartment with a lid for cable management. So it was a nice neat setup, no wires or cables hanging down. So we’re very happy about that.

You can choose one or the other or both, depending on how you want to organize your setup. Although we found the allen slots easier to use for cable management than a compartment with a lid.


  1. This is a full range monitor arm. You can tilt, drag, move up and down, or change the position of the monitor.
  2. We also find it easy and convenient to change the height of your monitors.
  3. We love the way this device can be organized. The brand has added accessories for cable management. You can choose how you want to organize your wires and cables.
  4. Is there a swing? Yes, it is, but we only experienced a slight hesitation when we crossed the table. Otherwise he could have held the monitors in place. We tried it with two monitors 27 and 32, and it seems to hold up pretty well. He didn’t twitch when we tapped him.
  5. If the monitor is not properly secured, it can spin like crazy in front of one of your hands. Therefore, you need to make the structure tighter to keep things stable. We have heard complaints about a very wobbly arm, and it is common for a HUANUO to be installed incorrectly.
  6. The VESA adapter is equipped with a quick lock for easy monitor switching.
  7. It has a fairly versatile design that can be adapted to most VESA compatible motors.
  8. The look of the hands is not fancy, but simple and minimalistic.
  9. You will have to take into account a considerable space behind your walls.

Especially if you are placing two monitors side by side, you should consider at least 9-10 inches. If you use a table 32, you have a lot more room.

  1. The packaging was good and all parts were complete. As we mentioned earlier, the brand has integrated some VESA screws. So whatever your monitor needs, you’ll find it in the package.
  2. You have two options for attaching the bracket with a C-clamp or a spacer. We find that grooving gives a stronger foundation.
  3. These stands are not compatible with glass or chipboard tables.
  4. Overall, this is an affordable, fully articulated arm that can provide many years of service.

Where to get it at a very low price

Alternatives for HUANUOgas-filled monitor bracket

Computer monitor mounting bracket

These double monitor arms are also fully hinged. It is suitable for monitors up to 27 inches. We also appreciate the ease with which the monitors can be set up and rearranged. And it’s pretty strong and durable.

Although HUANUO offers a better cable management system than the two mounting chokes.

Monitor stand

Like the HUANUO, it can also be mounted with a C-clamp or a spacer. And it can support monitors up to 27 inches. It also has a covered shelf for better cable management. It is also a stable and sturdy arm that allows the monitor to be moved easily.

VIOZON Monitor Stand

This is a better alternative if you are using a monitor and a laptop. You can hold the laptop with one hand, while adjusting the monitor with the other. It is also VESA-compatible, so it will fit most monitors. It is made of an aluminum alloy and has a more refined appearance.

ELETABMonitor Stand

The ELETAB is a good option if you have limited space and not enough room behind the wall. The gas-filled shock absorbers have been reduced, resulting in a fully articulated arm, but with a smaller footprint. It is suitable for monitors up to 32 inch. This dual screen hand also works very well with the privacy screen.

It also has a compartment with a lid for better cable management. In addition, there are several pockets on the back where you can conveniently store accessories. That way you have an Allen key handy when you need to tighten or loosen connections.

Last word

Overall, we think the HUANUO monitor offers value for money. If you are looking for a minimalistic but sturdy monitor arm, we recommend this one. Make sure you have enough room, especially if you want to install it close to a wall. Otherwise, you will not be able to fully utilize the functionality of these covers.

It also has one of the most competitive prices for weapons that offer a decent and useful wiring system.

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