Overview of the permanent table of the ImovR Lander

The Imovr Lander table is known for its advanced technology and innovation. And not every bar table can say the same thing. But the original landing table is not available to everyone. Everyone will love the Lander-Lite table! Especially those who have glued their eyes to the ImovR-lander table, but have not yet set the tone.

Let’s see what makes this table very popular on the market today.

ImovR Gateway Table – Made in the United States

With so many bar tables made in China, it’s refreshing to see a brand made entirely in the United States. But there aren’t that many, and the ImovR Lite table is only one of them. It goes without saying that products made in the United States are more durable and have a longer lifespan. And we think that is one of the strengths of this brand, because everything else will follow.

An attractive and stable worktop

We find this bar table both beautiful and functional. It has an ergonomic table. And this job kills two birds with one stone. One: Because there are no sharp edges, it is safer, especially if you have children running around in the home office. And secondly, the slightly curved edge of the table gives a softer look.

The Lander Lite tray can also be very popular. In addition to its durability, it also has a large number of surfaces. So you can choose one that suits you or that fits in your home office.

The worktop is not deformed or compressed and the cleaning agents do not destroy the surface. And in this time of pandemic, you’ll want to clean and disinfect your office more often, won’t you? This table can support it. Even disinfectants do not contaminate the surface. All tables are 3D laminated, which makes them particularly resistant to deformation and chemicals.

How about a meeting?

We can set up this whole bar table in less than ten minutes. So if you’d asked me if it was easy, it would have been easy at some point. And you only need one tool, an Allen wrench, to put this baby together. Well, it came pre-assembled, so even if you have no experience, you’ll find it easy. Just tie your legs to your feet, which can take less than 8 minutes if you really like your LEGO stones.

And if you don’t want to install furniture similar to the IKEA project, pre-assembled bar tables are the best choice.

What were the mechanisms and technologies?

Now let’s talk about engines, transitions and movement. And since this is a landing table, we can assume that the DPG-type height control blade is able to synchronize with the Bluetooth application. And the Lite table has the same function. Well, Landers is all about his desk.

So you can enjoy the same height-adjustable bucket that can easily be moved to the table. It also works in silence. The altitude setting can also be stored on the control plugs and synchronized with the phone via Bluetooth.

And if you just jump into a health car, the integrated health trainer will be very useful. If you’ve just moved to a high table, you can sit down once in a while. It’s okay, but if it takes too long, the medical coach will tell you to get up. You will see that the paddle light is flashing and a message is sent to your phone. It’s like being on boot camp at the same time, haha.

We haven’t come across many brands that have a Bluetooth application that connects the office to the smartphone. And you can customize it, too. You can also create custom memories. Another table that has almost the same Bluetooth connection is the UPDESK. You can set up your desktop with the application on your phone.

Other great opportunities

Here is another feature of the Lander-Lite table we love.

  • Linak engine parts

Linak is a high-end electronics brand. And if your bar table is equipped with it, you can expect a more stable and solid table during the transition. The Linak is a more robust and sophisticated motor than Jiecnag China’s conventional motor, with which most high tables are equipped. And since linak is not produced in China, that’s an advantage. Other brands that use Linak engines are Updesk and Ergomotion,

There is a very large guarantee for Lander tables. Electrical and mechanical parts are guaranteed for 10 years, desktop computers are guaranteed for 5 years. Other tables with a proper warranty are Jarvis for 7 years and Flexispot for 5 years. But the Lander table might give you more for your dollar.

In addition, a generous guarantee period can tell you how long the table will last. We believe that warranty periods are a good indicator of the strength and reliability of the product. The brand will not make such an offer if it knows that its products are easy to break. That’s a lot of service.

And oh, the brand also offers a 100-day satisfaction guarantee. Another generous offer that goes one step beyond the 30-day guarantee that most permanent tables offer. But of course, there’s nothing compared to IKEA’s one-year return period. But you must have an office in perfect condition to get a full refund, even if 11 months have passed.

If you live in the U.S.’s 48 lowest states, you can get free shipping with your purchase.

Original Lander vs. Lander Lite DESK

The Lander Lite table is technically the youngest version of the original Lander table. The Lite table is designed to let more people enjoy the functionality and convenience of the Lander table at a more affordable price.

But is it inferior to the advanced mechanism of the original landing table? Let’s see what the difference is between a mother and a young girl.

The original lander goes faster, it only takes 3 minutes. And the Lite table takes about 8 minutes, because you have to fix your feet. With the original Lander table you don’t have to do that.

  •  Height control panels, similar to those of the DPG

This innovation is common to both tables. The main difference is that the original landing gear has 4 memory positions, while the Lite has 2. And the mother table is equipped with coloured LED lights that tell you to stand where the junior table only has one coloured LED.

The mother’s table weighs 360 pounds, and it’s only natural that the youngest ones weigh 225 pounds less.

The original Lander has a 1.125 inch thicker table, while the newer version has a 0.75 inch thick table.

The main table of the Lander can be placed lower and higher than the Lite version. The original Lander has a height of 42.5 to 50 inches, while for single phase Lite tables it is 27.35 to 47.5 inches. Although the Lite table can have the same height adjustment range for a two-stage system.

So that’s the main difference. Both tables have the same functions, such as the basic colour, the colour of the tray, the running time and the collision protection.

Lander Lite DeskOptions

The Lander Lite table is also available in two versions – Lander Lite compact and Lander Lite with a solid wood top.

The difference between the Lander Lite and the compact Lander Lite is that the compact Lander Lite offers possibilities for smaller workspaces. The smallest worktop of the Lander Lite is 41 inches high. If you’re looking for a smaller table, Land Lite Compact offers a 35-inch table.

What makes Lander Lite so special with its solid wood panel? This model is equipped with handmade solid wood panels for your desk.

If you don’t want laminated tables, this option is ideal for you. We find that a handmade desk is very charming and can certainly add more personality to your home office. It is available in 36 beautiful variations. And of course, it’s more premium, so it’s a heavier label.

So the main difference is in the size of the work surface and the material. But three Lander Lite table-top models share the same technology and innovation.


Lander Lite makes the superior technology and innovation of Lander tables more accessible to the general public. If you needed a reception table, but are unable to get through a big day, you can afford it now with the light table options. If you think you can take advantage of the integrated wasteland bus and the ease of connecting your desk to the app on your smartphone, then this high desk is a good choice. It is also a real value for money in terms of warranty period, complex engine and durable worktops.

Where you can buy it with the best option you can tick it here.

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