iMovr Ziplift is very popular when it comes to affordable mid-frequency tabletops and tabletop converters. Let’s talk about what to expect.

iMovR Ziplift for desk mounting

About the brand

iMover is a well-known American brand for the production of medium-sized bar tables and bar table converters. Although a wide range of branded products are produced in the US, the iMovr Ziplift inverter for bar tables is produced in China.


This stand-alone table module is delivered pre-assembled or assembled. It is ideal for those who are not nervous and want to connect the parts. So you can use this very useful desktop converter right out of the box.


The Ziplift Vertical Conversion Table may have some advantages over other types of vertical conversion table mechanisms. Firstly, a table with this mechanism is often delivered pre-assembled or already assembled,

Then they are easier to lift and you don’t feel any interference compared to electric high tables. The design of the Ziplift is close to the classic cruciform movement. These cross- or X-mechanisms can be found in tabletop converters such as the Flexispot Classic tabletop converter.

A Criss-Cross or X-Lift mechanism can save you space because it moves straight up and down. But there are many bottlenecks. And it can be unstable and shaky. The Ziplift mechanism, on the other hand, is more stable and easier to lift than the cruciform mechanism.

The iMovr Ziplift table converter also works quietly. As far as the mechanism is concerned, it looks a bit like the Varidesk Pro.

Overview of the Ziplift iMovR Ziplift drive on a desktop computer equipped with Ziplift


iMovr Ziplift is one of the best and most reliable Ziplift converters on the market today. And I think the iMover is more stable than the Varidesk Pro.

But like all tables equipped with a Ziplift mechanism, the high table converter moves upwards and then towards you. Although I’m not the ideal space-saving option, it’s stable, even if it moves a little towards you.

This is one of the limitations of the Ziplift tabletop readers. Progress can take up space.

Despite this limitation, I still consider the iMovr Ziplift to be one of the best and most reliable tabletop converters, and it is even more stable than the Flexispot. The only advantage of the Flexispot is that it saves space thanks to the cross-lift mechanism.

So I don’t have to worry, even if he leans forward a little. She doesn’t shake when I use the keyboard. And it stays on the table, even if it’s placed on the top table.

And with another cross-lift bar table, I don’t have the same confidence, other than a working selfish attitude.

So be stable, don’t complain about the iMovr Ziplift. Be careful not to slide the tables a little forward. Although it does not affect stability, it can be a problem if space is limited.

With the exception of the smooth lifting mechanism of the slide. The strong frame construction and the complete drive of the table top also make it stable and sturdy. There are no soft or fragile parts.

And the icing on the cake for me is that it is very stable and not too bulky. So even though the Ziplift mechanism takes up some space when tilted forward, this high desktop drive takes up no space on your desk. But it can take up vertical space.

Overview of iMovR Ziplift


iMovr Ziplift has enough space for a 2 x 24 monitor, a laptop and some accessories. So it could be more than just a base workstation. Although there is no extra space for a complex workplace, it is higher than the basic workplace. And we love anything above average.

General overview

The iMovr Ziplift is not a luxury table. But that’s not so fundamental either. It is stylish and space-saving, making it suitable for your modern home office.

Where to check the price


I am more than satisfied with the delivery, the product arrived after 3 days. The brand also indicates on its website that the delivery time can vary between 3 and 5 days from the date of the order. And it would take about a week for the shipment to arrive somewhere in the state, and the unit would arrive in the same dock.

Please note, however, that the COVID situation may have a significant impact on freight transport. Like other brands, they face delays in the delivery and negotiation of workers’ housing. As a result, you may not receive your office on time as previously indicated on their website.

My favorite part is.

One. He’s very stable. As mentioned earlier, it is the most stable, if not the most stable, standalone desktop reader on the market. And with an average price, it’s a good price for your money.

And another feature I know everyone will love is the keyboard tilt tray. I’ve never seen a stand-up converter with this feature. And that is what distinguishes a trademark from a sea of competitors.

The keyboard shelf is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable place to rest your wrist. The platform can be tilted up to 10 or 15 degrees. And it allows you to extend your wrist. And if you press for a long time, it can be painful on your wrist. The wrist tunnel is not a painkiller. By tilting the keyboard, you can move your wrist and even stretch it a little.

And the keyboard shelf is also wide and spacious. It is suitable for a full-size keyboard drawer, so you don’t have to settle for small keyboards. And if you have thumbs, it hurts so much to use those little keyboards! This can also put extra pressure on the wrist.

Besides, it doesn’t scratch your beautiful table. It has a soft base at the bottom to protect your desk from scratches and knocks. There are even more reasons to fall in love with the iMovr Ziplift keyboard drawer. It has several holes for the wiring and connections, so you can easily arrange your wires and cables.

Your workplace seems confusing. Otherwise it would be counterproductive. And I like the fact that I don’t have to worry about the order of the wires or that I have to buy a tray or something else to keep everything tidy.

It also has a wide range of triple and numerous registers. And it can be a lucky charm for many users because it can accommodate more people. You can adjust the height of the table exactly where you need it for a more comfortable workplace.

iMovr Ziplift + Patriot

The main difference between IMovr Ziplift Patriot and Ziplift + plus is the laminated desk. With Ziplift + table you can enjoy all the functions you want, more aesthetically pleasing with 3D laminated wood surfaces.

And there’s a good reason why Ziplift + Patriot got that name. This iMovr table is made in the United States. Other bar table converters of this brand, such as Ziplift +, are all made in China. She should have offered a more affordable price.

Patriot is therefore an excellent option if you want a more aesthetic unit with a wooden surface.

Refreshingly, the iMovr stand-alone desktop reader is 100% made in the United States. In addition to the more attractive design, Patriot is slightly higher on the sustainability scale.

Another remarkable difference is the Ergocontrol. Instead of a straight rectangular edge, the Patriot is softened and polished by the curved edges. And 3D laminating is different from other laminated tables.

It is easier to clean and more scratch resistant. Not all laminate tables can be as polished as 3D laminate tables.

So it’s not just a question of aesthetics. It will also help you maintain the quality and beauty of your purchase.

The only disadvantage is that there is no floor mat in it, which is normally included when purchasing Ziplift +.

Final reflection

I think the iMovr converter on the table is the most stable of all other brands in the same price range. The forward tilt is exactly what awaits you when you buy a decent desk-top converter with the same zipper mechanism.

And even though it’s made in China, it’s still strong. However, if you want to support local standalone hard drives, the Patriot is a good choice. You get all the Zlift + functions you want and much more.

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