Magic: Collecting is a popular card game in which millions of people participate. Because so many people play it, there is an infinite number of reasons to play.

Some people like to build decks by making crazy combinations or decks that work like fine-tuned machines. Others play to communicate with their friends.

There are even people who treat the game like a stock market, invest in Magic cards as if they were investing in stocks. This is an interesting approach that interests many people.

In this Quick Start Guide we answer the general basic questions people have about investing in magic. You’ll find out:

  • Why some people prefer to invest in magic: The meeting…
  • How to invest in Magic cards
  • What are the magic cards that have value?
  • What’s the rarest card?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

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Why invest in Magic Cards?

Looks like the deck shouldn’t have any value. After all, it’s just a game, isn’t it?

That’s not true when it comes to magic. Like baseball cards, stamps, coins or any other collector’s item, there are several cards that retain their value simply because they are rare.

It’s true, there are many card games that have ended up in the water, making their cards practically useless. It’s a fear one might have with magic: Get together if you’re afraid to invest in these companies.

But don’t forget that magic has been around for almost thirty years (since 1993, to be precise). During this period, popularity has remained fairly stable and there are no signs of slowing down. The magical players have dedicated themselves to the game and have continuously and faithfully built up collections over the years.

And where there is a loyal audience, there are always people who are willing to pay for more. If you have a rare special card, you will notice that more than one person is willing to pay the full price for it.

How to invest in magic?

So, how do you start investing in magic cards? First think about why you are investing in something: because you think it has value that you can potentially benefit from.

If you know this, your first step (and your biggest challenge) is to find out which are the most valuable and rare magical maps. Here are the cards you want to keep.

Once you have determined which cards are particularly valuable, your next step is simple: Buy them. If you can get multiple numbers, that’s even better.

It may seem extremely expensive to obtain some rare maps, but this is not always the case. If it’s too expensive for you right now, put it on your wish list and check it out. Prices can sometimes drop or run out; this is a good time to get expensive tickets.

Another way to invest is to buy boosters for each game. You can also buy designed decks that are produced. When you get this stuff, resist the urge to open it – leave it sealed and wait.

In a few years the value of your unopened boxes and parcels will increase. The more popular and powerful the set is, the more valuable the boxes in the set become over time.

Which MTG cards cost money?

Deciding which magic cards are most valuable is the part that will do the most work for you. To make things easier for you, you should bear in mind that only two factors make the map more valuable: Rarity and strength.

Magic: Trading cards are more or less rare, whether general or mythical, but that’s not necessarily what we mean. With rarity we mean the difficulty to find a certain map or the frequency of the reprint.

Cards that have not been reprinted are often harder to find, making them more valuable. That is why masterpieces are often so expensive and a good investment choice.

Even cards from old games that have not been reprinted or not reprinted at all are usually very valuable. Because the older the map is, the harder to find it. Especially if she hasn’t seen a reprint in one of the new editions.

Secondly, the level of performance has to be taken into account. If a card is particularly useful, demand is usually higher, which affects the price. This is one of the reasons why artifacts are among the most expensive cards in the game – you can usually use them in decks of each suit, and some have surprisingly strong effects.

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What is the rarest magic card?

If you want an example of one of the world’s most valuable and rare magical maps, look no further than the Black Lotus.

The ideal combination of rarity and strength is shown on this famous map. It gives you free mana (extremely strong effect!) and is not often touched. As such, it is incredibly desirable… and was recently auctioned off for about $166,000.

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If someone tells you he is trying to invest in Magic cards, you might be tempted to look at them in disbelief. But if you look at this case, you’ll see it’s not such a bad idea. If you are already a Magic player, buying certain cards can make your collection even more valuable.

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