John-Walker-Super-PatriotCaptain-America--Whos-Who.png The second character we saw in the Falcon and Winter Soldier trailer is only seen from behind, but that’s normal because we’ll probably add a few notes: This is John Walker, the man chosen by the U.S. government to be America’s new captain. In the portrait of Wyatt Russell, this new captain will be confirmed and sponsored as Steve Rogers’ successor, although the latter has chosen his partner Sam Wilson as his successor, so there will inevitably be conflicts between them. In the comics, Walker is also elected the new Captain of America by a government organization, but the circumstances are very different, Rogers is still healthy and fit for duty, and he’s already a superhero before he gets a star and a striped shield. Let’s look at it together.

John Walker was born in the small town of Casters Grove, Georgia. He is the son of the farmers Caleb and Emily Walker and grew up respecting his older brother Mike. When John was young, Mike, the helicopter pilot, was sent to Vietnam to fight, where he died in 1974. John, who wanted to be like Mike, did the same, but unfortunately for him the war ended many years ago, and in peacetime he had nothing to do but peel potatoes in the kitchen. He left the army, looked for another way to become the hero he wanted to be, and eventually met the would-be Broker, a man who can do more than a man: Through a painful series of experiments, JohnДжон - Walker Super-Patriot Captain-Americana--Whos-Who.jpg gained superhuman strength and strength and eventually got the resources he thought he needed to be a hero. … . . .but he now has an unbearable debt to Power Broker, and to repay it, he plans to join the Federation of Unlimited Wrestling, where the superhumans fought. Although he stood in line, he was noticed by Ethan Turm, who saw a different potential in him: Turm established himself as John’s manager and swore that he would become a real hero, hoping to make a lot of money on his image. John was given the costume, the stars, red, white and blue, which made him a super patriot, embodying the true American values for which the nation’s champion, Captain America, was too old and outdated to represent anything else. Armed with a word by torches, the Super Patriot traveled the country and made a name for himself through community service and patriotic gatherings, accompanied everywhere by his daring Urban Commandos, three former Unlimited Class wrestlers named Hector Lennox, Jerome Johnson and Lemar Hoskins, who were not only his partners but also his friends. During the rallies, the Bold Urban Commandos, his three buckies who claimed to support Captain America and attacked him during his speech, fought a battle that contributed to the image of the super patriot. However, after one of these shows in Central Park, John met the real Captain America, who was afraid that innocent bystanders would be injured in a fake collision between people of the superpower. On this occasion, John not only refused to stop, but officially challenged the Captain of America.

The captain refused the call, but the super patriot tried again and again until he finally attacked him directly. Two patriots fought to stop, and Walker left the battlefield just when he managed to land one of his shooting stars in the shape of his opponent. Captain America thought the fight would end in a draw, but his self-esteem was destroyed in spite of everything. Shortly after, Turm persuaded the superpatriot to take charge of the Battlehead, a heavily armed terrorist who climbed the Washington Monument and threatened the country with an atomic bomb. The super patriot was able to defeat a terrorist who died in battle and neutralize the bomb, making him a national hero. This leg John-Walker-Super-PatriotCaptain-America--Whos-Who.jpg brought him glory and honor, enough to be noticed by Valerie Cooper, the president’s advisor who was looking for a replacement for Captain America, after the original refused to become a government-sanctioned agent and was stripped of his name, form and shield. The Committee on superhuman activities has contacted the superpatriot and offered him the opportunity to become the new captain of America, capable of implementing the new American values, namely Reagan: Although he didn’t want to give up his overly patriotic identity and doubted whether he could assume the identity of the man he had been so critical of, Walker finally accepted the suggestion and said that if Uncle Sam had called, he would have answered, even if he had been asked to dress like Mickey Mouse. Walker tried to get the rest of his crew to participate in a new performance, but Ethan Therm was rejected by a committee for too much red in the register, as were Hector and Jerome; only Lemar Hoskins was admitted, and he joined the new American captain as the new Bucky (although he changed his name to Battlestar as soon as he realized that Bucky was being used as an offensive term for African-Americans in some parts of the country). The training has been extremely hard: During the first session, Walker was humiliated by Blob, Avalens and Piro, members of the government-sanctioned Liberty Force, and suffered the same fate when he faced the guards. Eventually he found an unlikely mentor in Taskmaster, who taught him the original fighting style of Captain America and how to use the shield correctly. Eventually, John Walker was ready, but he would soon realize that it took more than physical skills and combat training to become captain of America.

John Walker is a true patriot: strong, determined, faithful to his honest and conservative values, willing to fight any threat to the American way of life… and also very unstable in the face of sudden and violent outbursts of anger. As a super-patriot, he possesses superhuman strength, endurance and consistency; he is capable of close combat, and has a flashlight word, usually a knife with a flame concentrated like a blade, and throwing stars; as Captain America, his training has been perfected by various professionals, and he has left his old weapons in favor of the original Captain America Vibranium shield, which he skillfully uses for defense and as a throwing weapon. The new Captain America, who really wants to serve his country, is much stronger than his predecessor, and above all, he is a loyal agent and a good soldier who is willing to follow orders. …as long as he is healthy and doesn’t lose control and kills all the bad guys he can count on.

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