Are you looking for a series of children’s books? Well, what could be better than the dog man! This famous series of books was written by the American host Dev Pilky. This book introduces the main character of the dog man, he is both man and dog, but he is completely a crime-fighting policeman.

The context of the dog man…

The story begins when Officer Knight and his police dog Greg are seriously injured by a bomb placed by the evil cat Petey! The only way to save her is to sew Greg’s head onto the knight’s body. That’s how the dog man came into being. Now that he has the brain of a dog and the body of a policeman, he has become a strong crime-fighter, just like his arch-enemy Petey.

The story is funny and so far there are 8 books in the series. All books have become known and children love the dog man. In this article we have written all the books in a row. So take a look at this article and find out which book to start with your series about the dog person!

Men’s dog Books

Dog books

1. Man-dog

the dog books are in order

This is the first book in the Hundemann series, published in 2016. You get to know the characters in the book and you discover the events that led to the creation of a human dog. You see how the story unfolds and learn more about the problem-solving abilities of the human dog.

The book was also praised for common themes such as kindness, perseverance, empathy and the importance of being true to oneself.

2. Dog person: Released

Dog books

If you know the characters and their personalities, you will appreciate the book even more. The book begins with the dog man learning a few tricks of the trade. Meanwhile, the evil cat Petey has stormed the city with his malice. Now it’s a question of testing a dog’s reputation as a fearless policeman and how he deals with this scenario. It would be interesting to see if the dog man can restore justice and bring peace to the city by arresting Petey, or if Petey will escape from the situation. It is a cheerful book for children, and they will certainly enjoy it until the last page.

3. Dog person: Story of two young animals

List of dogs

The book 3 Dog-Man Okay also has a lot to offer to entertain you and your child. With subjects like this, as described above, the dog man is back to entertain you with his fun adventures and a story that will stick to the book until the last page. As we all know, the man-dog was neither the best nor the worst dog. He is still in the age of inventions and also investigates the age of surprises. Problems have doubled this time, just like Petey! Yes, the evil cat now has twins, which means she doubles the action and the fun. It would be interesting to see how the dog man deals with the two bad cats and how he deals with them. Read the book and take advantage of this double problem!

4. Boydog and baby cat

List of dogs

The book The Four Hundred Man is fine, as funny as it gets. The dog man has returned to bring justice and peace to the city, but this time he is not alone. He is accompanied by a cat, which is a Petey clone and therefore known as Little Petey. They spend time together, solve cases and have fun. But how can the world go on when Petey’s here! This time Petey, the bad cat, is in disguise and plants something more for the dog man. Will he be able to escape their grand plan or will he be their victim?

5. Dog person: Prince Blochin

the biggest dog book

Book 5 Dog Man is nothing less than a surprise, and you’ll see something you could never have imagined in your wildest dreams! This book tells the story of a new gang of thugs that plagues the city and makes everyone uncomfortable. Although the dog man has his own team, he still needs an ally! And his Petey! !! Yeah, you heard right. Both have come together and joined forces to fight a common evil. But will Petey avoid revenge and remain true to his words?

6. Dog person: Fierce fighting

Dog books

The book tests the dog’s personality and his ability to adapt to both humans and dogs! Here the dog man is accused of a crime he did not commit, and each of his friends and colleagues tries to prove his innocence! Will they succeed or will the dog man be forced to admit the worst?

7. Dog person: For whom baseball is played

Dog books

The seventh part of the series is a roller coaster for men’s dog and cat Petey. On the one hand, the dog man fights against his bad habits, while Petey is now released from prison and leads a new life with little Petey. In between all this, Petey’s father has come back, and now he’s struggling with his past and fighting for those he loves!

8. Dog person: Bring 22

List of dogs

The last book, published in 2019, brings with it a different character dilemma. Here the focus is on little Petey, who fights for the welfare of the world. Because Petey has become more reasonable about the most important things in life, he has to do something for little Petey. A canine should also help little Petey to regain confidence in the good. It would be interesting to see how they work as a team for little Petey and teach the world a lesson in kindness.


So these are the dog books you were looking for. We’re sure your child (maybe you too!) will love books. So don’t hesitate to buy books depicting your favourite human dog! And don’t forget to read the next book by Hundemensch in the order it appears this year. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you found the article useful.

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