The Loctek Standing Desk is a unique looking standing desk, that is designed solely for standing. In this review, I will discuss its features, pros, and cons. The Loctek Standing Desk has an adjustable height, that allows workers to customize the height of their desk to their liking and meets the growing demand of a healthier work environment.

Standing desks have been around for a while now, but they are still a bit of an overlooked product category. After all, there is a significant difference between a standing desk and a sit-to-stand desk. The latter is often just a more comfortable chair with a small monitor attached, and is not a replacement for a sitting desk. In fact, many studies have shown that sitting is the worst posture for your health, mental and physical.

For a long time now the idea of a desk that can be adjusted to any height you want it to be has been a popular one but it seems the market has missed out on a great product. The Loctek standing desk has stood out for its simplicity and affordability making it a great product to try out. Some of the best features of the Loctek desk include the fact that it is lower to the ground than most standing desks and its ability to be adjusted to any height via an easy to use lever. Loctek has a large range of colors to choose from and the price is very reasonable as well.

The brand does not have many options for standing desks, in fact they are quite limited. But we love the fact that, despite its simplicity, you can customize the size of your Loctec standing desk. You can select one, two or more monitors. One of Loctek’s most popular tables is the ET118. It is a two-stage frame with a single motor system. You can also choose the color and material of the countertop. One of the most popular options is tempered glass. We will therefore also address this issue in this review.

Setting options

As mentioned earlier, Loctek offers decent customization options on their website. The interface of the site is not too flashy and the navigation is simple. But we’re a little lost. This is a bit different from other standing desk brands that offer these customization options. First we choose the model of table, then the frame, then the top, then the motor, and so on. It’s a little different than what almost everyone is used to. It’s not that bad, it’s just different. Loctek seems more focused on letting customers build their own tables, rather than presenting model after model. If you know what you’re looking for, it won’t be hard. Otherwise you’re lost, really lost. And we would appreciate the bar tables more if the brand added more descriptions and compared them to other engines/models of their bar tables. Moreover, you will rarely find reviews of Loctek standing desks. So it can be difficult to decide which table is best for you. So you need to do thorough research to make sure you are buying the right thing. Overall, there are some good customization options available. We were just hoping for more details. And oh, the exquisite texture of what the brand offers for its bar table line.

First impressions

The table looks quite simple. You won’t see anything special in the moldings, especially if you’ve chosen a simple laminate countertop. But tempered glass countertops are a different story. That’s why we decided to equip our Loctek table with it. It is elegant, simple and chic. The tempered glass also has a rectangular metal base. In this way, the control panel seems to be integrated. All this gives a feeling of luxury. And of course you have an extra closed storage compartment. It also has USB ports and programmable pitch presets for even greater ease of use. However, we would have liked the frame to be made in the same style to make the whole more cohesive. The frame we chose has a parallel rail at the bottom that runs from one leg to the other. This gives the table more stability, but makes it less elegant. The good thing is that it’s not an elbow, because the bar is at the bottom and not in the middle. However, expect legroom to be very limited due to the presence of a parallel rail.

Stability and sustainability

For a standing desk made in China, we were very surprised. The table is quite sturdy and stable. We tried rocking him back and forth, but he didn’t move. It was even better than the more popular bar tables with the Chinese engine, Jiecang and Fully. We were quite impressed with the way he could stay on his feet. Table transitions are also smooth and quiet. We were able to use the table a few times and it still slid like butter on hot toast. There were no problems with stopping or interrupting the operation. And it’s a pretty smooth transition. Although it moves a little at the maximum setting, you need to apply force to the table. Or if you accidentally bump the table, it will move slightly. But it doesn’t make any movement when you type on a computer or laptop. So that more than makes up for a quiet workspace. We also like that it has a collision avoidance feature. This prevents it from landing on the chair or anything else that comes in contact with the table when it is in motion. It will stop automatically.

LoctekStanding Desk Overview –Overview

We report on the best moments and the ones you can’t count on too much.

  1. Loctek is an underrated table that deserves more attention. As far as stability goes, it’s pretty reliable.
  2. A number of useful options are available to you. You can also buy just the frame if you have a countertop you want to use.
  3. It’s so sturdy, reliable, and even has an emergency button. So even if your kids have access to your home office, it’s safe.
  4. It’s simple and basic, yes. But it looks clean and immaculate. Especially if you choose a model with a tempered glass countertop. You will love how the table could hide every thread and tendon. There will be no lost threads in sight. The storage drawer is also a nice addition.
  5. One of the things we didn’t really like was the parallel rail that runs from frame to frame on the ET118. But you do have a choice. The brand offers frames that do not have this parallel rail.
  6. The ET118 is a single-motor standing table, so you can count on a lower capacity of just 110 pounds. It is intended as a desk for light work. If you need a table with more lifting power, the brand also offers a dual-motor table that has twice the lifting power of the one we tested.
  7. As for the warranty, the brand offers a 5-year warranty. It’s a little short for bar tables. That is why we want the guarantee to be at least 7 or 10 years.
  8. It is a stable and robust table. We think this could take quite a long time. However, we have noticed that the tempered glass is not as smooth and of high quality as the COMHAR glass standing desk. And it looks like a SEVILLE glass standing desk. We had trouble keeping the glass free of fingerprints.
  9. The brand’s website seems to be outdated. And although the table is quite stable, it could have been better presented. It would be a good idea to add some more descriptions. The site is simple, but there is something about it that makes it difficult to choose the right table.
  10. ET118 is in the middle of the price range. So it’s not necessarily very cheap. If you are looking for a cheaper model, but still want a Loctek model, the ET114E is an economical option.
  11. The installation of all Loctek tables seems simple and uncomplicated. It didn’t take us more than 20 minutes.

Concluding remarks

Loctek is best known for its monitor stands and desk lifts. Not surprisingly, there are very few comments about their standing desks. Almost none. And we think this table deserves more attention. It’s even cheaper and more stable than some of the brands we’re used to online. So it’s worth a try? A resounding yes from us.Standing desks are a great way to improve your health and productivity. The Loctek Standing Desk is a very popular choice in this category, but it’s not perfect. If you value ergonomics and quality, it’s worth giving it a look.. Read more about loctek get102d and let us know what you think.

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