You can spend a lot of free time mowing, watering and maintaining your lawn outdoors. If you are not one of the few people who like to spend a weekend in the garden, it would be a good idea to turn your lawn into a low-maintenance lawn. Follow these tips, start translating your garden and make sure you spend more time enjoying nature instead of working.

Terrace, terrace and outdoor space

Literally speaking, the lightest lawn is the one that does not need to be mowed or sprayed. If you lay a terrace, patio or gravel path outside, you create space for grass and other plants. This will of course lead to a significant reduction in mowing, mowing, watering and all other lawn care activities.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas –

Since these projects are more or less permanent, you intend to give them a solid foundation. For example, if you line up an area before building a terrace with stones, you save yourself the trouble of queuing up again in the future. Make sure you cement them or use mini pebbles/pebbles to fill the ridge/rim.

Low maintenance perennials

Flowers and plants bring flowers and life to your garden, although pruning, fertilizing, pruning, etc. is time consuming for some of them. By planting perennials you save time on maintenance and replacement costs per planting season.

Most perennials are easy to care for and require less attention, but offer a longer flowering period.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas –

Lavender, Lily, Tulip, Khosta, Flox, Hydrangea, Astra, Bush flower, Ally, Dantus etc. – These are all good choices for their beautiful flowers, which are easy to care for and grow year after year.

Rubber mulch or pea gravel for long-term improvement of flower beds

So, if you’re holding your flowers, try using mulch, stone or gravel instead of leaving them bare or covering them with grass. Not only will they improve your garden and make it more elegant, but they will also help to make your plants healthier and prevent weeds.

Normally there is less space to mow, wherever you have straw or cover. Mulch helps to keep heat away from the underlying soil; its colour makes the whole bed more visible. Natural mulch helps to retain water and nourish the soil, so you don’t have to water plants and control weeds.

However, the natural mulch must be replaced every year when it falls to the ground. For areas where there are no plants and to cover the ground, try rubber mulch. Rubber mulch can be used for years and is resistant to pests.

You can also use pea gravel, mini pebbles or cracked river stones. They give it a modern or southwestern look. Although they do not keep the soil as cool as mulch, their heavy weight makes them much more suitable for windy conditions.

Installation of an automatic irrigation system

If you have a large lawn or garden and water it day after day, try installing an irrigation system. With a professional installation you don’t have to remove the hose and water it for hours.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas –

And not just that: By activating and configuring the right types of sprinklers, all work can be automatically planned and executed while you are at work or on holiday. No more underwater plants and no more sewer overflows.


Sometimes, if you don’t have enough time to maintain the lawn properly, you should consider alternatives to cover the ground. Xeriskyping is one of the fashionable landscape styles developed for dry areas with limited irrigation systems. This style of gardening aims to replace grass with stone/mineral and conventional plants with drought-resistant varieties.

If you remember how a cactus survives naturally in the desert, this is what happens. They need plants that not only provide colour, but can also grow vigorously themselves. Agave, Lithops, jade plant, Harworthia, rabbit ear cactus, wine red cup, blue flame etc. – are all kinds of plants that collect water in their thick leaves or body, so you don’t have to water or fertilize them as much as you do for them.

Alternative floor covering

As mentioned before, instead of mowing your lawn every weekend, you can choose from various ground covering plants such as azaleas and clover, or simply turn most lawns into synthetic mulch, gravel and stone terraces.

If you want green, make square or rectangular grass areas and keep them within the boundaries of the stones and pebbles. This makes cutting easier and less necessary.

But don’t forget to create a good basis and take some weed control measures. Simply put: The more you spend on design and construction in advance, the less you will have to spend on maintenance and replacement in the future.

Nevertheless, low maintenance costs are a good idea, but it is important to find a balance between tension after leaving care and a completely natural and carefree garden.

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