A set of fresh and colourful flowers all around has proven to be beneficial for your mental health. If you fill a garden with low levels of perennials that tolerate a lot of shade, you can have a nice outdoor space that doesn’t take too long to grow.

If you want your guests to be greeted with an abundance of fresh, fragrant flowers when they enter your home, consider some of the plants on this list. They all require very little maintenance and can grow in a very shady spot.

Hosta’s offers excellent coverage


While homeowners have long been appreciated for their many shades and great resistance to shade, more and more homeowner varieties have appeared in recent years, increasing the number of shapes, patterns and even leaf blossoms that can be enjoyed. Although not all owners are fragrant flowers, there are many in different shades of blue and purple.

Vine Clematis fills your heart.

Clematis wine

When we think of clematis, we can think of the old southern hospitality gardens, but nowadays there are many more. Clematis is appreciated for his small spaces, his ability to walk around and fill the room in a charming way.

Abelia very hard

Abelia Bush

An Abelia plant is more like a shrub that you can repair and forget once it is planted in the ground of your garden. These shrubs have dense foliage and delicate bell-shaped flowers in different shades, from delicate pink to deep lavender. These shrubs are ideal for insulation and can grow up to 1.80 m high, depending on the species chosen.

Hydrangeas – beautiful flowering shrubs


The mental image of hydrangeas is probably that of the flowers of a plant, but in reality it is a dense shrub that blooms in late spring or early summer. You can show hydrangeas in every conceivable shade in your garden, although gardeners prefer delicate pansies and light blue.

Boxwood is incredibly versatile


If you imagine a stereotypical hedge or shrub, you probably think of boxwood. It is a universal plant that can be placed in full sun as well as at home, but also in partial or full shade. Box houses are an excellent addition to the appearance of many perennials and can become a private hedge for your garden.

The colours of rhododendrons can be amazing


Many gardeners and landscape architects prefer to use rhododendrons in their projects, simply because it is a universal plant. Try planting some of these brightly coloured flowers in a lush kaleidoscope of shades.

The fern can give the garden a woody look

Even if your garden is well maintained, a group of ferns can give it a wild and neglected look. These plants have broad, pinnate leaves that can absorb sunlight, making them particularly suitable for providing shade.

Filling holes with different herbs

Having your own garden is largely due to the fact that you can arrange it as you wish. Nobody likes to have bald bags in a sea of flowers, so it is ideal to fill these empty spaces with a variety of herbs. Activate the different textures, colours and lengths of the grass to keep it visually interesting and striking.

If you have a garden to create visual attractions outside your home, or because growing it is advantageous for you, you cannot deny that it is a lot of work to maintain it properly. Finding perennials and plants that are easy to care for and very happy in a shady outdoor location can solve this problem for you.

We’ve discovered that your favourite shade plants are good for the topsoil, but did you know that their cheerful colours and garden care can help your psyche?

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