It’s time to do some detective work. There are tens of thousands of Magic the Gathering cards that see print every year. Now, every mass-produced card usually plays well, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a top tier pick. We’ve taken a look at the Top 10 Magic the Gathering Best Vigilance Cards, so you know what to play around with your favorite card if your favorite card isn’t on this list.

There are a lot of great vigilance cards out there, but not all of them are created equal. This guide will help you decide which are the best ones for you, and why.

In this blog post you will learn about the best 10 Vigilance Cards in the current metagame.. Read more about artifacts that give vigilance and let us know what you think.

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The ability Vigilance is one of the finest that any MTG creature card can have. Attacking without the use of tape? It just doesn’t get much better. Continue reading to learn about some of the greatest vigilance cards ever created. 

The Top 10 Most Effective Vigilance Cards

1. Field Marshal Angelic

Magic The Gathering - Angelic Field Marshal (002/337) - Commander 2014

Angelic Field Marshal is an uncommon 3/3 Angel creature with the ability to fly. When she enters the battlefield, all creatures you control get vigilance, and the Angelic Field Marshal gains a +2/+2 hit counter.

The Angelic Field Marshal is a strong vigilance card on its own, but it performs best in a complete vigilance deck with a variety of vigilance cards.

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2. Heliod, the Sun God

Magic The Gathering - Heliod, God of The Sun (17/249) - Theros

Heliod, God of the Sun is a rare white legendary enchantment creature (G0d) with a 5/6 stat line that costs 3 colorless mana and 1 plains land to cast. If your devotion to white is less than five when the card enters the battlefield, this “God” is not a creature and cannot be targeted as one.

The card has vigilanc if it is a creature. Heliod also has a great ability: you may produce a 2/1 white cleric enchantment creature token by spending 2 colorless mana and 2 plains lands. 

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3. The Faithful Unicorn

Magic: The Gathering - Loyal Unicorn - Commander 2018

The Loyal Unicorn is an uncommon white vigilance card that you should definitely have in your deck. Loyal Unicorn is a 3/4 unicorn who negates any battle damage to your creatures while also providing vigilance to all of your other creatures (not including the ones whichhad damaged prevented).

To put Loyal Unicorn onto the battlefield, you’ll need 3 colorless mana and 1 plains land. The card is an excellent illustration of how valuable vigilance creatures can be, since she may strike for 3 combat damage points while also blocking for 4 points.

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4. Thune’s Ring

Magic: the Gathering - Ring of Thune (213) - Magic 2013

Another fantastic vigilance card is The Ring of Thune, which has a low casting cost (2 colorless mana). The card is categorized as artificat equipment, which means it must first be played before being connected to a creature you control for 1 colorless mana.

The creature wearing the Ring of Thune gets vigilance when it is equipped. If the creature is a white card, it also gets a +1/+1 counter at the start of your upkeep phase.

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Batterskull is number five.

Magic: The Gathering Batterskull

The mythic rare card Batterskull is another piece of artifact equipment that should be included to anyone’s vigilance deck. Bringing the powerful card into play costs 5 colorless mana. Batterskull activates a 0/0 black Germ creature, which is immediately linked to Batterskull when played. Batterskull, in essence, becomes a 4/4 monster the turn it enters the battlefield. 

For 5 colorless mana, you may take Batterskull from the Germ and connect it to any other creature you control. Batterskull adds +4/+4 to the strength and defense of any creature he is bonded to. For an extra 3 colorless mana, you may restore the card to your hand. 

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6. Vengeance Sword

Sword of Vengeance - Theme Deck Exclusive

The Sword of Vengeance is the last piece of artifact equipment to enter our list of the top 10 greatest MTG vigilance cards. Sword of Vengeance is a rare card from the Commanders Legends series that requires 3 colorless mana to cast. Once on the battlefield, equipping the card to a creature costs 3 additional colorless mana. 

Sword of Vengeance equipes creatures with vigilance, haste, trample, first strike, and a +2/+0 increase to their power and defense.

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Rhonas, God-Eternal

Magic: The Gathering - God-Eternal Rhonas - War of The Spark

The Legendary Creature – Zombie God class card God-Eternal Rhonas has a mana cost of 3 colorless and 2 forest plands. This god enters the game as a 5/5 creature with the deathtouch ability. Another interesting aspect of this card is that you may put it back into your deck three cards from the top if it “dies” or is exiled.

Furthermore, and maybe more crucially in this instance, God-Eternal Rhonas doubles the strength of all your other creatures until the end of your turn. For the remainder of the round, he also gives them alertness.

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The Memorial to Akroma is number eight.

Magic: the Gathering - Akroma's Memorial - Future Sight

From the Time Spiral Remastered series, Akroma’s Memorial is a legendary relic. It’s a mystic rare card that costs 7 colorless mana to play.

Because this is an artifact, its abilities are triggered when it is placed on the board: your creatures get vigilance, haste, trample, first strike, and flying, as well as protection from red and black.

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9. The Visitation of the Divine

Magic: The Gathering - Divine Visitation - Guilds of Ravnica - Mythic

Divine Visitation, a mythic rare card from the Guids of Ravnica set, is one of MTG’s finest vigilance enchantment cards.

When Divine Visitation is active, any creature tokens you generate during your turn are transformed into 4/4 white Angel creatures. Divine Visitation endows all Angels with alertness and the ability to soar.

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10. Resurgence/Response

Magic The Gathering - Response // Resurgence (229/259) - Guilds of Ravnica

You may select between two rares on the Reaction / Revival card: response (an instant) or resurgence (an instant) (a sorcery). While both options may provide an advantage, Resurgence is the better option for vigilance decks. 

Resurgence will cost you 3 colorless mana, 1 mountain land, and 1 plains land if you choose to play it. However, the ability is definitely worth the effort. All creatures you control gain vigilance and first strike for the rest of the round when you cast Resurgence. Furthermore, Resurgence gives you an extra fighting phase as well as a main phase. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vigilance Cards

In MTG, how does the Vigilance ability work?

In MTG, Vigilance is a very useful ability for creatures since it enables the player to attack without having to tap them. That means your vigilant creatures may attack other players while still being available for blocking and/or activating other abilities after your turn is finished.

What Planeswalkers with Vigilance Are the Best?

Planeswalkers and legendary planeswalkers with the vigilance ability abound in MTG. Here are a handful of the best:

  1. Champion of the Wilds, Vivien
  2. Arlinn Kord/Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon Arlinn Kord/Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon
  3. Gideon Blackblade is a character in the game Gideon Blackblade
  4. The Greathearted Ajani
  5. Ajani Reliable

MTG Vigilance Decks: How Effective Are They?

The power and defense of the creatures in a vigilance deck in MTG are determined by the creatures in the deck. Cards with the vigilance ability, including as instants, sorceries, equiptment, artifacts, and planeswalkers, also serve to increase the deck’s “power.”

The Top Ten Best Vigilance Cards in the game of Magic the Gathering are here for your list of the Top Ten Best Vigilance Cards in the game of Magic the Gathering. You can find more information here on our website at Read more about vigilance mtg and let us know what you think.

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