New Heights Elegant XT is a premium brand with more innovative features. Let’s see if you need anything for your home office.

About the brand

Right Angle produces a wide range of fixed tables, conference tables and other office systems and accessories. It is an American brand and most remarkable for the ELEGANT series of high tables.

New heights: the elegant XT, a permanent overhaul of the rack.

New Tops Elegant XT rack overview – best features

Innovative Bluetooth connection

The New Heights Elegant XT bar table has control options that can be connected to your smartphone application via Bluetooth. This allows you to change the height of the table, restart the table and adjust the gyro sensor.

The application works a bit like an iMovr Lander table and Timotion standing up. You can also automatically connect your phone to your desktop. You can remotely move the table so that it is ready when you need to work.

The three tables above will also help you stay informed about your wellness program to stay more active. He’ll call you back if you sit too long. It’s like a health coach at bootcamp, where you can relax for a few minutes.

You can also set these messages. To date, only a few racks have been equipped with this type of Bluetooth connection.

It is also equipped with voice control options. So it is undoubtedly one of the most innovative permanent tables on the market today.

Gyroscope synchronization

One of my favorite features of the New Heights Elegant XT table is the gyroscopic synchronization. This is not only a protective function for you, but also for the whole device. It protects your office from damage if it suddenly comes into contact with something. The table stopped automatically.

Suppose he has touched the armrest of your chair, instead of constantly hammering the table through the armrest, it stops. This protects your office from damage and scratches.

Together with the table’s overload protection function, this causes the operation to stop suddenly. And the table will move in the opposite direction. So it is also a safety feature that you would like to have when your children are walking around in the home office.

In an unfortunate situation, the hand is grabbed, is not shattered and can easily be removed when the table moves in a different direction. In short, this New Heights Office doesn’t just rely on its protein overload function. Instead, he doubled it by including gyroscopic synchronisation in all his paintings.

In addition, 325 pounds of power will be more than enough for a well thought-out installation. But for those who tend to overload the bar tables, this is a feature not to be missed.

Easy installation

The new Elegant XT heights are delivered pre-assembled. If you’re not the type to do it yourself, you’ll appreciate it. Just connect the cable management system. Ideally, the installation should take more than 30 minutes. However, it may take longer if you are not used to playing LEGO as a child.


I have the table in three different boxes. I must say that I prefer this kind of packaging to having everything in one box. This prevents the parts from scratching each other. Base and electronics in the same housing. Then the table’s on the other side. And the crossbar is also packed in a separate box.

The parts are also well and safely packed with sufficient support or foam bubbles to prevent damage.

Foot frame

New Heights XT leg frames are manufactured entirely in the United States. This is a plus, because we all know the quality control and know-how of products and parts made in the United States. And it was the first time I came across a table frame made of a completely different material. Most bar table legs use steel, because this material is already strong and hard.

The legs of this bar table are made of 100% aluminium. It is made of extruded aluminium. It is a more durable type of aluminium that has been proven to be free of corrosion. And compared to ordinary aluminium, which can easily be bent and dented, it does not bend.

And the aluminum frames are also anodized. This gives the frames a bright color and texture. This process also makes it less resistant to chips and dents than paint.

In addition, the legs of the frame are also made of other materials. It is very different from solid steel, which is used in almost all brands of fixed tables. Instead of solid steel, the legs are made of pressed steel.

I think this material is more durable than hard steel. What I also like about leg frames is that the feet and legs are firmly attached to each other. You may not have to turn them off every now and then and compare them to other brands. Another bar table may require you to tighten the screws, as they will eventually weaken.

Legs and frame are firmly bolted with Loctite discs and sprockets. Loctite prevents the screws from loosening when you use the desk for a longer period of time.

One-press function button

This function makes it unnecessary to hold the button down to the desired height. And no matter how often you move the table, you always have to push and hold it. It’s handy, but it can be dangerous, especially if you have young children sneaking into your home office.

You can easily raise the table to the desired height with a one-touch function and 4 presets are available in memory. But the danger is that your baby will run into her all of a sudden. It’s pretty responsive, and when you turn it on, it certainly moves with a small bump.

Not only can you keep your children away from your home office, but you can also deactivate this feature when the office is unattended. That way, even if your sneaky little Susan comes in and tries to turn him over, no accident will happen.

In addition, if you have just turned the table, you must press and hold the button once before you can use the One Touch function. So there’s always insurance.

Stability with only

This premium office is also quite stable. The combination of cast steel legs, extruded aluminium legs with an anodised surface and a better connection between the legs and the feet made it more stable.

Some bar tables have strong steel legs, but the connection between the legs and the feet is a bit weak and fragile. They often had to be extended from time to time.

Even if she’s stable, she’s got her limits. The highest table module of the New Heights Elegant TX measures 51 inches. But as soon as you reach the 47-inch mark, you feel the quake. Here the front and back will swing. And once it’s 49 inches, you may not want to go any further. The movement will be so bad that you may not be able to print properly without vibrating.

So if you’re tall and need a 49-51 inch table, get ready for big swings or find another table.

Warranty period more than

The New Heights Elegant XT also benefits from a generous 12-year warranty on all electronics and engines. Although the two-year warranty on desktop computers is a bit tight, I can’t complain. Still, you’re almost ready, in case the table starts to help you.

And I think the brand offers warranty updates on their website. The engine and its parts are guaranteed for 20 years. This will save you the cost of repairs in the future for 20 years – a fairly long service life of the table.

Other restrictions

Apart from the fact that it wobbles at a height of 47 inches, this high table can be scandalous. It can be noisy. And this may be the noisiest bar table I’ve ever tested.

If you are less than five meters tall and want to use this table sitting down, you may need a storage space for your keyboard. It may not be possible to lower the table low enough for short people to use it sitting down.

Where you can buy this incredibly high table…


The New Heights Elegant TX is a unique example. Another type of material is used for the frames. And it can be more durable than steel. Even if you need a bar table with advanced technology and a lot of innovation, this is a good choice. Although it’s not very comfortable for big and small people. It is therefore preferable for medium-sized users.

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