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In the late 1990s, Frontier released one of the best games from the Rollercoaster Tycoon theme park – a game that seemed to be the natural successor to what Bullfrog had released at the theme park in 1994. With many games starting with Rollercoaster Tycoon and not finding the right balance between creativity and fleet management, the latest addition to the Frontier range of simulators is probably as close to a natural progression in the game genre as we are likely to become.

Planet Coaster is an affordable and creative name, but also relatively simple when it comes to controlling simulator elements. However, there are an incredible number of places that really let you get out of the game and create the amusement park of your dreams.

Many console fans have long dreamed of getting their hands on the Frontier for PC name, and with the Playstation 5 now waiting for us, it is better to get bogged down and create a dream amusement park.

For those of you who have played Planet Coaster on your PC, many elements of this console edition are the same. Many of the user interfaces, menus and aesthetics are the same, visibly discarding the main menu to focus on the game’s three main elements – career, sandbox and challenge mode. There are instructional videos to watch, but the career mode now has a completely redesigned section with a very handy guide for making a great roller coaster for your clients.

With its vibrant colors and vibrant soundtrack, the Planet Coaster is the ideal choice for aesthetics, and the rich, vibrant colors are a good choice. The graphical quality is also fantastic, and despite some annoying controls that have a somewhat steep learning curve, the approach and vision of details is as impressive as the computer.

While most people probably go straight to Sandbox mode and start building the park of their dreams, Career mode is actually a better way to help you understand all the controls. Considering the above mentioned changes in this console edition, we strongly recommend you to start there.

Some menus require a combination of a square and a touchpad to access, hold the square and use the arrow keys to control the time flow in the game. In addition, there is a combination of R2 and R1 to access deep levels of adjustment, while the tides and mouse-use current are lost to a rigid and slightly disruptive orbital construction with the controller. It takes some getting used to, but once you get used to it, the Planet Coaster immerses you in a sequential rhythm of exciting sensations.

For those who don’t know: In Career Mode, you collect a series of stars that you have earned by performing specific tasks on different cards. Planet Cabotage offers a range of different scenarios, designed to challenge all players except the most experienced – from increasing fleet rank and value to repaying loans and making profits over a longer period of time.

As you unlock new stars and reach goals, the bonus unlocking scripts will allow you to collect a total of 72 stars in levels ranging from simple and challenging to more complex tasks. Like the Tycoon roller coaster, it’s an added bonus because it helps you learn the mechanics of the game and find the best way to succeed in running an amusement park.

Once you take over the reins in the various parks at different stages of completion, creative juices will flow for other types of games offered. Each of the parks that welcome you will be thwarted by a theme or idea of its own, which refers to the idea of creating the theme park of your dreams.

When you’re done with career mode, you’ll also have a number of challenges to help you build a park from scratch to achieve specific goals. While Career Mode is more focused on improving existing fleets, Challenge Mode is likely to appeal to a much wider range of people wanting to improve their fleets. Well, uh… an organically-changing challenge.

In the course of the months several objectives will emerge, which, once completed, will free up the money to be injected that you can use to improve your fleet. They are also difficult tasks, most of which are designed to keep you sharp over long distances. The tasks themselves can also add up, and it is not uncommon to pursue 3 or 4 different objectives in each case.

They can range from improving the rating of your park to having fireworks to entertain visitors for 30 seconds, to improving the scenic rating of all attractions by up to 97%. There’s a lot of variation, and the game does a great job of keeping things fresh throughout the game.

The last mode is self-explanatory and Sandbox makes it possible to enter the city completely on an empty lot without any restrictions except those of your own imagination.

What sets Planet Coaster apart from other games in the genre is the degree of customization mentioned. Based on the foundation laid in the latest 3D game of the Frontier genre, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, you can customise almost anything with Planet Coaster. From custom shops to the craziest, most daring roller coasters ever built, there’s so much you can lose (and probably will lose) if you just create things.

I spent the best half hour designing the perfect hamburger bar exterior. Another time I was so busy building a match stand that I played early in the morning without realizing it. Once one begins to understand the mechanics, there is no doubt that there is a temptation for another train that dominates much of the name.

While other games have always bragged that they can make the amusement park of your dreams, the Planet Coaster is probably the closest you can get. Even simple things like lighting, installing a bench and designing themed landscapes to fit into your park come up with an amazing number of places.

With no restrictions on the layout of the tracks and sets, the game is unlimited in the best possible way, so you can go into every detail. You want to shipwreck a dwarf pirate covered in Leviathan whiskers on his way to your submarine? It’s done. Do you want the animatronics to create smoke and strobe light effects every time you pass in front of the guests? Take it easy. Take it easy.

Just be prepared for this console edition to become a bit cumbersome. However, if you are willing to invest time, Planet Custer will certainly reward you for your patience.

The abundance of possibilities here is really amazing, but with so much creativity it can also be incredibly impressive if you have no idea what the park should look like.

When the game was released in 2016, one of the most consistent criticisms was the lack of management options, but updates over the years have softened this to some extent. This, of course, has many advantages for console players who have just started, but the same solutions still exist.

In an environment where attractions lose their prestige over time, it is very easy to remove the attraction and put another one in its place. Paths can also easily turn into nightmares, and some insects and problems arise – especially in sandbox mode.

Building a roller coaster can be a long and tedious process, as it has always been in the past, but here it is made a little more difficult by the operation of the console. Juggling excitement, intensity and nausea while the rest of the park is ticking can be a case of spinning plates and in most cases there is a risk that these plates will break.

Frontier also seems to be aware of this, as he has been commissioned to build roller coasters, and I have to admit that this has been very useful in relieving the pressure of the G-forces in the curves and on the hills.

Although you always have a small problem, you may be disappointed when you enter the Planet Coaster and expect a thorough check-up of the simulator. This also applies to cities: Skylines, Planet Coaster is a game designed for creative people, which makes it a little easier than its predecessors, who juggle with equal parts control and creativity.

For those who have always wanted to build the amusement park of their dreams and have not played it on a personal computer, the Planet Coaster – it makes no sense. The different game modes are a good challenge, and the creativity and customization are at their peak.

It is true that after all these years the management skills are still underdeveloped, and if you’re not interested in the creative aspects and want something more complicated, you’ll probably have to wait before tackling this subject. But for everyone else, Planet Coaster is a surprisingly creative and aesthetically appealing amusement park game that sets the bar very high in the simulation genre.

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