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It’s the perfect time of year to travel, and we’re here to tell you about some of the best travel gadgets you can bring with you. What could be better than a gadget than what makes all your devices work. This is one of the best portable solar power banks for an unlimited source of energy that you can take with you on your travels.

Summer is a place where people like to travel. Whether it’s camping, hiking, traveling abroad or something like that, people don’t seem to be able to stay in one place during the summer. With the increasing use of technological devices, it makes sense to always have an emergency power supply available when you are on the move.

But not all energy banks can meet your needs. Whether your trip is extended or an unexpected need arises, a limited spare battery can ruin your always comfortable trip. I strongly advise you to choose a portable sunbed.

The portable sunbed has the potential to put unlimited power in your pocket.

What is a portable sunbed?

Actually, it’s very simple. The portable solar bank is one of the types of energy banks that are able to recharge their energy using sunlight. It is equipped with solar panels that can absorb sunlight by means of photovoltaic cells.

Thanks to the integrated inverter technology, it can convert the direct current (DC) it generates into usable alternating current (AC). To use this usable power, power supplies usually have an output connector, often a USB port.

I know it can be difficult to find reliable food banks, so I’ve compiled a list of portable solar banks that I’ve tested so far.



Best portable sunbed


Overview of portable solar power banks, Best portable solar power bank, Hiluckey solar charger

Hiluki Solar charger

It’s one of my favorite portable solar panels. The Hiluckey is a 25000 mAh battery with 4 light absorbing solar cells. It is designed to fully charge the power supply faster than a single panel charger.

The hiluckey measures 6.1 x 3.4 x 1.4 inches and weighs only 1.1 pounds. All these extra solar panels are foldable, so you don’t have to worry about extra dimensions. It is also very light, so you can easily attach it to the outside of the carrying case when walking.

In addition, the Hiluckey Solar Charger is dust, shock and waterproof. With its first-class protection, this device is ideal for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

Finally, there is a 9-LED flashlight at the back of the device. It supports 3 modes that can be used in emergency situations or for walking in the dark.

It would be a bit expensive compared to others. However, given the value you get and the fact that it is compatible with almost all devices, it is definitely worth buying. You can buy a Hiluckey Solar charger from

portable solar bank rating, best portable solar bank, portable solar bank supplement

Portable sunbed

The portable sunbed is almost the same as the previous one. From size to performance and design, they are virtually identical.

It is also a 25000mah battery with 4 light-absorbing solar cells, which is designed for extremely fast charging.

However, this device is not waterproof. So if you’re looking for a waterproof power supply, this device is not for you.

However, if you are satisfied with a non-waterproof energy bank and do not expect water to be a risk, then this is the ideal product for you. It is much cheaper than a Hiluckey solar charger, which can be a decisive factor for most people. You can buy the Addtop Portable Solar Power Bank from


Portable Solar Energy Bank Review, Best Portable Solar Energy Bank, ES982 Solar Energy Bank


ES-982 Solar bank

On the other hand, it’s a very different energy bank. The dimensions are 7 x 3.8 x 1.1 inches and it is a single panel sunbed. Compared to the first two, charging the solar panels can be slower.

What makes this product unique is its 36 LED light, which is attached to the back of the power unit. Covers almost the entire back for extreme light effects. You can adjust the brightness by pressing the switch when the lights are already on.

This product is therefore ideal when you need bright lighting. The light of this one device is incomparable to the first two. You could also say it’s a solar torch.

Moreover, the durability of this product is amazing. It is also protected by IPX 6, which means it is waterproof. However, I do not recommend throwing it into the water and submerging it completely. It only provides protection against splashes and rain. You can buy the Solarbank ES-982 on


Portable Sunbed Examination


If you are looking for the perfect companion for this summer, look no further. These devices are highly recommended for active relaxation and long trips.

Whatever you choose, I guarantee you won’t regret it. It is not for nothing that these are the best-selling portable solar banks in the Amazon region.

So go on a disturbing summer trip and enjoy your holiday by putting inexhaustible energy in your pocket for your devices.

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