Razer, the computer hardware and software company, recently started producing cases and peripherals for PC gamers. And as one would expect, they are high quality products that are attractive and functional. The Razer Tomahawk is a high performance ATX Mid Tower case that is designed to support high-end gaming computers. It comes with an easy carry handle, ventilation holes and a large, compartmentalized interior.

PC cases have come along way in the past couple of decades, from the original case that housed only a single 5.25″ drive to the modern behemoths that can house dozens of drives. Razer is attempting to bridge the gap with their new Tomahawk case. It’s a mid-tower case with plenty of room for multiple graphics cards, a water-cooling setup, and a ton of other components. Is the Tomahawk a powerhouse or does it fall flat? Read on!

The external aesthetic of the case is what sets it apart most from the Lian Li Lancool 2. The Tomahawk looks good and matches Razor’s usual design – all black, with an illuminated logo on the front.


On the front of the case we usually see an airflow design, a few RGB fans, or at least something different from a case in this price range. But not here, Razer prioritized looks over performance and made the Tomahawk out of thick, perforated mesh. This mesh seems to be a problem without testing, and although they have added a plate to filter out dust behind the mesh, this is negated by the slot at the bottom to remove the panel, meaning that dust will accumulate much faster in this case than in many others.


The main focal point of the facade is the Razer logo, placed in the middle. It’s a fanboy thing but I’m not passing judgement, it looks good but not for me. Overall, the front end is well designed, but following the Corsair 4000/5000 series, the aesthetics and performance have been tackled all at once.

Hind section

Not much to note about the back, the quality is decent with very little flex in the metal plate. The biggest shocker of it all was the lack of fans. This price is considered premium, and when you see other manufacturers offering more fans for half the price, you wonder what Razer is thinking. A normal 120 mm fan? Alone? The $50 PC cases contain one of these items, I’m confused.


If you are determined to buy this cabinet, you should 100% buy at least two fans for the front panel, otherwise your components will slowly cook. One of my other surprises with the Tomahawk are the 7 PCIe slots, there is room for a vertical +2 bracket next to it, but they chose not to include this feature? Maybe the lack of airflow for the better ones, but less functionality for such a high price is another hook in the minus column.


Both sides of the Razer Tomahawk feature a thick tempered glass plate. The side panels are tool-free and open/close with magnets, the hinges are hidden inside. Each panel can be easily removed by lifting it off the brackets, and they are quite easy to set up and take down without too much effort. Both TG panels are tinted, allowing your RGB components to shine in a dark room, but making extras like custom cables somewhat useless without additional lighting.



The top of the case is one of the few open areas for ventilation, but unfortunately it has the same hole pattern as the front panel. Although this thick mesh construction looks good, it is not really functional and air circulation suffers. I don’t know why they did this, since the included magnetic dust filter covers it anyway.

There is enough room on the top to fit up to two 140mm fans or just two 120mm fans. This means that there is only room at the top for a 240 or 280 mm radiator, leaving room at the front for a 360 mm radiator. None of this is surprising, as it bears many similarities to the Lancool 2, but for the size, weight and price, I expect more options.


On the front of the top of the case we see the I/O, which consists of :

  • On/Off switch
  • Reset button
  • 2 x USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A
  • 1 x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C
  • 1 x Headphone jack
  • 1 x Dedicated microphone jack

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Razer Tomahawk ATX worth it?

When it comes to gaming computers, the Razer Tomahawk is one of the best gaming desktops you can get. It features a 1TB solid state drive and a 3.4 GHz processor, which work together to load games more quickly and improve your overall experience. It also features a customizable backlit keyboard, which is a must-have for hardcore gamers. The Razer Tomahawk is the company’s first attempt at a full-fledged gaming desktop PC. It’s not an official system from the company’s laptop lineup, but it was designed by the same people who design those laptops, so you know it’s a quality gaming machine. Still, it runs on the same components that you’ll find in many other gaming desktops, so there are better options for hardcore gamers out there. But if you’re looking for something that offers excellent performance for the price, you’ll want to consider the Razer Tomahawk.

Is the Razer PC case worth it?

Some people are quite serious about the way their computers look. Some love the typical black box, but others prefer to make a statement with their PC. For this reason, there has been a huge push for PC cases that aren’t just functional, but also stylish. Well, the Razer PC case was made for just that reason. Razer’s first PC case is a 16.8 pound beast that is targeted at hardcore gamers. While the weight of the case is impressive, we found the design to be less than sensational. The case has a slick black exterior with a glowing green base that looks absolutely stunning. However, it’s much bigger than it needs to be, making it difficult to fit in most desk setups. (It was the biggest PC case we’ve ever reviewed.) The Good: *  The Razer is loaded with ports for all your gaming needs.  It has more than enough space for your high-end gaming hardware.  It is very spacious and fits a wide range of computer hardware. *  The case is sleek and looks

Is the Razer tomahawk a PC case?

The Razer tomahawk is a PC case that combines a desktop CPU with a respectable video card and an enormous bank of memory. It’s also a desktop that’s about the same size as a traditional console, and it’s designed to be hooked up to a TV. It’s an interesting mix of features, for sure. The Razer tomahawk is a new gaming PC case that has a unique industrialist look that has never before been seen in a PC case. It has a minimalist design with a thin classic gamer look, that is reminiscent of the look of a Playstation 4. However unlike the Playstation 4 which does not allow you to install PC components, the Razer tomahawk is a fully functional beast that allows you to install any PC component now, or at any time in the future.

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