Overview of the height of the SDADI solid wood pendulum table

We came across a handmade table that looks elegant and unique with a naturally marked top. Everyone loves a bar table with a solid wood top. But it’s hard to find anything on this table, so we did some research of our own. See if this office is right for your home office.

About the brand SDADI

Not much is known about this brand of stand-up desk. It turns out that SDADI is made in China. The brand also produces freestanding mobile office workstations.

SDADI Solid wood table top Height adjustable – What you will appreciate about thetable


Large working space

The dimensions of the desk are approximately 47 inches wide. This provides you with an adequate working space. It is large enough for a more complex installation with two monitors. That way you won’t miss your big desk at the office. You can have 2 monitors or a large monitor with a large laptop complete with keyboard and mouse on this desk. And you still have plenty of room around the edges.

The weight of the load is also suitable for a fully loaded table. At 225 pounds, you can bring a lot to the table.

Beautiful solid wood desk

These are probably the biggest advantages of this hand-spun table. The whole table may not have the strongest steel legs, but it’s definitely a great table. Solid worktops will always be superior to laminates and MDF. Just as laminate tables imitate solid wood, nothing beats reality.

The natural grain of the wood is preserved. So it’s as natural as possible. It’s a single table.

Small dimensions

While this office can provide a decently sized work surface, we were pleased with the limited space it occupies in the room. This board is therefore perfect for scripting at home. It fits easily into a small space.

Complaints and claims

Difficult to install

The table could have been set more easily if the hotels weren’t so badly beaten. The pre-drilled holes and screws don’t fit together like a T, so it takes a lot of effort to adjust them. You need to press on certain parts so that you can remove the screws through the holes.

So two people are needed for the meeting. You need someone to hold one part while you push the other. Trust us, you can’t do it alone. Unless you have a model with properly aligned holes, but it could be one in a thousand.

Attention must also be paid to the tightening of the screws. Because it can remove the metal coating from your feet.

So you have to make the adjustment as well. Tighten the screws when they are all installed. Therefore, all corners must be machined before tightening. That’s because things don’t really add up. To install it, all screws must be tightened.

We were also given instructions that were not written in English. Not sure if it’s the same for everyone who bought a table. But we have seen similar complaints. And you’ll rarely see anything about the installation on YouTube. Or the painting in general, for that matter. So, if you put it up, it should be a good number.

Metal legs are not the strongest

You have to push a little harder to get it all in place. We were also a little skeptical about the flexibility of metal frames. And the fact that you’re fighting to get things within reach means that the table can’t take much pressure. We think it’s malleable.

Table moves slowly

A manual turntable can be expected to move slowly, but we have found other models that are easier to use. The SDADI table requires more muscle to adjust.

For the general population, the picture will therefore evolve slowly. If you’re not used to lifting weights and such, it will be pretty slow. So it is very important to keep this in mind if you want to go to that table with a manual promotion.

As a consolation, you can use the figure elsewhere, for example. B. as a support for the headphones. And it can also be withdrawn so as not to embarrass everyone.

Although the SKADI Crank Table is not the strongest crank table on the market, we found it to be more durable than the IKEA Crank Table.

When the table is in the highest position, it oscillates.

The SDADI can be up to 48 inches. So it’s very practical for those who are tall. But if you use it on the top desk, it’s a little wobbly. We are concerned about this because manually operated tables are more stable than electrically operated tables. This is a compromise when choosing an electric table over a manual one. So we expected him to be more stable.

So, although it is suitable for slightly taller people, we recommend it for people of average height.

And the table can get low enough, even for small users. So if you are up to 1.5 m tall, you can work comfortably on this table.


  1. The SDADI table is unique and amazing. He will certainly stand out for his love of natural wood countertop scars.
  2. Adjustments are the main handles of this manually adjustable table. It’s just annoying to have to put a lot of effort into aligning the screws with the holes. Most users will not be able to install it themselves under these circumstances.
  3. It gives you plenty of room for a full-size workspace.
  4. This hand-spun table is not the strongest. As for the legs, we think it might not stand the test of time.
  5. It takes a little more force to move the handle. So for the general population, it takes some time to set the table.
  6. The table can be high enough for tall people. But because it swings a little at the top, it’s more comfortable for small and medium users.
  7. It can go low enough for small users who are 6 feet tall.
  8. The brand also offers a two-level standing desk. This provides more space for two monitors and a laptop.

Where to buy it


There is no doubt that the SDADI portable table is unique. But you have to look beyond the pretty table. It’s not the fastest hand-spun table on the market, but it’s not the most durable either.

And not the cheapest. We believe that most of the cost was spent on the solid wood countertop. But you can always find something that catches your eye.


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