If you’ve started buying a new treadmill online, you’ve probably come across several retailers advertising the best offers and sales. One of those shopkeepers could be Costco. Although we like the store for all the offers and discounts that it offers on just about everything else, one area where it does not shine is the gym. The last time we checked, there were only two treadmills for sale on their website. However, the lack of options is just one of the many problems with buying a treadmill from Costco. Below, we weigh the pros and cons of buying a treadmill from Costco and decide whether or not to recommend it after studying the overall situation.


Advantages of buying a treadmill at Costco

Retailers such as Costco buy in bulk to be able to give large discounts on individual items. Last time there were only two conveyor belts, from ProForm and NordicTrack, at Costco. The ProForm Trainer 12.0 (which is similar to the discontinued ProForm Sport 12.0 ST) cost $1,499.99 at Costco, but $1,799 in the ProForm section of the website. Costco had the best sticker price on this model. The other treadmill on the Costco website, the NordicTrack Elite 700, had a price of $1,399.99, the same price as the treadmill on the NordicTrack website. This can be useful if you already shop at Costco and don’t care about the treadmill you buy. We just don’t think it’s appropriate for a big purchase like a treadmill. When you spend so much money, you want the best model for your budget.


Purchase of treadmill from Costco

Apart from the fact that a treadmill at the Costco site was a bit cheaper than the one at ProForm, he really was the only pro we could find there to buy a treadmill. The fact that the selection is so small is not even the biggest problem. It is a fact that the units in stock are outdated compared to newer models of the same brand in the same price range. Even if the prices of the two treadmills on their website are competitive or cheaper than those of the mentioned manufacturers, you should consider the sets as a whole. Let’s take a look at the models first. Costco’s ProForm and NordicTrack treadmills are both older models. You can get a much more modern model for the same price directly from the brands’ websites. Take the NordicTrack 1750, which crowns our best treadmill year after year. It’s $1,799, so you only pay $400 more than the Elite 700 on the Costco site. The 1750s are better in every way. Unlike the Elite 700’s 7-inch LCD screen, it features a 10-inch high-definition touchscreen for interactive iFit exercises. Add components such as the 3.75 HP engine, as opposed to the 3.0 HP engine of the Elite 700. This means higher speeds and more rises and falls.

Even though the ProForm Trainer 12.0 was cheaper on the Costco website than the ProForm the last time we looked at it, it is because it is an old discontinued model; it can be found in the Out of Stock section of the ProForm website. Although technically you can still buy this template on the ProForm website, you won’t get much value for your money here. The current ProForm models are either cheaper or the same price, or only a few hundred dollars more than the Costco model. For example, the entry-level models ProForm Smart Performance 400i and 600i are less expensive. In addition, the ProForm series includes the SMART Pro 2000 model, which is priced identically to the model available from Costco. If interactive training is required, you can even get a new ProForm Carbon T7 for free if you pay $39 a month for 3 years iFit (for a total of $1,403, which is still cheaper than the Costco model).

Another thing to consider when purchasing a treadmill from a dealer is the warranty. By buying directly, you have clear and up-to-date information about what the warranty covers. There is no need to go back and forth between the brand and the dealer if you need to make a warranty claim upon delivery or en route. This also applies to obtaining specific product information. After learning more about the brand or type of treadmill you prefer from our articles, you may have a more specific question about a particular model. The brand’s customer service representatives will have specialized knowledge in every area, while the retailer will probably have to rely on the brand; this is where the whole back-and-forth scenario comes in.

Judgement: Buying a treadmill from Costco

In general, we do not recommend the purchase of a treadmill from Costco. It’s not just that you don’t have a choice. The fact is that the available models are outdated, so you don’t get the most affordable model for your budget. Although the price on the Costco website is lower, it is probably an abandoned model. You will find a better model on the website of the mentioned brand (as suggested above), which is better in all respects. It can cost a little more, be the same price, or even cheaper. Either way, if you add modern features and better components, the total cost will be better. It is also possible to access the warranty and product information to examine the products. When you buy directly, you have clear warranty and product information at your fingertips without having to go back and forth between Costco and the brand to make a claim or get an answer to a product request. If you own a treadmill, after reading our reviews of the best treadmills on the market, check the prices on the manufacturer’s website. If a model has been discontinued, you can usually find it at a reduced price somewhere on the Internet, for example on Amazon, so that the link can go there instead of…..

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