Have you ever seen a movie where people are stalked and you wish you could do the same? I came across the Spytec STI GL300MA, which allows you to track anyone and anything for a very low price. I’ve been trying this for a month now and it’s great!

Spytec STI GL300MA Overview

With our world revolving around the internet today, GPS surveillance has never been better. This allows GPS to work more accurately and reliably with a simple mobile phone.

GPS trackers can be used for security purposes. You can leave the tracker in your car, so you can find it anytime, anywhere. This will help you to prevent your car from being stolen or to recover it if it does get stolen. Moreover, this case can also hold your bag, laptop or other expensive items that you want to protect.

Some people also use GPS trackers in their business. Especially those who deliver a lot. This allows them to track their delivery activities and locate them wherever they are.

However, some people use GPS trackers for personal use. Whether they are children or a spouse, a GPS tracker can help you find them anytime, anywhere.

Whatever the application, the Spytec STI GL300MzA is probably the best GPS tracker available today.




The Spytec STI GL300MA measures 0.4 x 1.1 x 3.1 inches and weighs 9.3 ounces. Its relatively small size makes it ideal for hiding in hard-to-reach places. You can also carry this device in your pocket or put it in your retirement home because it is very light and portable.

Otherwise, this is just a GPS tracker. It has no audio or video recording function.

However, the plotter does not have a hole for inserting a collar. If you want to attach it to a person, you must purchase a separate belt pouch that fits the Spytec STI GL300MA. You can buy the case here.

Finally, the Spytec STI GL300MA is not a weld. If you expect this unit to get wet, you will need to purchase a separate magnetic box to waterproof the unit. The magnetic box is available here.



This GPS can track the speed, acceleration and exact location of the object being tracked. In addition, the accelerometer extends battery life by detecting movement of the tracker. If the tracker does not detect motion, it will automatically turn off and on when the device suddenly moves.

It also has a huge, non-removable battery that lasts 3 weeks. Charging the Spytec STI GL300MA with the included wall charger takes 4 hours.


How it works

The Spytec STI GL300MA operates on a Verizon or AT&T network. This means that the device is pre-installed with a SIM card that connects to networks. Of course, a monthly subscription is required to use this GPS tracker. Once you have completed the application form and chosen the plan you want, you should wait for an email with details on how to register for the GPS application.

It is important to note that the Spytec STI GL300MA is currently only used in the United States.


Spytec STI GL300MA Overview


Rated 8 out of 10

If you need a very good GPS tracker, then you should buy the Spytec STI GL300MA. With a very good build quality and versatile functionality, combined with the price, it is very hard to beat a GPS tracker.

However, this product can be improved in a number of ways.

For me, a removable battery would be a good thing because it extends the life of the device. Moreover, it is currently limited to the United States. If you want to get the international version of this product, you will have to make do with the old mini GL300 model.

That being said, I highly recommend this product if you are considering buying a GPS tracker. It is discreet, light, accurate and above all affordable. You can buy the Spytec STI GL300MA at Amazon.com.

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