In conditions such as severe air pollution, riots, fires, natural disasters, pandemics and nuclear attacks, adequate gas masks and breathing equipment are essential.

However, most people have dangerous misconceptions about these products. Walking masks and bandanas are not enough – you may need a suitable N95/P100 mask, at least one clear respirator or a full face mask. We have spent many hours researching to prevent us from buying the wrong things and dying.

To be honest, this article has taken much longer than expected, mainly due to the enormous amount of fraudulent waste and grossly disorganized information on the Internet.

Here is a list of the top 10 gas masks in 2020:

1. Face Muffler Avon M50 Gas mask

The M50 is the best gas mask for personal protection against chemical, biological and radiological hazards – one of the best protective masks on the market. The target had to be adaptable to almost all military work and provide a perfect field of vision. One of the best protective skins used in gas masks today is a silicone-coloured chlorobutyl rubber cap. With the Velcro straps the headgear is very flexible, making the fit flexible but durable.

Every time you put on a mask, you don’t adjust it. One of the most important features of this mask are the double filters. She made the mask more breathable by placing filters at both ends of the mask. It also reduces the profile of the filter, which is much better for features close to the face, such as the view of the weapon. With the filter on both sides, the mask is balanced and the chance of the mask being pushed or pulled away from the face is much smaller.

In addition, the filters have a white band that turns blue when they are dirty or at the end of their service life. A wide variety of equipment, from coffee shops to camels, fits the M50. You can also attach a voice transmitter to the front of the mask to make it easier to project your voice. The mask can only be cleaned with warm soapy water after the filters have been removed. Do not use bleach or alcohol-based cloths, as these can make the lens purple and eventually break the mask.

One of the best possible masks is an M50. The M50 is the only option that can survive a life-threatening situation without any problems, while some fully equipped Avon and 3-M respirators offer similar performance. Dense butylchlorobutyl silicone protects you, but remains light enough to wear for a long time. You should definitely think about choosing an M50 if you are in the protective masks market.

Gland properties

  • Full Face Mask CBRN Protection
  • One lens for a wide field of view
  • Material: Silicone from chlorobutyl rubber
  • Total weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Portable mask Weight: 30 ounces
  • 6-point adjustable braid


  • Has a good fit
  • The best gas mask in terms of price
  • Very practical, reliable and simple.


  • Filters are not included
  • Not at all.

2. Safety on site – fully functional gas mask

Site security - full face mask

The CBRN gas mask is a NIOSH-approved CBRN gas mask. This full face mask can be worn in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear environments in combination with NATO 40mm CBRN filters and provides the wearer with a deactivated face seal and filtered air. This mask was used for six days with a butyl rubber face seal without being removed.

The EMS 400/3 was a precursor that used only one silicone seal for a person who did not meet the NIOSH-approved CBRN criteria. The front panel of the EMS consists of three parts: Face seal, chin, headrest, long vision lens, three filters and a bowl for the drinking head. The headband has external attachments that provide a series of strong contact points in the headband support.

The nasal shell is produced by SGE because it is an important element for comfortable and efficient circulation. The mouth/nose area of the mask is made of smooth medical grade silicone rubber, specially designed to come into contact with the body without causing irritation or skin problems. The SGE 400/3 BB uses NBR rubber elastic bands. They are installed in the same block in the back. As mentioned above, the cheek and temple straps are attached to the buckles of the front system. The coupling points of the bow are closer to the face of the mask to tighten it.

The front PIC module consists of a closed safety disk to protect the internal components of the PIC. The visor is made of a polycarbonate material that has been tested for bullet resistance and is highly resistant to scratches and chemicals during development. The front housing contains a fitting, exhaust valves and three 40 mm diameter filter nozzles for the beverage circuit.

The main working area for the air supply valves is the front module of the gas mask. The exhalation valve uses a frame that contains the entire filter membrane and ensures that the air can easily be exhaled from the mask instead of being exhaled into the mask, creating a mist.

Gland properties

  • Three filter connections
  • External ballistic lens
  • Compatible with 40 mm NATO filter cartridges
  • 6 band mask
  • Butyl rubber mechanical seal
  • Uses an internal drinking tube


  • It is light, compact and very ergonomic.
  • Amazing quality
  • Ideal for use in public areas

3. PD-100 Organic Vapour Recuperator with full surface

PD-100 Full-surface organic vapour respirator

The PD-100 Organic Evaporative Facial Mask is another excellent face mask that I would like to introduce to potential consumers. In fact, there are several reasons why this complete respiratory protective device differs from the others. One of these is increased shock resistance.

It meets strict impact resistance standards. I have also learned how useful this is in many areas such as construction, pesticide safety, environmental protection, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, general production, paint applications and industrial production. I’m also pleased that the brand has found a solution for areas where strong contacts, rough components and safety risks exist. This alternative comes with a nose cap and a smooth silicone face seal. I am also satisfied with the integrated silicone seals, as they reduce the risk of weakening the seal.

With 5 breathable straps that go around the head, the front element also offers a safer fit. It will help you get rid of a service that could distract you from your work. The problem of frequent reconfiguration is also eliminated. I’m also happy that this brand has used air circulation technology because it keeps the face fresh and prevents the lens from sticking.

Gland properties

  • Large voice amplification opening
  • an ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Fog air circulation
  • High density elastic bands
  • Simple replacement of the double filter
  • 3M Compatible cassette


  • Tensile strength
  • Suitable for various industries
  • Reliable fit guaranteed by 5 straps

4. Reproduction maskwith full face mask based on organic vapours

The Holulo organic vapour face mask is another element that gives priority to the safety of your spraying projects. This special full face mask is designed so that you can wear it in the safest and most comfortable way at all times. I liked the double filter system used here when I noticed that it improved safety and comfort over time. This special diet reduces breathing resistance. I am also happy with the activated carbon filter, because it offers protection against fog and unexpected damage.

I am also happy to use a full-screen lens because it improves visibility and brightness. In addition, this lens has the ability to reduce friction and fog, which helps to maintain a good view of the target. It offers complete protection of privacy because it works well with different particles and substances.

It uses organic vapours, acetone, carbon dioxide, methyl chloride and alcohol. It also provides protection for a wide range of sectors and applications, including fire inspection, mining, firefighting, petroleum, emergency response and metallurgy. This full face respirator also offers comfort in the form of a helmet.

Gland properties

  • Type with lifetime warranty
  • Purpose of protection
  • Apply paint, chemicals, varnish, CS mask, tactical mask, etc.
  • Item Weight: 1.54 pounds
  • Material: Silicones
  • Product dimensions: 9.8 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches


  • has low breathing resistance
  • Provides full protection
  • Maximizes long-term comfort


  • Tightening up is necessary from time to time.

5. SAS Safety 7650-61 Optical adaption Full functionAPR repeater

SAS Safety 7650-61 Opti-Fit Full Face Respirator with Opti-Fit

The nasal shell excludes knee bends. The large field of view and optical clarity ensure distortion-free vision. 5-point headband. Polycarbonate Lens Polycarbonate lens replaceable by antifreeze. Model 7650-61-Opti-Fit Full Face Air / Medium comes with a (1) 1001-00 organic vapour cartridge and a (1) 1060-00 N95 soot filter. Easily portable to the respirator Supplied without tools 3 years limited warranty. Replacement filter – part number 1060-00. Part of the replacement of the organic cartridge #1001-00. 1001-00. Full face respirators.

TC-84A-1420 approved by NIOSH. For almost three centuries, SAS Safety Corp. has been manufacturing and supplying products and equipment to industrial, automotive, agricultural and marine companies to improve safety in the workplace. In the case of SAS Safety Corp.

We offer quality products that preserve and support the world’s most precious resource – people! All products sold through the SAS Saf Nose Cup are ISO 9001:2008 certified to prevent fogging. Widescreen, with undistorted vision and visual clarity. 5-point headband. Interchangeable polycarbonate crystal lens with scratch-resistant coating. Option 7650-61 Full Face / Medium 7650-61 contains one (1) 1001-00 biosteam cassette and one (1) particulate filter per 1060-00 N95. Transformed into a respirator that is delivered without equipment. Limited warranty of 3 years.

TC-84A-1420 approved by NIOSH. For almost 30 years, SAS Safety Corp. has been manufacturing, supplying and manufacturing products and equipment for industry, automotive, agriculture and shipbuilding to make workplaces safer. In the case of SAS Safety Corp.

We offer high quality products that protect and preserve the world’s most precious resource – mankind! All products sold by SAS Safety Corp. under ISO 9001:2008 are manufactured, tested, inspected and packed by qualified personnel and are virtually fault-free before leaving the factory. We offer a full range of respiratory, hearing, eye, hand and body protection, as well as first aid kits, absorbents, spill protection and safety equipment.

Gland properties

  • Silicone apron offers exceptional durability and comfort
  • Nose clamp prevents fogging
  • High-quality silicone apron, also with 5-point headband
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Nose clamp prevents fogging
  • Large viewing area


  • It works very well.
  • Easier tightening and loosening of seat belts
  • Large observation area


  • You can’t wear glasses with that…

6. 3M 07163 Refrigerator with fixed lid organic evaporator P95

3M 07163 Full face ball rectifier package Organic evaporation P95

The creative design of 3-M respirators makes them an easy and economical way to protect employees. It is pre-assembled and requires no replacement of parts and little or no maintenance. The light and balanced structure offers more comfort for the worker. Low-profile design for a wider field of vision and more comfort when wearing glasses. The repair bag keeps the respiratory system clean between applications.

Published for different facial sizes in three dimensions. Ideal for intermittent wearing of respiratory protective equipment. These respiratory masks are manufactured with fixed cartridges for easy use and require virtually no maintenance. Used in accordance with NIOSH resolutions in various gases and vapours.

A semi-circular disposable respirator with organic vapour and a P95 particle filter provides protection against harmful substances in the air (51P71, 52P71, 53P71). This respirator is NIOSH certified and protects the respiratory tract against certain organic vapors and particles up to 10 times the exposure limit value (PEL). Half masks can be used in different work environments, such as paint spraying, agriculture, construction and transport, pesticides and agriculture. This device provides greater convenience by reducing the need for prolonged maintenance.

This half-sided fan is ideal for intermittent use. It has been reviewed and approved by NIOSH, the federal government’s regulatory agency, to help reduce breathing caused by air pollutants. The cartridge installed in this respirator is colored black by NIOSH. This respiratory protection system is not suitable for direct installations that pose a danger to life or health (IDLH). Hazardous fumes and fine dust can be harmful to health. Respiratory equipment for single use (3 m and a half face) reduces exposure to organic vapours.

Gland properties

  • Viewing area
  • Respiratory protection
  • Eye protection
  • Weight of goods: 1.0 pounds sterling


  • Adjusts easily to the glasses during competitions.
  • A comfortable mask
  • Excellent protection


  • Required adjustments for spectacle wearers

7. Power supply unit3M Front panel for air cleaning

It uses a high-quality particle filter that is also light for facial treatments. Ideal for asbestos and lead. The 3-metre-long, front-mounted PAPRs can increase operator productivity without the need to wear the motorised blower around the neck. These 3-M PAPR units are battery-powered, motorized units that draw in air through a filter or cartridge to protect the owner’s breathing. Depending on the chosen circuit, the blower unit can be mounted at the back, front or upside down.

Some PAPR systems have a higher degree of airway safety than nutrient free airway filtration systems. That’s where the potential benefits lie. A stable airflow can provide cooling for the employee and more comfort for the user. And the wireless fan sucks in air through the filter so the user doesn’t have to breathe.

The powerful 3-M air purifier protects the airways against dust, mists, vapours, radionuclides and radon daughters. It uses a high-quality, lightweight, front-mounted particulate filter. When used in accordance with 3 M user manuals and instructions, US OSHA APF 1000. The economic price. The economic price. The compact design is close to the owner. PAPR surface nozzles have all the features of high performance respiratory systems for air purification. Increased user comfort and lens compatibility.

The exhalator provides air safety and can increase operator productivity without the need for a motorised fan in the tail. Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) are battery operated systems that draw air through a filter or cartridge to prevent the user from breathing. Depending on the chosen circuit, the blower unit can be mounted at the back, front or upside down.

A battery-powered fan draws air through the filter so that the user has no extra power to breathe. When used with the filter, the power flow diagram indicates a minimum of 4 cm. It uses a popular facade, and the face shield meets the impact resistance and penetration criteria of ANSI Z87.1-2003. The whole system consists of a medium-heavy front plate, a 6800DIN, a motor blade unit, a battery and a flow meter. Can only be used with a highly efficient particle filter.

Eight hours battery. Light and balanced. Ideal for plumbing, asbestos and other hazardous particles. The NiCd battery is rechargeable. The filters are included in the delivery. Full haircut. Self-protection is in the nature of things. Nature of the mission: Planes, boats, cars. Type of operation : Safety of installations, maintenance, repair and work, overhaul. Cleaning is recommended. Recommended for the construction, remediation and maintenance (MRO) sectors

Gland properties

  • Compact design
  • Ideal for lead
  • A constant air flow can provide cooling for the employee.
  • The result is increased comfort for the owner.
  • Including the complete central front panel
  • Weight: 4.7 pounds


  • The best mask for woodworking
  • Serious protection
  • High capacity respirator


  • The charger is not included in the delivery.
  • No quality control

8. 3M Safety 7800S-M 7800S Series Integral Silicone Face Damper

Safety 3M 7800S-M 7800S All-silicone face mask 7800S Series

In the toughest environments where full respiratory and face protection is required, the 3 M 7800 Series offers durability and safety. The 7800SM exhalator features a large polycarbonate lens that can be easily adapted to a range of filters and cartridges from the 3 M 2000, 5 mile and 6 mile series. A new six-stroke headband, which can be adjusted to the user’s head, ensures a secure and firm grip. This structure offers much more stability and distributes the weight evenly to reduce fatigue.

The 7800 mask is compatible with a wide range of 3M filters and cartridges for solids, gas and steam, which can be easily connected by means of a bayonet mechanism. This guarantees a safe and smooth exchange, as each filter is attached in the correct position. If necessary. The 3 M 7800 Series respirator comes with a silicone rubber face seal that provides safety and reliability for most face sizes to maximize comfort and durability.

This mask is characterized by a voice screen that allows better communication when performing official tasks. A full range of consumables is also available, including replacement valves, display kits and lens covers. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your face mask.

Gland properties

  • Silicone coating material
  • Mechanical seal with double flange
  • 6 adjustable straps for a good fit
  • Used with passive or electronic pressure classes.
  • Supply air and air respiratory equipment


  • Gives a feeling of total security
  • Practice
  • There’s no such thing as fog.

CBRN 9th Millennium MSA(TM)CBRN mask

MSA Millennium(TM) CBRN mask

The MSA is known for its quality products and this gas mask has not been fooled in any way. The military-grade gas mask protects against respiratory risks. In case you find yourself in a situation of rebellion – even during a war – this is a CBRN protective mask that can be worn to ensure safe breathing. It is precisely this MSA mask that has been designed for professionals – military, antitrust police, burners, etc. – to use. – etc. – so they don’t have the chance, if not the luck.

Everything is designed to perform, and it is very rare to see if anyone has reason to worry about its effectiveness or correct application. If you look at what this MSA gas mask does, you can see how a tough rubber lens reinforces the polyurethane lens. It also features an easy-to-use 6-point headband, an a2-nose valve that prevents fogging, an easy-to-communicate voice iris and a drinking tube that allows liquids to be drunk safely in a dirty environment.

Its different characteristics offer the idea of safety. And since it can neutralize more than 100 particles in the air, whether chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear, you have no reason to hesitate to pick one up at the store as you least expect, after the fateful day that may come when you least expect it.

Gland properties

  • Provides respiratory protection
  • Powerful
  • Full individual equipment and comfort in a variety of military and riot masks.
  • Flexible lens with a larger field of view
  • Easy to turn on/off and adjust


  • Two-channel mounting
  • High performance
  • Quality materials and durability

10. 3M Safety 7800S-L 7800S Series Complete Silicone Respirator

Safety 3M 7800S-L 7800S Full frontal silicone respiratory protection 7800S Series

The NIOSH has been approved by the NIOSH to ensure that the airways are protected against certain airborne contaminants when used in accordance with all relevant health and safety instructions, restrictions and laws. The full face mask is lightweight and the smooth silicone double face mask offers the user excellent protection and comfort. The 6-belt suspension allows for easy banding and filling, while the large, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens provides the user with a good gas mask and viewing angle, as well as distortion-free vision. The mask can be easily adjusted.

No wonder they call it Ultimate! Not suitable for 3 M self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Use standard size 7800S-BA or 7800S-AM 3 M nozzles with the correct circuit (SCBA). It is compatible with 3 M 2000 filters, 3 M 6000 cartridges, 3 M 7000 cartridges, air and power supply filters and equipment for a range of NIOSH certificates and for vapours and particles. Face protection, breathing cartridges and filters are purchased separately. Optional (P/N: 7899). Respiratory masks are available separately.

Gland properties

  • Very large inhalation and exhalation valves for easy breathing
  • NIOSH approved
  • Latex-free.
  • The N95, P95 and P100 filters can be used in combination with chemical cartridges.
  • A double-acting mechanical seal and six adjustable tyres ensure a good fit and better test results when landing.


  • Gives a feeling of total security
  • Convenient and easy to use


You may never know exactly when a disaster or disruption will occur, but you can prepare for such events. One way to do this is to have adequate protective equipment. When the environment is polluted by toxic gases or unhealthy parts, a good respirator becomes a necessary product. You should have found something for you in our Top 10 Breathing Apparatus Review.

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