Whether you’re a blogger, freelance writer, novelist or investigative journalist. There’s something as important as a huge vocabulary. Owner of a lightweight laptop with a comfortable keyboard.

The laptop of this generation is a powerful and reliable partner for every writer.

In the United States, at least 281,300 people earn a living as an author, writer and publisher. When it comes to technology, it is therefore important to have a reliable laptop. A portable machine that gets the job done without breaking the sofa.

It is a real struggle for writers to find a good computer that meets the requirements. We have different requirements for the delivery of first-class items and tasks. Like designers and photographers, writers need special notebooks. You don’t just rely on Microsoft Word and a keyboard that works. Writers need an animal processing plant because they use multiple applications at the same time. To be able to start all this as soon as possible, you need to have a large notebook at hand.

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# Example Product    
1 The 10 Best Laptops for Writers Google Pixelbook Go – Lightweight notebook Chromebook – Up to 12 hours of battery life [1] touchscreen display …   CONSULT THE AMAZONS
2 The 10 Best Laptops for Writers HP – Reach x360 2 in 1 15.6 4K Ultra HD notebook with touch screen – Intel Core i7 – 16 GB memory – 512 GB memory – 1.5 GB …   CONSULT THE AMAZONS
3 The 10 Best Laptops for Writers ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 2 in 1 Notebook, 14 Full HD 4-way NanoEdge touchscreens, Intel Core M3-8100Y,…   CONSULT THE AMAZONS
4 The 10 Best Laptops for Writers DELL XPS7390-7954SLV-PUS 13.4-inch FHD Convertible Notebook with InfinityEdge Touch Screen (Silver)   CONSULT THE AMAZONS
5 The 10 Best Laptops for Writers 2020 Lenovo ThinkPad E15 15.6 FHD Full HD (1920×1080) enterprise notebook (Intel 10GHz)   CONSULT THE AMAZONS
6 The 10 Best Laptops for Writers ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop- 13.3 Full HD Wideview, 8th generation Intel Core I5-8265U Notebook, 8GB …   CONSULT THE AMAZONS
7 The 10 Best Laptops for Writers Apple MacBook Air (13-inch MacBook Air, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) Space Gray (latest model)   CONSULT THE AMAZONS
8 The 10 Best Laptops for Writers Acer Swift 3 thin and lightweight notebook, 14 Full HD IPS, AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Octa-Core with Radeon Graphics,…   CONSULT THE AMAZONS
9 The 10 Best Laptops for Writers HP ENVY 13-13.99 inch slim notebook with / fingerprint reader, 4K touch screen, Intel Core i7-8565U, …   CONSULT THE AMAZONS
10 The 10 Best Laptops for Writers Microsoft 3 Surface Notebook – 13.5 Touch Screen – Intel Core i5 – 8 GB Memory – 128 GB RAM – …   CONSULT THE AMAZONS

Best notebooks for author reviews

#1 – Google Pixel Go

The 10 Best Laptops for Writers

Google Pixel Go may not be the most powerful Google Chromebook. She still has enough power to deliver all your written projects. It has many of the features of Pixelbook, but without the high price. Before we continue with the specifications, we should first look at the battery life. Laptop battery life is approximately 11 hours. It gives you enough juice to work 10 hours in a row. Even then you stayed with the battery so you could relax during your favorite show.

The slim keyboard is perfect for writers who work a lot. Your fingers glide over the keys so you can print accurately.

Next to an incredible keyboard you have a webcam. This is especially useful when videoconferencing with customers. This is a 1080p camera that allows you to look sharp during all your video conferencing.

Under the hood you get an i7 processor for your projects. The 13.3 notebook is equipped with a Full HD or 4K LCD touch screen. In general, Google Pixel Go is a device designed specifically for writers.


  • Incredible battery life
  • A comfortable keyboard
  • Fast and powerful processor


  • Non-budgetary
  • No biometric registration.

#2 – Spectrum HP x360 (2020)

The 10 Best Laptops for Writers

The brand’s flagship HP Spectre x360 was updated in 2020. The fantastic notebook has become even more beautiful thanks to the latest changes. It has excellent surfaces and a convenient backlit keyboard.

But the beautiful stone appearance and the excellent appearance are not all it has to offer. HP Spectrum runs on a 10th generation Intel i7 processor and is one of the fastest computers on the market. The notebook is ideal for multitasking, so it’s specially designed for writers.

Thanks to the keyboard’s excellent design, you can print for hours without getting tired. You also get multiple ports for file transfer from different devices. The 2-in-1 touch screen also makes it an idle choice for entertainment.

In terms of performance, you get a super fast processor with Intel Iris Plus Graphics. What’s more, the battery runs for up to 12 hours, so you can work anywhere in complete freedom.


  • Illuminated keyboard, ideal for working in the dark
  • Spectacular battery life of 12 hours
  • The slim design will attract attention everywhere.
  • Ultra-portable, just what you need.


  • Dear Sir
  • Maybe it’s warmer sometimes.

#3 – ASUS Chromebook Flip C434

The 10 Best Laptops for Writers

For writers on a limited budget, ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 is the best option. You get impeccable performance and a stylish laptop at a very affordable price. Even at low prices, ASUS has left no stone unturned in the production of this product. For the aluminum casing and the beautiful design they are inspired by the Apple MacBook Air (also on our list!). The 14-inch NanoEdge display, coupled with a 100% SRGB colour system, takes it all to the next level.

What makes it a great chrome book for writers is the Ergo-Lift band. It tilts the keyboard towards you, enhancing the writing experience. The 360 degree hinge, on the other hand, makes it easy to use as a shelf.

Under the bonnet, the basic model is equipped with a m3 processor. But you have the option to switch to the i5 processor. It has 4 GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of EMMC memory.

The keyboard is one of the best with a stroke of 1.4 mm and offers pleasant tactile feedback. As if that wasn’t enough, the keyboard is fully illuminated. The keyboard in combination with the ErgoLift hinge makes this notebook an ideal writing instrument.

As battery life approaches, ASUS indicates that battery life is at least 10 hours. Chromebook also has a USB-C port for charging. So if you have a phone that uses the same line, everyone wins.


  • An affordable price
  • Backlit keypad with 1.4 mm sufficient key displacement
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Doesn’t have many premium features
  • Internal medical organs

#4 – Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop computer

The 10 Best Laptops for Writers

If you’re a fan of futuristic design, the Dell XPS is for you. This phenomenal laptop is a revolutionary addition to Della’s Ultrabook series. Dell XPS has set the standard for Ultrabook design and quality.

In addition to an elegant, futuristic design, you also get powerful configurations. This ergonomic laptop offers an impeccable computing experience when you’re on the go.

The keyboard is designed in the style of chickens, with short keys and excellent tactile feedback. The pressure-sensitive keys enable higher print speeds. This is very important for writers because it allows them to do things faster. And the more they write, the more money they can make. In addition, the resting area in the palm of the hand is softly finished for maximum comfort. It is also equipped with a variable intensity backlight.

Under the bonnet you get a 10th generation i5 processor sample. Generation. The combined speed of 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD gives high performance.


  • Adjustable keyboard backlight brightness
  • a futuristic and elegant design
  • Extremely comfortable hand rest zone


  • Wrong port selection
  • Average battery life

#5 – Lenovo ThinkPad E15

The 10 Best Laptops for Writers

Owning a Lenovo ThinkPad Series notebook is a writer’s dream. However, their first-class qualities and elegant appearance cost a fortune if they are not available.

But with the ThinkPad E15 you can get your hands on one of the writer’s best notebooks without breaking the bank.

From the writer’s point of view, this notebook offers many impressive features as well as convenience. It comes with an award-winning ThinkPad keyboard with keyboard shortcuts and no soft keys. The key spacing is extremely convenient and improves the typing process. The curved keys around your fingers take this experience to the next level. You can get an extra backlit keyboard to improve it, but it costs more.

For writers, the most valuable feature of a laptop is its battery life. The ThinkPad E15 gives you an impressive 12 hours of non-stop operation. The 15.6-inch screen size is larger than most opponents on this list.

As far as the specifications are concerned, the basic model is with an Intel Core i3 processor of the 10th generation. This gives you 4 GB DDR4 RAM and 500 GB hard drive. Of course, these are not the most impressive specifications, but they do their work in writing. For multitasking, we recommend that you upgrade your memory to at least 8 GB if your budget allows it.


  • A comfortable keyboard with curved keys
  • Impressive battery life
  • 15.6-inch Full HD display


  • Impressive glasses under the bonnet

#6 – ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra Slim Laptop

The 10 Best Laptops for Writers

Without a doubt, a powerful combination of performance and ergonomics is amazing for this laptop. The ZenBook 13 has a robust design with a brushed aluminum surface. The design is very similar to that of the MacBook Air, which sets the bar for a stylish laptop design. At the same time ZenBook 13 keeps a close eye on him.

If you go to the keyboard, you won’t find any strange things that require extra effort to press the keys. It offers a spacious layout with illuminated buttons and a curved base for extra comfort. ASUS ZenBook 13 offers excellent writing performance.

The laptop works with the latest Windows 10 operating system, which is based on the i5 processor. This makes it compatible with most of the applications you need on your Windows device. You also have 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD.

Overall, ASUS ZenBook 13 is an excellent tool for writing novels, books, or features for any writer.


  • Incredible storage
  • Illuminated keyboard
  • The design is just like the MacBook Air.
  • A spare battery with amazing performance


#7 – Apple MacBook Air (2020)

The 10 Best Laptops for Writers

For all MacOS enthusiasts, this is what you’ve been waiting for. The Apple MacBook Air is one of the most expensive and advanced laptops you can own.

You’re probably wondering why he’s seventh on our list. If she’s that good, she should be further down the list.

You’re right, but we have a good reason. The MacBook Air is stylish and has a number of interesting features, which cannot be denied. However, it is fun and the price is very high. The laptop is excellent, but our only concern is the cost.

But we couldn’t take him off the list. It’s definitely one of the coolest laptops. The only catch is if you can afford it. If you can, go ahead.

It comes with a metal housing that forms a minimalist exterior. What distinguishes him is the battery life. With MacBook Air, you get maximum performance every day when you’re fully loaded. The laptop can be used for at least 10 hours without interruption.

In previous iterations a porous keyboard was used, but the 2020 version is different. The apple went from butterfly keys to scissor keys to form his magic keyboard.


  • Quality construction and design
  • A redesigned keyboard for smoother typing
  • Excellent battery performance


#8 – Acer Swift 3

The 10 Best Laptops for Writers

Impressed with the Dell XPS 13, but he doesn’t have a budget for it?

Then we offer the Acer Swift 3, an ultra-light and affordable laptop. It only costs half the price of the Dell XPS, but it works just as well. But at a lower price, you may have to compromise on some features.

As you approach the keyboard, you get an illuminated keyboard with a chiclet design. The keys are at a sufficient distance from each other and offer a comfortable typing experience. As a bonus, users also get a Windows Hello-compatible fingerprint reader with a large trackpad.

Its appearance can easily impress a high-end laptop. The 82% ratio of the screen to the housing and the metal surface give the screen a modern look. Even with an all-metal body he weighs only 2.6 pounds. With an 11-hour battery backup, you can leave all your worries and the charger at home.

In short, Acer Swift 3 is a complete package for writers who work long hours.


  • Spectacular spectacles
  • Easy on the bag
  • Visually attractive
  • Incredible battery life


  • Some important elements are missing

#9 – HP Envy 13t

The 10 Best Laptops for Writers

HP Envy 13t is a next-generation notebook with incredible features. Not only is it beautiful, it also has many practical and impressive features.

The 2020 model is thinner and better than the previous versions with a better screen to body ratio. It only weighs 2.8 pounds, but it’s a complete power station. It features an impressive i7 quad-core processor with 8GB of 256GB SSD RAM. With this HP Envy 13t, there’s enough juice for even the most intensive writing tasks. In addition to the internal organs, you get a 13-inch full HD screen that is a feast for the eyes.

Envy 13 offers one of the most comfortable keyboards on this list. It is well placed at a distance and has illuminated keys for typing. In addition, the keyboard cover rises a few millimetres when opened. This enhances the experience through perfect ergonomics.

HP Envy 13t is an excellent notebook for writers who write long stories with lots of pictures. Autobiographies, novels or typing books are easy to write on this beautiful notebook.


  • A beautiful 13-inch display
  • A perfectly designed ergonomic keyboard
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Amazing views


  • No love at first sight 3
  • The 4K model has a short battery life.

#10 – Microsoft Surface 3Laptop Computer

The 10 Best Laptops for Writers

If your budget is not your primary concern, Microsoft Surface 3 is a one-time investment. If you liked Surface Pro 3, this notebook is for you. It envelops similar structures and features with a slightly smaller body.

This notebook is available in two sizes, 13 and 15 inch. However, the size of the keyboard is the same for both models. That’s why we offer a 13-inch version for maximum comfort and portability.

The result is a robust and inflexible keyboard with a short stroke of 1.3 mm. You can also choose between two bridge surfaces – metallic or Alcantara. The Alcantara equipment offers a high quality imitation leather platform for maximum comfort. It provides an excellent platform to rest for longer.

In terms of specifications, the range starts with the i5 processor with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. There is an updated version, but it seemed more than enough to us to write these specifications.


  • Different screen sizes available
  • Robust aluminium construction
  • Snappy no flex keyboard
  • Two deck surfaces – metal and Alcantara


Purchasing guide

There are thousands of laptops on the market. Apart from the budget, there are not many factors to take into account when making a purchase. But does a laptop with a small budget meet your needs as a writer? No, not really.

If you cannot open multiple programs together, you need more time to do the work. If your operating system doesn’t support several tools, you won’t be able to work the way you want.

Here are five things to consider as a writer when buying a laptop.

Screen size

The small screen provides mobility. But it also means you don’t have enough room to work. It is important that the writers can see the content. We therefore propose not to accept any car with a screen smaller than 13 inches.

Bring a lightweight 13 to 15 laptop for portability and ease of use.

Display resolution

In this technical age, there is no reason to settle for resolutions lower than Full HD or 1080p. With more pixels you can easily read the pages and it’s perfect if you stack two windows next to each other. This is a very useful feature for multitasking on your laptop.

Control system

Windows is currently the most versatile and convenient operating system. Most authors use Microsoft Word or Excel for their projects. It makes sense to have a machine with an integrated control system.

However, if you’re using the Mac OS interface, choose a laptop from the Apple ecosystem. On the other hand, Chromebooks uses a different operating system – ChromeOS. It has slightly less functionality than Windows and Mac OS, but works just as well as it does for writers. MS Word works on both Mac OS and Windows, so you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite word processor.

Please note, however, that many applications running on Windows may not work on Mac OS. You need to examine your work to see if you need such wndow-based programs. There is a workaround because you can still install Windows on MacBooks, but it will take some time.

Battery life

Most of us have access to a power outlet while we’re working. However, it is wise to choose a laptop with a battery life of at least 8 hours. This is especially important if you travel a lot or are in an emergency situation. A good spare battery can be extremely important in emergency situations.


For a keyboard, there are only two things to pay attention to: speed and responsiveness. For writers, incorrect keyboard layout can make the writing process much worse. Make sure there is enough space between the keys and that the keyboard is illuminated. You can also use an illuminated keyboard, which is important when typing in low light conditions.


Maybe you have other things to do besides write. This could be designing computer graphics, working on the WordPress site or creating an illustration. You can also use voice-guided software such as Dragon Professional to write faster. For this you need a laptop with at least a little juice in it. Take a look at the suggested RAM memory – you need at least 8 GB. You also need a graphics card if you want to design.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Q : As a writer, do I need an expensive laptop?

Not at all, the cost of a laptop does not determine whether it is suitable for you. The budget is a limit, but other factors are just as important. Screen size, a reliable operating system and keyboard are most important.
However, you don’t need a laptop that stutters, even if you write in MS Word. And you’ll need a reasonable amount of memory to open all your browser’s tabs at once, so you can perform multiple tasks. In short: Even if, as an author, you don’t need the most powerful laptops, you shouldn’t look at the newer models.

Q : What’s the best notebook to write in?

All variants in our list are specially designed for writing. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can choose from 10 great notebooks.


Being a writer is not an easy task. You have to be creative, and be both an artist and a researcher. One mistake and the whole article can lose its meaning. For this it is important to have a laptop that meets our needs. A practical machine that allows us to print without interruption and without fatigue.

When purchasing a laptop computer, authors should consider five important factors:

  • Screen size
  • Screen resolution
  • Battery life
  • Keyboard

Based on this, and of course based on your budget, you can choose the best notebook to write yourself!


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