Sub-video technology has conquered the culinary world thanks to its popularity in cooking shows. Many will say that after watching the video, this will be your favorite kitchen. Eggs, meat, vegetables, even cocktails and desserts; food tastes better when prepared gently over a high heat.

If you decide to videotape your next dinner, you’re gonna need a little help. Some appliances need to be taken into account and it is important that the temperature and cooking time are correct if you want delicate foods.

All Su video books below will help you get started quickly. They are full of excellent recipes that do not require any inability to find the ingredients. So keep reading and choose a book that suits you.

12 recommended Su-video kitchen

1. Food laboratory The Food Lab, written by Lopez-Alt, is a New York Times bestseller that will not disappoint. Cookbooks are useful, but this tomb goes much further with 958 pages of explanations, tips, methods and basic equipment. Eventually you will master the Su-Video method.

The recipes are divided into useful categories such as breakfast, soups and stews, meat, vegetables, roasts, pasta, salads and much more. Pictures can be found almost everywhere to answer almost any question.

On the front and back of this book you’ll find useful conversion tables that most home chefs will use as a reference.

This book is written in a relaxed tone with a touch of humour to make it easy and pleasant to read. This book, brought by Jason Logsdon, is dedicated to more than 70 healthy and fragrant dishes. This is a good option for those who are interested in what they put in their bodies, because every recipe contains full board.

The highlights of this recipe book are energy-rich breakfasts, cereal bowls, soups, herbal teas, side dishes and fish.

In addition to the recipes, you will also receive easy-to-understand instructions on the necessary sub video technology and hardware.

3. Self-determination Meredith Lawrence offers a variety of recipes on video on 145 pages that are not your usual dishes. You’ll also find useful tips to help you get perfect results, every time.

Gone are the days when the protein was not processed or digested. Cook chicken, beef, fish and seafood until they are tender and tasty. The koho salmon and sirloin are really worth it.

Are you a sweet tooth? There are delicious dessert recipes to help you make cheesecakes, cream pies and even yoghurt!

4. Sous-Vide Cookbook 2018 Philip Johnson offers 150 exciting, easy-to-prepare recipes that look luxurious on a plate. The image of the food is clear and modern, yet accessible to a novice cook.

This book is designed in such a way that you can create an energy plan by combining several dishes into one.

It has all the usual recipes for beef, seafood, poultry and vegetables. But why don’t you go on an adventure and shoot sub-videos of cocktails or mulled wine? It’s delicious!

5. Effortlessly vacuum packed cookbook If you are hoping to create a high-quality kitchen without resorting to complicated techniques, here is a cookbook you will appreciate. With 140 tasty dishes, easily accessible ingredients and winning recipes, cooking becomes easy.

This book is good for midweek cooking if you don’t have a lot of time. In addition to the recipes, there are also some handy diagrams to help you determine the cooking time and temperature.

The recipes for duck confit and chicken satay are divine: Both offer a meat that is full of flavour and completely tender.

6. Vacuum If you like your desserts, you should buy a copy of this publication. Create 50 different classic sweets that can be cooked using the sub-video technique.

This 108 page book contains recipes for pies, cakes, pies, mousses and much more. For those of you who love soufflés, but who often do not get up: Problem solved. I’ve used this recipe several times and they haven’t let me down yet!

You will see that the recipes are detailed and easy to understand. My favorite for today is a cake. It is rich, decadent and one of the best desserts to combine with vanilla-chocolate ice cream!

Further lecture :
You can also read my detailed molecular gastronomy guide where you can learn some of the most popular modern cooking methods.

7. Simple subvideos Sous Vide Made Simple is an excellent recipe book for vegetables, meat, seafood and eggs. You will also find a section explaining how subvideo works with the necessary hardware.

The book also contains recipes for sauces and herbs, individual packaging, time and temperature guides and conversion tables.

My favorite recipe in this cookbook is beef stew, which is very tender and so delicious. I also liked the part about customizing each su video recipe.
It’s useful content!

8. My video cookbook Joule-Sous Jessica Michelle offers 101 delicious recipes, all made with Su-Video technology and all delicious.

This cookbook differs from most other books in that it focuses on the tool released by Chef Steps, the Joule Dive Circulator. This kitchen appliance is an extremely powerful and intelligent video appliance that is suitable for both beginners and experienced chefs.

This book shows clear pictures about the use of joules. It also includes a smartphone application that you can use with the tool.

9. Sous-Vide Cookbook This is a 4 hour audio book filled with 120 simple recipes. They are convenient and allow you to prepare good food for healthy eating.

This audio book gives you an overview of the operation of the video system, safety tips, required equipment, types of video stoves and recipes with eating disorders.

In the recipes, ingredients are used that are public. This is a good option if you prefer to hear the instructions rather than read them.

10. Sous Vide-BBQ Do yourself a favour and order a copy of this book today for all barbecue lovers. It’s full of useful instructions, tips and photos for grilling with sub video technology.

In short, this book teaches you how to cook tender and fragrant meat. The delivery includes options for eating meat in a smoke machine or on the grill. This extra step gives the grill a more authentic look and taste.

Tuna, turkey, beef breast, chicken breast are just some of the great meat dishes you will learn to cook.

11. The modernist kitchen in all simplicity: Vacuum This is the second cookbook on this list, written by Jason Logsdon. He knows a lot about su-videos and has published a collection of books on this subject. I think this book is his best.

It covers the whole process: Spices, sealing, cooking time, temperature and everything you need to cook like a professional chef. I particularly appreciate the fact that there is a free and inexpensive start-up option in terms of the necessary equipment.

Do you want to eat quality food? There are 35 possibilities to switch to a standard Michelin star dish using modern technology and ingredients.

12. Lightweight Su-Video Cookbook As the name suggests, you will receive 100 Su-Video recipes that are easy to make even for a beginner. Learn how to cook vegetables that retain their colour, crispiness and nutritional value.

Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner include recipes using commonly used ingredients. The emphasis seems to be on meat dishes, so if you are a vegetarian, there may be cookbooks that are better suited to your needs.

Highlights include beef bourguignon, chicken wings, sliced pears and strawberry mousse.

Our 3 favourite variants

If you’ve never seen a Su-Video before, here’s your chance. It’s much easier to get great results from the full list above – these are the best su video books we’ve found.

Best for beginners

If you’re new to Su video, choose Modernist Kitchen Simplified because it offers many features for a free start. This option gives you the opportunity to try this cooking method and you can decide whether you want to invest in a Su-video cooker.

Best for Meat lovers

There’s no brain in it: The Vacuum Grill offers you a path to the best meat you can taste.

Best Video Shared Book

General prizes should be awarded to The Food Lab for a well-written book that is easy to read and contains all the basic principles. It is not for nothing that this cookbook has become a bestseller in the New York Times; it is a pleasure and a pleasure to read. As for the food, I’ll tell you how good it is.

What is su video?

The term sous vidéo is French and means under vacuum. Traditionally, high-end restaurants serve surprisingly tender meat and fragrant vegetables. As home cooks become more adventurous with advanced cooking techniques, subvideo has become popular.

Cooking with Su-Video technology. The procedure is simple. Raw materials such as vegetables, meat, vegetables and oil are packed in bags and vacuum sealed. The sachet is then placed in the water, gently heated to a low temperature and slowly boiled.

The sub video device can be made in different shapes. The most common model is the sticky nozzle that is attached to the pot and heats the water to the desired temperature. Advanced products can even be controlled remotely via the user’s phone application.

It’s fun to make su videos at home and the recipes are endless. Even the eggs are cooked perfectly in a Su-video machine. Of course, Su Video Kitchens usually have their own tempting ideas for your next dinner party.

Why cook on a Su-Video?

The main advantage of cooking with a Su-video appliance is that the cooked food is juicy, moist and rich in nutrients and taste. The low temperatures maintain the cooking process so that there are no excessively cooked pieces of meat on the outside.

Another important reason why you might like this cooking method is that it is simple. Once the dish is sealed and cooking begins, it adapts and is forgotten. There’s no need to check how dinner’s going. Set the temperature and time, then sit down and wait.


If you decide to enter the world of Su-Video kitchens, it’s best to invest in a complete resource to get you started quickly. Even if you’re sure you’re using new appliances, cookbooks provide information about the temperature and time it takes to prepare a variety of dishes. They will greatly improve the quality of the food without the need to try them.

Do you have a favorite book for video cooking? Please let us know in the comments below and we will take them into account.

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