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When Pip Torrance resumes his role as curator, we find his omniscient and visionary character as mysterious as ever, and he continues to lead us through the events of Little Hope – stories of loss, tragedy and sorcery, some of which will be too close to home for some.

Unlike Medan Man, Little Hope is an interesting game where the choice of the player is the only thing that counts. Based on the same ideas as in the iconic and unforgettable film Until Dawn, you have a new cast of characters that you will meet and love/hate during the game.

Thanks to the excellent acting and singing skills, each character feels believable and you will soon feel attracted to certain characters, which is no less important because their entire survival rests entirely on your shoulders.

I really hated Angela that way, but I decided to let her live, hoping to use her as a means to keep everyone else safe. Does that make me look like a bad guy?

As with the previous titles, the cast of Little Hope consists of a famous actor, who is supported by a number of less well-known people. This time we took over Will Powlter, who is best known for his roles in Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Maze Runner and recently also Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

While Will gives an absolutely phenomenal performance, the rest of the cast would feel uncomfortable concentrating on that performance alone, because the whole cast is doing a fantastic job of getting you into this world and delivering one of the most exciting stories ever.

But on the other hand, I think my best grip is the length of the game – it’s short and you can really feel it. I understand that this is the kind of game that needs to be played, so it’s no problem to be short, but since I need about 6-7 hours, I personally would like an extra hour or two of playing time to get my teeth into it.

The story also begins with Anthony, the second youngest of the four children. During the research with Anthony during a prologue competition we get to know his drunk father, his oppressed mother, his sexy big brother, his caring big sister and his naughty younger sister. Like any family, it has its problems, but it remains functional.

When we start to explore the different rooms of the house, we limit ourselves to the ground floor, but there are some interesting points that enrich the story, from the books that depict the characters to the interactions of the characters that reveal most of their lives and personalities.

As with these games, every decision you make has very real and important consequences, whether bad, neutral or good. If you follow the universal rules of the butterfly effect, the smallest steps you can take can and will have a much greater effect on the world around you in the future. Moreover, any action you take may provoke an equal and opposite reaction.

Traditionally, to avoid spoilers, I don’t go into the details of the story, but I say it’s clever. That’s clever, because some of the most obvious revelations are so well hidden that you probably won’t see them coming – I know you won’t!

While preserving the theme of the dark landscape of the Salem Witch Trials, Little Hope is definitely a scary game, and although I am not one of those who can be overwhelmed by horror, I could not help but take the dark and presumptuous tone of my surroundings to really appreciate the harsh but mysterious atmosphere so skillfully conveyed by the game.

With individual lighting adapted to each area, fog that penetrates to a sense of claustrophobia in prisons, and scary places that have almost no meaning in real life, the anthology of dark images : Little Hope has a fantastic look and music that fits a theme only makes it better.

It is worth mentioning that my evaluation is based solely on the experience of a single user, since I have not yet had the opportunity to try the multiplayer features with a friend.

In general, it’s hard to say whether Little Hope is an excellent game compared to its predecessor, simply because it’s so different from the others. Where the man from Medana was put on a ghost boat, Little Hope lies in an isolated and icy town in the middle of nowhere.

There is a lot of fear avoidance and a large and varied number of interesting interactions, but the question I keep coming back to – but will it be over by dawn? And the answer to this question – no, but he manages to give you another cold experience that will keep you in place from start to finish and remain an absolute pleasure to play.

If you haven’t done the anthology of dark images yet: Little Hope, I highly recommend it, and for £20 at selected retailers it’s a real bargain.

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