If you like to travel, your luggage is your new home. Travelling is fun and exciting if you have the right backpack. You travel better if you don’t have heavy luggage on your shoulders. That is why it makes sense to buy a backpack with wheels. The backpack allows you to carry. You can wear it on your back, on your arms or just rolled up. Backpacks with wheels are highly recommended for people who carry a lot of stuff with them. You can easily travel without back and shoulder pain.

However, there are hundreds of backpacks on wheels on the market. It is therefore difficult to choose the best and most suitable. Only through research and testing you will know the best backpack on wheels. Luckily for our readers, we did the hardest part of the research for you. With the comments below you can limit your search to the best backpacks with wheels up to 10. We have chosen a high quality, sturdy and durable backpack with wheels that will last a long time. Read the following and carefully choose the backpack that suits you best.

10. JanSport Driver 8Rolling Backpack –Rolling Travel Bag

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It is a high quality backpack on wheels with 100% other fibers. It is a trusted name in the backpack industry that you can buy with confidence. What’s more, every backpack of the brand is guaranteed for life. The company will replace or repair any malfunction. This is a high quality backpack that gets you moving. It has wheels that make it possible to transform from a backpack to a scooter in seconds. The backpack straps are easy to remove so your luggage looks clean and tidy while driving. It is a sturdy backpack with a laptop compartment that can hold a 16-inch laptop. There’s another side pocket for water and an attachment. All in all, it’s a reliable backpack with a sturdy construction that will keep you travelling for years.


  • Simple organisation thanks to multiple compartments
  • Available in different colours to suit your style
  • 100% other fibres, so durable
  • Easy to drive thanks to the large wheels

9. Dimensional Waterproof Notebook Computer Backpack on Wheels

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This is a school backpack with a separate integrated compartment for a laptop. The bag can hold laptops up to 16 inches. There are also 34-litre main compartments for clothing and other essentials. The backpack also has a second zipped pocket for easy and organized storage. It is a well-equipped backpack with many compartments. It facilitates the organisation and disposal of goods, books and other personal items. The bag also has a waterproof bottom panel, corner protectors and pelvic stoppers. It is also equipped with sturdy and reliable wheels. This is a comfortable backpack with adjustable straps for comfortable carrying. The backpack material is also breathable and keeps you cool and dry.


  • Breathable material keeps you cool and dry.
  • Waterproof base plate
  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Different compartments for easy and neat organisation


  • The rubber handle of the handle sticks to the clothing.

8. TargusCompact backpack with wheels

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This is a simple and practical backpack design for students, businesses and travel. The backpack has a large main compartment and a laptop compartment. This is a durable polyester outer backpack that can withstand everyday wear and tear. The backpack is also equipped with a soft-touch neoprene carrying handle. This is an ergonomic backpack on wheels that you should consider buying today. The backpack has elastic bands for clothing. This is a well-designed backpack with a limited warranty. This is an excellent choice of a backpack suitable for laptops up to 16 inches.


  • Suitable for notebooks up to 16 inch in length
  • Durable due to robust polyester outer material
  • Comfortable rolling thanks to the soft-touch neoprene handle
  • Elastic clothing belts


  • The main compartment’s a little small.

7. J New York Sundance World Notebook Rolling Backpack, Tribe

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It is again a stylish backpack with convertible wheels. It is a uniquely designed backpack that offers the carrying capacity of a wheeled bag. It is a portable backpack that children and adults can consider buying. The interior of the backpack has a large capacity with a large main compartment and a compartment for the laptop. Fully padded inner cover for notebooks up to 15.6. This backpack fits easily on most computers. There are also three outer pockets and two main compartments. The handle of the backpack is also adjustable for easy carrying. All in all, it is a lightweight backpack that can easily be converted into a scooter or backpack.


  • Easy conversion to a role
  • Adjustable handle for easy transport
  • Two main compartments, laptop compartments and three exterior compartments
  • Slim and elegant, so attractive

6. Notebook Backpack for computer travel Backpack on wheels

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This is another lightweight and robust travel backpack made of durable ripstop polyester fabric. The fabric has a special waterproof coating that prevents water from seeping in from the inside. The backpack also has a wide opening leading to the main compartment. There is another soft case for laptops and 15 tablets. In addition, the edges of the backpack are reinforced with a steel frame to increase durability. It is a flexible and efficient backpack that makes travelling with heavy loads easier. Overall, this backpack has adjustable shoulder straps and breathable material for extra comfort.


  • Comfortable to wear thanks to the adjustable straps
  • Breathable materials keep you cool
  • Robust telescopic handle
  • Lightness and durability


  • The valve that closes the wheels does not stay in place.

5. Kids backpack on wheels Backpack on wheels

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It’s a girl’s backpack with wheels to think about buying. It is a slim and elegant backpack with beautiful colors to be beautiful. The backpack has a large main compartment and a front zipped pocket. There are also two mesh bags for storing water bottles. This is a uniquely designed backpack with quiet wheels for a smooth and efficient ride. The backpack is also equipped with a high-strength alloy rod. It’s a rolled unicorn with a reversible glitter rim. This is a nice design bag with a colorful zipper.


  • Coloured zipper and attractive zipper head so attractive
  • Large main compartment and front compartment
  • Four quiet wheels for smooth operation
  • Glossy material with reversible flakes, so durable


  • A little small for heavy loads

4. Everest 1045m Wheeled Backpack – Standard, Black, One size

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It is a small backpack with wheels that allows you to roll smoothly and efficiently. This is a high quality backpack that can be used as a backpack or suitcase on wheels. The bag has a sturdy telescopic handle, making it easy to carry. You can adjust the height of the handle so that it rotates at a comfortable height. The wheel is equipped with a double wheelbase for more stability and smooth rotation. In addition, the zipper is equipped with lightweight sliding zippers for easy opening and closing. There are also several storage compartments for convenient storage. It is a sturdy backpack with double handles for portability. The backpack is highly recommended for universal use.


  • Easy mobility thanks to double handles
  • Sturdy telescopic handles
  • Zippered pockets for extra storage space
  • Smooth zippers for easy opening and closing

3. Rockland one-armed backpack on wheels, black

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This is a high-end, one-handed backpack that you should consider buying. This is an exclusively designed backpack with in-line skating wheels. The backpack makes it possible to move easily and smoothly on a flat surface. So you can travel comfortably. You can wear it on your back or ride it like a scooter. This is a high quality backpack with a large main compartment, a laptop compartment and several front pockets. The backpack is also equipped with two water holders and mesh bottle holders. It is a perfect size backpack that meets most airline recommendations for weight and size.


  • Skating wheels
  • Integrated laptop compartment
  • Mesh side pockets
  • Front compartment with organizer


  • Not the strongest grip

2. VBG VBIGER Backpack with wheels for girls

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It is a different backpack for the girls with some nice attractive colors. It’s an exciting backpack for schoolgirls. The backpack is equipped with 6 wheels for smooth and efficient movement. It slips quickly and rarely gets stuck. The backpack material is also wear-resistant, which guarantees a long service life. It is a school backpack suitable for girls aged 10 to 18 years. It also has an adjustable stem length that is divided into three extensions. The backpack has several compartments for books, laptops, tablets and other personal items. This is a nice backpack with a sturdy aluminium alloy trolley. The backpack also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for a safe purchase.


  • Wear-resistant and therefore durable
  • Easy to drive thanks to six wheels
  • Different bags for long term storage
  • Durable and strong


  • It’s hard to find a balance with the books in it.

1. Samsonite backpack on wheels with organisation pockets

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This is our newest and best backpack on wheels, and a decent choice with organization pockets. This is a high quality backpack with a durable rip-stop fabric. The fabric is tear and abrasion resistant, so it will last a long time. This is a unique design backpack with in-line skate wheels for a smooth ride. The packaging is also equipped with a handle for picking up ice and a contour band. It also has extra padding for maximum comfort. There are several organizational compartments for small devices and electronics. This is a high quality backpack with a laptop compartment and an entrance for headphones.


  • Different compartments for small appliances
  • Integrated skate wheels ensure smooth operation
  • Durable with rip-stop material
  • Profiled straps and extra padding for easy transport


  • Notebooks are difficult to slide in and out because the box does not open completely.

Factors to consider when choosing the best wheeled backpacks

There are several important factors to take into account when choosing the right backpack on wheels. Based on these factors you can choose the most suitable and best quality backpack on wheels. These include the following:


First of all, you need to know the building materials of the backpack. This is important because the materials determine the durability of the backpack. You need solid, durable and functional materials. The ideal material for a backpack should be waterproof and easy to wipe clean. One of these materials is nylon, which is strong, durable and resistant.

In addition, the zippers and zip pullers on the backpack must be of the highest quality. You don’t want a backpack whose zippers start to deteriorate after a few weeks of use.


The size of the backpack depends on your needs. The size depends on what you have to wear at a time. Most backpacks with wheels weigh between 30 and 80 pounds. You can choose the most suitable size based on your equipment and your travel days. Larger backpacks are recommended for long journeys where more equipment is needed. However, you can also opt for a small backpack if you are travelling for a day or two.

However, please note the IATA dimensions for hand luggage so that you do not leave your luggage at the airport. Please note the standard dimensions of 22 x 18 x 10 inches when purchasing and packaging.


How many compartments does the backpack have? Do you have to bring your laptop? Most wheeled backpacks have enough compartments for laptops, main compartments for the organization, side pockets for water bottles and a few small compartments. This is very important because it makes it easier to keep your backpack organized and tidy.


The perfect backpack with wheels should be comfortable to carry and carry on your back. Think backpacks with adjustable straps for easy carrying. The bag must also be lined to prevent heavy pressure on the back. Also consider using breathable backpacks when wearing them for extended periods of time to prevent excessive perspiration.


Aesthetics play an important role in backpacks. You need a backpack that looks good on you. There are different styles and colors to consider. Take into account colours and styles that match your personal style and preferences.

Final verdict

Finally, these are by far the best wheeled backpacks you should consider buying. They are carefully selected backpacks with amazing features. Backpacks make it possible to travel easily and comfortably, even with heavy loads. Choose today and have the opportunity to travel in comfort.

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