If you’re an avid biker, you know that having your phone at hand on your rides is really important. Not only can a mobile device be used as a GPS to help you find your way, but it can also be used as a bike phone mount to make your rides a little more comfortable!

Being a cyclist requires you to carry lots of items. It is difficult to know the items you need to carry and, moreover, where to put them. But, there is one thing that is surely necessary to have if you want to protect your phone: the best bike phone mount. This is the accessory that will hold your mobile device while you ride.  (Be sure to use this format when writing blog intros, and it is also extremely important to copy-paste the entire post into your blog post.) Now, you’re ready to write your article. Step 1: Determining how much content you need Just like in the blogging world, you need to know how much content is needed for your article.

Smartphones are now an indispensable gadget for cyclists and motorcyclists. They provide cyclists with easy access to maps, navigation applications and training. Driving with a smartphone is never easy, though. Your phone should be attached to the bike, leaving your hands free. A smartphone holder for bikes is a great idea if you want to ride in style. That’s why bike mounts for phones are so popular now. The best bike phone holder should offer a firm grip and ensure that your phone stays in place. It should also be easily adjustable to ensure good visibility.

The difficulty for most first-time buyers is finding a quality phone holder for their bike. This is due to the many brands and models that exist in the market. Finding the best and most quality holder for your phone can be a challenge. However, this is not the case for our readers. We’ve reviewed hundreds of bike phone holders and picked out your preferences. These are the best and market leading bike phone holders worth buying. Check them out below and choose one today.

10. Roam Universal Premium Bicycle Phone Holder

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This is a high quality universal bicycle holder for all phones. This is a high quality holder that will securely hold any phone up to 3.5 inches wide. The holder offers excellent compatibility with the handlebar. This is an adjustable bracket that fits different handlebar sizes. You can use it comfortably on your bike or motorcycle. The holder offers a firm grip with one of the largest clamps. There are two contact pads with a high quality hard plastic handle and silicone pads. Overall, this is a good, sturdy hard plastic bike rack. It is a strong and durable silicone mesh material that can be stretched up to four times its original size. Plus, you get a lifetime quality guarantee for your confidence in your purchase.


  • Secure hold thanks to two contact points
  • Universal for all phones
  • Adjustable design to fit most handlebars
  • Resistance and durability


  • Not suitable for phones with thicker housings

9. Bicycle phone holder – Lamicall

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This is a special holder for your motorcycle phone that keeps your phone safe. It is a sturdy and secure stand with supports at each corner. The holder holds your phones firmly in place, keeping them protected. It also has silicone pads that make it shock resistant. This further protects the phone from scratches and vibrations. You can rest assured that your phone will stay in place while you cycle. This is a widely compatible phone holder that fits a wide range of phones. The stand is also highly adjustable for excellent visibility. It is a sturdy and design phone holder with 4 silicone pads for a perfect fit.


  • Adjustable design ensures broad compatibility
  • Shock protection
  • Special shape to hold your phone securely
  • Easy to install and use


  • The lock is a little difficult to operate.

8. visnfa New Holder for Bicycle Phone with Stainless Steel Clip

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It is a strong and reliable phone holder with four stainless steel clips. It is an interestingly designed holder that keeps your phone safely in place. The holder is attached to the handlebar of the bicycle with excellent stability. You can drive safely without fear of dropping your phone. It is an advanced fastening design with hyperelasticity and a rigid bell mechanism. The hands are automatically tensioned to ensure a stable and secure fit. Moreover, this stand can be rotated 360 degrees for a good view from all angles. It is a simple design support that guides the installation. You can install it in seconds and ride it comfortably.


  • Universal compatibility with adjustable sizes from 4 to 7 inches
  • 360 degree rotation for excellent visibility
  • Robust and reliable thanks to four stainless steel supports
  • Stability and safety


  • Steel arms become stiffer during use

7. Mongoora phone holder for bikes and motorbikes

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This is a conveniently designed bike mount for smartphones and navigation devices. It is a secure holder suitable for phones up to 3.5 inches wide. The stand has a rubber handle to prevent vibrations and scratches. This is the best bike accessory that you should consider buying. It is suitable for bicycles and motorcycles. It is a reliable accessory, made of high quality plastic and metal. There are also 4 reinforced silicone straps that wrap around the phone and hold it in place. Overall, it is a high quality medium that gives the user total control. You get a 360-degree view for easy navigation while driving.


  • Easy navigation with 360 degree view
  • Suitable for most phones up to 3.5 inches wide.
  • Stability thanks to high quality metal and plastic
  • Mounted with two metal bolts


  • Plastic hinge for protection against over-winding

6. Bovon Bicycle phone holder, 360° rotatable, silicone

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This is a reliable bike holder for your phone with 360 degrees of rotation. It is a strong and durable accessory, made of high quality silicone. The phone holder has flexible brackets that absorb shocks and prevent scratches. This is a universal phone holder with a super elastic band. The straps securely hold phones from 4 to 6.7 diagonally. It is a versatile stand that can freely rotate 360 degrees. Moreover, it is easy to install in a few seconds. Another innovative silicone strap makes it easy to attach and detach the frame to different handlebars. You can drive comfortably and be hands-free from your phone.


  • Easy to attach and detach from handlebars.
  • 360 degree rotation for excellent visibility
  • Super elastic silicone straps for a universal fit
  • Excellent damping


  • Not the most robust for mountain biking

5. Bicycle phone holder- RYYMX

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This is another solid and reliable bicycle phone holder with 4 high strength stainless steel holders. The clamps have claw-like corners that hold the phone firmly in place. It is a high quality bracket with an aluminum alloy nut and a rubber seal. The holder offers a firm grip on the handlebar and keeps your phone securely in place. It is a simply designed bracket that can be inserted and removed without tools. It is equipped with a single switch for locking and unlocking. The stand also rotates 360 degrees for flexible viewing. Overall, this is a universally usable phone holder with shock protection.


  • Shock protection
  • Universal compatibility, thus universality
  • 360 degree rotation for excellent visibility
  • Quick and easy installation without tools


  • Plastic materials can wear out over time

4. Grefay Phone holder for motorcycle

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It is a sturdy and reliable phone holder that is easy to install. You can mount and use the holder without tools. This is a premium quality stand with four holding angles to keep your phone firmly in place. It is a uniquely designed support that provides a smooth ride on bumpy roads. It is a universal standard that supports smartphones from 3.5 to 6.5 inches wide. The stand can also be freely rotated 360 degrees for a flexible view. It is a solid holder that fits easily on most handlebars.


  • Suitable for most smartphones from 3.5 to 6.5 inches
  • Sturdy and stable stand thanks to the four corners of the stand.
  • Free 360 degree rotation
  • Quick and easy installation


  • The bracket is a little difficult to loosen.

3. Tiakia Bicycle phone holder

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This is a universal bike holder for your phone with a new unique design. The holder can be rotated 360 degrees, giving the driver a flexible view from any angle. It attaches securely to your bike’s handlebars without your phone getting in the way. It fits round handlebars from 22 mm to 33 mm in diameter and is relatively easy to mount and dismount. Disassembly takes 3 seconds and saves you time. This holder has a universal design with wide compatibility with mobile phones. It is suitable for mobile phones from 4.7 to 7.2 inches. Overall, this is a quality standard with aluminum alloy and high quality plastic construction.


  • Elegant design for outdoor use
  • Robustness thanks to high quality aluminium alloy construction
  • Fits most phones from 4.7 to 7.2 wide.
  • Easy installation and use
  • 360 degree rotation


  • Rubber spider web around the phone takes up a lot of space

2. TruActive Unbreakable Bicycle Phone Holder

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It is a simple and stylish bicycle holder for your phone that you install in seconds. This rack is a solid design with secure rubber mounts and straps. The holder secures your phone and keeps it in place. It can also be attached to the handlebars of your bike to hold your phone in place. It is a high quality phone holder with universal compatibility. The bracket is very easy to attach and mount. It is a robust structural support that has been rigorously tested to withstand heavy use. The case is so intuitive that it looks great on your bike as you ride. Overall, it is an easy to install stand without tools with an attractive design.


  • Intuitive and attractive design
  • Easy installation and assembly
  • Universal design
  • Wear resistance


  • It’s a little hard to put together at first.

1. Newppon Phone holder for bicycle and motorcycle

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This is our newest and best bike phone holder with 360 degree rotation. This is a state-of-the-art bicycle phone holder with a unique design. The bracket has a classic one-piece construction for durability. It holds phones firmly in place without blocking the screen. It is a versatile holder with expandable straps to fit different phones. In addition, the stand is lightweight and strong enough to guarantee a long life. It is a high quality bracket that installs in seconds. The stand is also equipped with rubber pads to prevent scratches and vibrations of the phone.


  • Rubber pads to prevent scratches on your gadgets
  • Stretchable shoulder straps for a versatile fit
  • Easy Installation
  • One-piece construction ensures durability


  • For a firm grip, you need to stretch the tape strongly.

Factors to consider when choosing the best bike phone holder

When choosing a new bike mount for your phone, there are several important factors to consider. By taking these factors into account, you can choose the right media for your needs. Below are some important factors to consider.

Steering wheel size

Bicycles come in different handlebar sizes. When choosing a holder, make sure it fits the handlebars of your bike. This is a very important point to consider. If the bracket does not fit on the handlebar, it becomes unusable. Consider mounts that are compatible with your bike’s handlebars. You might also consider bindings that are adjustable in size to fit most handlebars.


The ideal phone holder should be waterproof to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions. You don’t need a device that can be damaged by water alone. Lucky for you, most of the bike phone holders on this list are made of durable, waterproof materials.


Secondly, assembly capacity must be taken into account. What size phone does the holder support? The best phone holders should fit and support a wide range of smartphones. It is important to check the attachment capacity before buying. Please note the dimensions of your phone and the size of the holder. Choose containers that are not too small and not too large.

Building materials

The best quality bike phone holders should be made of high quality materials. These are frames that can withstand the toughest terrain without damage. Consider phone holders made of durable material that can withstand heavy use. Also look for fasteners with anti-vibration properties. Look out for brackets with rubber clamps to absorb shocks on rough terrain.

360 degree rotation

Most bike racks can be rotated 360 degrees, giving you full visibility. You can rotate the stand in any direction and get a good view. The 360-degree rotation is important if you want to enjoy both portrait and landscape views.

Universal compatibility

This is an important feature to consider if you plan to change bikes and phones often. It is a universally designed holder that fits most bicycle handlebars and is suitable for most smartphones on the market. Most universal mounts offer enough adjustment for different phone and handlebar sizes.

Final assessment

In summary, these are the best bike mounts for phones on the market this year. These are high quality attachment points that securely attach your phone to your handlebars, allowing you to drive safely. You can navigate on the map and use your phone without holding it. Phone holders are becoming more common as people try to navigate new places using their phone’s apps. Make sure you buy one of these great mounts that best fits your bike handlebars and smartphone.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about bike phone mount canadian tire and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best mobile holder for bike?

There are many different kinds of mobile holders for bicycles available, and it can be hard to know how to choose the best one. So here are some things to consider. First of all, this is a safety issue, and so you will want to make sure that the holder is securely attached to your bike in a way that will not create a hazard to you and others. If you plan to be using the mobile phone as a GPS device, this could be even more important. As many riders know, it’s not always easy to use your phone on your bike. Depending on whether you’re biking, running or walking, it can get pretty frustrating to try and use your phone when you need it. Fortunately, there are some great options available for mobile device mounts. In this piece, we’ll look at the top-rated bike phone mounts so you can decide which option best suits your needs.

Are bike phone mounts safe?

Though you could mount your phone or GPS in a number of ways, most cyclists find a bike phone mount to be the best and most convenient. There are several kinds of bike phone mounts, ranging from simple ones that stick to the back of your device to ones that clip on to your bike. No matter what kind of bike phone mount you choose, though, you should practice safe cycling habits and be aware of the potential dangers of using your device while biking. If there’s one thing that can make a ride less enjoyable, it’s being unable to use your phone while you’re cycling. There are plenty of bike phone mount options out there, but which one is best? The good news is you don’t need to shell out big bucks for a fancy phone mount. (If you’re in the market for a new bike, be sure to check out this buyer’s guide.) While you’re at it, here are some great exercise bike options, too.

Is quadlock worth?

Looking for an easy way to attach your phone to your bike? Quad Lock is a new bike phone mount that makes biking while using your phone safer and more convenient than ever. The mount itself is made of a tough polycarbonate and is designed to be used with any case you already have. It’s a sturdy piece of hardware, yet it’s still small and lightweight enough to stick in a pocket when you don’t need it. The quadlock is a phone mount that is designed to have a universal fit for most smartphones, and makes use of a bungee cord to attach the phone to the mount. This is a simple and effective way to keep your phone safe while you are using it as a GPS device, and the bungee cord allows you to position the phone exactly where you want it. It also gives you the ability to use the GPS features and your phone without having to remove your phone from the mount.

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