Clamps are essential for any home or shop workshop. You always need to have one or two in the office to hold down small pieces of wood. You need a clamp to hold a piece of metal on a form. And you need a clamp, to hold a piece of metal on the bench to work on it. Clamps are everywhere!

Have you been in the market for a new clamp meter recently? If so, you will need to know what to look for before making a purchase. With so many choices out there, it’s important to get your hands on a product that will serve you well. If you’re not sure what to look for, this guide will help you find the best clamp meter for the money.

Clamp meters are a type of electrical hardware that measures the voltage and current flowing through a circuit, used in testing and troubleshooting. They are useful for both professionals and DIY users. As a professional, you can use them to save time in troubleshooting circuits on a project. As a DIY user, you can use them to troubleshoot household circuits and prevent fires. In this article, we have listed the Top 10 Best Clamp Meters for your reference.

The clamp meter is an important device for the professional electrician. The device can measure the current in any conductor without direct contact. It is a hybrid between a digital multimeter and a current clamp. The name of the clamp is explained by the fact that the clamping jaws open to be stretched around the guides. The jaws are made of ferrite iron and can detect and measure any magnetic current. Choosing the best current clamp can be a difficult task. Most modern current clamps offer more measurement functions. In addition to the basic current measurement, some devices can even measure resistances. In this article, we will help you find the best terminometers on the market. Check out our reviews of the 10 best power tongs on the market this year. These are high-quality clamp-on measuring devices with interesting features. A connection meter is an important tool for any electrician and should be chosen with care. Do not choose a terminal counter of poor quality. Browse our selection and carefully choose the multimeter clamp that meets your needs.

10. KAIWEETS Multimeter with digital terminals T-RMS6000 Readout

Check out the price on Amazon It is a very accurate RMS current clamp meter. It can accurately measure AC/DC current. It is a universal current clamp that also measures resistance, capacity and frequency or duty cycle. The meter is extremely easy to use and is the ideal choice for homes and businesses. The meter works efficiently and does not display false readings. It has a low input impedance and a low-pass filter to avoid phantom voltages and ensure accurate measurements. There is an optional NCV detection function to check the electrical status by measuring the electromagnetic field strength. Overall, this is a multi-purpose current clamp with a two-color backlit LCD display. It is simple to use and easy to read. The meter is also equipped with an auto power off function after 15 minutes of inactivity.


  • Easy to read back-lit LCD colour display
  • Low input impedance to prevent false readings
  • Low-pass filter for accurate measurement
  • Non-contact voltage detection

9. Etekcity Digital Multimeter Clamp AC and AC/DC Voltage Tester

Check out the price on Amazon This is an accurate AC and AC/DC voltmeter that should be considered for purchase. The meter accurately measures AC/DC voltage and current for AC current only. It can also measure resistances, perform continuity tests and diode tests. This is an advanced clam counter that can run multiple tests. This is a pair of decent sized pliers with a 26 mm jaw opening. It can measure the current without interrupting the circuit. It is a clamp-on meter with a functional design, supplied with optional accessories for universal use. There is another large, easy-to-read LCD screen. The meter saves energy by going into sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity.


  • Easy to read data thanks to the large and clear LCD display
  • Easy to carry with the practical carrying bag
  • 26 mm jaw opening for current measurement without circuit interruption.
  • Saves power by automatically going into sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity.


  • Wobbly wires, but they work well

8. Multimeter, Digital Clamp Meter 6000 Counter

Check out the price on Amazon It is an effective non-contact AC/DC voltage tester and AC indicator. This is a quality choice on the list that also measures capacitance, duty cycle, diodes and resistance. It is a measuring clamp with a safe design, which allows the current to be measured without touching the live wires. If current is detected, the meter gives a light and sound alarm. It is a reliable construction, equipped with continuity tests and overload protection. The terminal counter is easy to use and displays data on a clear LCD screen. Overall, this is a practical choice of a current clamp that comes with the necessary accessories for universal use. It also supports data retention and auto power off to save energy.


  • Energy saving with automatic switch-off
  • Safe design with overload protection and continuity test
  • Large, clear LCD display for easy reading
  • Safe detection of non-contact current


  • Probes closer to the tip are not shielded.

7. UEi Test Instruments DL369 Digital Test Clamp

Check out the price on Amazon This is a digital master meter, one of the best on the list. This is an interesting measuring clamp with exciting possibilities. Firstly, the meter is light and compact, which increases its mobility. You can easily carry it with you and use it anywhere. The digital meter is efficient enough to monitor lead storage. This is an excellent choice for a 4000uf capacitance meter. It is a measuring clamp with safe design and safe non-contact voltage test. The meter can also be used to perform continuity tests, diode tests and duty cycles. A carrying bag is also included.


  • Portability thanks to compact and lightweight design
  • Carrying case for easy transport and storage
  • Versatility with many functions
  • Safety contact voltage


  • No backlight for reading in the dark

6. Field piece SC440 True RMS clamp scale with temperature

Check out the price on Amazon This is another good choice for a clamp-on meter with temperature measurement capability. The light and compact measuring clamp is easy to carry and can be used anywhere. In addition, a storage and transport case is supplied with the meter. It is a universal meter with AC/DC voltage detection function. The measuring clamp gives a true RMS measurement. It also measures frequency across lines and connections. For universal use the terminal can also measure thermometer values in F and C. All in all, this is a reliable current clamp that should be seriously considered for purchase.


  • Measures temperature in F and C
  • Allows detection of AC/DC voltage
  • Compact and therefore portable device
  • Slim carrying case


  • The selector switch can distort the measured values

5. Extech MA445 True RMS 400A AC/DC Clamp

Check out the price on Amazon This is another clamp-on RMS meter with accurate readings. The meter is versatile and functional and can perform a wide range of tasks. It can give accurate readings regardless of the waveform. The clamp size is 30 mm, suitable for most conductors up to 500 μm. There’s another large backlit LCD screen and a built-in flashlight. They make it easy to read the screen, even in the dark. It is an easy to use current clamp with a relative mode for zero capacitance, data preservation, DC zero setting, low battery indicator and automatic shutdown.


  • Functional design with numerous tests
  • Easy to read read measurements on the screen
  • True RMS function ensures accuracy
  • Backlit display with built-in flashlight for use in the dark


  • No sensor temperature limit

4. Small tools CL120 Digital current clamp, automatic range

Check out the price on Amazon It is a clamp-on meter with a unique design for AC current measurement and non-contact voltage measurement with clamps. This is a high quality measuring clamp with safe design and functionality. A non-contact voltage tester is integrated into the jaws, allowing safe voltage detection without touching the hands. It is an excellent safety feature that helps prevent accidents. It is a universally designed current clamp meter with an automatic measuring range. The clamp also features an LCD screen on the back for easy viewing in low light conditions. An additional test lead holder is located on the side of the clamp for hands-free operation. Overall, this is a high quality current clamp worth ordering immediately.


  • Large LCD screen for use in low light
  • Compact and light, so portable
  • Non-contact voltage tester
  • Automatic measurements


  • A non-contact tester that is too sensitive to detect hidden cables

3. AstrolAI Digital terminal counter 4000 display

Check out the price on Amazon It is a universal digital current clamp that accurately measures AC and DC voltage and current. It can also measure capacitance, frequency/cycles, diode, resistance and more. It is a safe measuring clamp with a non-contact voltage tester. It gives a green light when it detects a weak AC signal. It can also emit a beep or buzzer with variable volume, depending on the level of the AC voltage signal. It is a multifunctional current clamp with an easy to read digital display. The LCD screen is backlit and has a flashlight for use in the dark. Overall, this is a high quality gauge with a large jaw opening for most drivers. It is a versatile meter that comes with accessories for immediate use.


  • Large opening in the clamping jaws for mounting most guides
  • Easy to read data thanks to a large display
  • Non-contact voltage test
  • Extra tips as a bonus


  • A bit complicated to learn, but user-friendly

2. INGCO Digital counter with automatic measuring range TRMS6000 Counting measurements

Check out the price on Amazon This is another reliable digital current clamp that passes a wide range of tests. This is a true automatic TRMS range clamp that will meet all your clamping needs. The meter can measure AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, diode test, capacitance, duty cycle and temperature. It is a simply designed clip-on meter with flashing lights that meets many needs. It has an orange backlight for easy use in the dark. It is a reliable current clamp with an audible signal that indicates resistance. Overall, this is a professional multimeter with a large number of functions in one device. Plus, you get 90 days of free returns and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your purchase.


  • All-in-one device with many functions
  • Integrated backlight for use in the dark
  • Design with automatic turntable
  • Safety through non-contact design


  • Several cases of missing battery

1. UNI-T UT210E Pro Mini Digital Current Clamp, Auto Range

Check out the price on Amazon This is a digital clamp meter with an updated design, fast readings and all new features. It is a versatile multimeter clamp that you can use for diagnosing automotive equipment, repairing industrial and household electrical equipment, and troubleshooting. It is a true true value meter with automatic iris. The meter accurately measures current and voltage. It can also measure resistance, capacitance, continuity tests, diode tests and other tests. It is a highly reliable measuring instrument, designed for many years of use. It is equipped with an integrated overload protection chip. All in all, this is a pocket meter with non-slip rubber construction that you can safely order today. You also get an 18-month warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Ultra-safe design and durability
  • Overload protection
  • Compact, non-slip rubber design
  • Easy to use

Factors to consider when choosing the best pile driver

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the best terminal desk. It is important to invest in high quality pliers. This means taking the time to consider the important features and factors. Below are the important factors and features to consider before purchasing.


Safety is the most important factor you need to consider when choosing a post meter. Finally, the measuring clamp is designed so that there is no physical contact between the hands and the conductor. You need to know that the meter is safe and can measure current without causing an electric shock. Select measuring clamps with the highest safety class. You can check the security by looking at the IP rating, which is an assessment of protection against intrusion. The IP class indicates the degree of protection of the enclosure used by the meter.


Next, you should pay attention to the display of the device and choose models with easy-to-read LCD screens. What are the units of the screen? The different clamp meters are equipped with sieves of different sizes. Some of the best clamp meters have high resolution, color and lighting capabilities. This means that you can continuously read all the units on the screen without straining your eyes. A good quality clamp should have an excellent display for easy reading of data and analysis of results.

Clamp size

The size of the current clamp is another important factor to consider when choosing a meter. The clamps have dimensions from 17 mm to 45 mm to meet a variety of needs. You can choose either a short or a long clip, whichever suits you best. The larger size of the clamp allows longer conductors to be measured. The ideal clamp size depends on the size of the guides in your workshop.

Maximum resistance limit

Current resistance is measured in ohms. Knowing the maximum strength is another important factor to consider. Resistance is important because it gives an idea of how hard current can flow in a conductor. The measuring terminals have a maximum resistance of at least 4 kilowatts. However, it is possible to find models with a higher resistance limit of 10 kilohm.

Compatibility with smartphones

This is another important factor to consider. Is the device compatible with your smartphone via Bluetooth? Modern clip-on meters offer smartphone compatibility by installing a simple app on your phone. These are just a few important factors to keep in mind. There are other factors to consider such as B. Current, warranty, optional accessories and more. Final assessment In conclusion, these are the best terminometers you should consider buying. Meters are essential and indispensable for any professional electrician. Allows you to measure currency, resistance, capacitance and more. The measuring clamps are safe to use because they prevent direct contact with the conductors. Check out our top options above and choose the one that best suits your needs and desires.Are you looking to buy a clamp meter for your garage or workshop? You have come to the right place! It is the most trusted source to buy the best clamp meter in the market. In this article, we look at some of the leading clamp meters in the market.. Read more about best amp clamp for automotive use and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand clamp meter is best?

In order to get the best results from any power tool, it is essential to have a good clamp meter. Clamp meters can tell you if the job you are doing is within the expected limits and if there is any danger of the situation getting out of hand. If you’ve found yourself in the middle of a job that is quickly going past the limits of your current tools, you may have to make some quick decisions. There are countless clamp meter brands on the market today and the choice can be quite overwhelming. So, which clamp meter brand should you buy? Purchasing a clamp meter is a big decision, because you need a reliable manufacturer that listens to feedback, and produces a quality product. Here is a list of the top clamp meter brands in the market, and their respective features.

What is the best clamp meter for electrician?

A clamp meter is a portable tool that electricians can use to check electrical wiring or components for safety and proper installation. It is used to check on electrical wiring or components to make sure they are insulated and insulated correctly, and are not touching. The clamp meter should have settings that are very sensitive and fast. Electronic clamp meters are a massive market for electricians, and we’ve put together this guide for the best clamp meters you can buy.  This guide takes a look at the top 10 clamp meters you can buy in the UK, based on their price, features and reviews.

How accurate are clamp on meters?

Looking for a cheap clamp meter for your next DIY job? Well, a clamp meter is a handy home tool that can be used to measure the wire size and voltage of any electrical project. They can be used for DIY projects, or as a handy tool in your workshop, garage, or shed. Clamp on meters allow people to measure the cost of their energy bills, and they quickly become a popular choice among those who want to save money. However, the question remains: just how accurate are they?

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