To keep yourself and your family healthy, the fan is a very important gadget. It can be used in winter, spring, summer and autumn. It is usually used to cool down the room and keep the room at an appropriate temperature. Pedestal fans are very important for any household because they can be used in many different ways. They can be used for cooling and also for giving a pleasant environment to the people they are used in.

This is the list of top 10 best pedestal fan in 2021 reviews. The pedestal fans are designed for people who like to cool down by circulating the air in their room or during summer. They are available in different models, sizes and shapes. Every pedestal fan comes with a lot of features. The features include a nice looking attractive appearance, soothing sound, effective cooling performance, easy to install and use, long-lasting use and more. If you want to cool down your room in the summer or during winter, then you can look for pedestal fans.

Standing fans are an economical way to cool rooms. Over the years, people have debated what is the best choice between standing fans and air conditioners. Although air conditioners are quite efficient, their energy costs are high. This makes standing fans an excellent choice for keeping your home cool and reducing your energy costs. Pedestal fans are electric fans with a removable base for easy and convenient use. Fans are generally self-supporting and easy to move. The best stand fan is easy to use, convenient, height adjustable and stable. You can easily move it around and choose the settings that suit your personal experience.

Choosing the best stand up fan can be a daunting task for most homeowners. In this article, we will help you find the best and top rated standing fans for your home and office. There is a wide variety of models of standing fans on the market. In our reviews, we looked at stand up fans that are functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing. Check out our top options below and choose the stand fan that best suits your needs.

10. Amazon Basics Double blade oscillating knife

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This is a two-blade oscillating fan that is an interesting choice in this list. The fan is very efficient and easy to use. It is equipped with an automatic oscillation and a vertical angle. It is an ergonomic fan with a height adjustable handle. You can easily adjust the handle in height and lock it to promote air circulation in the room. In addition, the fan is equipped with a high-quality silent motor for quiet operation. It is a versatile floor fan with three power levels and three airflow settings. You can choose between sleep mode, normal mode or natural breeze mode. The fan has simple digital controls and an efficient on/off timer. A remote control is also included for easy operation from across the room.


  • Safe operation with simple on/off timer
  • Customized experience with three power levels and three source modes
  • Stability thanks to a wide base
  • Quiet operation


  • A little complicated to put together

9. Lasko 2535 52 compact pedestal fan

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It is a sleek 52 foot tall fan. This is a high quality tower fan with a compact design. The fan has three quiet, energy-saving speeds for versatile use. This is a reliable floor fan for use in the kitchen, living room, office and bedroom. Moreover, the fan is small in size and fits perfectly in small spaces. The fan has a large oscillation range and directional blades to disperse the air in the room. There is an optional oscillation function that allows for 360-degree air distribution. It is a wireless stand fan with remote control and LED display. The fan also has a built-in timer for automatic shutdown. Overall, this is a simple stand up fan design with easy installation and operation.


  • LED display for extra illumination at night
  • Timer function for automatic switch-off
  • Compact, space-saving design for small spaces
  • Simple operation with the radio remote control


  • Annoying rattling sound when swinging

8. Vornado Energy Smart Medium Recirculation Fan

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This is a powerful pedestal fan with vortex action. It is an energy-saving fan that provides strong air circulation. The fan is equipped with a brushless DC motor that efficiently distributes the air through the room. The fan has a variable speed, so homeowners can choose the speed that suits their needs in the room. It is equipped with a swivel head and an adjustable handle. These are excellent features that allow for multi-directional airflow and precise air concentration. The fan also has a sturdy, wide base for safe use. It is a simple fan with low angle blades for optimum performance. You also get excellent customer support and a 10-year warranty.


  • Optimal performance thanks to deep fins
  • Reliable DC motor for efficient airflow
  • Variable speed settings offer versatility
  • Unidirectional airflow


  • Becomes louder with increasing speed

7. RowentaVU5670 Turbo Silence Oscillating fan

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This is a programmable stand fan that is worth buying. It is an oscillating fan that spreads fresh air to all corners of the room. The fan is equipped with a powerful motor and provides an exceptionally strong breeze in the room. It is a universally designed oscillating fan with 5 speed settings. In addition, the fan is equipped with an electronic control panel and an 8-hour timer. It’s pretty easy to use and program. Overall, this is a compact oscillating fan that is suitable for use in small spaces. A remote control is also included for easy operation and use.


  • Stable stand for easy use
  • Five speeds for versatility
  • Programmable control for easy operation
  • Powerful motor and super quiet operation

6. HONEYWELL16 double bladed column fan

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It is a powerful fan with two blades and excellent cooling performance. This is an exciting fan with 3 speed settings and oscillation. The fan provides excellent cooling of medium to large spaces. It is a simple fan design with a simple electronic control. It is a robust fan with adjustable parameters to meet different user requirements. There are three power options and three breeze options. This is an interesting choice of fan that can be easily controlled with the remote. The fan helps to cool down in hot summer weather by improving air circulation. It is a compact and stable fan design for a wide range of requirements.


  • Adjustable cooling with 3 speeds and 3 airflows
  • Powerful and therefore efficient air displacement
  • Quiet operation
  • Reduces energy costs


  • No dedicated on/off button

5. PELONIS 18 inch silent oscillating floor fan

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It is a silent oscillating fan with 3 speeds and an adjustable knob. It is a stylish fan that looks good in any room. The fan is also equipped with a 5-hour timer for automatic shutdown. The fan is equipped with high quality blades and a powerful motor. It allows strong wind circulation and keeps the house cool. It is a user-friendly fan with a wide oscillation angle. You can be sure that the air is circulating in all corners of your home. Overall, the fan is safe to use and has a wide base for maximum stability. It also has a built-in overheat protection that automatically shuts off if the motor overheats. The PELONIS brand also offers a one-year warranty for purchase security.


  • Wide angle oscillation for the entire home cooling system
  • Stable base
  • Integrated overheating protection for safety
  • 3 speed settings


  • The top is a bit heavy for a base

4. Height-adjustable DecoBREEZE stand fan

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It is a simple standing fan with adjustable height and 3 speeds. This is a universally designed fan with a self-supporting attachment. The fan is easy to install anywhere and looks great complementing your interior. You can easily adjust the height of the fan from 37 to 49. This is a great feature that allows you to direct airflow to the right places. This is a solid fan with a solid base and a three-year limited warranty. The fan fits perfectly in any environment and is very easy to handle and operate.


  • Adjustable in height, so versatile in use
  • 3 speed settings for an individual experience
  • Slim and attractive, so decoration
  • Weighted base for extra stability


  • The motor heats up when used for a long time

3. Simple Deluxe Oscillating 16-position fan, adjustable

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This is another high quality pedestal fan with a long 16 inch handle. The fan is very versatile and has many modes. It is an oscillating fan that rotates and spreads air to all angles. The fan is advanced and equipped with a simple and practical remote control. It also has a blue LED display for extra illumination at night. This fan offers the user 3 ventilation speeds depending on the temperature of the room. The different fan speeds allow use in different living environments. It is a stable and quiet stand fan that meets a wide range of user requirements. This is a high quality fan that you can buy without hesitation.


  • Blue LED backlight display
  • Three fan speeds for versatile use
  • Simple wireless remote control
  • 90-degree oscillation for even air circulation

2. OEMTOOLS OEM24871 20 high speed sleeve fans

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This is a large standing fan with a large cooling capacity. The fan has a powerful motor and large blades for excellent air displacement. The fan works efficiently and keeps bedrooms, offices, living rooms and kitchens cool. This is a superior designed stand up fan that meets a wide range of requirements. The fan offers the user total control with three speed settings. It also has an adjustable handle to direct the airflow to the desired height. This is a high-end fan that can dramatically improve the air quality in your home. This is a safe UL certified fan that you can order today without hesitation.


  • UL listed, so safe
  • Three speed settings for individual perception
  • Excellent performance
  • Maximum cooling capacity


  • It’s a little tricky to put together.

1. Smartmi oscillating outdoor fan on stand 2s

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This is our newest best standing fan and a worthy choice for this list. This is a powerful fan with 7 blades for excellent air displacement. It is by far the most versatile stand up fan with 100 speeds. The fan is equipped with a high quality brushless DC motor that guarantees a strong wind movement. It is a fan with a long range and very quiet operation. The fan is cordless and is an excellent choice for the patio and deck. It has a powerful built-in lithium battery for long lasting use. Moreover, the fan can be easily monitored and controlled via a smart app.


  • Intelligent APP control, so easy operation
  • The 100-speed setting can therefore be used universally.
  • Wireless control for easy outdoor use
  • Ultra quiet and long range


  • A bit difficult to configure the APP remote control

Tips for buying a Plug Fan

There are several factors to consider when choosing a pedestal fan. These factors are important and determine the life, safety and efficiency of the fans. Familiarise yourself with it before choosing the right stand fan.

Number size

The size of the room is an important factor in determining the right fan size. You need to choose the right size fan for your room. For small rooms, you can invest in a small, inexpensive fan. There is no need to invest in a large fan, only if you need to circulate air in a small space. The same goes for large rooms. You need a large fan that can effectively cool large spaces. Measure the area of the room and choose a fan that will cover that area.

Timer function

Do you always forget to turn off the fan when you go to bed? The solution is to buy a fan with a timer function for automatic shutdown. The timer is a great solution to turn off the fan if you forget to turn it off. It also allows you to transfer energy when you are not in the house. Various timer options with programmable settings are available. Consider fans with different timer settings: 15, minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 90 minutes, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, etc. These timers are convenient and save energy.

Stationary or directional

Pedestal fans can be supplied with a fixed or a directional head to meet different requirements. The fixed-head timer is a good choice for small spaces. However, for large rooms where many people sit, it is better to choose a fan with a directional head. Directional fans usually have tilt and oscillation functions to ensure even airflow in the room.

Silent operation

Next, you need a fan with a high-quality, quiet motor. The last thing you want is a fan that makes noise in your home. The recommended noise level for most floor standing fans is less than 60 decibels. However, you should be willing to spend more for quiet fans.

adjustable height

The ideal stand fan should be easily adjustable in height for individual and comfortable use. You can choose the ideal height at which to circulate the air.

Remote control

Finally, make sure the stand fan comes with a remote control for easy operation. This is an added benefit that allows homeowners to operate and control the fans from across the room.

Final assessment

All in all, these are the best standing fans on the market that you should seriously consider buying this year. These are high quality floor standing fans for cooler summers. Make sure you buy your fan in advance and enjoy a cool summer in your home. You can confidently choose a product from our exclusive list and enjoy excellent value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand pedestal fan is best?

The best brand of pedestal fan is the one that you are most comfortable with.

How do I choose the right pedestal fan?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a pedestal fan. The size of the room, the height of the ceiling, and how often you plan on using it are all important considerations.

What is the quietest pedestal fan?

The quietest pedestal fan is the Honeywell HY-280E QuietSet Tower Fan.

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