Yoga exercises remain one of the best ways to relax and rejuvenate the body. When you do your daily yoga moves, you need a good quality yoga mat. Yoga mats are great for keeping you low and safe. Yoga mats look simple enough, but they play a crucial role. Although yoga mats look the same and serve the same purpose, there are still some things you need to consider when choosing a mat. The best yoga mat should offer good support, cushioning and comfort. Different yoga mats are designed to meet the different needs, styles and constitutions of users. The most suitable yoga mat should suit your physical requirements, training and preferences.

Cheap carpets are usually slippery on the floor. For a regular workout, you need mats with excellent grip. In this article, we will help you find the best performing and top rated yoga mats on the market. We’ve researched hundreds of yoga mats and narrowed down your choices to the top 10 models. These yoga mats have been tested this year and are well established in the market. Mats are highly recommended for safe and effective yoga movements. Browse through them below and choose the yoga mat that best suits your needs and desires.

10. Balance by GoYoga Universal ¼ High density anti-scratch mat

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It is a large yoga mat measuring 68 inches wide and 24 inches long. It is an environmentally friendly high density yoga mat. The mat has a thickness of ¼ inch and offers excellent cushioning to the user. You can rest assured that your knees, elbows and hips are protected. It is a double-sided anti-slip mat for universal use. It is a non-slip mat that helps prevent injuries. Plus, the mat is exceptionally strong to give you maximum balance during your workout. Overall, it is a light carpet with a slight slip. Easy to pack and take anywhere. In addition, the mat can be stored easily and space-savingly.


  • Lightweight and lightweight of belt, so portable
  • Double-sided anti-slip surfaces, so no slipping
  • Extra large size for excellent coverage
  • Thick for better cushioning

9. Dralegend Yoga MatFitness Mat

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This is another non-slip high density yoga mat that you should consider buying. This is a quality carpet with TPE material. The carpet offers long life and durability. This is an improved eco-friendly carpet and skin mat. The mat is comfortable and ideal for training. It is odourless and safe. It is a double-sided mat with a non-slip design for increased stability. The improved structure of the non-slip handles on both sides makes training without slipping possible. Overall, this is a top-of-the-line yoga mat with just the right amount of padding. The mat has a perfect size and is easy to carry and use anywhere. The carpet is also easy to clean, helping to maintain high hygiene standards.


  • Easy to clean, thus high hygienic standards
  • Double non-slip sides for maximum stability
  • Proper degree of support and cushioning, so comfortable
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for the skin

8. Retrospective Solana Yoga Mat ½ inch and 1 inch thick

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This is another solid yoga mat that is ½ inch and 1 inch thick. This is a quality mat that comes with a nylon strap for easy transportation. The carpet is very thick and provides excellent comfort on most surfaces. It is also non-slip for maximum stability. You can easily do yoga exercises while relieving stress on your joints, hands and knees. The mat is very durable and can be used for many years. It is a BPA and phthalate free rug that can be used safely by anyone. The carpet is also easy to clean and maintain.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Free of BPA and phthalates, so safe.
  • Very thick for excellent cushioning
  • A durable material, so a durable use


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This is a high quality eco-friendly yoga made of high quality TPE. The thermoplastic elastomer material is certified and can easily be flexibly stretched. It is a durable carpet that will serve you for a long time. The mat is also very thick, providing excellent surface cushioning. It is a safe, non-slip mat that will serve you for years. It is a mat consisting of two layers with a textured non-slip surface on both sides. This ensures excellent stability and prevents injuries. It is a high density carpet with a thickness of 6 mm for maximum comfort. It is also very broad and provides great coverage.


  • An extra large size for everyone
  • Very thick, so good cushioning
  • Non-slip surface texture for stability
  • High quality TPE material, so durable


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It is a leading exercise mat for Pilates, yoga and various exercises. It is a solid mat with a textured surface to improve traction. The mat provides excellent stability during training without slipping. This is an ultra-thin ½ inch mat with excellent cushioning support. It’s a great way to work out without straining your knees, hips and joints. This is a lightweight and durable foam yoga mat that adapts to your yoga movements. The mat is foldable and comes with a carrying strap so you can take it anywhere.


  • ½ inch thick for excellent support and cushioning
  • Textured surface provides excellent grip
  • Light foam, so portable
  • Sustainable


  • Stretches and stains when wet

5. Gaiam Essentials – top quality yoga mat with harness for yoga mat

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This is a classic yoga mat with a sturdy yet lightweight construction. This is a solid yoga mat that is ¼ inch thick. The mat offers extra cushioning for excellent support. You can work out without putting strain on your knees, joints and hips. The mat has a textured non-slip surface that provides a firm grip on the surface. It is a versatile rug that comes in a variety of colors. In addition, the carpet is non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals. Overall, it is a high quality yoga mat with a loop for easy transportation.


  • Non-toxic, therefore safe
  • Thickness, so less pressure on the joints
  • Sticky and non-slip surface texture, so stable.
  • Excellent grip

4. ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat

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This is an ultra-comfortable high-density foam mat that you should consider buying. It is a good choice of 1-inch thick, high density carpet. The mat is easy on the joints and provides minimal pressure on the body. It is a design and versatile yoga mat, ideal for a wide range of fitness exercises. It is a waterproof mat with an NBR material that naturally repels moisture. It is a low maintenance yoga mat that can be easily wiped clean. The mat also has a non-slip surface that adheres to the floor for maximum stability. All in all, it is a portable mat with a carrying strap that can be carried and used anywhere.


  • Portable design and delivered with a carrying strap
  • Easy-care mat with simple cleaning
  • 1 thick, so excellent cushioning support
  • Versatile for a wide range of applications


  • Only ribbed on one side and can slide a little on the other side.

3. Yoga mat, TPE textured exercise mat

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Here is another updated TPE non-slip yoga mat, available to order immediately. It is a sturdy mat that prevents unnecessary injuries. The mat has a textured non-slip surface for maximum stability. You can practice without slipping or sliding. It is a patented, eco-friendly yoga mat with the latest improvements in TPE technology. It is a two-layer structured mat with excellent anti-slip properties. The mat also has an optimal adjustment of 6 mm to ensure sufficient cushioning. All in all, it is a light and easy to carry yoga mat. The mat is easy enough to take with you to the gym, office or on your travels. So you can easily train anywhere.


  • Lightweight design, so easy to transport
  • Thick, double-layer construction for excellent cushioning
  • Environmentally friendly and therefore safe material
  • Non-slip textured surface prevents slipping

2. CAP Barbell HHY-CF004B Yoga mat, blue

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This is also a merkyoga mat of high quality with a thickness of 3 mm. This is a top-of-the-line yoga mat that you should consider buying. The mat provides a comfortable surface for yoga exercises. Moreover, this mat is extremely resistant and easy to roll up. It folds compactly for storage and transport wherever you go. This is a quality mat with a textured, non-slip surface that provides a good grip on surfaces. It is a lightweight, durable carpet that offers a long life. The mat can last for several sessions without tearing or cracking.


  • 3 mm thick, so comfortable
  • Non-slip, textured surface for stability
  • Lightness and durability
  • Easy to roll up for easy storage and transportation

1. Gruper Yog_Mat Non-slip and ecological fitness mat

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It’s our final pick of the best yoga mat to consider buying. This is a new carpet design with a safe and environmentally friendly material. It is a safer and softer mat that provides an excellent level of comfort. The rug is highly rated and is an excellent addition to the list. It is a mat consisting of two layers that is resistant to tearing and wear. The mat also has a sticky, non-slip surface to prevent slipping. It provides optimal grip on surfaces, preventing slippage during training. Overall, it’s a mat in two sizes with easy-to-clean instructions. The carpet can be easily cleaned in cold water with a mild detergent. It is a safe, custom-made carpet that you can rely on immediately.


  • Double layer construction, so robust
  • Adhesive and textured, therefore non-slip surface.
  • Environmentally friendly materials are therefore safe.
  • Available in two sizes for universal use

Instructions for purchasing a yoga mat

What should I look for when choosing a yoga mat? Not all yoga mats are manufactured to the highest quality standards. You need a mat that is adapted to your specific yoga movements and dimensions. In this section, we will look at the different features to consider when choosing the best yoga mats. These factors include :


The thickness of the carpets is probably the most important factor to consider. It makes a decisive contribution to cushioning and stability during training. Thicker mats are preferable because they offer better cushioning for the hips, joints and knees. Nevertheless, there must be a delicate balance between thickness and stability. Very thick carpets may be less stable.


The next thing to look out for is the material the carpet is made of. Different materials are used in the manufacture of yoga mats. You can choose between synthetic and environmentally friendly materials. PVC and TPE are among the most common materials. You can also consider rubber mats as they are soft and comfortable. PVBC carpets are fairly easy to maintain and durable. They can last for years and offer excellent value for money. However, PVC is not environmentally friendly.

We also have TPE mats, which have a texture similar to rubber mats and are recyclable. In general, rubber is very popular because it is non-slip and provides excellent traction.


The length of your yoga mat is another important factor to keep in mind. The standard size of a yoga mat is approximately 68 inches by 24 inches. However, if you are tall, it is better to get a larger rug. People who are 6 feet tall may want to consider oversized rugs. You want a rug that has plenty of room to rock. Slide the mat down to see if it fits your size and provides extra space.

Cell type

Finally, you need to consider the type of matte cage. There are open cell types that are porous and absorb sweat and moisture. Preference is given to floor coverings with open cells and a non-slip surface. However, open cage mats should be cleaned regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria. Closed cell mats, on the other hand, are suitable for low-intensity exercises. They have less traction, but are more hygienic.

Final Judgment

In summary, these are the best yoga mats on the market that you should consider buying. For best results, do yoga exercises on the right mat. You can stretch and relax without hurting your knees, hips and joints. The perfect mat offers excellent cushioning for a worry-free workout. Choose a yoga mat from our exclusive list above.

frequently asked questions

What is the best thickness for a yoga mat?

If your hands and feet begin to sink into the surface of the carpet, the carpet is probably too thick. Additionally, a 4mm mat, which is probably the optimal thickness for most of us, can give you the support you need to enjoy the exercise and move to the next level or training goal.

Are Lululemon yoga mats worth it?

and not a purchase you want to make on a whim. But if they’re anything more than just fun, they’re worth it, trust us. Here’s Lululemon’s definitive guide to yoga mats, explaining in detail what each mat is for and why it’s needed. … Used to… : Home training and hot, hatha or vinyasa yoga.

Which yoga mat is better than Jade or Manduki?

Autopsy: Jade Yoga vs Manduka PRO –

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