It’ll be hard to believe you don’t know Harman Cardon. They must have stumbled over speakers, headphones and other audio equipment that impressed the brand. He’s quite famous, and if you’re wondering why you keep reading the manual to find out what makes Harman Kardon popular.

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Harman Cardon Short Review

Harman Kardon was founded in the United States in 1953 by Sydney Harman and Bernard Cardon. It is a division of Harman International which produces high quality consumer and audio products such as headphones, loudspeakers, etc., as well as audio equipment for vehicles. Recently, in March 2017, SAMSUNG acquired Harman Kardon for $8 billion. The audio tag even has JBL, AKG and infinity. So it’s not surprising that you find half the market for Harman bearing products.

What makes Harman Cardon better than the others.

Harman Kardon has made a name for itself with its original design and features that surpass all others. From the sleek and elegant design to the exceptional sound quality, Harman Kardon stands out. You should choose one based on your preferences and you’ll see how you can have a more exciting and quality experience than other brands.

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Harman Cardon Speaker Types

Harman Kardon has used all types of speakers, from traditional models to the sleek and compact Harman Kardon Top 12 wireless speakers in 2020 . There are many variations on each type of speaker, so there will certainly be one that will counteract many of your preferences!

Satellite speakers

The sticks destroy the monotonous design and bring you a very expressive yet exciting speaker set. Some of these sleek, modern speakers give you a glimpse of the interior, so you can see both the intricate winding of the wires and the small or large electronic cards that together produce a clear, crisp sound.


The docked speakers are another Harman Kardon speaker with a unique appearance. In the shape of an iron or handbag, these speakers are incredibly portable. Like all Harman Kardon speakers, they offer fantastic sound quality and connectivity.

Speaker with voice activation

Voice-controlled speakers offer greater comfort and are more easily accessible without compromising sound quality. You can use voice commands to adjust your music or control other settings or respond to your requests.

Wireless speakers

These are compact Bluetooth speakers that connect to external devices and offer great mobility. You can become your travelling companions to make your little encounters outdoors more melodious.

Characteristics distinguishing Harman Cardon from the others

Many brands are in direct competition with Harman Kardon. There may be a few aspects to beat, but if you look at the whole range of performances by Harman Kardon’s speakers, you’ll find every reason to opt for it. Below are some points where you can compete with different brands and the Harman Top 12 Harman Cardon Speakers in 2020 Cardon Speakers to make a better choice.

Sound quality

The popularity of the speakers is mainly due to the excellent sound quality they deliver. Most speakers now feature 360-degree sound to give you a more spacious room and cleaner sound on movie night. The sound quality of Harman Kardon speakers is equal to or closer to that of many other brands, such as Bose. But it’s the versatility and precision that keeps Harman Kardon at the top of the game.

Parking at

Harman Kardon speakers have a simple but effective pairing function. The Bluetooth option lets you connect two or more devices and enjoy louder, clearer sound for larger meetings.

Production of bars

These speakers have a winning bass reproduction compared to all other brands on the market. The bass is divided into two aspects: the number of basses and the quality of the basses. It’s because of this feature that Harman Kardon speakers are most popular with hip-hop and EDM fans.

Long lifespan

Durability is the quality and strength of the materials used in the manufacture of the product. Harman Kardon speakers are made from high-quality materials that provide natural durability. They’re a mixture of plastic and metal, and the material she thinks is the right one. This consistency of the structure is another advantage.

Battery life

Harman Kardon’s loudspeaker performance is as good as any other loudspeaker on the market. With a full load of Top 12 Harman Kardon Speakers in 2020, the will run for up to 8 hours. This watch may decline if the volume is too loud.


Depending on the weight and design, we measure the portability of the product. The lightweight speaker has a stylish and compact design and is, of course, easy to carry and super portable. Harman Kardon speakers usually come with carrying handles, making them even easier to take anywhere!

Additional features

Like all manufacturers of high-end loudspeakers, Harman Kardon has a number of additional and technically advanced features. They support both the voice assistant and the hands-free function. A small problem may be related to the compatibility function, as Harman Kardon speakers do not come with a cable connection.

Used space

For larger columns, such as home cinema columns, the space taken up by the columns is usually taken into account. Harman Kardon has less of these options, but it doesn’t take up much space on your shelf. If you have to store them in a very limited space, you have a wide range of possibilities, so you are not limited or restricted here.

How to choose from Harman CardonSpeakers

Harman Kardon has an extensive collection of speakers that are superior to anything they have to offer. In our guide you will find some of the best elements that we believe will appeal to a wide range of readers, from teenagers to young and old. We have looked at the following aspects of these speakers to give you this amazing feedback. Whether you choose a speaker from our guide or visit the market, these aspects will help you choose the best one.

Price/performance ratio Top 12 Harman-Cardon dynamics in 2020

You’ll find Harman Kardon speakers that are cheap or expensive. The best way to select a speaker is to check his performance. If you get all the jobs for less money, you’re doing fair trade. Don’t measure quality against the price of your speakers, but see if you get value for money.


Harman Kardon speakers have a beautiful design. All the speakers on the market have amazing designs that will amaze you. They are a work of art, justified by their choice for the MoMA collection in Manhattan forever. For you, the best design is the one you think has the available controls. Any speaker who adapts to your environment or your daily routine is the one who suits you best.


Speakers are all about sound quality. Harman Cardon has some of the best audio features in all speakers, reducing confusion. However, you must measure the bass level if you are only responsible for the bass.  Usually they have a detailed and rich sound that you will appreciate.

Additional features

We have introduced you to speakers who have some of the most distinctive and remarkable features. These functions can include a wireless connection, an application, connection to external devices, a built-in microphone or battery, and so on. You can check which functions your speaker should have.

The method described above allowed us to select the best speakers that will appeal to audiophiles. They are suitable for any type of environment and are perfect for individual meetings or conferences. Our Harman Kardon Speakers Guide will answer all your questions about speakers and the type of speaker you need. He brings speakers that you can buy with your eyes closed. You can apply the same criteria or get an idea if you buy another model.

FAQTop 12 Harman Board Dynamics in 2020

How can Harman Kardon speakers be connected to computers and laptops?

There is a button on the speaker for pairing. Once you’ve clicked it, you can go to your computer and laptop’s pairing settings, where you’ll find the name of the speakers, click it and everything is ready.

How do you connect two pillars of Harman Cardon?

It’s good to know that the application will be ready as soon as possible. However, not all stakeholders are compatible with each other.

How do I connect Harman Kardon’s speakers to a TV?

Your TV must be compatible with Bluetooth devices to connect to their speakers. Once you know that your TV is connected via Bluetooth, it works in the same way as when you press the paired button on the speakerphone and find it in your TV’s settings.

How are the Harman Kardon speakers configured?

It is not necessary to have a thorough knowledge of rockets to install the loudspeakers, nor is it necessary to enter a wired bridge. Only the link option or the use of the application makes it possible to perform this task.

Are Harman Cardon speakers better than other brands?

Harman Kardon loudspeakers are definitely value for money. They have some of the most amazing speaker features and designs. However, the functionality of each column and its rival is different. So it’s more a question of preference.

Below are some of Harman Kardon’s best speakers who have contributed to the development of the market. You’ll love absolutely everything they have, from sound quality to design. They are all worth buying and have been selected for you from a range of other interesting options.

Top 12 Harman-Cardon dynamics in 2020.

Home theatres are affordable and easy to install. However, they don’t all deliver the same breathtaking sound quality as these new Harman Kardon 5.1-channel home cinema speakers. It is known for its elegant design, which has gone too far. The detailed sound quality, combined with the ease of use and editing functions, gives it an advantage over other software. Movie nights can be more fun because you can enjoy the sound experience like in any theatre. It is the best loudspeaker that is both stylish and easy to install, offering magical sound quality.


The latest 5.1 home theatre speaker features four identical satellite speakers left and right, front and rear, for richer, more spacious sound. The HKTS210SUB subwoofer is equipped with a special centre channel speaker.

It is usually a six-component system with a black, glossy surface. The unusual design is remarkable because it does not have hollow, hollow speakers like those in some other speakers. He has a heavy, rounded body with a black surface that seems durable.

Sound quality and performance

All speakers are efficiently integrated to ensure distinctive and reliable sound. Five 120W audio systems are equipped with 0.5 tweeters and 3 mid-range drivers that work together to create a realistic, rich and full sound.

A poor reading of the dialogues spoils your understanding of the film and your enjoyment. The central speaker amplifies the sound. The tuning function ensures consistency. It is equipped with a 200-watt subwoofer with 8-inch drivers that create authoritative realism in the low-frequency range, creating extra richness.

It is equipped with a music-sensitive trigger which, when it detects the audio signal, switches the subwoofer from sleep mode to automatic mode. The level control is used to balance the volume of the subwoofer with the rest of the system.

Other characteristics

Home Theatre 5.1 speakers have a dedicated LFE (Low Frequency Effect) input for easy connection to receivers and preamplifier processors linked to subwoofer outputs designed specifically for low frequency signals.

To give you more control over switching reactivity on and off, there is a connection to an external trigger. The movement of the woofer diaphragm is closed to better support the power. Speakers are energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about increasing your bills. It closes after 15 minutes of inactivity. In standby mode, it consumes only one watt of power.

Main points

  • Attractive and elegant design
  • Wall brackets for speaker mounting
  • High quality construction
  • A 200-watt subwoofer adds to the richness
  • Supplied with coloured cables

Harman Kardon’s three-part wireless speakers are a true work of art. The award-winning design is complemented by Harman Kardon’s award-winning Harman Kardon SoundSticks Bluetooth speaker system, which delivers exceptional sound quality. The beautiful aesthetics of the loudspeakers justify their inclusion in the permanent collection of the MoMA in Manhattan. Over the years, these sticks have been improved to make them even more attractive and to make the sound reproduction more accurate and realistic. Wireless communication is the way of the world today, and Harman Kardon guarantees that it will not disappoint you.


The sticks look modern. The transparent plastic surround shows the four mid-range drivers of the satellite speakers, with the transparency extending all the way to the subwoofer. Elegant black accents and brilliant white LED give a futuristic look.

Two satellite speakers are connected to the silver sockets, so you can position them as desired. Due to its versatility, the loudspeaker can be installed in a place and in a position that makes work easier.

Sound quality and performance

SoundSticks easily replace multimedia and become the most important audio system. The 40W amplifier offers a powerful, rich and realistic sound that makes you look forward to a movie night or a small gathering where you can dance to the beat all night long.

Low noise, low frequency amplifiers and subwoofers hear the voices of the satellites, which makes the SoundSticks ideal. The 6-inch subwoofer is equipped with a volume control. The sound is less sensitive to environmental variables because the subwoofer directs the sound downwards.

Eight sensors in the speakers produce sound that fills a room with more power and output power. The sound is free of any distortion that could ruin music or movies. The small sticks can be placed anywhere in the room without sacrificing performance.

Other functions

Harman Kardon SoundSticks are equipped with controls that give you extra benefits by making their settings easy to use. With the sensitive touch controls you can easily adjust the volume up or down. The easy management of SoundSticks keeps the speakers in top condition for a long time.

A Bluetooth connection is another advantage. You can sit anywhere in the house and connect your Bluetooth device to the SounsSticks and enjoy commendable, distortion-free sound quality.

Main points

  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • beautiful aesthetics
  • A strong and realistic sound
  • Sensor volume control

Here is another model of Harman Kardon SoundStick whose design is already included in the MoMA collection in the Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 Speaker System Manhattan. It has many of the same features that have been slightly modified to improve efficiency. These changes have further improved sound quality, so you can enjoy immersive sound with a speaker system. The already popular SoundStick series has a lot more to offer.


Harman Kardon uses the same plastic foil for both satellite speakers and the subwoofer of the SoundSticks III 2.1 speakers. The inside of the camera has a reduced blue glow to compensate for a small defect in previous models. The design of the speakers improves the design of the room where you place them.

Two 10-watt satellites contain four 1-inch speakers in a vertical speaker. Unlike many other speaker manufacturers, it has audio cables that match the quality and modern design. They are located under transparent loudspeakers protected by black terminals so that sound from the source reaches the loudspeaker.

Sound quality and power

The SoundSticks III speaker system is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also offers excellent sound quality. You can play music at any volume, but your voice won’t be distorted. You can count on a clearer, clearer and more balanced sound. Equipped with 8 powerful 20-watt converters, these speakers do not need to justify their accuracy.

To prevent ambient noise from disturbing a movie night or a party, the subwoofer does not work. Their performance is improved by a 20-watt amplifier. It has a torch hole that reduces gate noise in high-volume passages. This allows you to better control the noise level in your environment.

Other characteristics

An energy-efficient public address system is indeed an energy-saving device! You don’t have to worry about the electricity bill, because the switch is very handy. The sound system is compatible with any external media device. Whether it’s a CD player, MP3 player or computer, the speakers work perfectly with anything that has a stereo output. Controls must be handled with care, as they are extremely sensitive. You may accidentally amplify or weaken the sound too much with one hand.

Main points

  • futuristic design
  • Perfect sound quality
  • A clear and balanced sound
  • Protected audio cables
  • Easy installation of satellite speakers

The Harman Kardon Aura Studio Bluetooth speaker system is similar to all Bluetooth speakers on the market with the exception of the amazing Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2  Bluetooth speaker system. Harman Kardon speakers, regardless of model, have impressive aesthetics that only add to their first-class performance. Aura Studio 2 speakers are another work of art from manufacturers with a reputation for making your meetings more melodious.


Aura Studio 2 has a unique design accentuated by mood lighting that gives it an elegant appearance. The 10.8-inch high and 8.2-inch wide cylinder has 1.5-inch mid-range drivers and the tweeter.

The dome-shaped transparent polycarbonate casing is inspired and reminiscent of the concept used in the development of SoundSticks. The Bubble Studio 2 gives you the opportunity to get views and comments from your guests.

Thanks to the LED light, it lights up softly in the middle. The design of the speaker itself allows for omnidirectional sound reproduction. The black base under the transparent dome lights up and rotates to indicate the status.

Sound quality and performance

The sound quality is undoubtedly breathtaking. According to the rest of the party, these speakers also produce a well-balanced sound. Although they are in one piece, they are impressively powerful and get along well with all kinds of music.

If you are looking for speakers with powerful bass, you may not be very satisfied with them. They have a bass that is powerful, but not violent enough for bass lovers. The detailed and dynamic mid and high altimeters give you a clear sound.

For a solid, medium-sized speaker, the sound stage is surprisingly large. But there is no stereo separation. The sound distorts a part at high volume, but is hardly visible. The 1.5-inch tweeter provides 360-degree sound dispersion.

Other characteristics

The speaker has a Bluetooth current that works perfectly. The signals do not fall into the center of the function and the speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth devices. Pairing with your devices is easy with the Bluetooth key on the speakerphone.

You can get the Harman Kardon Remote app for your Android and iOS devices for free. You can download these applications and control your music and volume with them. The application controls all Harman Kardon devices; however, it would be more pleasant if the application vibrates a little.

The controls are intuitive and easy to use and give you more control over the volume by setting them to the desired level. The built-in microphone in the speakers makes it possible to be present during phone calls.

Main points

  • The sound of cribs
  • Powerful and powerful bass
  • Elegant and powerful
  • Built-in microphone for receiving calls
  • Exceptional Bluetooth connection

Harman Kardon has earned its reputation as a manufacturer of high quality audio equipment by providing customers with a wide range of Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 - IPX7 . These speakers have better possibilities to make your friend or family more musical and fun. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 is the one that can easily be transported to a meeting and connected to several other devices at the same time. All these features and more, regardless of performance. The elegant grey loudspeaker is made of high quality materials that give it the durability of an already functioning loudspeaker.


The round disc, which looks like a loudspeaker, is covered with a high-quality fabric and has an aluminium handle, making it very easy to carry. The grey fabric and golden aluminium combine to create a remarkably elegant loudspeaker that is sure to attract attention.

The IPX7 design is a waterproof coating that protects the speakers from splashes and spills. You can take him to the beach or pool and enjoy the non-stop music that fills the environment with music and rhythm, making your time livelier and more enjoyable. Even if you work at home, near the sink, the speakers won’t mind catching a few drops of water.

Features and sound quality

Onyx Studio 6’s slim, compact speakers provide an exciting music experience. The 25mm tweeter produces a more accurate sound that takes into account the smallest details to immerse you in the atmosphere and give you an unforgettable experience.

Onyx 6 proves that speakers are much more than just mid-range speakers. In fact, this small and compact portable loudspeaker is powerful compared to what one might expect from its elegant and sophisticated design.

Other characteristics

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 speakers offer a smooth Bluetooth connection. It is compatible with any Bluetooth device without fear of disconnection or blurring. However, it can be connected to the other two devices at the same time.

You can travel with the loudspeaker without overloading yourself with the charger. This gives you 8 hours of music in a row on a single charge. It takes about 5 hours to fully charge the speakers. The manual in the package gives you a detailed and easy way to use your speakers.

Main points

  • Superb design
  • Wireless communication
  • Works 8 paid hours
  • Waterproof construction

Distinctive design and amazing features make Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 an instant success. The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 portable loudspeaker is an excellent choice for everyday use, both outdoors and indoors, and to make your moments more enjoyable. It has more volume than its competitors and is almost the right size to carry. Let’s see what this super-comfortable loudspeaker has to offer to enhance your listening experience and give you energy.


The speaker’s unique circular design is beautiful and has a hundred-point appearance. The speaker is slightly tilted. The fantastic combination of high quality steel and leather gives it a modern look.

The high-quality fabric grid has no column at the bottom. The hard plastic on the back is provided with a silicone structure elastic. It provides a better grip on the speaker, but is soft and light in the hands. The small integrated handle makes it easy to hold the speaker while driving.

Sound quality and performance

It has a powerful and undistorted sound, even at high noise levels. You’ll be impressed by the clarity of the speakers at both high and low levels. They retain a warm and pleasant sound, which is a hallmark of Harman Kardon speakers.

You will notice and appreciate the musical details emitted by the speakers. Two woofers in the speaker provide enormous bass. In addition, the surface on which you install the device affects its sound production, so you should take this into account.

The Onyx 4 has passed the sound test, as well as the high-end speakers. The deep, resonating bass was cleaner than many other brands. The bass works simultaneously with the clear treble and dynamic range, producing a deep, strong sound that fills the entire range.

Other characteristics

The Onyx 4 speakers have an impressive Bluetooth range. They can be connected to external devices because the speakers are compatible. There’s no stopping during the game. There is a 3.5 mm connector, a USB port and a power connector for better connectivity. Avoid using the loudspeaker in water, as it is not covered with a waterproof coating that may damage the loudspeakers.

Main points

  • High quality design
  • An impressive Bluetooth range
  • More connectivity
  • A powerful sound

When it comes to design, Harman Cardon will never let you down. It has a refined and unique design, one Harman Kardon Go+Play Mini 2 after the other. Go+Play mini 2 is another successful design experience that will attract more customers and fans. The large, elegant boombox speaker is an excellent addition to your home speakers. The high-tech multi-room speaker transmits power wirelessly. The different speaker models leave a striking impression. The beautiful and elegant design is complemented by the functionality of a loudspeaker that is as effective as its appearance. Harman Kardon offers excellent audio products, these speakers prove it!


The Harman Go+Play Mini Cardon has a wider design than other Bluetooth speakers. A large aluminium handle is located above the wicker grid, completely black and curved. In the middle of the speaker’s chest is the Harman Cardon logo engraved on a black surface.

The weight of the speakers is misleading as to their size. The rubber feet on the underside of the speakers provide stability and regulate vibrations that would otherwise spread to the surface. The touch control is located on top of the speakers, directly beneath the satin aluminium handle.

Stakeholders are also organized according to the needs of your office. Whether it’s a news item to listen to or a video conference session, the Go+Play mini 2 speakers will work surprisingly well. In addition to the desktop, you can even listen to podcasts or watch videos through mini-2 speakers.

Features and sound quality

Sound quality is the most attractive quality that makes you buy this beauty. With this speaker you get the best sound quality for the best price. It is equipped with robust speakers for the most accurate sound!

Under the front grille are two 3.5-inch loudspeakers, a passive omnidirectional loudspeaker and a pair of 1-inch tweeters. The radiator extends the bass. The bass is one of the best assets of these speakers. It’s more sophisticated and keeps pace, doesn’t seem too violent and bumpy.

The speakers have a smooth midrange. The warmth of the sound brings clarity to the sound being played. The vocals and the strings of the speaker will impress you. It has low distortion, even at high volume, which makes the music more energetic. Great speaker at the party.

Other characteristics

The speakers are equipped with a rechargeable battery. For each charge, you get about 8 hours of non-stop music. Once fully charged, the speakers can operate for up to 10 hours. The speakerphone can charge the phone or tablet via the USB port. The 3.5 mm auxiliary input and the buttons on the top are designed to give you more control over the sound.

LED indicator to check battery life. You can make and receive calls via two loudspeakers. You can connect two speakers at the same time for louder, cleaner sound. It can withstand a little exposure to water. Heavy rain or splashing water may damage the speaker.

Main points

  • Large version
  • Wireless communication
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • 8 hours reading
  • An exceptional bass
  • sturdy housing

In addition to its contemporary design, the Harman Kardon Citation ONE is the most affordable (black) wireless speaker in the competition. They are strong enough to make your film and parties more musical and rhythmic. The control system gives you an advantage on the noise level. You will be impressed by the grace of these excellent speakers. If you look at the columns, you can see why you need it without even thinking about it.


Citation ONE’s cylindrical design is available in black or grey. The attractive appearance of the loudspeaker is wrapped in a square fabric. The fabric is dirt-repellent to keep the speaker away from dirt and dust that settles on the inside of the grille, making it look dirty and uncomfortable.

Sporty holes on the flat roofs for the microphones and the touch screen control panel. These controls at the top make the entire loudspeaker cabinet free of knobs that can fall between the audible explosions of the loudspeaker.

An LED indicator on the back of the speaker monitors Wi-Fi status. At night, the light emits an unusually subtle glow that can be disturbing or annoying when mounted on the front panel of a speaker.

Sound quality and performance

The determining factor is the bass of the speakers. Thanks to the correct alignment of the tweeters and woofers it delivers a fleshy bass. The tweeter pulls forward while the woofer is at the back. Together they produce more powerful and more fleshed basses that bassists fall in love with.

To beat your music or the rhythm of the party, you can turn up the volume as high as you like and the sound will not be distorted. A high volume level does not affect bass efficiency.

For those who are not interested in bass, you should not invest in speakers, because there is no equalizer to set. The microphones recognize the voices despite the volume of the speaker. Even in a busy room and at high volume, the loudspeaker remains in control.

Other characteristics

Citation ONE offers a Google system that uses casting. You can send to the contents of the columns from different sources. After connecting to an external device, such as a smartphone, you can still control the functionality of the speakerphone from the device.

You can add it to the Google Assistant Speakers group, so you can control your device from Google Home, no matter what room you are in. It has a reliable Wi-Fi connection and is not subject to any complaints about disconnection.

Main points

  • A powerful sound
  • A clear and precise voice
  • Easy to use thanks to manual and voice commands
  • Seamless integration with Google Assistant

The Harman Kardon Omni 20+ stereo speaker complements the impressive range of speakers supplied with the Harman Kardon Omni 20+ wireless HD stereo speaker, with an absolutely stunning design and exceptional sound quality. The power is designed to give you a high quality sound that will leave you speechless. They are comfortable and designed to give you ease of use and uncompromising sound quality. The speakers have a range of features to give you the best sound.


Omni 20+ has a super portable and comfortable design. The silver speakers are made of high quality materials that majestically wrap the inside of the speaker. The silver Harman Cardon logo is located in the middle of the facade.

Touch controls are located on top of these pocket speakers. Get more control of your device with these superficial controls that allow you to adjust the volume to your liking. You can walk around the house while operating the device with the push of a button.

Sound quality and performance

Omni 20+ has the sound of filling a room. The detailed sound is filled with a powerful rhythm that leaves the listener alone. Reliable output, high accuracy and deep bass, all thanks to the 60W of power the speakers can handle.

You can listen to music in high resolution up to 24 bit/94 kHz. You can connect it to another speaker and enjoy louder sound without distortion. The speakers feature a dual woofer and tweeter, which contribute to the exceptional sound the speaker is known for.

Other characteristics

The Harman Kardon application gives you a head start wherever you are. The addition of a proposal only increased the popularity of the section. In addition to wireless communication, it also offers Bluetooth streaming.

The multi-room listening option means that you can control the device by sitting in every room of the house to which a device is connected. The 3.5 mm jack can also be used to connect the speakers to other equipment.

Main points

  • Portable design
  • Request for management and operation of a device
  • Deep bass
  • A detailed and clear sound
  • Plays high-resolution music with little effort

In a world of smart speakers and technology, Harman Kardon is a newcomer that won’t let you down Harman Kardon Allure Voice Activated Home Speaker (updated) . The attractive design of the speakers and the power of sound make you want to buy these impressive speakers that already come from a respected brand. It’s nothing new for Harman Kardon to make a design out of a box, and charm is just one example of experimenting with design to create a chic, elegant and unique look.


The charm is a barrel-shaped loudspeaker about one foot high. The upper half of the cylindrical conductor is covered with a dark grey transparent plastic, while the lower base has a barrel-shaped metal base in which the conductor grid is placed. The design of the Allure speaker is adapted to the centre section.

The Allure speaker is opaque only on the sides of the top panel. Under the transparent lid is a dark grey opaque cylinder. It burns when you talk to Alex. On the round top is a large multi-function button with a narrow grey ring with a microphone mute button and volume controls on the touch screen.

Sound quality and performance

The sound quality in relation to the size and price of Allure is amazing. Despite the complexity of the rhythms, kicks and punches, the sound is not distorted. You can switch to higher volume levels without jamming the sound.

Compared to other models, the Allure has more bass. However, bass does not increase or decrease with volume. The functions ensure that no distortion occurs. It also means that there will be a certain volume at which the bass will be more fun and entertaining.

There is a 3.5-inch subwoofer that plays and distributes the bass. The three 1.5-inch drivers balance bass at regular intervals along the sides of the speaker. You can expect clear and precise highs and lows.

Other characteristics

The rubber sensor surface at the top regulates the volume. The volume is monitored by means of a 360 degree LED display. When it turns red, it indicates that the microphone status is off. It would be nice if they changed colour according to the rhythm of the music, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Alexa can hear the noise in the room. With four microphones he can hear and answer your orders. Alexa may not be so good at answering all the questions, but it is compatible with some smart home appliances.

You won’t be able to connect to the wires. Allure uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to stream music. The speakers are good for hip-hop and EDM fans.

Main points

  • He’s louder than he is tall.
  • He’s got more perch.
  • LED indicator monitors volume and microphone status
  • High quality construction

With the creation of Esquire Mini 2, Harman Kardon has taken a new approach to portable devices. It is small and the Harman Kardon Esquire Mini 2 is extremely stylish. The compact and slim design makes it look like a book or a frame on a shelf. The attractive design is complemented by first-class sound products that make the acoustics even more attractive. You can use it in your spare time or as a supervisor at the office. It fits impressively into the role of each of them. Esquire mini 2 comes with an improved design and sound to help you have more fun.


Esquire mini 2 is available in three colours: black, silver and brown. It measures 7.60 x 2.28 x 4.33 inches and is portable enough to fit into pockets or pockets of large jackets. On the front of the loudspeaker a curved grille is engraved with the Harman Kardon logo.

On the back of the speakers you will find a leather cover. There is a leg rest in the middle of the bottom. You can put them on the table in the corner that suits you best. The thickness of the speaker is about the same as that of a smartphone.

The two 4-watt loudspeakers are located under a silver grille with a matt structure. Speakers are a stylish addition to your audio equipment.

Sound quality and power

These high-quality speakers deliver clear voices and breathtaking sound. It is equipped with an 8-watt 1.75-inch driver for precision and clarity. They are not very good holiday speakers and are more suitable for personal or domestic use.

Compared to the size of the speakers, the bass is too good. It can be used as a device to amplify the sound of a movie or a song being played on your laptop or smartphone. The top voices, basses, strings and brass were the focus of the speakers’ attention.

The sound is more natural and balanced with Esquire 2 speakers. When the bass is blocked, attention is not diverted from the center. If there’s a bass player, you don’t have to think of them as first-class speakers. However, the higher frequencies are brighter and livelier.

Other characteristics

The front and rear of the drives are equipped with an aluminium brush over the entire surface. The unit has different input and output connections. These include a full-size USB port, a 3.5 mm extra port and a MicroUSB port.

There’s a leather bracelet that makes it very fashionable. There is an aluminum on/off button, volume buttons and Bluetooth. The dual functionality is equally impressive. The phone key not only accepts calls, but can also be used as a play or pause key.

The 10 hour battery life is an improvement. The speakers are equipped with a 2200 mAh battery. It is able to charge and use your phones and tablets, even in a crisis, because you risk damaging your speaker battery if you use it frequently.

Main points

  • Built as bonus
  • Slim and compact design
  • High sound quality
  • 10 hours battery life
  • Powerful noise emission

The Omni 10 Wireless HD Speaker is another Harman Kardon prodigy that combines the superior design, style and sound of Harman Kardon’s Omni 10 Wireless HD Speaker with Harman Kardon to appeal to an audience. Even before you are touched by the clay, Omni 10 retains your appeal with its beautiful appearance. These excellent speakers bring a touch of originality to your bedroom, living room and office. Have a party or a meeting and take that beast with you. You won’t be disappointed. You’re gonna love the powerful sound Omni 10 is capable of. Let us give you all the reasons to buy these speakers for good!


The large size of the speakers gives them a luxurious appearance. Harman Kardon traditionally uses high-quality materials to create high-end speakers that fit perfectly into your home or office.

The grey round speakers have a matte grey structure that covers the speakers inside. On top of the speakers is a gray plastic cushion that protrudes from five buttons that you can use to connect the speaker, adjust the volume and turn it on or off.

Sound quality and power

Omni 10 produces sound that improves sound quality. Compact speakers deliver powerful sound. Reliable and robust speakers fill the room and make evening movies more realistic and fun. Leave the detailed sound from the speaker alone.

The Omni 10’s woofer and tweeter deliver 50 watts of power to create music that ignites the air around you. They are as competitive as many of their competitors. You can turn the sound on as often as you like without any distortion.

It has a commendable balance quality that produces a sound with precision. He has an energy that can get you into trouble, even with your neighbors. The minicentre makes your musical time more melodic and stimulating.

Other characteristics

The link button, located at the top of the speakers, offers interesting possibilities. If you have omni-orators at home and at work, or if you’ve had a party. You can simply press the Link button to have all the speakers play the same music with the correct synchronization.

Your smartphones and other gadgets work like a speakerphone remote control. You can download the Harman Kardon Controller application to your devices and have better control over the speakers and the sounds they produce.

In addition to Wi-Fi connectivity, Omni 10 gives you Bluetooth connectivity. You can enjoy music wirelessly anywhere. Use Youtube or a playlist from your Bluetooth device and see the wonders of these impressive speakers.

Main points

  • Simple management
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Elegant design
  • The best binder options
  • Works on the basis of applications
  • It has an output power of 50 watts.

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