For decades, when speakers were introduced to the market, integrated and matched to the decor, bookshelf speakers have always been the beating heart of any party. They offer the best balance of sound quality and size and provide exceptional value for money, even at $500 or less.

Bookshelf speakers meet practical and frivolous requirements and are characterised by their size, aesthetics, perfection and performance. Yet users spend weeks going to a large electronics store, researching, testing, haggling and finally buying a new set of speakers after listening to numerous demonstrations to make sure they are getting the right price.

The truth is, $500 speakers give a blissful sound if you arm yourself with a little knowledge, do a little research and spend some time trying them out before buying.

Here’s a guide to possible speaker purchases, with 15 recommendations for buying the best bookshelf speakers for under $500. With this knowledge, your purchases can be hassle-free and enjoyable.

What is a plank?

Bookshelf speakers are designed to be part of a separate audio system. You connect them to the amplifier, the particular player, to create a single, self-contained system. Hence the term library; for they are meant to be themselves. They’re hard to spot. They are large, square and have a small speaker (tweeter) and a large speaker (woofer). For aesthetic reasons, cover them with gauze.

Bookshelf speakers were invented and made popular by Edgar Willchur. They are large enough to stand on a shelf and still reproduce a full frequency range with a powerful sound that often rivals the frequency response of large floorstanding speakers.

Can you get great performance out of library speakers for less than $500?

The $500 bookshelf speaker market is an exciting segment. Given the quality of performance you find here, these speakers offer the best listening experience possible. The jump in performance when choosing a kit under $500 is not overwhelming. Brands use their good equipment even as they save money. Technology makes the production of speakers much easier. The high-quality part of speakers that cost less than $500 can be used in overpriced models. High sound quality can be achieved.

In general, speakers costing less than $500 will satisfy audiophiles. You should pay attention to the subtle but exclusive aspects of the different models. In this competitive market segment, most brands offer exotic speakers with a well-balanced design. An increase in the price ceiling will bring some improvement in terms of capacity/productivity, but the biggest difference lies in the production volumes of raw materials. Expensive speakers are usually optimized for large rooms. This ability to saturate the extra space is worth it.

If you have no special performance requirements for the space, the $500 package offers great value for money. Power is important for bookshelf speakers. All you have to do is find an amplifier that delivers power in a good range and you’re set. Almost all have good crosses and good overall performance. So if you avoid expensive speakers and go straight to speakers under $500, that’s an idea you can get behind every day.

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Bookshelf Speaker Vs. 2.1 System

Bookshelf speakers are known for their smooth response to content when playing recorded music Unaltered and not imbued with their own exact character. They are small and medium-sized everywhere. Their conservative design and internal woofers allow low frequencies to be conducted.

You get a 2.1-channel system if you install a separate subwoofer (surround .1 element) in addition to the stereo speakers. The number after the dot is the number of subwoofers, so the 2.1 system is stereo (left + right) and subwoofers.

The advantage of the 2.1 system is its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. You’ll enjoy excellent acoustics for music, games, movies and TV without additional speakers or cables. If you want more accurate surround sound, look for a reliable bookshelf speaker.

The additional subwoofer turns the bookshelf speaker into a 2.1 system and offers impressive sound, as critical mid and high frequencies are supported by perfectly expansive bass. How do I connect a subwoofer to a pair of shelf speakers? Adding a subwoofer is easy, as current models have a subwoofer audio output with simple labeling. Plug in the subwoofer, upgrade it to your liking and you’re done.

Speaker placement in the library: What do you need to watch out for?

Bookshelf speakers aim for the perfect spot in front of your computer, at the desk or on the couch. Manufacturers try to optimize this point of attraction, and some brands are clearly better at it than others. To improve your listening experience, try aiming your speakers so that the tweeters are level with your ears. The upper points of the ear form a triangle with these speakers, and they should be equidistant from your left/right ear.

Speaking of votes: Some models have problems with frequency drift or frequencies that are too high. Most receivers are equipped with built-in professional EQ processors or self-calibrated frequency modes. They work wonders and wipe out insects. Bookshelf speakers in surround mode should be installed in the usual way: front-middle, front-left and rear-right, rear-left and rear-right, depending on the size.

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5 factors to consider when choosing bookshelf speakers under $500

Speakers, even if they cost less than $500, are critical to the overall sound quality. So it’s worth checking out the many before you decide. Every substantive speaker does not guarantee constructive results. When choosing the right bookshelf speaker, there are several important factors to consider.

Acoustics and rooms

Not all bookshelf speakers sound good on their own. Small speakers may work in a standard room, but the sound is weak in a large space. Large speakers absorb small spaces, but produce higher decibel levels; you can control the output power. The size, construction and materials of the room affect the sound. Sound is reflected from uncovered walls, large pieces of furniture and exposed floors; carpets, rugs, cushions have a sound absorbing effect. It’s just a matter of maintaining a balance between the two. Vaulted ceilings can create a sense of openness, while narrow spaces give a warmer feel.

System Optimization

After purchase, connect your speakers, install them and configure them correctly to get the best performance. Some seem to work better on the wall, while others do well in the break room. Tweeters and mids sound better at ear level.

Speaker Rack

HiFi shops present their products on speaker stands. This brings the stereo image and frequency response to life. The stands are practical and well insulated.

The scenario of placing a new pair on an oak table can seem tumultuous because the furniture vibrates along with the music, amplifying the frequencies. Speaker stands are a good option, they can be discreet. If these options spoil the atmosphere and look of the music room, they will sound better.

Speaker jack

If you have an amplifier, a media source such as a laptop or a wireless streamer, connect them to the amplifier and connect them to the screw terminals on the back. They come in the form of small squares that can be cut from the wires marked +/-.

Purchase a 16-gauge speaker cable, ideal for standard bookshelf speakers with an impedance (8 ohms). If you are placing the equipment 15 feet away, choose the 12-14 gauge cable recommended for 4-6 ohm speakers. Use a pair of cutters to cut the insulation at both ends. Twist a short piece of copper wire into a tight coil. Connect them to the terminals at the ends, disconnect for the right/left speakers. Make sure the amplifier is disconnected.

Corresponding parts

For best results, pair your speakers with an amplifier/receiver that provides the proper power. Manufacturers specify different amplification capacities needed to provide sufficient power to each device. A speaker can require between 30 and 100 watts of power to function properly, so this figure is largely a rough guide. For a multi-channel/all-round sound system, use speakers of the same brand. Mixing and matching requires fine tuning.

What should you look for when buying bookshelf speakers under $500?

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to $500 bookshelf speakers; the compactness and low price of these speakers doesn’t mean the sound is bad. They are of high quality and offer high quality sound and performance.

Quality of construction and design

Users with limited space or budget who want to enjoy high-level games, passionate music or an energetic movie are best served with bookshelf speakers. These are small speakers that fit into a small space on raised surfaces, shelves or furniture.

The cabinet holds the speakers in place. Speakers have a significant influence on the sound produced by the speakers, as the amount of space and air behind them determines the movement of the woofer(s). Classically, there are two types of speakers, each with their own sound characteristics.

One type of speaker uses a closed cabinet for accurate and tight bass reproduction. It sacrifices some skill to deliver accurate and limited bass, so it may require more amplification power to play with the same volume compared to a bass reflex design.

The speaker includes a tuned port or passive radiator to enhance and extend the low frequency response (by releasing some of the energy generated by the internal movement of the woofer cone). Bass drivers are more efficient than acoustic suspensions, they play louder than acoustic suspensions when used with the same amplifier power, but may sacrifice some bass correction in exchange for extra bass power.

Loudspeaker pillars are made of different materials such as plastic, metal, paper, rubber or a mixture of materials, each of which has its own sound characteristics. The metal tweeters produce a clear, brilliant sound. Soft tweeters, like silk, have a softer sound.

When choosing materials for woofer and midrange drivers, manufacturers look for a good balance between lightness (for better movement) and strength (for clearer sound without distortion).

Spring clips can be found on inexpensive speakers. They work well with bare wires, thin speaker cables or pin plugs.

Connector plugs are a stiffer and more flexible type of speaker connection found on high-end speakers, receivers and amplifiers. They are threaded so you can screw them directly onto the wire or plug to make a waterproof connection.

A common choice of binding is defined as 5-sided binding. This type is suitable for non-covered wires, plugs/buses and banana/double banana plugs.

The quality of the cables used is of the utmost importance. Cheap cables lead to long-term signal degradation and thus a loss of components and sound dynamics.

Audio Performance

It’s not the biggest column on the shelf, and many can have the same appeal for personal ears. Listen to a few models while shopping to familiar music. When you go shopping, take your favorite albums with you and pick out the speakers that sound good. Listening to live music is a good indicator to judge the dynamics. The music should sound natural, have a reasonable sound quality and be enjoyable without being tiresome.

Think about your listening habits. If you listen to music, a pair of speakers may be just what you need to enjoy music along with your TV and movies.

If you’re a passive listener who doesn’t sit down for long, high-quality bookshelf speakers for under $500 might be what you’re looking for. You want the bass? A small subwoofer can add this extra bass section.

If you’re an energetic listener, a pair of bookshelf speakers with multiple drivers can provide the full, exceptionalsound a satisfying music experience without taking up much space.

If you want to enhance the sound of your TV, watch movies and listen to music, a wireless soundbar or subwoofer can be the ideal solution.

The human ear responds to frequencies between 20 and 20,000 cycles per second/hertz. The frequency response of a speaker determines the range that can be reproduced.

The value of the load (in ohms) is the resistance corresponding to the current. During music playback, the speaker’s actual impedance is constantly fluctuating; only one apparent impedance is assigned to the speakers to ensure perfect contrast. Low impedance speakers can cause problems with receivers/amplifiers that are not designed for high currents.

Sensitivity indicates how efficiently the speaker system converts power into volume. The higher the tone, the louder the speakers sound at a given gain. Sensitivity is measured by driving a 1 W speaker and measuring the intensity at a distance of 1 m in decibels.

A few decibels of sensitivity can make a big difference. A speaker system with 3 dB sensitivity requires 50% more power to deliver the same amount of sound.

This indicates how the muted speakers will behave at a given volume level. Sensitivity, measured in decibels, represents the flow rate at a power level of 1 milliwatt.

Compare the speakers and measure the volume. A speaker with a low sensitivity can barely fill a small room, while a model with a higher sensitivity offers a significant volume for the same power, which is ideal for larger rooms.

Warranty and communication

Bookshelf speakers consist of double-wire connections with some sort of crossover with separate tweeter/bass areas. When using a single set of speaker cables, it works well. They are factory set for a predictable process with jumpers installed in two sets; the jumpers can be easily separated for bi-amplification/wiring.

Bi-amplification means that instead of driving a broadband speaker system with a single amplifier channel through one set of speaker cables, you actually connect 2 sets of cables, with each set receiving master signals from a separate amplifier (Amplifier channel ). The woofers (bass) and tweeters (bass) have fixed gain.

With a two-wire connection, you can connect two sets of cables to your speakers, just like a two-wire connection, but both sets are connected to the same set of output jacks on the receiver/amplifier. Bi-wiring does not transfer power to the speakers, and thus does not offer the same dramatic sound enhancement as bi-amplification. Audiophiles will find little improvement in image or features.

Shelf Speakers come with a multi-year warranty on labor and parts when purchased from authorized dealers. Any defect occurring during the agreed warranty period will be repaired/replaced free of charge.

Bookshelf speakers with wired/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity and powerful speakers for the highest quality sound. The speakers support wireless streaming controlled by global remotes. Play music over the Wi-Fi® network. Listen directly from your smartphone/PC/table/laptop via Bluetooth connection.

Top 15 library speakers under 500 by 2020

Immerse yourself in exceptional sound with a pair of premium A5+ Audioengine (solid charred bamboo) speakers!Premium Active Speakers

Founded in 2005, Audioengine is an independent speaker company in Austin, Texas, that designs and manufactures high-quality, convenient audio equipment at reasonable prices.

The Audioengine A5+, the flagship of high-end bookshelf speakers, has received numerous awards and accolades from audiophiles and critics around the world for its incredible performance.

Quality of construction and design

Made from solid charred bamboo, the wired A5+ is designed by the Audioengine team as a high performance all-in-one speaker that can be easily connected to your computer/laptop/ peripherals/TV/game console!

The Active Shelf Speaker System 2.0 includes built-in power amplifiers, 50 W/channel RMS, advanced thermal management, dedicated Kevlar woofers with silk tweeters and a durable carbonized bamboo enclosure.

Includes 3.5mm stereo mini-jack inputs (RCA L/R), variable line output (RCA), USB outputs (power/load), 50Hz-22kHz ± 1.5dB frequency response. The system scale is 25 pounds 10.75 inches x 7 inches x 9 inches.

Audio Performance

The A5+ set is the standard for a library system and the perfect option for your PC living room. The A5+’s bass is a real bass, exceptionally close to the original recorded music.

With rap/classics/movies you get tight, loud bass with an impressive growl despite the volume level.

Offering acoustic performance and artistic quality, the A5+ bridges the gap between PC music and home hi-fi. Even if you’re not an audiophile, your music will sound better.

Warranty and communication

It is compatible with all Mac/PCs. A remote control, 1/8 and RCA inputs, USB power supply and cables are included. There is no need to install any software, application or plug-ins, installing the A5+ takes just seconds. Connect the source via RCA/mini-jack, and for extra bass punch connect it to a subwoofer. 3-year warranty.

It has interference-free connections and components. It has distinctive analog A/B amplifiers that have a warm sound.

Use the A5+ in audiophile quality with your favorite player/PC/Sonos Connector/Gaming Console/TV or any other component with mini jack/RCA outputs!


  • 150 W peak power
  • Input voltage 115/240 V, 50/60 Hz with possibility of manual override.
  • Monolithic amplifier of double class AB type
  • 5 Kevlar woofers, 3/4 silk dome tweeter


  • If you listen to music with a high bass content, you need a separate subwoofer for a low-budget extension.

Hear the difference with the Polk Audio RTI A3 bookshelf speakers (pair, black)!

Polk Audio’s RTI A3 rack speakers feature Polk’s advanced and patented technology. As you would expect from , this very popular series is the implementation of the primal Polk.

Quality of construction and design

Featuring the latest dynamically balanced cone drivers and a 1-inch tweeter, the black RTI A3 8 ohm driver offers a sleek restyling of the speakers of years past.

The dimensions are 14.3 x 14.8 x 7.8. It has two shelf speakers made of natural wood with a solid MDF cabinet and is resonance free. Power port technology reduces connection noise.

It features a 6.5-inch mineral/polymer driver with a dynamically balanced cone and a 1-inch tweeter with a silk/polymer amalgam dome.

It consists of a neodymium magnet, a low-viscosity ferrofluid cooling system and a heat sink on the back of the magnet. The cherry wood cabinets are beautiful, and the design and materials used for the woofer and tweeter look like a designer gadget.

Audio Performance

The overall fullness of the bass and the clarity of the treble give the impression of a concert. Pure listening pleasure cannot be surpassed by any other comparable brand.

They become equal when the rats lose their rigidity and begin to move. If your receiver/amplifier has an equalizer or tone control, turn up the bass, turn down the treble, and play it all back. The sound quality after cutting is worth the wait.

Warranty and communication

Installation is fairly simple and there is an alternative to bi-wiring. The wider the cable, the less loss from the amplifier to the speaker, which improves signal transfer to the speakers.

Ideally, you should use two-core copper wire >14 AWG , 2.5-3.0 mm. Useful when a wire is distinguishable (black line) to negotiate polarity when connecting. There is a five-year limited warranty.


  • rich bass
  • Dynamically balanced cone guides
  • Power port technology


  • It may seem a little shiny when the new

Experience sound effects with the Edifier S1000DB Audiophile Active Bookshelf Speakers!

The visually stunning Edifier S1000DB Audiophile active bookshelf speakers deliver a superior feel. They are ideal for use with the bookshelf speakers, designed for PC/consoles. They are perfect for connecting to your TV for stunning sound.

Quality of construction and design

The 18 lbs S1000DB has OPTICAL/AXIAL and AUX inputs, easily connect professional studio speakers to collective sources simultaneously. The dimensions [per column] are 7.9 x 11.5 x 13.3.

A 5.5-inch subwoofer, combined with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, delivers 120 watts of RMS-quality sound. Use the remote control to change input sources and adjust volume with a simple touch of your finger.

Connect a PC/TV or other audio source to the rear panel using an RCA/AUX/optical/coaxial cable. The frequency response is 48 Hz~20 kHz (±4 dB). The quality of construction is incredible, the attention to detail is remarkable and the finish is appropriate.

Audio Performance

On the back of the right active speaker there are bass/treble/volume controls. Optical connection, traditional RCA inputs and coaxial inputs are available.

Ups, mediums and downs are mixed in a clear and harmonious way. The tweeters are not shrill, they sound incredibly colorless and normal.

The frequency response of the bass part is slightly bent, tilted, the bass part is acoustically excellent. These are dug deeper than they claim.

Warranty and communication

Transmit high quality, lossless sound over your wireless network with BLUETOOTH 4.0’s aptX connectivity! To take full advantage of this Bluetooth functionality, you must have the latest software. To ensure impeccable quality and a two-year warranty on parts and factory in the United States and Canada.

The S1000DB uses the high-quality aptX audio codec to compress audio without loss of quality. The Bluetooth chipset with aptX support improves quality and significantly reduces latency issues, making the speakers versatile for movies and games.

Delivery includes one Toslink optical cable, one 3.5mm RCA auxiliary cable and one RCA cable. This high quality interconnect cable is 5 meters long between speakers.


  • 5 Subwoofer
  • Remote control
  • Active Speakers
  • aptX Bluetooth 4.0
  • HF driver 1


  • Larger size
  • No grille tabs around the tweeter.

Experience the ultimate in elegance and sonic delight with the Bose 201 direct-reflecting speaker system!

The Bose 201 Direct/Reflecting is the world’s most popular bookshelf speaker, with a new design and even better features: speaker system for music and home theatre.

Quality of construction and design

Bose 201-V speakers are slim, stylish 21.9 kg speakers that are perfect for your living room, dorm room, workspace or small family room. Thanks to their slim shape, they fit into any interior. Sold in pairs, this speaker works well with stereo components or a home theater system, stylishly handling surround sound from both the front and rear channels.

The speakers feature a single 6.5 woofer and a flared port, a specially developed design in which the geometry of the woofer and the port have been adjusted to reduce air turbulence. The ports provide deep, crisp bass, especially when listening at high volumes. The compact size and horizontal form offers flexible placement options.

You will receive 2 beautifully designed speakers, self-adhesive rubber feet, an instruction manual and warranty and registration information. It has the dimensions 13 x8 x8. The black and silver, slightly curved design with the impressive and coveted Bose logo is beautiful to look at.

Audio Performance

Each 201 contains a 6-1/2 long-excursion woofer and a 2-stage tweeter with visors; tested by Syncom to ensure the highest level of sound quality and reliability.

Stereo Everywhere’s patented Wide Dispersion technology combines deep, reverberant sound to immerse your listening area in a wide range of music genres (country, rap, jazz, rock, acoustic). The dialogue is crisp, the sound effects are sensual, and the range is incredible.

You’ll enjoy realistic, spacious stereo sound with these compact bookshelf speakers. In the concert hall, the audience hears a mixture of fleeting and reflected sounds from different directions and at different times. Unique Bose direct/reflective acoustic technology uses flat walls/surfaces to simulate concert hall sound.

Whether you’re listening to cutting-edge DVDs or classic records, you’ll enjoy a larger-than-life space thanks to precisely positioned 2.5 tweeters and patented stereo directivity.

Instead of concentrating stereo effects in one place, the speakers offer convenient performance everywhere.

Warranty and communication

The speakers last a long time and always sound great. Since these are passive speakers, you need to connect them to a stereo amplifier. SoundTouch III systems support Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. There is a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Unique harbour geometry for fresh sea bass
  • Patented tweeter with stereo function
  • Direct/Reverse Speaker Technology


Flood your music arena with Bose 301-V stereo speakers (pair, black)!

Bose 301-V Series bookshelf stereo speakers deliver clear, spacious sound for music and movies. Small enough to blend seamlessly into a bookshelf or entertainment center, these versatile stereo speakers use advanced Bose technology to amplify a live performance.

Quality of construction and design

Bose 301 black bookshelf stereo speakers, which weigh 28 pounds, can be connected to an SA-3 amplifier in a lifestyle system to enjoy music in one room while others in another watch a movie at the same time, using the same system.

Bose direct/reflective speaker technology combines reflected/direct sound to recreate a typical concert venue. The torch orifice connector is designed to reduce air turbulence. The geometry of the woofer and port complement each other, so you get a sharper, deeper sound in the low frequencies, especially at high volumes.

Stereo tweeters use specially positioned and unique 2-inch speakers to deliver intelligent stereo sound, so you can enjoy realistic sound anywhere in your listening room. The dimensions are 23.8 x13.3 x18.

Horizontal design fits easily. The speaker’s lens radiating into the room produces smoother high-frequency surround sound and greater sound dispersion.

It has exceptional features such as left/right front speakers, a removable grille and a low frequency reflex for extra impact. Works with 10-150 W sources with 4-8 ohm receivers. The long 8-way woofer delivers flawless dominant bass and reasonable sound.

An automatic protection circuitry prevents speaker overload and provides greater reliability by minimizing auditory noise.

Audio Performance

Bose 301 Series-V direct/reflecting bookshelf speakers deliver music and movies with clarity and spaciousness comparable to a concert hall or cinema. Stereo Everywhere speakers produce pristine stereo sound over a wide range.

Unlike speakers that concentrate stereo effects in the listening area, the Bose 301 delivers stereo everywhere. Proprietary technology built into the best Bose bookshelf speakers provides balanced stereo sound throughout the room.

Bose 301 bookshelf speakers can be used as main, secondary, or surround home theater speakers. Simply connect your speakers to a surround sound receiver and enjoy stunning sound with your home cinema components.

Warranty and communication

The receiver with 50 W/channel power works perfectly and then connect the PC to the AUX input of the receiver. Be sure to use a 12-pin cable to connect the speakers.

It is important to leave enough distance between 8 and 12 of the rear/side wall to allow the bass reflex port and rear tweeter to return the sound to the listener. You can connect the Bose Bluetooth receiver to an amplifier/receiver. The warranty on parts/work is one year.


  • Compact library design
  • Sufficient sound for movies
  • 1 year warranty


  • It takes a little more power for a noisy drive….

Become a music lover with the newly designed and redesigned Klipsch RP-150M bookshelf speaker!

The Klipsch Reference Premiere line is designed to arouse the enthusiasm of the faithful and bring fans closer to the music. Engineering skills and advanced technology are combined into a lecture series.

Quality of construction and design

The ebony RP-150M weighs 19.6 pounds and features copper-ceramic woofers and a 90×90 Tractrix hybrid horn for an unparalleled listening experience.

MDF cabinet with top quality seamless polymer wood veneer and sturdy, well-mounted removable grille.

The dimensions are 14,57 x 7,67 x 10,67. The restored horn structure of the Tractrix uses a rounded neck horn that harmonizes with a square end cap to restore high frequency response and extension. Compression rubber construction combines attenuation of high frequencies for better resolution and detail. This produces the purest and most natural sound.

1 Linear Motion Suspension minimizes misalignment for better and thorough performance. 5.25″ woofers of twisted copper-ceramic material offer high rigidity and low weight, so cone breakage and distortion are negligible.

Audio Performance

Two bookshelf speakers, an active center channel, immersive surround sound and an impressive subwoofer take your music or movies to the next level without taking up too much space.

The high-end components of the RP150M are equipped with renowned technology and offer a dynamic, clear and full sound. There’s a high-pitched tone. The low frequency cone provides tight, distortion-free bass and cone resolution. The Tractrix geometry ensures efficient airflow and significantly improves bass response.

Warranty and communication

5 year warranty. You need a stereo amplifier to which you connect the output of your computer’s sound card or the self-amplified version.


  • 25″ woofer with twisted copper ceramic cone
  • Hybrid traction horn
  • MDF housing with a brushed veneer and polymer surface


Soothe your ears with the JBL Studio 230 6.5 2-way bookshelf speaker (2)!

JBL has been the choice of acoustic professionals for more than 60 years. JBL Studio 230 6.5-inch 2-way bookshelf speaker is designed to deliver famous JBL sound with flexible placement.

The sleek and elegant design uses high quality materials, so it looks as good as it looks. Advanced tweeter design delivers significant high frequencies throughout the room.

Quality of construction and design

The Studio 230 uses a 6.5-inch PolyPlas driver for unsurpassed precision in the midrange and impactful bass. With the 1-inch CM® Lite tweeter, you’ll enjoy cinema sound with high fidelity, detail, normal balance and full spectral range.

The High Definition Waveguide (HDI) creates a large sound image with accurate imaging. The visually stunning elegance of the 21st century. Century has flexible rounded corners, glossy black panels and soft-touch paint.

The sleek, urban design of the speaker itself, both inside and out, gives you a sound powerhouse of a special kind, ready to be laid out.

The acoustically tested 6.5 PolyPlas front speaker delivers unparalleled midrange accuracy and clarity, cinema quality imaging, conventional balance and power. It measures 15×9-5/16×10-7/16.

Weighing in at 17.5 pounds, the Studio 230 integrates bold technologies like an HDI waveguide and a 1-inch CMMD Lite tweeter into its design. Together, these achievements allow you to experience excellent cinema sound in all its precision, detail, natural balance and command of the entire spectrum.

You will receive a shelf speaker, instruction manual, rubber stamps and gold plated terminals.

Audio Performance

It sounds loud and clear everywhere. It surrounds you like the sound of an unparalleled cinema or nightclub. Chances are your favorite songs and movie soundtracks are perfectly mixed and mastered with JBL. JBL’s rich heritage of sound enriches your everyday experience.

For the purest and most affecting embodiment of legendary resonance, choose Studio 230. It is powered by legendary sound art and sophisticated engineering. The PolyPlas 6.5-pole midrange driver is designed to reproduce the highest fidelity vocals and tightest bass with cinematic precision and accuracy.

Warranty and communication

These speakers are not powered, so you need an AV receiver to connect them to your TV, which must have analog/optical (audio) outputs to connect to the receiver. The warranty is limited to 5 years.


  • 5 polypropylene slides
  • High definition horn design (HDI)
  • 1″ High frequency dome tweeter CMMD-Lite
  • Impedance 8 Ohm
  • Slipstream bass reflex port


  • Not as lush as bass reflex speakers.

Masterful sound with the Klipsch RB-81 Reference II double-sided bookshelf speaker!

Klipsch RB-81 Reference-II bi-directional bookshelf speakers designed with attention to detail. for home theater systems that deliver superior sound quality for movies, DVDs, games and any audio source.

Quality of construction and design

The black RB-81 features a dynamic titanium suspension 1″ with an integrated horn tweeter and a high performance ceramic 8″ woofer. The dimensions are 19″Hx9.25″Bx12.3″D.

Its dual-flow inserts allow it to be used with third-party stands; it has a beautiful burrwood cabinet and fills large rooms with realistic music and movies.

Audio Performance

The highly professional design delivers extra power with less UV, has an accurate, fatigue-free sound and plays louder with less distortion.

Make strong corrections to the EQ to reduce the higher frequencies. They produce a rich, full sound and have a solid performance. The horns are incredibly efficient and deliver great performance even without the increase in equalization.

They are remarkably clear and the bass is surprisingly good. They fight seriously with little power, and the loyalty is great. If you use it as a side speaker, you get phenomenal sound, and the extra surface area works well.

Warranty and communication

You can turn on the speakers. If you do not plan to use a bi-amplifier, leave the metal attached so the tweeter and woofer can play together with the same signal. 5 year warranty.


  • 1″ Titanium Suspension Tweeter
  • 8″ ceramic high performance woofer
  • An elegant finish


Experience elegant and accurate sound with the ELAC Uni-fi UB5 bookshelf speaker!

ELAC shelf speakers are carefully designed to give you an unforgettable music experience; play your favorite music in the shelf speakers: a whole new level; get better picture and sound quality for more listening pleasure in the days to come.

Quality of construction and design

The pair of Uni-fi UB5 bookshelf speakers has a nice black finish, measures 10.8″x7.9″x12.8″ and weighs 35.9 pounds. It features a specially designed concentric driver for superior image processing and performance that rivals the standard configurations of its counterparts.

It features a special 5 ¼ inch aluminum woofer that delivers powerful bass in a small package. Elegant crossover design combined with a robust housing for superior sound quality.

This gives the nominal impedance: 4 Ω and a minimum of 3.4 Ω. This three-way design offers more accurate sound than conventional two-way designs. It offers a frequency response of 46-25,000 Hz with a sensitivity of 85 dB at 2.83 v/1m. The quality of the aluminum allows resonances that include the linearity of ordinary paper diaphragms to be placed beyond the value of the working frequency driver range.

Audio Performance

The perfect speaker for your home theater. The refinement of the 1″ soft dome tweeter and the harmonic precision of the midrange’s 4″ rigid aluminum cone combine for sonic perfection.

The concentrated alignment of the tweeter in the voice coil of the midrange driver creates a stable directivity that delivers smooth frequency response and stable power handling, with improved on-axis and off-axis imaging.

Warranty and communication

This shelf speaker has an easy-to-use wired connection; with special clamps that allow the speaker wires to be connected, and which provide better transfer of electrons from the speaker wires to the speaker itself. The quality of the construction is guaranteed for three years.


  • Individually designed concentric guide
  • Aluminum style low low low low low low low low low low low low low low low aluminum
  • A balanced three-part structure
  • Individually designed pole terminals


  • Slight sound distortion when volume is increased

Experience the most melodious sound with your own ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 bookshelf speakers!

The quality of the ELAC brand gives most professional speakers books. Continuous production development ensures higher productivity ; You’ll really enjoy each piece.

Quality of construction and design

The black Debut B6.2 measures 10.6×7.7×14.8 and weighs 16.31 pounds. B6.2 is equipped with an extra bracket to reduce possible sound colouring. The tapping gives a slight metallic tinge.

Closer inspection reveals the use of a black and ashen film. Finally, you will find a pair of metal clips on the back.

Audio Performance

The view is brighter and more open. The mesh-covered tweeter is about the same height as the front panel. The driver has an extruded dust cap to improve response. The new tweeter features a wide-dispersion waveguide. It has good punch, real bass and great dynamics. The newly woven aramid fibers offer a sensitivity of 87db at 2.83v/1m.

Warranty and communication

The speaker is wired and manufactured with high quality components, custom designs and dies. It features thick, sturdy MDF cabinetry with a luxurious black ash vinyl finish, whose interior lining provides superior strength and durability and greatly reduces cabinet vibrations that cause unnecessary staining. There is a 3 year warranty.


  • Aramid fiber speaker
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Multi-element switch
  • 5-sided gold terminal


  • Some users felt that the controls lacked detail and clarity.

Admire the rich and full sound quality of the Polk Audio Signature S20 American HiFi Home Theater Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)!

The Polk Audio brand offers you superior sound quality. For 40 years the company has enjoyed an excellent reputation for producing great loudspeakers. This huge sound is at a great price for everyone!

Quality of construction and design

One pair of Signature S20 black bookshelf speakers for home theaters measures 13.8″x8.5″x14.8″ and weighs about 17 pounds. Enjoy rich, clear and full sound with an acoustic array from Polk.

The product is equipped with a high-resolution 1-inch tweeter that gives a clear high-frequency response and fully reproduces the latest high-definition audio files. It also features 6.5 polypropylene cones reinforced with low-distortion microphones for clear, crisp bass, enhanced linearity and dynamic mids.

Audio Performance

The S20 American HiFi Home Cinema features a dynamic and balanced speaker system with correctly tuned filters, a magnetic grille with anti-scattering function, a modern design of the cabinet with exclusive low frequency amplifier technology Power Port – you will find high quality sound for movies, TV and music in a completely new designed package. High quality, clear and full sound for excellent voices, impressive bass in movies and music; also supports the lowest 40 kHz.

Warranty and communication

This wired speaker system features butyl rubber-reinforced polypropylene cones, a high-resolution terylene tweeter, and giant ceramic motors with high-temperature conex fiber spiders. It deforms less and is more durable. 3-year warranty.


  • High resolution audio experience
  • Polk’s exclusive Power-Port Deep Bass Technology
  • Dynamic balance plate acoustic system
  • High sensitivity, maximum compatibility


  • Slightly larger for shelf mounting

Enjoy your music with the Swans Speakerss-M200MKIII+Power 2.0 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker!

Swan speakers offer high resolution, stunning sound with 120 W RMS and accurate voices with theSwans Speakers-M200MKIII+-Powered 2.0 Bluetooth shelf speaker, placed in a clear sound space. It is equipped with all the necessary features that will truly enhance your listening experience.

Quality of construction and design

The M200MKIII Bluetooth bookshelf speaker measures 10.8″x7.7″x13 and weighs about 36.4 pounds. It comes with a luxurious and elegant cherry wood cabinet that effectively reduces internal standing waves for a more natural sound; the ornate plate on the back of the speakers provides a rich, detailed sound without taking up much space.

The 5.25 midrange drivers provide a powerful and punchy bass response, supported by an expertly designed bass reflex port; the 1.1 coaxial tweeters ensure full reproduction of instruments and vocals.

Audio Performance

It features a new 5.25 midrange driver to take full advantage of better power handling for rich bass and superior dynamics. The amplifier has been completely redesigned for a four-channel amplifier, giving the tweeter and woofer with bi-amplification an impressive 120 watts RMS for fantastic listening time.

Warranty and communication

Bluetooth connectivity options are available with convenient volume/accelerator/bass controls on the front of the main speaker or via the remote control, so you can fine-tune the sound whenever you want. It includes 4 gold-plated wire cables that provide a seamless connection thanks to a 4-channel active filter. One year warranty.


  • Accurate positioning of voices and instruments
  • Coaxial tweeter
  • Beautiful, luxurious and elegant case in solid cherry wood
  • Convenient volume/bass control on the remote and on the speaker itself


  • The XLR cable is a bit short

Immerse yourself in the deep, rich sound of the MartinLogan LX16 bookshelf speaker!

MartinLogan bookshelf speakers are well equipped and absolutely reliable. They range from the impressive MartinLogan LX16 Piano Black (Ea.) sound quality, a whimsical design to keep them perfect during transport, and a beautiful finish that makes them a perfect match for any speaker system.

Quality of construction and design

The Black LX16 piano comes in an attractive cherry glossy finish. It measures 3.8 x 2.6 x 4.4 and weighs 12 pounds. The deep cherry tones appear in black under subdued light, giving it an exclusive and discreet style that fits into any interior.

It has perforated MartinLogan lettering with a steel grille that appears to float on the front of the sturdy 3/4 thick MDF cabinets.

In addition, stacked tweeters are perfectly combined with woofers with a superior topological crossover using polypropylene with low density electrolytic capacitors, custom wound inductors, with thermal current protection.

Audio Performance

Powered by MartinLogan’s high-quality electrostatic drivers, the LX16 is designed to deliver stunning sound in a home theater or stereo system for the ultimate listening experience. The dedicated engineers at MartinLogan have carefully designed them to create a very affordable and compact product line that perfectly combines our beautifully folded motion transducers with powerful, solid bass. The effect is a smooth, polished sound with dramatic dynamic range and crystal clarity.

Warranty and communication

The shelf speaker has a durable MDF cable connection. The high-quality speakers are held in place by a sturdy and durable matte black anodized aluminum baffle. It comes with a 5-year warranty with product registration.


  • Luxurious glossy finish
  • Black anodised brushed aluminium railing
  • Compact bass technology


  • The grill is a little fragile

Enjoy a fascinating musical journey with the SVS Prime bookshelf speaker!

SVS brand acoustic systems offer the best sound quality and a glossy speaker with an elegant ash wood design that perfectly matches your bookshelf and the atmosphere of your room.

Quality of construction and design

The Prime woofer with black shelf finish measures 9.4x8x13.2 inches and weighs 16 pounds. The 6.5 woofer is housed in a sealed enclosure that is well suited to deliver a smooth, specific and clear midrange with a colorless bass response. The cone material is light and rigid and enables the processing of mid frequencies. The woofer extension is precisely deep and the speaker size is effortless.

The enclosure is FEA and CAD optimized and features a rigid 1″ aluminum dome tweeter for high sound pressure, minimal distortion and a soothing listening experience. All units are manufactured with SoundMatch Sport filters, high quality capacitors, air cores and resistant circuit boards. All of these high-quality components offer lower distortion, better tolerances and better heat dissipation, so you can count on superior sound quality.

Audio Performance

It features a 1″ aluminum dome tweeter that is usually light, uncluttered and well-constructed to reproduce high volumes and crystal-clear lows without distortion.

It features a bidirectional filter enhanced by a sophisticated topology that provides accurate frequency response, smooth and silky transitions between conductors, and accurate imaging with phase coherence.

Warranty and communication

The wired connection of the speaker comes with a shelf mount. It conveniently serves as a monitor control speaker in a two-channel system or delivers precise sound quality for the front/centre/side/rear speakers in a multi-channel home theatre system. It has a 5-year warranty.


  • A more nuanced sound
  • Exceptional style, superior quality work.
  • Optimal expansion of low frequencies


  • The average values are a little blurry

Experience natural, three-dimensional sound with Q Acoustics 3020 bookshelf speakers!

The Q Acoustics brand offers exceptional sound and comes in a compact size with a range of beautiful bookshelf speakers (pair) to match the decor; play your favourite music with deep, powerful bass.

Quality of construction and design

The 3020 is designed to provide detailed and accurate sound in small to medium sized venues. The speaker is made of American walnut, measures 8.9×6.7×10.3 inches and weighs 10.14 pounds.

They feature an innovative 2-in-1 ring tweeter with an intelligent woofer made from Aramid Fibre and Kevlar/Teflon paper.

This confirms that the sound produced is open and realistic, creating an exceptional three-dimensional experience. These bookshelf speakers have an improved crossover and a very low resonance cabinet.

Audio Performance

To feel the potential depth of your music, it features a larger diameter bass cone and absolute bass response with fast dynamics to present a significantly more engaging sound quality.

It is ideal for large rooms because it is not only easy to control, but also has great dynamic realism, making it ideal for less powerful amplifiers. It features a 5-inch aramid-fiber driver with paper cone, which offers a surprisingly open and aligned midrange and amazing 3D audio accessibility.

Warranty and communication

The wired units are suitable for libraries and are characterized by robust installation quality, beautiful design and excellent sound and come with a 5-year warranty.


  • Nice open midrange
  • Deep and powerful bass
  • Designing a practical library


  • In rare cases, some users have found that this speaker sounds medium

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