Who doesn’t like music? I’m sure we all do, and there’s nothing better than grooving to loud music with good beats that make us dance. On the other hand, it’s also quite fun to play. Now, the questions are: What are you going to choose – music or games? The good news is you don’t have to choose! That’s possible. How? Luckily there are some games that help us to get familiar with good rhythms. However, it is not easy to find such games.

But we’re here to save you hours of research, to look for well-paid music games and to try them out to finally find out what’s the best music game in the world. Here’s a list of PS5 music games you’d like to play. Let’s take a look at the following music/rhythm games for PS5.

PS5 Music games

musical games ps5

1. Rock band 4

Rock Band was the first name that came to mind when we started making our list of the best music games on PS5. The Rock Band was a real album (maybe a real band). It was the kind of album you liked and could play with or didn’t know about. But one thing’s for sure, it was a damn good album. When the news that the song was played on the current album was announced, the fans went wild. This could be the reason for the success.

This game allows players to simulate music playback. The music can come from different decades and different genres. There will be a lot of instrumentation and vocals to make it work. The game comes with sixty licensed songs, and players can easily download additional songs from the downloadable content. The game received some pretty positive reviews and people loved the new gameplay. The game is available in multiplayer and single player modes. This is usually the best game for PS5 if you are a big fan of music and rhythm video games.

2. Living as a heroic guitarist

music games ps5

Guitar Hero Live was released in 2015. It was developed by FreeStyleGames and published by Activision. This game is the seventh installment in the Guitar Hero series, and it has met the expectations of fans.

The game is quite simple, just like the previous games. The player must use a special guitar controller and match the patterns shown in the picture of the scrolling notes. There will be a deadline you have to meet.

There are some new additions to the games. The guitar controller has six buttons and three layouts. The game can also be played in different modes, such as. For example, in career mode, where a note template is displayed on the screen so that the player can tune his music keys. The other main mode provides the player with concert images or a video clip. They’re both pretty cool, and you’d love to play them, too.

Players can play songs from the library or pay to play any song. All in all, it should be the perfect musical game to play with friends or alone.

3. Necromancer’s Crypt

Music for ps5 games

Crypt of the NecroDancer is one of the best music games for the PS5. It was developed and published by Brace Yourself Games. It is a rhythmic video that had some success shortly after its release (2016).

The player must choose one of the suggested characters. Then they would explore different levels of the underground dungeon. In this game, players can only move or play out their characters if they play them in time to the music. It is very important to match one kick with another, as this will increase their score and allow them to get more coins. If they don’t, their point multiplication factor may drop or their character may be damaged.

Characters can also be hit by a monster attack. The game also contains an extensive list of weapons, armor and treasures. The game is full of music, action and excitement. All these things together make this game perfect. It will be fun to play this music game on PS5, so give it a try.

4. Giraffe and Annika

best musical games ps5

Do you want to experience a 3D adventure? Then Giraffe and Annika is the best game for you. You will accompany Annika, the feline cat, on her adventurous journey to the mysterious island of Spica. It was ordered by a little boy, Giraffe. She must find lost stars. There’d be a lot of mysteries to solve.

To add a musical touch to the game, characters can only attack if they synchronise their attack with their rhythm. The game offers a nice story with good graphics and good controls. All in all, it should be a good music game to play on PS5.

5. Infinite Rez

best musical games ps5

Rez Infinite is another popular music game on PS5 that you have to play. Here the game is a perfect fusion of music and the genre of tension and thriller. The game was released in 2016. It was developed by Q Entertainment Monstars. Inc. and published by Enhanced Games.

The game begins with the growing crime crisis in the world. Project K has been set up to solve this problem. However, there were some complications with the game, and that’s where you come in. You’re playing the role of a hacker. You will have to travel through cyberspace, which will not be an easy journey because it is riddled with firewalls, viruses and other obstacles. Then we need to get the recognition system working. Your character will undergo many transformations.

Before you lift a finger and ask, how is this a musical game? So let me tell you, it’s because the soundtrack doesn’t stop for a second during the whole game. That’s where music fans get the best of this game.

6. Superbit: Xonik

best game music ps5

We found another hidden gem, the Superbit: Xonic! It was released in 2015, but it’s still on everyone’s lips when someone mentions the best music games on PS5. The game was developed by Nurijoy and published by Sony Entertainment.

If you’ve played Beatcraft Cyclon, this will sound a little familiar. Players must attach the notes to the rhythm of the song. There are several modes to choose from, and each one is quite specific in itself. Your goal should be to beat the score and stay ahead of the pack. Only playable in single player mode.

The game consists of fifty different tracks and varies in genre. This game is the dream of every music lover.

7. Hatsune Miku: DIVA Project X

Top Music Games

The game is part of a popular series, even a series of 10 episodes. It was published in 2016. If you’ve ever played a game in this series, you’ll know how great it is and why we’ve included it in our list of the best music games on PS5. This game introduces a new style of play with many new features. The game focuses on the theme of life and production. There is a new feature called Urgent Notes, which requires the player to act fast enough to increase his score. The free game mode and the live-quest mode are also available for fun.

8. Pathology laboratory

Track Lab was released in 2018. It was developed and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This game is best played in PS VR because it allows you to use the full potential of the music.

Players will find so much in the game that they can make their music with it. Players must move music buildings in the virtual environment to create new musical rhythms. You will be able to create all kinds of rhythms. You’ll also get the best tools for this. There is also a tutorial mode that allows you to learn more about the game. Finally, players can also share their creations.

9. Hearts of the Kingdom: Memory setting

musical games ps5

Hearts of the Kingdom: Memory Tune is the latest item in our list of the best music games on PS5. It was released in 2020 and was developed by Square Enix. Because it’s a rhythmic action game, it should be your favorite when you play it. The game contains both a single player and a multiplayer game, so it’s quite a decent game.  The story continues or is familiar with other games in the series.

The game is full of action, puzzles and music, so try it or you’ll regret it. There are a total of 20 characters in the game, so you’ll have a lot to do in the game.

10. Striking sabre

Beat Saber is our next choice of the best music games for the PS5 list. You’re definitely gonna fall in love with this one. This is a virtual reality rhythm game, so you can play it with virtual headphones. The game has a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode. The game contains several numbers and a total of five difficulty levels. The player must cut the cubes with two lightsabers to the rhythm of the electronic music.

11. No direct route

musical game ps5

If you like to play games with a narrative and intuitive story, No Straight Road is one of the best games for you. The game tells the story of Indy Rock. This jewel fights a powerful publishing conglomerate.

The gameplay contains good music. Despite the fact that this is an action game, music plays an important role in the game. Players can only predict their opponent’s attacks from a list of pieces of music, and the same goes for the decision to strike. It’s a pretty impressive game, and it certainly offers the players something new and surprising.

12. Person 5: Dancing in Starlight

list of musical games ps5

Persona 5 is the perfect combination of action and musical genre, and that’s exactly why it deserves your time and money! The gameplay is quite simple because you have to right click at the right moment. There are many different modes you can play with. This game also includes dozens of new titles.

13. User

Do you want to be a DJ? Well, your dreams are about to come true with Fuser. In this game you can become a DJ and work with all those great controllers and track combinations. You can also share your creation with others.

14. Cartridge 2

play the station 5 music games

Patapon 2 Remastered is a new game that will be released in 2020. This game is a fusion of strategy games and music. This is the second installment of the series, and they have certainly done a good job by expanding the features and improving the graphics.

15. Relaunched demonstration

best musical games ps5

This new version of Deemo is another big choice of music games for the PS5. Much has been improved in this restarted version. There are three-dimensional images and it supports virtual reality.


So these are popular music games on PS5 that are worth watching from time to time. We tried to include games that appeal to all parts of the gaming diaspora – children, adults, parents and even grandparents. We hope you enjoy the games we have presented to you.

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