Are you tired of hearing the muffled sound of your small TV speakers? Well, the speakers in today’s flat screen TVs reproduce the sound much better than they used to. However, the built-in speakers cannot compete with the simplest soundbars on the market. Soundbars are the easiest way to get high-quality sound to match the superior picture quality of your HDTV, and there are impressive soundbars that cost just under $300.

What is a soundbar?

A soundbar is a stylish sound system that improves the sound quality of your TV. In general, slim units may have one or more rectangular speakers.

Most sound bars are 40 inches long or slightly longer or smaller. So there’s less clutter around your TV because you don’t have to clear space for the receiver or tower speakers. You can easily stack them on a shelf above or below your TV, mount them on the wall or simply place them on a TV stand.

A soundbar is not as powerful as a full-featured home theater, but a less expensive unit is easier to install and works well in small to medium-sized rooms. Almost all models support wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

What should you know about soundbars?

There are different types of sound bars on the market. Depending on the Top 15 Best Soundbars Under 300 in 2019 - Complete Guide model and brand, they have different features and specifications. Moreover, devices with the same features and specifications can produce different results depending on the brand, the way they handle different audio frequencies and their interaction with the acoustics of the room.

Take a look at the features you should consider before buying a soundbar :

Sound Quality

The sound quality of a soundbar should be fantastic, because that’s why you buy it in the first place. A high-quality soundbar delivers clear and powerful stereo sound that dramatically improves the sound quality of even TVs with the highest quality speakers.

High-end soundbars offer deep, detailed sound so you can hear dialogue, background noise and voices in music with exceptional clarity. Many units offer different sound settings and modes to help you get the best possible sound for different content such as music, movies, games and more.


Sound bars have various input/output options for connecting to other devices. Most have a combination of ports and wireless connectivity.

HDMI and other connections allow you to easily connect the soundbar to a TV or stream from other devices. Some models are equipped with an Ethernet port if you want to connect it to your home network.

However, wireless connectivity options allow you to send music wirelessly to the soundbar speaker from a variety of devices, such as cell phones, tablets or laptops.

If your model has a built-in Wi-Fi connection, you can stream music directly from online music services such as Pandora or Top 15 Best Soundbars Under 300 in 2019 - Complete Guide Spotify. You can also stream video content from online services or social networks. This feature adds dynamism to your home entertainment system, especially if your TV doesn’t have one.

Make sure the soundbar you bought has connectivity options that match the connectors on your TV and other devices you want to pair it with.

Easy to install and use

Some soundbars facilitate installation with a “plug-and-play” option or a single-cable connection. For others, you may need to read the manual to find out which cable connects to which port. However, you should buy one that is easy to install and pair with wireless devices.

Choose a soundbar with a control display that clearly shows the functions of the buttons. The front panel display is a good addition, as it means you don’t have to read the settings while sitting on the couch.

Some models also allow you to set and adjust functions from the TV screen. This feature is useful because some people find using a small console screen inconvenient.

Additional Speakers

Some models are equipped with rear speakers to create a true surround sound experience. These speakers often use a subwoofer or amplifier to create a truly immersive effect. However, you don’t need these extra speakers if you want a soundbar for a small room.

Other features

The few selected models are quite easy to use and display only the functions needed for the task at hand. However, most have a stack of functions, some of which may be useful from time to time.

For example, some systems have an equalizer (EQ) and control options for treble and bass. The Bass Boost option boosts the lower tones, which is useful for those who really like low tones.

Why do you need a soundbar? Top 15 Best Soundbars Under 300 in 2019 - Complete Guide

Some people find that their TV’s built-in speakers are perfect for enjoying normal programs such as sitcoms, talk shows, reality shows, etc.

That’s right, and you simply don’t need the extra device if you don’t watch TV regularly. However, if you want richer, more complete sound that complements the picture quality of your TV while you enjoy your favorite series or movies, soundbars are the best option.

The best soundbars offer great sound quality and a variety of wireless ports and options for connecting other devices such as a cell phone, set-top box or DVD player. They also have great appeal to music lovers. Many models offer the ability to play music from portable devices via cable or Bluetooth wireless connection, as well as stream music from online music services.

Soundbars are much cheaper than home theater systems. They significantly improve the sound of your TV, but create less clutter than a home entertainment system. Most soundbars work well in small to medium-sized rooms.

Once you have an idea of the type of soundbar you want to buy and are sure of the features and specifications you want, check out our 10 soundbars under $300. These economical models offer impressive acoustic enhancements to give your TV the sound it deserves.

Best Soundbars Under 300 The VIZIO S4251w-B4 is a fantastic soundbar that allows you to enjoy immersive surround sound. It is equipped with two additional speakers that provide a great surround sound experience.

The soundbar has a smart design and a stylish look. It can be easily placed in front of the TV or on a wall shelf. The wireless subwoofer and remote control minimize clutter and fit perfectly into a modern, minimalist environment. You can also find information on the best surround sound system.

Sound Quality

The S4251w-B4 offers value for money, with its subwoofer and satellite speakers providing a more immersive experience than a two-channel soundbar. The subwoofer creates a resonance that makes the sound of your TV clearer, whether you’re watching the birds whistling on the Discovery Channel or the crowd cheering at a soccer game on ESPN.

The system’s surround speakers produce sound that fills the room and mimics real surround speakers, something that even the most expensive speakers cannot always do. As a result, listening to music with the S4251w-B4 is an enjoyable experience. However, don’t expect clear highs or full bass like a more expensive, music-oriented system.


The glossy soundbar has a matte black finish that gives it a very stylish look. The 42-inch soundbar is not ultra-thin. Instead, it looks rugged, suggesting that the unit is built for performance.

The lower left panel provides visual feedback on the volume, bass and treble controls via a series of small LED lights.

This also prevents clutter, since a wireless subwoofer must be plugged into an electrical outlet. The subwoofer has a range of about 18 meters, which means you can enjoy great sound anywhere in your home without any interference.


Built-in Bluetooth enables music streaming from mobile devices and online sources. Pairing the speakerphone with Bluetooth devices is easy, with just a few buttons on the remote control.

The S4251w-B4 does not have HDMI connectors. Connect your content sources directly to the TV and then route the audio to the soundbar via RAC, coaxial and/or optical cables.

Implementation and use

The central unit is connected to the television via a digital optical cable. You can then use the remote control to set the mode and other options.

Pairing a wireless subwoofer with the center unit is very easy. The subwoofer feeds the surround satellite speakers and provides low-frequency effects.

You will still need to spend a few minutes with the remote to get the best surround sound experience. It provides level control and other acoustic options for the Music Center, subwoofer, and satellites.


  • Delivers 5.1 sound with the convenience of a soundbar
  • Support for Bluetooth devices
  • Thanks to its various connection options, it is compatible with almost all TVs.
  • Provides good surround sound quality
  • Profitable


  • Satellite speakers require a wired connection.
  • It is difficult to read the screen on the remote control.
  • It may block the sensor of the TV remote control when placed in front of the TV.
  • The sound quality of the bass is rather mediocre.

If you’re looking for an affordable audio system with a soundbar to hear what you’re missing from your TV Polk Audio 2.1-Channel Soundbar System ‘s integrated audio system, Polk Audio’s 2.1-channel soundbar system is one of the best models to consider. This versatile TV soundbar and wireless subwoofer is also known as the Polk Signa S1, and despite its low profile, it offers an amazing home theater experience that surpasses anything you could experience with your TV’s built-in speakers.

Sound Quality

You don’t have to be an audiophile to realize how good the Signa S1 is in terms of sound quality. To start playing music, the unit offers excellent sound quality thanks to the wireless subwoofer, especially considering the price. Whatever type of music you listen to, classical, pop, jazz or other, the S1 will do well with the right content and body.

When it comes to movie playback, the Polk Audio soundbar system may not be the best. While it is capable of reproducing dialogue clearly, the quality is not good enough to make the sounds pop. Nevertheless, the soundbar itself is pretty balanced in what it can offer. Night mode allows you to enjoy music or a movie without disturbing others in your home, which is a very useful feature.


Even the first look at the Polk Audio Signa S1 defines small and discreet. The all-black soundbar measures 13.4″ x 6.72″ w x 12.29″ t and weighs about 11 pounds. The soundbar system is designed not to look like a cheap speaker system, although the overall design is simple. One might say that it is perhaps the flat design that makes it attractive. And since the soundbar is only 5 inches high, it doesn’t block the senior’s remote or the bottom edge of the TV.


In terms of features and connectivity, the Polk Audio Sound Bar System isn’t everything; however, it does have a number of useful features and connectivity options. The most convenient connectivity option is of course the built-in Bluetooth technology, which allows you to stream music directly from your tablet, smartphone or other compatible device. In addition, the device has a 3.5mm input and an optical input with Dolby Digital support, but there is no support for HDMI connections, which may disappoint some users.

Implementation and use

Thanks to its small size and keyhole suspension, the Signa S1 can be easily mounted on the wall without the need for exclusive mounting hardware. As always, you can also place the soundbar in or on a piece of furniture. Wirelessly connecting the subwoofer to the soundbar is easy because it is pre-wired.

The overall configuration is quite simple and straightforward. As mentioned above, you can use an optical cable or an analog stereo cable (not included) to connect the unit to the TV. The lack of HDMI inputs requires some extra measures for connecting to audio sources.


  • Less space
  • Easy music playback
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Convenient night mode
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


  • No HDMI inputs
  • Less clarity in film production

The ultra-slim CT290 soundbar complements Sony’s home entertainment audio line and is Sony CT290 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar considered an affordable solution for those who want to enjoy bass and high-quality sound from a high-end soundbar without too much hassle.

Sound Quality

The CT290 is a combination soundbar and wireless subwoofer that delivers powerful bass and cinematic sound in virtually any room. It is a 2.1-channel sound system with 300 watts of power, providing users with high-quality cinema sound from a slim, compact unit. The subwoofer does its job equally well, and thanks to its ability not to drown out the frequency range of your video, it can even reproduce dialogue with great clarity. Above all, S-Force Surround Sound technology makes listening to music an even greater pleasure.


When it comes to electronic devices, simplicity of design is always a success, and Sony understands this concept very well. The CT290 has the same rectangular design we’ve seen on many other soundbar systems so far, which makes it look good no matter what TV model it’s paired with. The subwoofer is sleek as usual, again like all the other subwoofer models you’ll find on the market. It is the two-way slotted design (sideways sitting or standing) of the subwoofer that makes it unique.


In terms of connection options, the Sony CT290 ultra-thin soundbar offers some of the most useful and comprehensive connection options for a soundbar system in this price range. Of course, you can also opt for Bluetooth technology, which allows you to stream wirelessly. There’s also ARC HDMI support, so you can easily connect it to your TV with a single cable.

A USB port gives you easy access to all your music files from various devices, and the optical input is the perfect addition for those who have a TV that doesn’t support HDMI ARC.

Implementation and use

Installation and use of the soundbar system is simple and straightforward. The soundbar’s thin frame makes it easy to integrate into your home theater system, whether you want to place it on a piece of furniture or a TV stand or opt for a wall mount. The wireless subwoofer is designed to be used both vertically and laterally to make the best use of available space without compromising sound quality.


  • Impressive sound quality
  • Different connection options
  • Easy to install and use


  • Difficulty accessing the USB port

JBL has long been known for its high-quality, efficient home theater systems, many of which are in the highest price range. JBL Bar 2.1 Home Theater Starter System If you are a fan of the brand and are looking for something more affordable, try the JBL Bar 2.1 home theater starter system, a sound bar that will give you exactly the feel you want without taking up too much space in your living room.

Sound Quality

Like any sound system, this model is equipped with a wireless subwoofer so you can enjoy rich, deep sound whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music or playing video games. Your unit’s cinema mode is designed to deliver amazing bass and add interesting special effects without compromising the clarity and sharpness of dialogue. However, the surround mode does not provide an immersive surround sound experience; sometimes it just raises the overall volume level.

As for listening to music, the soundbar system offers excellent sound quality and overall performance in music mode, but in standard mode the sound quality begins to distort and the bass reaches high levels.


The JBL 2.1 bar looks exactly like the image you envision when you think of a soundbar system. Measuring 38″ W x 2.3″ x 2.7″ inches and weighing only about 4 pounds, the soundbar has a slim profile, making it ideal for rooms with limited space. The control buttons are located at the top, and below the metal grille is a white LED light that indicates which mode is currently in use. The subwoofer, on the other hand, has a standard size and appearance and can be connected by cable or wirelessly.


As you know, the JBL Bar 2.1 is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows you to stream music wirelessly from any compatible mobile device. Other connection options for this soundbar system include HDMI video input and HDMI video output with ARC (Audio Return Channel), both of which simplify the entire setup.

Another useful feature in terms of connectivity is that the unit is designed to easily connect to and work with many of today’s TV remote control models. For example, you can easily control your soundbar with your TV’s remote. And with JBL’s SoundShift feature, you can easily switch between the sounds of your mobile devices and your TV.

Implementation and use

Setting up the whole system is easy. Just plug in the soundbar, connect a wireless subwoofer, plug in an HDMI cable and the device is ready to go. JBL has made pairing very easy; as soon as you turn on the device, the soundbar immediately pairs with the subwoofer, without any intervention on your part. The remote control is very functional, but as mentioned earlier, you can also use your TV’s remote to control the unit.


  • Good performance
  • Highly functional remote control
  • Easy to install and use
  • Affordable


  • Distortion at high bass levels in standard mode

Known for its dynamic range of high-quality speakers, Klipsch has long been a brand you can trust when Klipsch RSB-3 Surround Powerful Soundbar it comes to quality products. The RSB-3 is an all-in-one audio system designed by the company to transform your TV into an exceptional home theater experience.

Sound Quality

One of the amazing features of the RSB-3 is that it has an integrated subwoofer instead of a separate unit. The soundbar is able to deliver impressive sound performance even during the dynamic and noisy moments of movies and music. The virtual surround sound mode also works quite well, though not as effectively as a pair of dedicated speakers behind you, but it does offer wider stereo sound. However, one of the problems you may encounter when listening to music is distortion at maximum volume.


Like all the other soundbars on our list, the Klipsch RSB-3 comes in a slim case with dimensions of just 2.56″ h x 36″ w x 4″ d and weighs just 7 pounds. The overall design is fairly typical, a long frame with metal grilles on the front and top of the soundbar. As mentioned earlier, the unit is equipped with a subwoofer. Most of the controls are located on the front of the unit, and an LED display indicates the different modes of the sound sources. The remote control, on the other hand, is small and of poor quality. Another disadvantage is the lack of a visual volume indicator, which increases the risk of accidental damage to the sound.


The various connection options of the Klipsch RSB-3 are Bluetooth wireless technology, digital optical technology and the 3.5 mm analog mini-jack. Connecting via Bluetooth is a simple and easy process that can be performed by holding down the corresponding button on the remote control. The unit comes with an optical cable for optical input, and the 3.5 mm jack can be used for analog outputs (cable not included) and headsets.

Implementation and use

Installation and use of the RSB-3 is simple and can be done in minutes. Its slim design allows it to be mounted on a countertop or used as a wall-mounted unit. Since the subwoofer is included with the soundbar, it does not need to be mounted in a separate, bulky box on the floor and there are no cables to get in the way. The unit’s rubber feet keep it in place when placed on a flat surface. Pairing the soundbar with Bluetooth devices is also a simple process, and you can be playing music directly from your device in no time.


  • Cheap
  • Built-in subwoofer
  • A clear and balanced sound


  • Insufficient bar depth
  • Poor quality of the remote controls

While not a well-known brand, Wohome is known for making high-quality products for the smart home, and the S9220 Pro is Wohome TV Sound Bar the company’s home theater system that seems to be overloaded with features at a great price.

Sound Quality

The S9220 Pro is a three-dimensional surround sound system, meaning it is designed to deliver dynamic sound directly into your home. The 105dB soundbar delivers crystal clear sound, perfect for movie or TV dialogue, and is also the ideal choice for music listeners with its powerful bass response. This dedicated soundbar system delivers enough power for medium to large rooms and is a great upgrade for your TV speakers. While it works well in the mid and high frequencies, it does not seem to be able to cover the low frequencies, which is a serious drawback.


The soundbar of the Wohome S9220 Pro TV has a slim and elegant design that immediately attracts attention. The company has managed to change the shape of the soundbar from the usual rectangular models on the market, making the S9220 Pro quite unique in terms of design in this category. Measuring 4.13″ x 38.58″ x 3.94″ and weighing just over 9 pounds, it may not be the lightest soundbar on the market, but it is certainly compact enough to be used as a wall-mounted unit. Control buttons are located on the side of the soundbar.


First of all, the S9220 Pro gives you the choice of wired or wireless connectivity. You can use different input options for a wired connection, or you can opt for the simplest solution, Bluetooth pairing, which eliminates cables and delivers high-quality sound. In addition to the Bluetooth connection, you have several input options: coaxial, optical, 3.5mm inch and AUX inch. The unit comes with a digital optical cable for easy connection.

Implementation and use

The Wohome S9220 Pro can be used as a tabletop unit or mounted on the wall. Since the units come with a wall mount kit, wall mounting is quick. As mentioned above, you can choose between a wired or wireless installation, depending on your preferences and the features available on your TV. Whichever you choose, installation is definitely easy.

Using the soundbar is also effortless. Compatible with all major TV brands, as well as smartphones, PSPs, projectors and computers, it also simplifies the connection to these devices.


  • High availability
  • Exceptional sound quality for the price
  • Attractive design
  • Easy to install and use


  • Lack of clarity at low frequencies
  • substantial

vizio-sb3821-c6-soundbar The VIZIO SB3821-C6 soundbar is the best choice if you want to improve the sound quality of your TV to achieve superior quality at minimal cost. It features DTS TruVolume technology, which normalizes the sound volume even if louder sounds suddenly appear in the program you are watching.

Despite its small size, the soundbar has a pretty deep bass. The wireless subwoofer fills the room with powerful bass. This will definitely enhance your home entertainment system.

Sound Quality

The Vizio SB3821-C6 soundbar delivers clear and dynamic sound that focuses on the mid and low ranges.

Combine powerful speakers with a wireless subwoofer for an immersive home theater experience. Place the subwoofer anywhere you want and enjoy powerful bass without having to connect speakers everywhere.

The soundbar provides very clear and detailed sound for any normal TV program. DTS TruSurround activates the surround effect, while DTS TruVolume keeps the volume at a comfortable level at all times.

An integrated Dolby Digital decoder provides a captivating listening experience and significantly enhances the sound of your content.


The soundbar has a sleek design with a slim 38-inch body that fits easily wherever you want to place it. It looks great whether you place it in front of the TV or hang it on the wall with wall brackets.

The soundbar includes a two-channel front speaker and a wireless powered subwoofer. The wireless design offers more placement freedom and takes up less space.


The SB3821-C6 soundbar offers multiple connectivity options. It features optical and coaxial digital inputs, as well as a 3.5mm jack plug, a USB port and an RCA cable.

Built-in Bluetooth technology allows you to listen to the sound of any Bluetooth device. This allows you to listen to your favorite music anywhere in the room at the touch of a button.

Implementation and use

Connecting the soundbar to your TV is simple and straightforward. Just find the right output on your TV and connect it to the cable. You can also connect it to other devices such as a game console or Blu-ray player.

Bluetooth installation takes only seconds. Just press the Bluetooth button on the remote and pair the soundbar with external devices.


  • Creates an impressive surround sound effect
  • Works well in the mid to low range
  • Wireless Subwoofer
  • Wireless streaming via Bluetooth
  • Profitable


  • You should use a subwoofer to reproduce powerful bass or to create theater sound.
  • The LED indicators on the front panel are quite difficult to read.

Best Soundbars Under 300 The Vizio SB3851-C0 is a compact soundbar that offers true surround sound with many features. The satellite speakers and wireless subwoofer provide an immersive surround sound experience.

The unit has a refreshingly elegant look, with a beautiful design that comes from black grilles and aluminum accents. Installation is easy and operation is via an LCD remote control.

In short, if you’re looking for an affordable soundbar for your 42″+ TV, you won’t find a better option than the VIZIO SB3851.

Sound Quality

The SB3851-C0 redefines the original 5.1 surround sound with a wireless subwoofer, soundbar and satellites. The clarity and sound quality will please everyone.

You can’t say this is the “top of the line” model, but it offers everything you would expect in this price range. With its impeccable mids, highs and lows, the soundbar can certainly compete with soundbars costing hundreds of dollars more.

The SB3851 is a versatile soundbar that can handle everything from talk shows to intense TV dramas, from fast rap to sweet country songs. You can pick up little details here and there, and the bass sounds a little more passive, but still gives a decent overall sound.


All VIZIO soundbars are designed in a minimalist style that fits harmoniously into any interior. The SB3851 is no exception. It features a simplified center bar, two satellite speakers and a wireless subwoofer.

The 38-inch soundbar embellishes the look of modern, ultra-thin TVs of all sizes. It is suitable for both a 70-inch screen and a combination with a 45-inch TV.

The design is simple: the cabinet is covered with fabric and the ends are crowned with a silver crown. Yet even this simple look exudes sophistication and elegance.


The soundbar supports an HDMI connection and integrated Bluetooth connectivity. It has an HDMI input and output, as well as an auxiliary audio input, coaxial digital input and optical audio input. If you want to permanently connect the unit to a router, there is an Ethernet port to do so.

Use the Bluetooth option to pair your iPhone or iPad with the soundbar. Listen to music from your favorite devices with your fingertips!


  • High-end sound
  • Dolby Digital and DTS technology
  • With satellite speakers and wireless subwoofer.
  • Integrated Google Cast
  • Offers excellent value for money


  • Low frequencies are high even at low subwoofer speeds.
  • The sound is quite flat.
  • The sound of the television is blurred

yamaha-ats-1050-r-soundbar The Yamaha ATS-1050-R is an excellent soundbar that is beautifully designed and offers better sound than you would expect from a factory-refurbished product. You can’t expect cinema sound quality, but it’s certainly a big improvement over terrible TV speakers.

Compact design prevents clutter around the TV. Place it in front of the TV or store it on a shelf underneath and enjoy clear, full sound while watching your favorite movies.

Sound Quality

The ATS-1050-R produces rich, deep sound where even mumbled characters and musical voices can be heard clearly. The sound is so clear that it can be heard even when there is background noise in the room.

The two built-in subwoofers produce a decent amount of bass, but they need to be tuned for best results. An external subwoofer can be added if you really want to hear the deepest, lowest sounds.

Integrated AIR SURROUND XTREME technology provides a wider and richer sound field, but it still lacks true surround sound quality. It also lacks detail in the mid and high frequencies, and the sound becomes a bit brittle at high volume.


Storage enthusiasts will appreciate this soundbar for its ultra-slim design and lack of external subwoofers. Its 53mm height does not interfere with your TV’s remote control sensor or block your view.

It easily fits into the decor of a room with an understated style. The top and front are covered in black fabric and complement the glossy and matte finish of the back.

The housing is heavy and the construction is solid, ensuring quality and durability.


Installation is child’s play, as only one cable is needed to connect the TV. It has optical and coaxial digital inputs, a 3.5 mm mini-jack input and an output for an external subwoofer. Built-in Bluetooth technology ensures smooth music playback from external devices.

The ATS-1050-R has a simple design, and the absence of HDMI connections underscores this simple approach. However, many people find this impractical, as most DVD players, set-top boxes, and other devices support DHMI inputs/outputs.


  • Significant improvement in television acoustics
  • ultra-thin design
  • Connection with one cable
  • Wall-mounted computer


  • Loss of clarity at higher volumes
  • Built-in subwoofers cannot deliver the deepest bass.
  • The control panel is hard to see when you put it on the countertop.

samsung-hw-k360-2-1-soundbar The Samsung HW-K360 wireless soundbar instantly improves the sound of your TV! Connect it to your Samsung TV and enjoy powerful and enjoyable sound that instantly brings your programs, movies and music to life.

The soundbar offers deep surround sound with the built-in Dolby Digital function. With the Bluetooth option, you can enjoy high-quality stereo sound without any hassle. The integrated USB host is another option to play your favorite songs in MP3 format.

Sound Quality

The Samsung HW-K360 is a 2.1 channel system with excellent sound quality that spreads throughout the room. The built-in speakers and subwoofer provide an excellent surround sound effect in the room. Just place them and set them up correctly.

The Surround Sound Extension is a great way to get even more realistic and lifelike sound. You’ll feel like the sound is coming directly from your TV set!

The soundbar and subwoofer deliver clear and dynamic sound that perfectly surpasses the performance of your TV’s speakers. In short, the HW-K360 is designed to give you the ultimate entertainment experience.


The Samsung HW-K360 impresses with its sleek design. Compared to its price, it is more elegant and stands out from other high-end models. The design is streamlined and the height is low enough to leave the sensors of your TV remote free.

On the front, a sturdy aluminum grille covers the LED display panel. Visual display of settings such as volume is easy to see while relaxing on the couch.


With the Samsung HW-K360, you have multiple connection options, such as HDMI input and ARC output. In addition, there is an optical cable and a 3.5 mm mini-jack.

Built-in Bluetooth lets you stream music directly from your smartphone and other devices. You can also listen to music directly from compatible Samsung TVs.

In addition, Wi-Fi and the Speaker Add option allow you to stream and sync content with other Samsung speakers over the Internet.

Implementation and use

Installation of the soundbar is simple and easy. Once the HDMI ports are connected and plugged in, you can enjoy the enhanced sound of the TV! The Bluetooth and ARC options also work seamlessly with compatible Samsung TVs.


  • Excellent speech intelligibility
  • Good bass.
  • Slim design fits TVs 40 inches and larger comfortably
  • The subwoofer works within about 9 feet of the Wi-Fi.
  • A good remote control with a simple design and large buttons


  • The surround sound effect is decent, but doesn’t reach the quality of a full surround sound system.
  • Does not give the same results when used in a large room.
  • You need to fine tune the settings to get the best possible sound for different types of content – movies, music videos, etc. – etc.

bose-solo-5-tv-sound-system The Bose Solo 5 is a simple and convenient device that will breathe new life into any TV with a poor sound system. Rather, it is an entry-level soundbar on the market for users who are tired of the dull sound of their TV speakers.

However, for a very interesting price, just under $250, this soundbar doesn’t offer much value. You can easily get much better options with more features and a lower price.

Sound Quality

When playing HD audio files, the soundbar provides excellent sound. However, it has difficulty optimizing the sound when the original audio file is highly compressed.

The speakers are capable of producing large volumes and crystal clear sound to create an ambience in the room. However, you can enjoy it better if you activate the dialogue mode. This feature makes conversations from your HDTV clearer and sharper.

Expect clear sound and decent bass when you play music through the soundbar. However, to boost the bass, you need to correctly set the equalizer of the device whose original file is being played. But even the bass sound set exactly at the maximum level is just enough, not too loud.


The Bose Solo 5 is probably meant for people who live in a small or cluttered room. At just 55 cm long and 7 cm high, this is one of the most compact soundbars on the market.

It is shaped like a parallelepiped, allowing it to lay flat on any surface. You can place it anywhere around the TV, and you can also mount it on the wall, but you must purchase the wall mount separately.


The Bose Solo 5 is designed to be plug-and-play, and that’s relatively easy. In terms of connectivity options, the soundbar features optical, coaxial and auxiliary inputs. Bluetooth is also integrated for wireless music playback.

It has no HDMI capability, although the HDMI port can be useful for streaming HD audio to the soundbar.

The remote control is very convenient because it has enough buttons to change the volume and make other adjustments. You can also use the remote to control 6 external devices with 6 pre-programmed buttons.


  • Compact Size
  • Plug-and-play option
  • A loud and clear sound
  • The “Dialogs” mode gives clarity to the dialogues
  • Wireless option available


  • No HDMI audio input
  • Impossible to optimize a low bit rate audio stream
  • Narrow sound stage
  • Insufficient rod
  • Little value for money

samsung-hw-k450-soundbar The Samsung HW-K450 completely does away with the rounded design and high price tag that characterized many of the brand’s first models. It’s a great soundbar that can improve the sound of your TV at a great price.

The soundbar is simple because it has a traditional design with no frills or special features. The compact design also saves you a lot of hassle around the room.

It comes with a wireless subwoofer and remote control, while connectivity supports HDMI and Bluetooth options.

Sound Quality

You should choose the HW-K450 if you expect your bar to sound accurate, clear and sharp. It offers an immersive feel and performs well in the premium and mid-range segments. Its wide soundstage makes it easy to connect to Samsung TVs with diagonals up to 55 inches.

However, the quality of the surround sound is not excellent, although you can use the six listening modes and the “surround” sound effect for each to improve the sound a bit.

The active subwoofer produces good bass and adds decent bass to the overall sound. Don’t expect the subwoofer to shake the floor, but it’s perfect for the average living room.


The HW-K450 brings back the traditional branded soundbar design that was common before the introduction of the curved soundbar series. The rectangular CPU has a black metallic finish. The design is solid and sturdy, so it does not look like a cheap product.

The compact design seems to be suitable for modern, ultra-thin TVs. The height is low enough not to obstruct the view of your TV or IR receiver. It also comes with a wall mount, so you can keep it out of sight if you prefer.


For an entry-level soundbar, the HW-K450 has a lot of connections. It has an HDMI input/output and the output can be paired with an ARC port. The Bluetooth option is useful for streaming content from an external device. If you use the soundbar with a Samsung TV, you also use the SoundConnect feature to connect to the TV wirelessly.

You’ll find an aux and an optical input, as well as a micro USB port. You also have a remote control, an optical cable, a power adapter, a power cord and a wireless subwoofer.


  • A traditional and sober design
  • A strong and lively sound
  • All the bass and crisp dialogue.
  • Convenient wireless communication
  • An affordable price


  • Insufficient subwoofer power
  • Sometimes the sound becomes loud at high volume
  • No Wi-Fi

lg-sh4-2-1-soundbar The LG SH4 is a solid soundbar with good sound and picture quality and available at a competitive price. With crisp and clear sound and a total power output of 300 W, you can fill your room with your favorite music!

Bluetooth gives you the freedom to listen to music from your iPad or iPhone while you relax. In addition, a wireless subwoofer will redefine your home entertainment system by delivering high bass.

Sound Quality

The LG SH4 is equipped with a wireless soundbar and subwoofer that produce 300W of audio power to enhance your home entertainment. It has two preset sound modes, Cinema and Music, that allow you to optimize the audio output depending on the type of content you are watching or listening to.

Adaptive Sound Management features detect the type of content being played and automatically adjust the sound mode to provide the user with the best possible sound experience.

The bass is good, but the sound can appear brittle or distorted at full volume. The sound can get very loud and easily fills a medium-sized living room.


The SH4 looks elegant and compact, thanks to its dimensions of 35×3.4×2.1 inches. The construction is sturdy, and the front is covered with a beautiful metal grille, giving the device a high-end look. The subwoofer is made of high-quality plastic, which looks rigid on the outside.

The slim, wireless design gives you the freedom to experiment with the placement of the CPU and subwoofer. You can try placing the wireless subwoofer in different positions until you find the sound quality you want.


The SH4 has multiple inputs and outputs, including HDMI, optical, USB and Bluetooth. You can connect the Music Center to a TV or other devices with optical and HDMI inputs. It also has a stereo mini-jack for direct connection to a media player.

The Bluetooth option lets you stream music from Bluetooth devices. Enjoy your favorite music in stunning quality without wires or cables.

With its remote control and ability to play sound from a USB device, the SH4 brings new life to your home entertainment system.


  • Sound and bass are adequate at full volume.
  • Simple configuration
  • The remote control has a separate volume control for bass.
  • Fits comfortably anywhere around the TV


  • No visual volume indicator
  • The remote control has redundant buttons
  • Volume levels tend to rise at low frequencies.

The Solarphy Bluetooth Soundbar-SL is an entry-level soundbar that won’t rock your whole house with loud beats and bass. Acent Solarphy Bluetooth Soundbar 2.5W Keep your expectations in check and they won’t disappoint.

The soundbar offers exactly what you would expect from a soundbar for less than $50. With sound quality that exceeds that of many inexpensive sound systems, it produces clear, loud sound that is enough to fill a small room.

On the other hand, it works with a built-in battery, so you can play with it at kids’ parties or have fun in your little pool!

Sound Quality

The Solarphy Soundbar-SL produces a remarkably loud and clear sound for its price. It is perfect for reproducing TV sound, offering detail and full sound across the spectrum.

It does not produce exceptional high-definition sound, but it is enough to fill a small room with good, loud sound.

Thanks to the dual speaker, you can enjoy your favorite music in high sound quality. The music sounds good in the mids and highs, but the lows are neither deep nor punchy.


The Solarphy Soundbar-SL is a great mini soundbar that you can place almost anywhere. The lightweight soundbar is only 15.8 inches long, so you can take it anywhere.

It is made of sturdy ABS steel and iron grid construction. It is therefore resistant to normal wear and tear. The speaker also has a charming design that fits well into any interior.


The soundbar supports 3.5mm AUX, USB input and TF card for TV. Bluetooth pairing is easy and convenient. You can listen to music from all your Bluetooth devices within 10 meters, without wires or cables. The MP3 decoder is a great option for listening to soundtracks directly from a USB storage device.

The soundbar is equipped with a volume control that allows you to adjust the volume and turn the speaker on and off. A separate volume control gives the user an additional level of sound control. The built-in rechargeable battery provides longer life and gives you the freedom to take your music anywhere.


  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Long battery life
  • 10 meter wireless communication range
  • Comfortable to work and listen to music


  • The volume control seems cheap.
  • Does not have multiple functions

fstgo-wm1300-ultra-slim-bluetooth-speaker The bar of the FSTgo WM1300 laptop is the ultimate party pride! It can easily become your DJ at a mini pool or garden party in the summer.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lets you play music without worrying about tangled wires. Keep it within 10 feet of your Bluetooth device and you’re good to go.

For a soundbar of this size and price, it offers surprisingly clear sound with bass on pitch. Play it in a small room and its impressive volume and HD stereo bass will have you dancing on your toes!

Sound Quality

The FTSgo WM1300 soundbar produces a fairly loud and clear sound, but some whistling is audible at high volume. In addition, scratchy and silent sounds are not uncommon. Still, it gives more than you would expect for this price.

It delivers clear treble so you can enjoy your favorite music both at home and outdoors. In fact, there aren’t many small speakers that deliver real bass. However, if you want to play your music with maximum clarity, set the volume to medium.


The FTSgo WM1300 is a portable speaker with an ultra-slim design and compact dimensions. Just put it in your bag and go. See also our list of the best portable speakers.

The black speaker is made of robust plastic, except for the speaker screen, which is made of metal. The design is very expressive and fits into modern interiors. A rubber strip on the bottom cover helps the cover adhere to the surface.

When you buy a speaker, you can easily say “bye-bye” to cables and take your favorite audio and video content anywhere!


The speaker comes with a 3.5 mm cable, a micro USB cable and an instruction manual. The power button and volume control are located on the side.

It connects via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm stereo AUX cable. Pairing with Bluetooth devices is very easy, and you can download music from a micro SD card and USB storage device.

The built-in rechargeable battery allows the speaker to operate for up to 11 hours on a single charge. You can make and receive calls through the built-in microphone or make hands-free calls through your tablet or PC.


  • Portable and ultra-thin
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Built-in microphone
  • Supports hands-free calling
  • Cheap


  • The Bluetooth range is limited to 10 meters.
  • Not suitable for large rooms
  • The sound quality is decent, but not high.

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