UNICOO offers one of the most affordable electric stained glass tables on the market. The brand may be new in the area of freestanding offices, but it is not new in the area of more affordable solutions to meet customers’ needs.

About the brand UNICOO

UNICOO is an American brand that offers affordable but high quality shelving solutions. The brand exists for more than 7 years and is mainly known for the production of plastic displays, shoe racks and storage cubes. There are several options for standing desks – electric, manual and on two levels.

UNICOO freestanding electrical cabinet at a glance

UNICOO Electric desk on tripod – table

Delivery and commissioning

I was only able to receive my UNICOO table a few days after I placed my order. So if you’re in a hurry and need a standing desk as soon as possible, you can get that desk right away.

When I got the table, I thought it was a good fit. To be honest, for this price I expected something lighter for an electric table. So the first impression is pretty good. I even asked for help to bring him to my unit because he’s pretty heavy.

The parts are nicely arranged in the box, and the accessories are separated and in different plastic bags. This way you know which set of rings comes with the frame and the other parts.

The configuration was quite intuitive. I was able to figure it out quickly without relying on the manual. And you may not get clear instructions in the manual. Fortunately, the configuration was intuitive.

The brand could have made the instructions more complete. This can help a lot of people who are not yet familiar with DYIng and put things right.

The packaging was also very good, it was undamaged and well protected against dents and scratches. Ты бы также сделал стол правильным размеру. Так что вы получите то, что видели в рекламе, не больше и меньше.

Столешница и и рамы

Столешница изготовлена из МДФ дерева. Хотя это не настоящее, оно выглядит как дерево, вы не сможете отличить его издалека. Это тот тип стола, о котором котором ты беспокоиться, если будешь писать. Не похоже, что это оставит вмятины или оставит впечатление.

And if you want to place a coffee cup, the wood will not discolour or be damaged if your cup leaves water stains. I also like the fact that the edge is roughly round and that the top of the laminate is folded all the way down. So even though it’s not real wood, it looks natural and seamless.

However, I am concerned about the sustainability of MDF. Although it is scratch and stain resistant, it doesn’t seem to last long.

As far as the frames are concerned, I find them quite sturdy and solid. That’s why most standing desks are so popular. The legs are pretty heavy and hard.

Finally, the connection between the top and the frame is quite good. This also makes the table quite solid. There are no parts that come off when you go over the table.

Motor and control

He shifts quickly and makes no noise. This can become a really decent and productive home office. In addition, the maximum height is 48 inches, which is comfortable for tall users. But when you’re little, it might not be enough for you.

It is also easy to set the desired table height thanks to the 4 pre-programmed memory settings. But I have found that there have been cases where the control panel reacted slowly. There were times when I had to press the button twice or react with some force. The control panel is therefore not very responsive.

On the other hand, for an electric table in this price range, the control panel with presets in memory is impressive. Most tables in the same series have up and down buttons, which gives the impression of being an extra of the brand.

In addition, the table is also quite stable and of stable height. I haven’t had any noticeable shock.

Customer Service

UNICOO is also one of the few brands of stationary counters offering excellent customer service. You will not be disappointed in the way they deal with your questions and problems. So it’s a big check on my list.


UNICOO’s electric desk looks more expensive than it actually is. What you need most are sturdy steel feet. I can vouch for that. And the delivery is very reliable. Even then, I was able to get my office in three days. This will help many people who receive this product for their home office.

To be honest, this table offers a number of features you might see on more expensive tables. For a really low price, it offers a number of security features. Firstly, it has an anti-collision device that stops the engine when it comes into contact with something. It works the same way as the Jarvis and Aplift table. If you have children, you should look for this product.

Secondly, it is equipped with overheating protection. This way, if the engine is overloaded, it will stop completely. This prevents damage to the engine. And thirdly, it has an automatic equalisation protection function. The table remains stationary when tilted 2 degrees. It’s a way of letting you know you made a mistake.

In addition, the warranty of the brand is 5 years for the engine and chassis and 2 years for the controller and the switch. However, the 2-year warranty on the controller is somewhat meagre.

However, the Achilles’ heel of the table would be a less solid tabletop. Although it may seem more expensive than it actually is, it cannot withstand prolonged use and abuse. And I think the workplace is too small for me.

Who finds this table useful and who does not

This table is useful for you as… :

  • You are looking for a cheap electric desk. Compared to the price of a hand-spun table, you only need to add a few dollars for an electric table.
  • If you have a limited budget and need a decent standing desk for your home office.
  • If you need an office that can be delivered in a short time, this is an excellent option.

The painting is not for you if… :

  • They’re small. It can’t be low enough to accommodate smaller people.
  • If you need a big workspace, you’ll miss it.
  • It’s a relatively small table. It is therefore very suitable for a small home office.

Where to buy

Last word

UNICO is a permanent budget spreadsheet that does not look like it. And for firm legs, it’s like paying less for more. Note, however, that although it has strong legs, the whole table is not the strongest, so do not try to sit on it to test it.

Finally, if you are looking for an affordable and solid permanent electric table, UNICOO is a good option.

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