Vari Corporation produces Vari bar tables and other office solutions. The brand is based in Texas. Vari monitor sleeves are a medium sized device that can become an alternative to more expensive and higher quality brands. The brand is known for its adjustable seating and bar tables. Let’s see what they have to offer for their observation arms.

Vari Dual Monitor Arm review – Enjoy more Flexibility and More Range of Motion

Price of the VariPortable Dual Monitor

Best Features Monitor case Variant 360 Degrees

Two excellent features of Vari make it versatile. On the one hand it has a 360-degree rotation, which also offers more freedom of movement. It is the same useful feature found in the more expensive hands of two Ergotron monitors. And it has the same setting options as the Mount-It monitor stand.

And secondly, it has springy, fully rotating double arms, giving you the full range of joint movement. Each shoulder is 30.38 cm adjustable in height. And it can reach up to six feet.

This makes the hand of the Vari dual monitor very ergonomic. And because it offers a wide range of adjustment and extension options, both large and small users can find a comfortable position.

I find it very convenient when I work long hours. In either case, you can extend, tilt or change the position of the monitor.

It is quite easy to turn the hands because they are quite soft. And you won’t feel any friction. What’s more, your monitors remain where they are installed.

Overall, the 360 degree rotation and fully adjustable levers make it ergonomic and highly adaptable.

Solid base

Fully adjustable hands and 360 degree rotation are just the icing on the cake. The base is strong and powerful. It is able to impressively record monitors and LCD screens. The maximum weight for transport is about 9 kg per hand. Some brands may have adjustable arms, but if their base is lower or weak, it may seem like your monitor is hanging like a banana waiting to fall.

It is also stronger and more powerful than the guard rail of the Philippines, which weighs less than 9 kg. So I was sure my monitor would stay in place. The aluminum stand is really built for the big leagues. And because it is made of aluminium, it is also corrosion resistant.

Packaging and mounting

It’s a small package. It’s well wrapped up, and I’m glad all the parts are separated. I think it’s pretty easy to install.

And because the parts are separated, you don’t need to know which parts belong together. This speeds up the preparation time.

It was also easier to install than other fragile and cheap generic brands on the market.

You will also find hexagonal bolts on each section. Even if you don’t have to touch it, it can be useful. So if you want to tighten the screws of the free area, you can easily do this with hexagon head screws.

What I wanted was better than.

  1. The foundations are solid, it’s true. But it has certain limits. He can hold two observers without hesitation. But only if you’re not typing yet. So once you use the keyboard, you have some problems with the swirling hand movements of the two Vari monitors.

Although not too unstable, some users may feel distracted. However, there are solutions. The solution is to adjust the screw levers, which need to be made a little stiffer. You should do this in the usual order, as the screws may loosen over time. You can also add a sewing kit to reduce vibrations.

But I like his power. Why is that? Because she doesn’t shake when someone accidentally trips over her. I have experience with generic surveillance weapons. Some are in the same price range, while others are cheaper. But they both hang around when you meet them.

  1. The supplied monitor screws were a little too long. So he’s a little defensive. Maybe it’s not that important. And this can easily be solved. You can use a different screw or just buy plastic caps on the devices to cover the open ends of the screws.
  2. The silver hinge can be a bit difficult to move. The solution is not to pull them down from the front, but to push them aside so that they are easier to handle. Although some users still think that the ball is a bit difficult to push.
  3. The Vari dual monitor cannot work with tables thicker than 1 inch.
  4. Vari is a relatively new company in this field, which will be established for the first time in 2013. So you can rely on the higher management level, which is still in the training phase. Customer service may not be the best yet. The brand could work on its organizational sense and improve its responsiveness to customers.

What if for

Overall, Vari seems solid and solid. It works best with a 27-inch monitor or LCD screen. Although the load capacity is 9 kg per arm, you cannot install monitors larger than 27 inches. Pretty stable, except for some instability when you type. But it can easily be solved.

However, there is one major limitation to this monitor standard. It is designed to match the tables of the chairs exactly.

However, you can try to install it on bar tables of other brands. But you could get in trouble. The wide metal clamp, which slides on the table, is not adjustable. So if you install it on a table of another brand, it may or may not be waterproof. But if you put it on a table to sit at Vari’s, it will be comfortable.

And it’s the perfect complement to your Vari table and stand. It can make your workplace more professional and at the same time free up a lot of space. It can improve ergonomics and mobility, especially when working with two monitors.

If you want to use this hand with two monitors on other tables, it can fit perfectly on a rather thin table. It has to look like a brand table. But you can’t at least put it decently on a fat table.

Other weapon options for monitors

Double screen hands – bestseller brand. Let’s take a look at the other units.

Double 180 degree display stand

The design, construction and overall appearance are very similar to the handheld Vari Dual Monitor. The difference is that this model cannot be rotated 360 degrees, but only 180 degrees.

This device is ideal for monitors mounted on the wall or in a cabinet. Thus, despite the 180 degree rotation, it still works for some users, depending on their situation. It also works well for those who have little space on their desks. You can redraw the screen without touching the walls.

And each hand can carry about 20 pounds. So think about it if you want this model for your office.

In general, it is a compact alternative to the Vari dual monitor with 360 degree rotation. And if it doesn’t make sense to rotate the monitor 360 degrees, you can save money because it’s a little cheaper.

Single monitor stand

This single monitor arm by Vari has a silver surface. It’s both neat and elegant. And that could make your office more expensive.

The mechanism of the single-table monitor is the same as that of the Vari two-handed monitor. The difference is that it can only contain one LCD screen, hence the name. But you also get an impressive 360-degree rotation and fully adjustable levers.

And it has the same solid metal structure.


The overall quality of the hand of the Vari-Dualmonitor makes me twice as happy.

It can have a large number of users. But you need the right bar table to set it up. I bet 8/10 because of the fluctuations that can occur during typing. But at least you can do something about it.

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