For a more complex workstation, a three-monitor configuration is warranted. You may also need the monitors side by side or above each other, in which case you’ll need a unit sturdy enough to support all three monitors. We have found two WALI devices that are suitable for this purpose. Let’s see if that’s really the case.

With this gas-filled monitor stand, the three monitors can be placed side by side. This compensates for the distorted setting.

The packaging was neat. All parts are fully stored in a cardboard box, but each part is also separated by a cardboard lid. This protects each metal part from bumping into each other. It also comes with VESA brackets, so you can use any LCD monitor with VESA screw holes.

This WALI monitor stand is also one of the most affordable gas stands for three LCD screens. It is suitable for monitors up to 27 inches and each arm can support 15.4 pounds.

We find that the device is quite heavy and stiff. Yes, it is a powerful and well-built machine. But of course, you also have to deal with a lot of weight. The joints are also quite stiff, so count on a bit of handwork when setting up. Even after loosening the bolts and screws, it won’t be easy for you. Therefore, installation can be difficult and complicated.

In return, you can expect the monitor arm to be stable and not wobbly. Despite the complexity of the installation, setting up the monitors is quite easy. And there’s no cheap or flimsy feeling when you move the monitors around.

Additionally, this triple monitor arm is not compatible with thin tables and desks. Thinner tables are unable to support the built-in weight of the unit. We therefore recommend that you mount the unit on a heavy, thick table, especially if you plan to mount it with a C-clamp.

We also tried putting a 34 LCD screen on one of his hands and he was able to hold it pretty well. So this device can withstand more than the brand claims for at least one of the weapons.

So, in summary

  1. The cable management is good, and we are happy with it.
  2. It doesn’t shake or rattle.
  3. Some parts are delivered pre-assembled. But that doesn’t change the fact that the installation can be difficult for most users.
  4. It is heavy and stiff, so it will be difficult to install.
  5. Most suitable for thicker tables, especially when mounting C-clamps.
  6. It’s very stiff, and it’s very hard to get the screws and bolts loose.
  7. It’s very affordable.
  8. The reach of the movement is enormous. It can be tilted up to 45 degrees and rotated up to 90 degrees, and best of all, it can be rotated up to 360 degrees.
  9. The device has a nice glossy finish.

In short, this triple monitor stand is probably one of the strongest and toughest weapons we’ve tested (for a stand in this price range, anyway). It is therefore suitable for those who want a firmer foundation. But as mentioned, loosening the screws can be tricky. It is therefore preferable not to change the height of the table. Because it can be really frustrating. When it’s done, it has to stay that way. It’s such a monitor hand.

This gas-filled holder is also available in a double sieve version. It has essentially the same functions, except that it is only available for a 2-monitor configuration.

This type of monitor stand is ideal for work where monitors must be stacked. The vertical layout makes it easier to compare graphs and tables. Therefore, it will increase the workflow.

A notable feature of this triple stacked monitor stand is that it is quite sturdy and has a higher load capacity. Weighing in at 22 pounds per arm, it can carry a heavy 27-inch LCD screen. So one would expect there to be no fluctuations at all. He’s as hard as a rock.

In response, however, there is a limitation that most users can get rid of. The tilt function is very limited compared to other brands. You can rotate it 90 degrees and tilt it 360 degrees, but you can’t tilt it that far. You can also adjust the height of the table.

So if you need a stable arm to tilt the monitor, this is not it.

Another omission we found is that this unit does not offer a proper cable management system. And with three monitors installed, these cables can be confusing. The included cable management system is too small and cannot hold all the cables. So you need to make some craft tape to attach the wires to your arms. And it won’t look good and you won’t be able to hide the cables very well.

Moreover, this thick screen stand also fits a 4-inch table. It seems that most WALI monitor arms are made for thicker, more robust tables. We think this is due to the large size and weight of the blocks. All parts are made of carbide, so this is to be expected.


  1. This three-layer monitor arm support has a higher load capacity. It is a solid vertical support.
  2. It is very solid, very stable and does not wobble.
  3. You can adjust the height, it can rotate 90 degrees and 360 degrees. So it can give quite a range of motion.
  4. But if you need to tilt the monitors, you can’t. This is one of the limitations of this unit.
  5. It comes with all the necessary accessories. It arrived in good condition. And each metal part has its own cardboard packaging. So we got all the pieces back in all their glory without a scratch.
  6. The cable management system seems to be intended for another, smaller device. With three monitors, you have a lot of wires and cables to manage. And the included cable management system is too small. This will not be possible even if you try to tighten all the wires. So you have to opt for a messy installation or get to work managing the cables yourself.

Overall, this stand is sturdy and, again, very large. But you have to sacrifice two things, one is inclination. And second, the lack of cable management. So you have to decide what your priority is. But in terms of sustainability and stability, we stand by it. You can buy a very decent monitor stand that you can put three monitors on, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Printing on WALI monitor media

Our experience is that all monitor hoses of this brand are very robust and durable. It is therefore more suitable for thicker tables. We have met a few users who have been able to mount it, but with thinner tables. Using a board at the top and bottom of the clamp seems to work. So you can also try it out if you have a thinner desk, but still want to buy a sturdier screen mount.

These devices are also very dated for their price. So nothing wobbles, even if we involuntarily bang our hips against the table. This is a great option if you have kids running around in your home office. This sturdy stand can support three monitors. So if you have a larger and more complex installation, you may find WALI monitor brackets quite suitable.

Concluding remarks

WALI monitor standards are made for the big leagues. They are strong and sturdy devices that provide a fairly stable base.

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