Which internet connection is suitable for your gaming needs?

I’m an online gamer myself and I like to play Call of Duty with friends every Friday night. I can’t imagine anything worse than turning off the internet when I noticed the enemy pointed the gun and was ready to pull the trigger. Stopping for a few seconds means that instead of killing the enemy, the enemy killed you several times, and that’s it.

Your friends are sitting there laughing with you and your internet. You keep saying there’s nothing you can do about it, but it’s not true because you can. You don’t have to accept a bad internet connection or threats from your friends to get kicked off the team. There are several broadband internet service providers such as CenturyLink, Windstream, Optimum, etc. that offer great speeds for ADSL, cable and fiber so you won’t miss a second of your game.

What games do you play?

When we talk about games, we mean all kinds of games, including driving, fighting, first-person shooters, role-playing, and so on. You can use a loyal PlayStation, Xbox or old computer, play bought or downloaded games with friends while you argue, tease and just have fun.

You need to understand that the type of game you play will determine the type of internet connection, speed and latency/ping you need. First-person shooter games require a much faster Internet connection to keep up with the game, while a strategy game, a kind of puzzle game, works well at moderate speed and ping. So you have to choose an internet connection that is adapted to your type of game.

Recommended games

Any connection other than dial-up is normal for gaming. Make sure the speed is greater than 1 Mbps and the ping speed or deceleration is less than 100 ms. Even if you subscribe to a limited data plan, it is preferable to subscribe to a minimum data plan of 1 GB.

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Let’s look at these points in detail now.

  1. Internet connections

If you are interested in the game, you should avoid dial-up connections because the ping speed is too high and the game is too slow.

The same goes for satellite internet, which has a much higher ping speed than necessary for the game.

Wireless connectivity and your mobile data are ideal for gaming, but can be affected by weather conditions that can lead to distortion or signal loss.

With ADSL , cable and fiber optic internet access we have the most reliable networks for your gaming needs. They are not easily influenced by weather conditions and offer high loading and unloading speeds as well as low ping speeds. A perfect combination!

  1. Call speed/time-out

The delay, called a ping, is the speed at which information is transferred between your computer and the game server. The lower the ping, the shorter the delay in the game. The ideal ping speed would be just under 30 ms, but for most games a speed of less than 100 ms is sufficient. However, it depends entirely on the game you play. In fact, some game servers will automatically launch you if your ping is too high to play.

The problem is, there is no way to find out how long it will take you to actually register. You need to establish a connection to test the pinging. So one option is to buy a broadband connection with a money back guarantee, test it for a few days to make sure it works and send it back if your ping is too high.

Another option is to get referrals from your neighbours and online communities in your area. You get the same delay as your neighbors, so you don’t have to bother to install and disconnect your Internet connection to see how long the delay lasts.

  1. Internet speeds

As I said before, any download speed above 1 Mbps is more than enough for games, as latency is an important issue for a game with an internet connection. However, you should not forget that we are talking about a user here. If you have multiple users at home and multiple devices are connected to the Internet at the same time, you need a little more speed. Most ISPs offer speeds in excess of 1 Mbps, even at the lowest rates, but it is still important that you measure usage and choose the speed accordingly.

  1. Data plans

A 1 GB data plan should be more than enough for your game, but like the speed, it should be designed for a single user. On average you use up to 50 Mbps per hour when playing online, depending on the game. If you live alone, you can buy a 2 GB plan and use your mobile data for online games and other online promotions without worrying about large accounts at the end of the month.

However, if you are the home of multiple users who work on the Internet at home, stream videos or music, download large files, etc., you can use the Internet for different purposes. Anything above 10 GB must be done, depending on your use.

Finding the perfect internet connection

I can’t stress enough that everything from the speed of your Internet connection to data delays and limitations depends on your use. The higher the use, the higher the speed and data limit and the shorter the deceleration. Now that you know that, I think you’ll find the perfect Internet connection for the best gaming experience.

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