Maybe you’re not so familiar with the copper table converter. But he’s the younger brother at the popular All Jarvis electric bar table. Since both units are sold under the same brand name, we want to see if they have the same advantages and disadvantages.

Cooper's fixed schedule is complete

About the brand

The copper tabletop reader is made by Fully. And they are produced in China with the popular Fully Jarvis electric bar table. The brand offers a range of bar tables and converters that are more environmentally friendly. And that’s one of the things copper can do.

Cooper's permanent tabletop transducer

Look at the price of this great table.

General overview

I have to give it five stars. The bamboo material is impressive and provides a breath of fresh air. It can undoubtedly be distinguished from a sea of industrial style bar table converters in black and white and grey. He seems softer and more relaxed.

User volume

The Cooper converter is designed for small users and users who are just over 6’4 years old. It is easy to lift, so even little girls have no problem adjusting the table.

And the keyboard level is also ideal for high-level users. And its maximum height can even reach 6 feet 6 inches. So I think this is one of the main advantages of this stand-up converter. It is comfortable enough for small users, but at the same time it is suitable for larger users. Only a few desktop converters on the market offer such flexibility.

Other permanent converters suitable for advanced users are Humanscale Quickstand and Innovative Winston. Although these stamps are more in the basic postal style, which looks coarser and has an industrial look. The innovative Winston can be more brittle than copper, while the human scale is difficult to adjust.

Probably the best alternative for the tabletop copper converter is the Varidesk Exec 40. It’s almost the same material as bamboo. In addition, it offers a wider range of height adjustments and can be used for users up to a height of 6’6. But the other side of the coin is that it lacks ergonomics. The distance between the tabletop and the monitor surface is fixed, even if you have adjusted the table height.


You can see that the frames and the table are strong and powerful. So you can expect the entire inverter to be stone resistant. There’s a big one, but there’s a big one. It’s quite stable, but if you push it a little forwards and backwards, you may feel that there is a small problem.

Maybe it’s not such a problem for you if you type on your keyboard. But if there is a moderate external force, it can fluctuate. I think the weak point is the space where the frame and the desk are connected.

Only the way the frame is connected to the worktop is slightly better. Plus, she’s pretty stable.

Large working space

I am very satisfied with the large working area and the split in the monitors. The upper level is 35 x 20 inches. It’s the only size you can get, but it’s wide enough, at least for me.

If you spend a lot of time writing, you will notice that a cutting pattern is very good for your wrist. The curved edge also gives this converter a softer look. In addition, the lower level offers sufficient space for the mouse and keyboard. It doesn’t shrink, so your wrist may feel more relaxed. In this way, any voltage is avoided.

A large room accommodates 2 monitors. Even if it gets close to the third one, it will be too narrow and bandwidth could be a problem. Yet two full-size monitors already make up a complete workstation for most of them.

However, if you need a large working area, you can find it with a Varidesk or a 48-inch Flexispot M3.


This inverter was safe and solid. I might as well use it. He looks as good on the screen as he lives. It’s one of the few brands you’ll like to use. It differs from the usual design of a tabletop converter in black or grey single.

As it comes fully assembled, you only need to adjust the stiffness of the lifting mechanism. And it’s pretty easy to do.

The delivery time is also very satisfactory, you can receive your new permanent table converter within 1 to 3 working days.

Height adjustment

It’s easy to go up and down. It’s not hard to adapt, so even a little girl can use it very easily. The height adjustment range is between 6.25 and 22 inches, which gives a fairly large range and is suitable for almost all users.

Environmentally friendly materials

Copper is a more environmentally friendly material. The most popular version is bamboo. It also offers black MDF material, both of which are more environmentally friendly than other brands. It also distinguishes copper. And aesthetically the green color is really more beautiful, because the bamboo table is warm, comfortable and a relief.

Cooper tabletop reader – Not very good

A Cooper table-mounted converter can take up some space on the tabletop. It’s a long road. So if you have space problems, it can be difficult to slide this converter into your office. But some users still do it because it’s a nice device in itself. And at the same time it offers a large working space.

Moreover, copper is not excluded from the disadvantages of the X-lift mechanism. Converters with such mechanisms are generally noisier. Although the sound is not so scandalous or similar to that of cheap and fragile online lectern converters, it cannot be ruled out. Especially if the sound is that of your house urine, you’ll probably notice it.

And the frames are lubricated to ensure smooth movement. It’s not something that can hinder your work, but it can build up dirt and dust over time. Lubricated areas are exposed, which can attract a lot of dirt. That’s why regular maintenance is necessary to keep your frames free of dust and wool if you have pets.

Just like the straight table converters that use the X-Lift mechanism, it has many pinch points. So make sure that children, pets and even your own finger are not in the way when you install the inverter.

In addition, you can worry about the guarantee period for buyers. The brand offers only 2 years warranty. I think most X-lifts have the same problem. For example, if you want a more extensive and longer warranty, Rack Z Lifter drives often offer a longer warranty of 5 years.

Ideally, a stand-up desktop converter would add a tilting keyboard. This ensures better ergonomics and greater ease of use. This characteristic is not necessarily common to most of the bar tables I have come across. And only a few brands have one like the hollow oak bar table converter. This function would make this converter, which is on the table, a complete package.

What I liked most was.

One of them must of course be the general appearance of the high table copper converter. He looks different, but very good. Any wood and bamboo will always be safer and more beautiful than plastic. And we all need something to motivate us when we’re working from home.  That’s the effect of this stand-alone desktop converter.

Despite the disadvantages of the X-lift mechanism, it also has its good sides. Go in a straight line from top to bottom and do not lean forward. So he’s not eating the vertical space.

In addition, buyer has a new function that is worth mentioning. Even though it’s not my favorite yet. But as the world’s first valid desktop converter, it deserves some recognition.

The copper is supplied with an adjustable voltage level at the counterweight of the pneumatic piston of the unit.

What’s he doing? This makes it easier to adjust the loaded work surface. That’s why it’s more respect for the back. And people with back problems will choose this job.

And it’s exciting to see the brand innovate and refine this functionality as it progresses. This can mean more comfort and happiness for your tired and exhausted back.


Overall, you would be satisfied with copper if you wanted a stand-up converter that offers unique features. Aesthetic wisdom, it’s unique and will look great on your desk. The stability is quite stable, except for a few concessions when they are shaken. And it’s stronger in the standing position than in the sitting position.

It also has a unique feature that back pain patients certainly love. And a large workspace is also a plus. So I’d say you get value for money. But you need to solve some of the problems you usually encounter when using a stand-alone desktop drive with the X-Lift mechanism. So if you don’t mind, you’ll never regret buying copper.

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